16 Ways To Know Your Golden Retriever Loves You

Ways To Know Your Golden Retriever Loves You

Undoubtedly, the arura and charisma of the Golden Retriever steal the heart of everyone so, it the best dog for family and the perfect playing companion for kids. As a result, the Golden Retriever is the third most popular dog in the USA. I know your pet melts your heart every time with its calm and pleasant temperament so, you love it a lot. But does your pet love you? What are the 16 ways to know your Golden Retriever loves you?

You need to observe many things to know if your Golden Retriever loves you or not. The pet gets excited seeing you, follows your order, cuddles with you, licks your face, and makes eye contact when it loves you. If your pet is in love with you, it never fails to show its love and affection and always tries to please you. 

I will discuss the various ways to know whether your Golden Retriever loves you or not later in this article. But before that, let me tell you about the temperament of the Golden Retriever.

How Is Temperament Of Golden Retriever?

In general, Golden Retrievers are friendly dogs with a sweet and loving temperament. They have a loyal and trusting nature. Besides this, these dogs like to please their owner.

Apart from this, the Retrievers are intelligent and quick learners. Thus, they serve in service activities (such as diabetic assistance, fetching, etc.).

Along with this, the child-friendly, fearless and active nature of the Golden Retriever makes them lovable and perfect. Though there are only a few cases of aggressive Golden Retriever, it will give fatal results if you fail to manage their aggression.

Is Your Golden Retriever Aggressive?

To manage the aggressive nature of your Golden Retriever, you can read Why Is My Golden Retriever Aggressive? Identify And Fix It.

16 Ways To Know If Your Golden Retriever Loves You

Your furry friend allures your heart with all its activities after you welcome it to your house. The Golden Retriever then slowly becomes a member of your family. It eats, plays, and grows with you.

Though sometimes your Golden Retriever throws tantrums on you, you cannot stop loving your dog. However, you may feel that it has no love and affection towards you. If the behavior of your dog changes to aggressive.

Here are some of the signs that determine whether your Golden Retriever loves you or not. The signs are:

Your Golden Retriever Loves You If It Recognizes Your Name

Though it may sound a little unbelievable most of the pets recognize the name of their owners. Golden Retrievers are intelligent dogs. Thus, your pet shows a quick response whenever it hears your name.

If your Golden Retriever also responds in your name and gets excited hearing it. It shows that the pet loves you.

You Golden Retriever Guards You While Eating

The Golden Retriever becomes protective when it loves you. It wants you to be safe and tries to protect you. Your pet guards you while you are eating to help you relax. Thus, it assures your safety.

Your pet may guard your food and bark when someone tries to grab your food. It stares to give the stranger signs of threat when they sit next to you while eating.

Thus, guarding behavior is the most prominent character that determines that your pet loves you.

Golden Retriever Adores You By Rubbing Its Eyes On You

The Golden Retriever makes pleading eye contact and rubs its eyes on you to show its love. Rubbing eyes on you means that your pet wants to assure you that it trusts you. And, it wants your comfort.

Therefore, you should pat softly in the back of your pet and rub its ears gently to comfort your dog that it is safe around you.

Instead of a sign of love, rubbing its eyes may be an appeal for security whenever your pet feels insecure and unsafe. However, it further helps to gain the love and affection of your pet.

When Golden Retriever Loves You, It Makes Eye Contact With You

The Golden Retriever releases oxytocin hormones when it locks its eyes with you. These hormones are the same hormones that help the mother bond with their babies. Thus, you feel a deep bonding when your pet makes eye contact with you.

Besides this, your pet shows its engagement and interest in you by locking its eyes with you. But when your pet makes eye contact with other dogs, it indicates that your pet feels insecure. Commonly, the Retriever challenges other pets by locking eyes with them.

In contrast to this, you can feel love, affection, and comfort when your dog makes eye contact with you. It simply shows the love of your pet towards you.

Golden Retriever Synchronizes When You Yawn Showing Affection

Yawning is contagious among humans. But some research indicates that the pet shows its empathy by yawning whenever its owner yawns. However, there is less evidence of the pet yawning along with the yawn of strangers.

It is a most common sign to indicate that your bonding with your pet is strong. So, your pet may also echo a yawn after you to show that it loves you.

Your Golden Retriever Gets Excited Whenever They See You

If your pet comes running to you moving its tail whenever you reach home from work. Then, it is sure that your pet likes you a lot. Your pet gives you a warm welcome with a pleasing look when you reach home after long hours of absence if it loves you.

Your Golden Retrieve jumps, runs, licks your face, and wag its tail as soon as you open the front door of your house to show you that it is happy to see your home. All these behaviors demonstrate that your pet adores you.

Golden Retriever Shares Its Toys With You

Like humans, the Golden Retriever also follows the idea of Sharing is Caring. Your pet likes playing with you and brings you its favorite toy when it loves you. The pets are very possessive and do not like sharing their toys.

But if your pet brings you its toys, it means that your pet likes you and wants you to love its favorite toy. Sharing the toys is the way of showing that your dog trusts you and wants you to play.

When your pet loves you, it will be happy to share its toys with you and eagerly want you to play with them.

Golden Retriever Leans Against

When your pet likes you, it leans against you. However, there is no fixed reason for learning. But, some of the common reasons why your Retriever leans against you are:

  • If your pet is afraid and wants your comfort.
  • When your dog is jealous and wants to claim that you are his owner.
  • To protect you from strangers.

Therefore, leaning against you is a sign of your dog showing his affection and love. You can consider the leaning as a doggy hug. Also, you must show your love to your pet by brushing its hair and rubbing the ears whenever it leans against you.

Golden Retriever Follows You

Your pet follows you everywhere and becomes your shadow when it loves you. It shows its trust and affection by following you. Apart from this, it follows you to protect you and guard you.

Thus, the following suggests that your Golden Retriever loves you. If it doesn’t love you, then the pet avoids you and stays far from you as it does from strangers.

Maintaining distance and avoiding contact is a way for the pets to secure themselves.

Golden Retriever Licks You

Your pet shows affection and love by licking your face. The Golden Retrievers love licking their loved ones. They lick their faces when they are submissive and try to groom themselves. Apart from this, mother Golden Retrievers also licks their babies to show their love.

Therefore, licking your face shows that your pet considers you as a part of its family and loves you a lot.

Golden Retriever loves You If It Rubs Its Nose And Smells You.

Golden Retriever likes rubbing its nose around the owners and smelling them. Since a Golden Retriever has a great smelling ability. It can recognize the smell of its owner and the change in the scent.

However, the Retriever rubs its nose around you to assure everything is fine and safe. Apart from this, it smells you to know where you were and how healthy you are. Smelling is the way of showing love, affection, and concern for you.

When Golden Retriever Loves You, It becomes Vulnerable Around You.

When your pet trusts you, it puts itself in vulnerable positions. It lays on its back, gives you to rub its belly, and runs around you when you earn the trust of your furry friend.

Golden Retrievers put themselves in vulnerable positions to show that they trust you and feel comfortable and safe around you. Hence, it is the way of showing affection to you by your pal.

When Golden Retriever Love You, It Obeys Your Order

The Golden Retriever follows your commands and listens to you if they adore you. It fears losing your trust if it fails to obey your order. Thus, it does everything to please you.

Along with this, your pet listens to your every order because it wants you to know that your pet trusts you and knows that you will never harm.

Hence, listening to your order means that your pet wants to please you and loves you.

Golden Retriever Cares For You When You Are Sick

Golden Retriever looks after you when you are sick. It sticks to your bed and sleeps with you. If you give your pet diabetic assistance training, it signs the rise and fall of the sugar level in your blood through your smell. And your pet offers you water and juice when you are sick.

Besides this, with proper training, your pet can save your life in fatal situations. It calls the neighbors whenever you are sick and barks to indicate an emergency.

Therefore, caring for you when you are ill is the most prominent sign that the pet loves you.

Protects You And Your House

Although Golden Retrievers are not watch-dogs, they bark and block the strangers from entering the house. They are protective and possessive against strangers and guards you when you are around strangers.

Along with this, they threaten strangers and other pets by staring at them. It clearly shows that your Golden Retriever loves you and wants you to be safe.

Golden Retriever Walks In Your Pace

When your pet keeps up space with you while walking, it is a sign that indicates that your Golden Retriever loves you. Your pet likes being near you and will always keep pace with you even if it is out of the lease showing its affection.

However, due to the joyful nature of the Golden Retriever, it sometimes runs around and sniffs things while walking with you and misses your pace. But it doesn’t suggest that your pet doesn’t love.

Does your Golden Retriever show these signs?

How Can You Express Your Love To Your Golden Retriever?

There is a language barrier between you and your pet. Thus, you cannot use verbal communication to express your love. Instead, use body language to show your love to your Golden Retriever.

Some of the actions that tell your Golden Retriever you love him are:

  • Snuggling and cuddling with your pet
  • Leaning on your dog
  • Playing with your champ
  • Gently rubbing its ears
  • Carefully and slowly patting its body
  • Brushing its coat with soft hands

What Are The Things That Your Golden Retriever Loves?

Golden Retrievers are themselves lovely. They are fond of people. Some of the things that they adore are:

  • Playing with kids
  • Listening to music
  • Eating their meals, snacks, and treats
  • Socializing with people
  • Bathing and grooming
  • Swimming
  • Chewing toys or anything they reach
  • Jogging, walking, or exercising with their owners

How To Read The Facial Expression Of Your Golden Retriever?

Golden Retrievers are very expressive and show their emotions through their body language. If you carefully observe their eyes, tails, ears, and mouth, you will know about their mood.

The tips for reading the facial expression of your pet is:


The Golden Retriever shows its emotions either licking you, pulling out its tongue, or closing its mouth. The meaning of the movement of its mouth are:

  • Your pet either shuts or slightly opens its mouth when it is happy and relaxes.
  • It licks its lips or your face when it feels unsafe and unease.
  • Yawning shows that your pet is under stress and trying to ease.
  • When your pet is aggressive, it grinds and shows its teeth.
  • Your Golden Retriever will give a submissive grin when it is trying to please you or others.


A close observation of the eyes of Golden Retriever can tell you about its mood. You may notice the following things:

  • When your pet is calm and happy, its eyes are oval and relaxed.
  • But, in stress and anxiety, its eyes become wide and round.
  • If your pet is staring straight at you, it means a threat.
  • Short and brief eye contact with your pet means it is nervous.
  • When your dog stares at you with pleading eyes, it means the pet wants your attention.


Though the ears of Golden Retriever are not much expressive, it does show only a little emotion.

The ears move at the back of the head and are flat when your pet is nervous. But when the dog is confident, it moves the floppy and long ears forward.


Most of the dogs show their emotions through their tail. Likewise, the tail movement of the Golden Retriever indicate:

  • Wagging of tail side by side body means your pet is unhappy and aggressive.
  • Tail present at a position in the lower body means that your dog is calm.
  • When your pet is nervous, it holds the between its leg.
  • Wagging of the tail in the lower body indicates your Golden Retriever is happy and excited.

Does Every Golden Retriever Shows Affections?

Though, the Golden Retrievers are mostly very expressive. Yet, every dog has a different nature.

If you do not notice your pet showing affections, it doesn’t mean that your pet hates you. Some pets show their love in a different manner which we may fail to realize.

Besides this, you must not expect affections from your pet as soon as your pet enters the house. Give your Golden Retriever time to build a bond with you.

Why Do The Golden Retriever Stops Showing Affections?

Sometimes, you may notice that your pet is very quiet. Your Retriever may stop showing affection:

  • If it is ill or suffering from pain.
  • When you start abusing your pet.
  • If your Retriever is hungry.
  • When it feels unsafe and anxious.

How To Gain The Love Of Your Golden Retriever?

Don’t you want your joyful companion to be happy around you and love you as much as you love it?

Getting the love that you want from your Golden Retriever is not so difficult. You just need to focus on Golden Retriever care.

Some of the tips to gain the love of your pet are:

Exercise with your Golden Retriever

Your pet needs at least half an hour of exercise daily for fitness. If you lack to exercise your furry pal, it will become lazy and unhealthy. Besides this, exercising with your pet will increase your bonding.

Thus, it naturally helps you to get affection and love from your Retriever.

Management Of Diet

The Golden Retriever needs 1000 to 1300 calories in its diet daily. However, the amount may vary according to the size of your Golden Retriever. You make a feeding schedule to ensure the supply of the required amount of food for your pet without skipping the necessary nutrients from the diet.

When you serve your pet the right amount of food with all necessary nutrients at the right time, your pet becomes happy and tends to love you more. Along with this, including natural snacks as treats also helps you to gain affection.

Yearly Checkups

You should be cautious about the health of your Retriever. Thus, take your pet for checkups every year. Apart from that, you should consult the Veterinarian about the diet.

You must never neglect the behavioral changes of your pet. And seek advice from the Vet to manage its health problems. It helps your pet to remain happy and active.

Along with this, regular checkups also manage the diseases and increase the lifespan of your Golden Retriever. All these things make the bond between you and your pet strong and increase the affection.

Proper Training

With proper training, you can discipline your Golden Retriever. It will learn manners which will melt your heart. Along with this, the time spend while training your pet promotes the bonding between you too.

Hence, it enhances the affection of your pal towards you.

Avoid Giving Punishment

Since there is a language barrier between you and your pal, it will make the communication and training process hard. But you should never lose your cool and punish your pet.

Punishing your Golden Retriever promotes the feeling of resentment and declines the trust of your pet.

Instead, use positive reinforcement in your training sessions. It encourages your Retriever to trust you. Finally, making your pet affectionate towards you.

The love and affections that your pet shows release your stress and helps you to relax. Do you feel the same?

Which is the most common sign that your Golden Retriever shows for showering love?

Hopefully, this article will help you to build a stronger bonding with your pet. Please comment below if you have any suggestions.

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