What Are The Common Golden Retriever Habits? [14 Habits]

What Are The Common Golden Retriever Habits [14]

Although, Golden Retrievers originated more recently than most of the dog breeds. Yet, they are one of the most popular within this short time frame. Further, the most common habits, temperament, and beauty of a Golden Retriever aren’t unfamiliar.

Moreover, to bond better with your Golden Retriever, it is essential to know about its habits.

So, what are the most common habits of a Golden Retriever? Being an excellent hunting dog, chewing, biting, barking, howling, and grunting are their most common habits. But as they evolved into a family dog, they learned habits like licking, hiding things, offering toys, panting, cuddling, and wagging tails. Besides this, overeating is another common habit of a Retriever because of their love for food.

However, all these habits aren’t pleasant attributes. And sometimes, these habits conclude into fatal consequences. So, it is essential to manage some of these behaviors to have control over your pal.

Therefore, I will disclose all the habits of a Golden Retriever with some tips to manage them further in the article. But before digging into this subject, let us first flip the pages and look at Golden Retriever’s history.

What Is The History Of Golden Retrievers?

Comparing to its popularity Golden Retriever’s history is more recent than other dogs. But when you look at the past, the origination of Golden Retrievers began in the 1800s from Scotland. At the time, hunting was an obsession of Scottish estate owners. So, they were looking for a pet that could help them to hunt on land and water.

Further, when Lord Tweedmouth (British aristocrat dog breeder) heard about this, he started experimenting to produce an excellent hunting dog breed. Finally, after cross-breeding a yellow-coated dog with Tweed Water Spaniel, he created Golden Retrievers with outstanding hunting ability.

Moreover, due to their beautiful fur, contagious smile, and hunting ability, they rise to fame within a short period. Thus, American Kennel Club recognized them as American dogs in 1925. And, Kennel Club registered them as English breeds in 1911.

After the recognition, Golden Retrievers are now one of the most popular dog breeds. And breeders are continuously trying to improve their ability to make them the best family dog through mixed breeding and cross-breeding.

What Type Of Dogs Are Golden Retrievers?

Since Golden Retrievers’ skin coat, temperament, and hunting ability give only a fraction of the information about them, here are some more information about them:

Category Information
Weight It varies according to breed types. Most commonly, males are 65-75 pounds, while females weigh 55-65 pounds.
Height It differs according to the type of breed. Usually, female Golden Retrievers are 22 inches tall, and the male is 24 inches.
Ear Floppy and long ears
Eyes Round eyes that fit perfectly at the rim.
Body It has a symmetrical body with well-coordinated forequarters and a solid base. And hindquarters with broad muscles and a sturdy gait.
Coat type They have double-layered, water-resistant, and dirt repellant with long and dense fur.
Types of breed Three types: English Golden Retriever, American Golden Retriever, and Canadian Golden Retriever
Coat color Red, black, yellow, creamy, and shades of gold (dark golden, lightly golden, and golden)
Lifespan 10-12 years
Club recognition AKC Classification: sporting dogs

UKC Classification: gun dogs

By now, I am sure that you can get a better picture of Golden Retriever.

Do you know the characteristic traits of Golden Retriever?

What Are The Characteristic Traits Of Golden Retriever?

Undoubtedly, the body structure and coat color of a Golden Retriever is alluring. But, along with this, these breeds have some specific character traits that make them irresistible. And thus, steals the heart of everyone they meet.

And the characteristic traits of a Golden Retriever are:

  • Obedience
  • Friendly
  • Likes to please people
  • Excellent hunters
  • Intelligent dog breeds
  • Understands human emotions
  • Calm and gentle
  • Trustworthy
  • Possessive and protective
  • Companion for old and sick people
  • Highly energetic
  • Always happy and enthusiastic
  • Sociable and fond of people

Undoubtedly, all these characteristics make these breeds the best dog. And thus, gives a strong justification for their increasing demand and popularity.

14 Common Golden Retriever Habits

Besides their characteristic traits, Golden Retriever follows some of the most common habits that make them adorable. Usually, most owners admire these habits and reward their pets with treats. But sometimes, these habits can become destructive and dangerous.

Furthermore, sometimes, a Golden Retriever may follow these habits due to fatal health issues. So, you must be conscious when your pet starts showing these habits frequently.

However, the most common habits that a Golden Retriever shows are:


The licking attribute of your Golden Retriever is its way of showing their love. Usually, your pal may lick you after you return home from work to engulf your scent that they missed during the day.

Besides this, Golden Retrievers releases oxytocin while licking. So, a mother Retriever licks its puppies due to motherly love. Further, your pal assumes licking as a sign of assurance and protection. Thus, your pet licks your face when they see you sad.


Owing to the higher energy level, Golden Retrievers loves playing. Further, they can play with your kid all day long without exhaustion.

Besides this, these dogs enjoy playing. Along with this, games and toys are the best way to distract your pal and enlighten their mood.


Retrievers are excellent hunting dogs. So, chewing is one of the most common habits of a Golden Retriever. Further, these dogs explore the newer environment and get familiar by chewing the adjacent objects.

Moreover, Retrievers are susceptible to dental problems. Hence, chewing can be an act to relieve the pain of your pal. Besides this, they might chew the clothing and belonging of their owners to feel safe and secure.

Biting And Nipping

Mostly Golden Retrievers are friendly. But as their history relates them with hunting and fetching prey, biting and nibbling habits are the most common habits in a Golden Retriever. Apart from this, biting is an instant response of these dogs to defend themselves.

Further, biting and nipping habits are more common in a puppy Golden Retriever because they are newer to the surrounding and needs to explore. Besides this, dogs bred in an abusive breeding environment are emotionally vulnerable and are more likely to bite everything that approaches them.


Although, the double-layered coat of Golden Retriever enhances its beauty. Yet, it is a misfortune for these breeds that live in a warmer climate. Due to the dense skin coat, the body of your pal heats soon.

As a result, it starts panting to cool itself so that it can maintain its homeostasis. Moreover, these dogs love running and jumping. So, they may pant after burning their calories in these physical activities.

Even though your pal’s dense hair might be disturbing sometimes, you should never save off their fur. Instead, you can use cooling jackets for your pet.

Wagging Of Tail

If you have a Golden Retriever, you will see them wagging their tails on every other occasion. Usually, in excitement, they wag their tail fast and back and forth. But in aggression, the wagging is slow and side-wise.

Besides wagging, you will also notice your pal tugging its tail between the limbs when they are nervous. And they start chewing their tail when they are ill or anxious.


Although Golden Retriever is not quite a barker, it is one of the most common habits for some. Usually, a Golden Retriever with a history of abuse, attacks, or accidents is more likely to bark. Further, these dogs bark in defense of approaching threats in some cases.

But mostly, you will notice your pet barking due to excitement or when they want to alert you.


Grunting is one of the most common habits of a Golden Retriever. Generally, the cause of grunting is hard to predict because these breeds show this habit both in happiness and distress. But if you do some close analysis and diagnosis from the Vet, you will for sure know the root cause.

However, the general reasons why your Golden Retriever might be grunting are pain, boredom, anxiety, excitement, fear, irritation, illness, and aggressiveness.


According to most researchers, wolves are the ancestors of dogs. So, howling is an inherited trait that passes to the Golden Retrievers. Usually, these dogs howl in the night due to uncomfortable sleeping areas while they howl due to the urge to eat and pee in the morning.

Besides this, the frequent howling of your Golden Retriever is also a sign of pain, illness, and diseases.


Golden Retrievers love to please their owners. Thus, they are always in search of ideas to please and gain their owner’s attention. So, cuddling is the most common way for your pet to show its affection.

Cuddling is a lovely attribute of a Golden Retriever. Since cuddling releases oxytocin, a love hormone, it relieves your and your pal’s stress. Therefore, the cuddling habit is common.


Pawing is another habit of a Golden Retriever to show its affection. Generally, your pal may paw in your lap or face to get your attention. Besides this, pawing is also an act to invite you to play with them.

Moreover, frequent pawing in the eyes, nose, skin, and ears may indicate health issues like ear infections, skin disorders, allergies, eye disease, parasitic infections, etc.

Hiding Things

Golden Retrievers are very possessive dog breeds. Thus, they hate sharing their favorite food, toy, and bed. Therefore, to protect their favorite things, they often hide them.

Further, their crate box is their go-to place for hiding things. But sometimes, they even dig the backyards and hides things there. However, the most common things that a Golden Retriever hides are toys, bones, shoes, poops, food bowls, etc.

Offering Toys

Being a friendly dog breed, Golden Retrievers are in search of your attention and spend more time. Besides this, owners are their favorite people. So, they are always excited to play with you.

Hence, you will notice your pet offering you his toys after you return home. Further, after spending enough time, Golden Retriever builds a bond with their owners. So, they like sharing their things with their owner and frequently wants to play with them.

Over Eating

Golden Retrievers’ love for food and eating is not a new fact to state. Thus, these dogs love to eat any and everything. Hence, you will often notice your pet eating a lot.

Further, these dogs cannot resist when they see food. So, they jump, lick, paw, and flash their contagious smile with pleading eyes to please their owners. However, the owners also cannot deny this irresistible beauty and give them what they want.

But overeating can result in fatal consequences like diabetes, obesity, heart diseases, constipation, thyroid problems, etc. Hence, you should be cautious about the diet of your pal.

Moreover, besides these most common habits, your Golden Retriever may also show behavioral issues.

Do you know about the behavioral issue that your pal shows?

What Are The Behavioral Problems Of A Golden Retriever?

Although your Golden Retriever is calm and gentle most of the time, you will for sure notice some behavioral problems one day. And the most common behavioral problems in these breeds are:

  • Jumping on people
  • Pulling on the leash
  • Aggression
  • Digging
  • Biting people
  • Excessive barking in high pitch
  • Destructive chewing
  • Pawing in your kid’s face

Further, since these problems are unavoidable, don’t worry a lot about them. Instead, look for ways to fix these behaviors before they get worse.

How To Manage The Behavior Of Golden Retriever?

Most owners find the habits of a Golden Retriever adorable. But when these behaviors become uncontrollable, it results in life-threatening consequences. Therefore, it is essential to manage these most common habits in time.

Therefore, here are some of the ways to manage your Golden Retriever’s behavior:

Feed A Nutritious Meal

A healthy and balanced diet helps in the growth of your Golden Retriever. Besides this, it promotes their immune system to fight against several infections like cancer, joint disorders, heart diseases, dysplasia, etc.

Furthermore, you should consult with the Vet and include all the essential supplements in your pet’s diet. Moreover, for a healthy lifestyle, encourage your pal to try healthy foods by giving natural snacks as treats.

Give Attention And Love

Golden Retrievers understand people’s body language. Therefore, they will feel your love, affection, and care. So, when you are attentive towards your pal, they are more obedient and follow you.

Thus, it can control your pal’s destructive behavior.

Exercise With Your Golden Retriever

For proper growth and functioning body, a Golden Retriever needs at least an hour of intense exercise. And since these physical activities strain your pet, it becomes calmer and quieter.

Properly Groom Your Golden Retriever

Due to the dense skin coat and playful nature, Golden Retriever is prone to different health issues like cancer, hip dysplasia, allergies, infection, joint problems, heart diseases, eye disease, etc. And thus, their happy temperament changes into distress and aggression.

Therefore, it is essential to groom your pal regularly to manage their behavior. For this, you must clean your pal’s ears, give regular bathing, brush its skin coat daily, etc. All these ensure your pet’s healthy life that manages their behavior.

Potty Training

Potty training is a method to teach your Golden Retriever where and when to puppy. As this training encourages your pal to pee or poop only in a specific area, it helps to keep your house clean.

Bite Inhibition Training

Since biting is an instinct of a Golden Retriever, you must stop your pal from biting. For this, bite inhibition training is the most effective one.

Leash Training

Although Golden Retriever is less likely to run away, it is better not to take the risk. Therefore, you should give your pal leash training to keep your pal near you. Besides this, a leash with different tags also keeps your pet safe and ensures their return.

However, some of the leashes you will find in the market are:

Crate Training

When you bring a Golden Retriever into your house, it takes some time to get familiar with the surrounding. And during that time, the crate is the best way to control your pal’s behavior. Besides this, proper crate training also teaches your pal to enjoy their own company.

Thus, it contributes to control the most common habits of your Golden Retriever. However, some comfortable crate boxes for your pal are:

Barking Control Training

Barking is a high pitch sound that is often disturbing. And excessive barking might destroy the peaceful environment of your house. Therefore, you should train your pal to bark only in need through barking control training.

Train Your Golden Retriever To Control Aggression

Your friendly pal becomes destructive and dangerous when it is aggressive. So, to control your pal’s aggression, you should try to distract your pet with treats and toys. But be aware that the treats are healthy for your pal.

In addition, training to calm your pal will save your house from mess and keeps your pal safe.

Give Your Golden Retriever Toys

Since Golden Retrievers love to play, toys can instantly distract your pal. Hence, you can show your pet his favorite toys when they are barking, chewing, biting, or grunting.

As toys immediately catch your pal’s attention, it stops its activities and starts playing. Here are some toys for your pal.:

Consult With The Vet

Golden Retrievers have a complicated gene pool with disease-causing genes. So, they are prone to health problems like cancer, eye disease, infection, dysplasia, joint disorders, etc. And your pal might be having behavioral problems due to these diseases.

Therefore, you should take help from the Vet for the diagnosis and treatment of the disease. Besides this, consult with an animal behaviorist to control your pal’s behavior.

Do you think these ideas will help your pal?

How often do you visit the Vet?

Why Should You Own A Golden Retriever?

Golden Retrievers are the dog breeds that can accompany all the family members from old to young. Besides this, parenting a pet makes you responsible and social. So, there are for sure many reasons why you should get a Golden Retriever.

However, some of the reasons are:

  • Golden Retrievers are quiet and calm dog breed.
  • They can understand your body language and emotions.
  • These breeds are very hardworking.
  • Golden Retriever has a high-pitch barking sound to keep intruders away.
  • They have an impeccable smell that can assist in service activities after assistance training.
  • These breeds adapt to the newer surroundings and climate with ease.
  • Golden Retrievers are the best companion for kids.
  • These dogs are intelligent and energetic.
  • You can go on long walks, hiking, camping, trekking, etc., with your Golden Retriever because they are sporty.
  • They have a beautiful skin coat.
  • You can train these breeds with ease in lesser time.
  • Golden Retrievers are trustworthy and loyal.
  • After adequate, your Golden Retriever follows your every command.

Apart from all these pros, parenting a Golden Retriever is a hectic job.

Do you know the disadvantages of parenting a Golden Retriever?

Why Shouldn’t You Get A Golden Retriever?

Although, parenting a Golden Retriever has a lot of advantages. But like two sides of a coin, these breeds have some flaws too.

And they are:

  • Golden Retrievers are susceptible to various health hazards like constipation, eye disease, black spot in the tongue, heart disease, cancer, thyroid disorders, obesity, diabetes, etc.
  • These breeds have a shorter lifespan. So, your pal lives with you for 10-12 years only.
  • Golden Retriever loves to eat and is prone to weight problems.
  • These dogs shed a lot throughout the year.
  • Golden Retriever is an expensive dog. Besides this, the grooming, feeding, training, caring, and health care costs of these breeds are very high.
  • They have denser hair coats that can attach infectious agents. So, ear infections, eye infections, parasitic infections, and fungal diseases are common.
  • These dogs prefer a moderate climate. And they can’t stand extreme hot or cold temperatures. Therefore, cold affects Golden faster.
  • Being a needy dog, Golden Retriever always wants your love, care, and attention.
  • They are messy. So, it takes longer to clean a house with them.
  • The aggression of these dogs is very destructive. Sometimes the consequences can even be life-threatening.

Do you think you can cope up with these drawbacks?

Summing up, your pet relies on you for shelter, food, exercise, love, and care. And if you gave them a healthy lifestyle, they can live a long and active life. So, make conscious decisions about your Golden Retriever’s care.

I hope you felt closure to your pal after reading this article.

Did you find this article informative?

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