Why Does Your Golden Retriever Puppy Bite So Much?

Why Does Your Golden Retriever Puppy Bite So Much?

The beautiful and appealing Golden Retriever puppy can steal the heart of everyone. Since no one can resist the charm of this playful furry friend, the puppy can be the perfect companion for your pet. But if your Golden Retriever puppy bites a lot, it can be harmful to your pet. Do not what to know why does your Golden Retriever puppy bite so much?

There are several reasons why your Golden Retriever puppy bite so much. And some of them are illness or injury, mistreat, separation anxiety, history of attacks or accidents, and change in environment. Furthermore, since the enthusiastic puppies are mouthy, they bite or chew a lot to explore the world. 

As the Golden Retrievers are family dog breeds, you probably want a dog with a calm and kind attribute for your house. But if your Golden Retriever puppy bites a lot, it is troublesome that needs fatal consequences. Therefore, it is essential to manage the excessive biting behavior of your pet.

Do you prefer a pet that bites a lot? 

Do you have a Golden Retriever puppy that bites a lot? What do you do when your Golden Retriever puppy bites you?

I guess most people do not know how to handle a Golden Retriever puppy that bites a lot. Thus, I will disclose brief information about the biting behavior of your pet and its management.

What Is Bite Inhibition?

Owing to the energetic and mischievous nature of the Golden Retriever puppy, it explores the objects around you through the mouth. Besides this, the Golden Retriever puppy lacks proper training. Therefore, it is hard to control the little ones.

Bite inhibition is a process of training the dogs where they learn to moderate the strength of the bite. Since biting is a natural behavior of dogs, it is impossible to eliminate this attribute. Therefore, teaching the Golden Retriever puppy to bite with a soft mouth is helpful for socialization.

Why Is Bite Inhibition Important?

Since Golden Retrievers are hunting dogs, the dogs have biting attributes naturally. So, give a lot of training to eliminate the biting habit of your pet. But your kids may be reluctant to play with the puppies.

Therefore, for safe play between the puppy and kids, bite inhibition is essential. Thus, here are some reasons why bite inhibition is necessary:

  • To teach your pet that biting is not the way of showing love.
  • It ensures the safety of the guests or visitors.
  • To control the unprepared fatal situations (like biting when you return home, while you do your work, etc.). Your pet may bite to get your attention when it feels boring.
  • Sometimes the Golden Retriever may bite itself. And that could be fatal.
  • To ensure the safety of your kids while playing with the puppy.
  • To control the harmful behaviors of your puppy.

Did you give your puppy bite inhibition training?

Was the training helpful?

Undoubtedly, I will disclose some of the methods of bite inhibition later in this article. But before that, let us dig into the causes of your Golden Retriever bite so much.

Why Does Golden Retriever Puppy Bite So Much?

When you see the golden-yellow dense furry puppies, you will understand the reason for the immense popularity of the Golden Retriever. But owning a pet is not as easy as it seems.

Moreover, a Golden Retriever puppy can show several harsh behaviors like biting, nipping, pawing, etc. And there are various reasons behind these behaviors. However, some of the causes by your Golden Retriever puppy may bite are:

Separation Anxiety Provokes Golden Retriever Puppy To Bite

Golden Retriever puppy requires more care and attention. Furthermore, since the puppy is new to the world, it feels odd and insecure. And if you leave your pet for too long, it becomes insecure.

As a result, the puppy feels every approaching object as a threat. So, the Golden Retriever puppy may bite to defend itself.

Mistreat From Breeder Cause Golden Retriever Puppy To Bite

If you want a healthy puppy with good attributes, you should choose a reliable breeder for buying. Some breeders beat, threaten, and locks the puppies in dark rooms to control their behavior. But instead of disciplining the pet, the harsh behaviors of the breeders make the Golden Retriever puppy aggressive.

Thus, the puppy does not trust the people and feels everyone causes harm. As a consequence, the Golden Retriever puppy may bite people around it to protect itself.

Golden Retriever Puppy May Bite Because Of Mouthy Nature

The origin of the Golden Retriever was for hunting and retrieving. Therefore, their puppies are naturally mouthy. Besides this, being enthusiastic and curious, the puppy wants to explore everything around it.

And since the only way of exploring is by chewing or biting, the Golden Retriever puppy bites any and everything approaching it.

Golden Retriever Puppy May Bite Due To Previous Attack Or Accident

The Golden Retriever puppy with a traumatic history like accidents, hit by a car, animal attacks, etc., are very vulnerable. Moreover, the pet is always alert, anxious, and insecure. Therefore, the Golden Retriever puppy becomes aggressive and may bite when unfamiliar guests approach.

Thus, you should give the puppy more care, attention, and love to regain its trust.

Illness And Injury Lead Your Golden Retriever Puppy To Bite.

The Golden Retriever puppies experience immense pain during injury or illness. And since the only way of expressing their feeling is through body language, they bite or nip their owners to get the attention. Apart from this, health issues make the pet fragile. Thus, the puppy feels unsafe and suspects everything. So, if you try to touch the pet, your Golden Retriever puppy may pet in defense.

Golden Retriever Puppy May Bite Due To Environment Change

An unfamiliar environment makes the puppy nervous and uncomfortable. Thus, the behavior of the pet change with the fluctuation in the surrounding. And if the new surrounding of the puppy is loud or noisy, the pet feels insecure and anxious.

Therefore, the pet develops aggressive attributes. As a result, your Golden Retriever puppy may bite more often.

Does your Golden Retriever puppy bite a lot?

Do you have any fatal experiences resulting from the biting habit of the pet?

What did you do to control the pet?

How To Stop Golden Retriever Puppy From Biting?

Although the biting habit is a way of showing love, it sometimes leads to a fatal consequence. So, do not ignore the excessive biting habit of your pet.

Yes, it is impossible to eliminate the naturally inherited biting behavior of your pet. But you can use the following ways to reduce the frequency of your Golden Retriever puppy bites a lot.:

Distract Your Puppy

Golden Retriever loves playing and eating. Therefore, if you give your pet toys or meal, it enlightens the mood of your pal. Thus, your pal focuses on playing or eating instead of biting or nipping.

Further, the things you can use to distract your pet and stop it from biting are:

  • Chewy toys
  • Treats
  • Muzzle
  • Collar
  • Spray bottle


If your pet starts enjoying around people, there will be fewer chances of aggressive behavior. As a result, your Golden Retriever puppy may stop biting frequently.

For this, take your pet for walks, involve it in social gatherings or meetings, invite guests, allow friends or family to supervise, etc.

Schedule Several Activities

Since the Golden Retriever puppy is highly energetic, lack of exercise makes the pet hyperactive. As a result, it may bite and chew everything around it. But a schedule for the activities of your pet utilizes all its excess energy.

Thus, it becomes calm. Moreover, since the pet continuously engages in several activities, your pet will not feel bored. Hence, your Golden Retriever puppy doesn’t bite frequently.

Along with this, routine management of all the balances the diet. So, your pet can be healthy.

Avoid Punishment

If you frequently punish or scold your pet, your pal loses its trust towards you. Thus, it picturizes you as a threat. So, punishing your pet damages the beautiful bond between you and your pet.

Therefore, avoid giving punishment to your pet. When your pet makes a mistake, you should ignore it. Instead of beating your pet, stay calm and teach your pet consistently until it learns.

Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is the best way to encourage the good attributes of your pet. Thus, give your pet treats after completion of training. Reward the Golden Retriever puppy with its favorite meal if it does something good.

Since it helps to discipline the pet, your Golden Retriever stops biting. But be careful while giving rewards. Instead of providing unhealthy foods, feed the pet with natural snacks as treats.

Consult With Vet

The Golden Retrievers are susceptible to several health issues like:

However, diagnosis, management, and treatment of all these diseases need the guidance of an expert. Therefore, you must ask for suggestions about the treatment, prevention, and elimination of various possible health hazards in the pet.

Besides this, consult the Vet about the diet plan, exercise, and training of your pet. All these suggestions help to manage the behavior of your pet. And eventually, your Golden Retriever puppy may stop biting after you follow the advice of the Vet.


As Golden Retrievers are intelligent dog breeds, you can train them for several social service activities like diabetes assistance training, blood pressure assistance training, etc. Further, since these training sessions utilize the excessive energy of your puppy positively, your pet becomes less aggressive.

Besides this, training like potty training, bite inhibition training, training to calm the pet, pawing control training, etc., disciplines the pet. The puppy becomes obedient through these training sessions. As a result, your Golden Retriever puppy stops biting under your command.

Do you know some training methods to control the bite of your pet?

What Are The Training Methods To Control Golden Retriever Puppy Bite?

Training is the best way to enhance your bond with your pet. Besides this, you can teach your pet commands and disciplines faster through regular training.

Furthermore, here are three training methods that could reduce your Golden Retriever puppy bite.

Talk To Back Method

The talk-to-back method disciplines your Golden Retriever puppy through commands. And the steps for this training are:

  1. List out all the situations when the pet bites you.
  2. Give a firm no command with a loud voice when your Golden Retriever puppy approaches to bite you.
  3. Stop playing and turn your back.
  4. Resume the game after your pet calms down.
  5. Follow this method until your pet stops biting you.

Bitter Taste Method

This method uses bitter taste to teach the Golden Retriever puppy that biting is not a fun activity. And, the steps of this methods include:

  1. Observe the habits of your pet. And note the conditions where the Golden Retriever puppy more often bite.
  2. Buy or prepare a safe bitter-tasting dog spray.
  3. You know the situations when your Golden Retriever puppy may bite, apply the bitter spray in your hand in that condition.
  4. If your pet bites you, say no in a loud and firm voice.
  5. Consistently, use the spray for few weeks until your Golden Retriever stops biting.

Distracting Toy Method

In this method, you use the favorite toy of your pet to distract it. And the steps involve:

  1. Analyze the scenarios when your Golden Retriever puppy likes to bite. Then, create the situation and be aware of every moment.
  2. Keep a favorite toy of your pet.
  3. Engage your pet in the game or activities where it often bites.
  4. When your Golden Retriever puppy approaches you to bite, give commands in a firm no with a loud sound.
  5. Give the pet the toy to chew. Repeat the steps until your pet realizes biting the toy is more interesting.

Which one of the above methods would you use for your pet?

Do you think these methods are helpful for your pet?

What Are Tips To Prevent Biting Of Golden Retriever Puppy?

Teaching and training the puppy needs lots of effort and time. Moreover, if you spend your days working in the office, it might be hard to manage the time. Therefore, here are some quick tips that could help you to stop your Golden Retriever puppy bite.:

  • Take your pet for a regular checkup.
  • Feed the Golden Retriever with all essential nutrients.
  • Consult the Vet and provide the pet with nutritional supplements.
  • Provide adequate training and exercise.
  • Restrict the kids from pulling the tail of your pet.
  • Maintain a peaceful environment in the house.
  • Give your pet extra attention and care if it is suffering from health issues.
  • Use natural snacks for positive reinforcement during exercise.
  • Do not ignore the abnormal behavior of your pet. Instead, seek advice from professionals to know the root cause of the behavior.
  • Take your Golden Retriever to social gatherings, walks, and meetings to make your pet familiar with people and to increase your bond with your pet.

Furthermore, if you have a puppy, you must be cautious about everything. As the Golden Retrievers are prone to several diseases, your negligence may lead to fatal consequences.

So, being conscious about the diet, exercise, and training of your puppy is very vital. It promotes the happier and healthier lifespan of your Golden Retriever.

Thus, I suggest you provide essential nutrients and adequate training for your Golden Retriever to live a peaceful life with them.

I hope the above ideas and methods were helpful for you.

If you have any suggestions to improve this article, please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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