Why Are Golden Retrievers So Friendly?

Why Are Golden Retrievers So Friendly_

The popularity of the Golden Retrievers is undeniable. Thus, the Golden Retrievers are the fourth most popular dog breed in the USA, according to AKC data of 2020. Apart from the beautiful body features and charismatic aura, the friendly attribute is for sure the main reason behind the hyping demand of these dogs. But have you ever thought, why are Golden Retrievers so friendly?

Kindness and friendly attribute are natural attributes of the Golden Retriever. The playful, emotional, gentle, calm, and trustworthy behavior makes the Golden Retriever very friendly. Besides this, these dogs understand human body language and have contagious happiness that reflects wherever they go. So, it helps to strengthen the bond of the Golden Retrievers with owners and makes them friendly.

I guess it will drive you insane if you go through all the reasons behind the friendly attribute of your pet. However, I will for sure disclose most of the secrets behind its friendly temperament. But before that, how about digging into the history of Golden Retriever.

History Of Golden Retriever

Looking back at history, the Golden Retriever originated from Scotland in the 19th century. The British aristocrat dog breeder, Lord Tweedmouth, produced the Golden Retrieve by cross-breeding a yellow-colored local dog with Tweed Water Spaniel in 1906.

Although the Golden Retriever is the best family friend now. But before this evolution, this dog breed was a great hunting dog. And the Scottish estate owners took the dogs for hunting in land and water. After recognizing the benefits of the Golden Retrievers, the Kennel Club of England and Canadian TweeKennel Club registered the breed in 1911 and 1925, respectively.

However, the Golden Retriever was an American breed only after registration in 1932. Then, the breed eventually rose to fame and became the perfect companion of kids and the best family dog.

In addition, after knowing the history of the Golden Retriever as a hunting animal, the gentle attribute of your pet might amuse you. And you might be wondering what makes your Golden Retriever so friendly. Aren’t you?

Why Are Golden Retrievers So Friendly?

Undoubtedly, the reason behind the outrageous demand for the Golden Retriever in every family is due to its friendly, soft, and gentle attitude. Thus, researchers are making a keen observation to find the reasons for the gentleness of the pet.

And here are some of the reasons for the friendly behavior of your Golden Retriever:

Golden Retrievers Are Friendly Due To Their Kind Attribute

Although the Golden Retrievers are competitive, they are very kind to the person they love. If the pet loves you, it will share all your belongings, will you? Apart from this, the pet can detect when you are sick or upset and gives you care.

Besides this, the Golden Retrievers happily share toys, meals, and treats with the children. Therefore, your kids enjoy playing with the pet. So, the Golden Retriever is the most friendly dog breed.

Playfulness Makes Golden Retrievers Friendly

Golden Retrievers are very playful. And since they have relentless energy, the dogs can play all day long. In addition, this attribute of the pet resembles the kids that make the Golden Retriever the best companion for kids.

If you supervise them, the pet and kids develop an unbreakable friendly bond. Thus, Golden Retriever is an undoubtedly friendly pet.

Golden Retrievers Are Friendly Because They Are Trustworthy

Do your dog bark when it sees a stranger? If it does, it enough to prove the loyalty of your pet.

Thus, after training your Golden Retriever, you can rely on the pet for house security. Besides this, through behavioral training, the Golden Retriever becomes trustworthy to play with babies.

Apart from this, the pet is a fast learner. So, it can quickly understand the limits. Thus, the Golden Retriever becomes friendly and will not harm the family members.

They Are Intelligent And Smart

Golden Retrievers are intelligent dog breeds. Thus, training these dog breeds is comparatively easy.

Further, the Golden Retriever has extraordinary smelling power. And after service training sessions (like diabetes assistance and blood pressure assistance), they can save lives. Apart from this, it is easier to discipline and command these dogs through potty training, training to stop biting, etc.

So, the Golden Retrievers are very friendly.

Golden Retrievers Are Friendly Because They Know To Please Other

Golden Retrievers love the attention of people. And the beautiful body features with appealing eyes can attract the attention of everyone. If you have a Golden Retriever, you know how hard it is to remain angry with them.

The Golden Retrievers know how to please the owners. And you cannot stay away from your buddy for long. Thus, the pleasing attribute of Golden Retrievers for sure makes them friendly.

Attentive Attribute Of Golden Retrievers Makes Them Friendly

The owners are the favorite person of the Golden Retrievers. Thus, the dogs have an exceptional tendency to analyze the food and behavior of the owners.

As a result, the Golden Retriever can easily track you when you are stress. And they make every possible attempt to enlighten your mood. So, the Golden Retrievers are the best therapeutic companion.

They Can Build A Strong Bond With People

After spending some time with this beautiful pet, you will develop a strong bond with your pet. So, the Golden Retriever becomes your cuddling, playing, jogging, and exercising companion. Besides this, the dogs can feel the love you give them and gives an equal amount of affection to you.

The view of your pet running towards you and hugging you is mesmerizing. And I am sure hugging your pet is the best feeling after a hectic workday. Therefore, the Golden Retrievers are undoubtedly a friendly dog breed.

Golden Retrievers Are Friendly Because They Are Gentle

Though Golden Retrievers are great hunters, the dogs are very soft and gentle. And it may surprise you that the dogs are capable of carrying the prey without damaging them.

If you have a Golden Retriever in your house, look at your pet interacting with the babies. You can observe the gentleness. Besides this, the dog can even carry an egg without breaking in its mouth. Thus, the Golden Retriever is a friendly and perfect companion for kids.

However, if your pet has a biting issue, you can read this article to solve the problem.

Neediness Makes Golden Retrievers Friendly

The Golden Retrievers always crave attention from their owners. Thus, they will do everything to get love and care from their parents.

Due to the neediness of the dog, you can control the behavior of your pet. In addition, the dogs eagerly follow the command that disciplines your pet. So, the Golden Retrievers will be very friendly to get your attention.

They Can Read Body Language

Golden Retrievers are clever dogs. So, they can understand and learn commands quickly. Moreover, after building a bond with the owners, the dogs can read their body language. Thus, the pets will know when you need emotional support.

Furthermore, Golden Retrievers will make a friendly gesture by cuddling, licking, and hugging you when they find you low.

Golden Retrievers Are Friendly Due To Their Breeding Nature

Since the Golden Retrievers spent the earlier part of their lives in breeding homes, it is in their nature to be friendly. If the breeders care, nurture and train the dogs properly in the breeding homes, the pets will be gentle, kind, and friendly.

Furthermore, the dogs interact with several other pets in the breeding center. Thus, Golden Retrievers learns friendly attribute.

They Are Emotional

Golden Retriever is very emotional. They can feel the love and affection of the owners. Thus, the dogs also love and care for their owners. But, the ignorance of owners disappoints the pet and makes them aggressive and harmful.

Furthermore, the emotions of Golden Retriever are very transparent. If the pet is unhappy, it becomes restless and aggressive. And happy Golden Retrievers are friendly and playful.

Golden Retrievers Are Friendly Because They Are Extroverts

The Golden Retrievers are true extroverts. They are always running, playing, and jumping here and there. And due to this nature of the dog breeds, they can easily make friends.

Besides this, the dogs know how to draw the attention of people and love socializing. I think no one can resist the charm of this beautiful dog. Thus, the Golden Retriever makes friends everywhere it goes.

Golden Retrievers Have Contagious Joy

The Golden Retrievers are a happy pet. Unless the dogs suffer from a fatal illness, you will always find the pets joyful and energetic. Besides this, the presence of a dog radiates an irresistible grace.

Thus, whatever may be in your mind, you will for sure smile seeing the activities of this timeless beauty. Besides this, the pet knows to comfort the owners. Thus, it spreads happiness wherever it goes.

Thus, Golden Retrievers are very friendly that have a contagious power to fill the people around them with enthusiasm and joy.

Do you have a male or female dog?

Do you think gender will affect the attribute of your pet?

Are Male Or Female Golden Retrievers More Friendly?

There is a massive dispute in whether male or female Golden Retriever is more friendly. While some breeders state, female Golden Retrievers are gentler and less dominant. Others think that like female lions, female Golden Retrievers are hunters and displays aggression to other dogs.

But the researchers have not yet confirmed the influence of gender in the attribute of the Golden Retriever. Contradicting to the words of the breeders, reassures assumes it as the myth. And states training is more responsible in managing the attributes of the Golden Retriever.

However, most people still believe females Golden Retrievers are easier to manage and more friendly. But this could be due to the birth control treatment. Since the female Golden Retrievers reach maturity earlier, spaying occurs at a younger age.

As a result of the early desexing procedure, the female dogs have a friendly temperament faster.

Is your Golden Retriever friendly?

If not, then don’t you want to know- why your Golden Retriever is not friendly?

What Makes A Golden Retriever Unfriendly?

Generally, Golden Retrievers are very friendly. Yet, the pet can sometimes be unkind and destructive. And some of the reasons for the unfriendliness of your Golden Retriever are:

After you know the reasons behind the harsh behavior of your pet, I guess you want to know how to manage the behavior of your pet. Don’t you?

What Are The Things To Know About Golden Retriever?

The Golden Retrievers have a kind and friendly persona. Thus, they are best for every family and the kids. Although it is hard to find an aggressive Golden Retriever, it does not mean that the pet does not get angry.

You can read the following articles to manage their aggressive behavior:

Besides this, I have some tips that help to control the temperament of your Golden Retriever. And they are:

  • Provide a balanced diet with all essential nutrients. And if you think your pet needs nutritional supplements, include them as per prescription.
  • Avoid giving you bet human foods like sodas, mushrooms, milk, raw meat, coffee, onions, etc.
  • Train your pet at least an hour daily.
  • Take your Golden Retrievers for long walks and in social gatherings.
  • Avoid punishment and try to ignore their mistakes.
  • Use natural snacks as a reward during training.
  • Bath your pet once every month.
  • Take your Golden Retriever to a professional groomer once in two months.
  • Use dog-specific equipment and foods for your pet.
  • Brush the skin coat of your Golden Retriever daily.
  • Clean the ears, eyes, and paws of your pet while grooming.
  • Consult with your Vet immediately if you find your pet acting abnormally.

Since owning a Golden Retriever is a great responsibility, you must be cautious. Be careful. Your Golden Retriever has a healthy lifespan only when you give your pet adequate attention and care.

Summing up, I hope all these points were helpful for your pet.

If you have any suggestions, please comment on them below.

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