How To Treat Constipation in Golden Retriever: Signs and Treatment Tips

Constipation in Golden Retriever

There is no doubt that the Golden Retrievers are the best dogs for kids and fit perfectly in every family. Despite this, the various health issues in the Golden Retrievers. Such as hip and joint dysplasiaear infections, diabetes, skin disorders, and many others make the raising process harder for their owners. And, Constipation in Golden Retriever is a common health problem that most owners cannot escape.

Like humans, constipation is a stomach issue in the Golden Retriever in which they fail to poop and their bowel habits changes. Although, swallowing the things (like; hair, grass, bones, etc.) that the dog cannot digest may lead to this problem. Yet, constipation in your Golden Retriever may also indicate that your pet is lacking fibers or suffering from intestinal diseases, traumas in the pelvis, or other similar issues hindering digestion.

However, if you care for them, you can manage, eliminate and prevent this problem in your lovely friend.

Undoubtedly, I will give you some knowledge about constipation and ways to manage it in this article. Yet, unless you make an effort to maintain the health of your Golden Retriever, all the suggestions will go in vain.

Therefore, show your sincerity towards your pet and care for them with devotion.

What Is Constipation In Golden Retriever?

Before digging into the subject, let me first tell you what constipation is?

Generally, the dog needs to poop twice daily and, constipation is a health issue in which your dog fails to poop and produce feces in its regular schedule.

Along with this, your Golden Retriever may take longer to poop. And may eliminate a lesser amount of stool which are harder like rocks.

Besides this, if the dog experiences straining and pain while pooping. It makes this problem more serious.

What Are The Causes Of Constipation In Golden Retriever?

After the brief knowledge about constipation, you probably might be thinking what causes constipation in your Golden Retriever, don’t you?

So, here is the answer to your question. The causes are:

Unmanaged Diet

Diet is the main reason for constipation in the Golden Retriever like humans. The cause of constipation is the lack of fibers in the diet of your pet.

And the habit of your pet to chew and eat everything they reach. Such as hair, toys, litter, etc. block the fecal passage. Thus, it leads to problems with the bowels.

Along with this, a calcium-rich diet can also affect their bowel habit and result in constipation in Golden Retriever.

Old Age

Age is another major factor that causes constipation in Golden Retriever. With the addition of more years in their age, the digestive system of the Golden Retriever becomes weaker. They cannot digest the same amount of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates as their younger species.

Thus, it causes constipation in Golden Retriever.

Lack Of Exercise And Activity

Constant activity and exercise help to improve digestion. If your pet is constantly active, the stool can circulate well. Hence, there will never have constipation. But lazy and stagnant nature hinders the passage of stool.

Finally, contributing to constipation in Golden Retriever.

Dehydration And Lack Of Electrolyte

Lack of sufficient water and electrolyte is a common cause of constipation in Golden Retriever. When the dog lacks water and electrolytes, its colon absorbs all the fluids present in stool as they travel to the small and large intestine.

As a consequence, they will eliminate rock-hard feces. And they suffer a lot while pooping.

Kidney Disease

The Golden Retriever gets more susceptible to constipation when they suffer from chronic kidney diseases. The disease in the kidney causes indigestion and decreases the mobility of feces in the fecal pathway.

Furthermore, this leads to blockage of stool and constipation in Golden Retriever.

Problems In Digestive Tract

Golden Retrievers are prone to different problems in their digestive tracts. It extends from the tumors in the digestive tract to injuries caused due to an unbalanced diet and exercise.

The development of polyps and adenomas blocks the fecal pathway blocks the stool leading to constipation in Golden Retriever.

Nevertheless, according to the location, the problems of the digestive tract are:

  1. Blockage of stool inside the colon is the intraluminal problem.
  2. The obstruction outside the colon, such as fractures of the pelvis and tumors, is extraluminal issues.
  3. Lastly,  the diseases and injuries inside the digestive tract are internal problems (intrinsic issue).

Different Medications

Constipation can also result from various medicines, such as opiates, diuretics, antihistamines, antacids, and some anticancer drugs.

Though, the use of different drugs may eliminate the aliment of your pet. Yet, it may have a long list of side effects. And constipation is on the top of that list.


Especially the medication that the Vet provides to your pet leads to constipation in Golden Retriever. Along with causing numbness and easing the pain during surgeries, anesthetics also causes constipation.

Therefore, you should consult with the Vet. What are the pros and cons of the surgical procedures before surgeries?

 Various Diseases And Disorders

The disorders and diseases retard the body system of the pet as a whole. Like:

  • Metabolic disorders
  • Diseases of the central nervous system
  • Orthopedic disorders
  • Spinal cord injuries and disease

All these problems affect the normal physiology of the pet. Thus, directly or indirectly leads to constipation in Golden Retriever.

Difference In Environment

The Golden Retriever always prefers pooping in the same spot. They may find pooping in different places a little inappropriate. They tend to hold their stool when you introduce them to an unfamiliar area to poop.

Similarly, stress also plays a vital role in causing constipation in Golden Retriever. The pet may suffer from diarrhea or constipation when exposed to a stressful environment.

What Are The Symptoms Of Constipation In Golden Retriever?

You may probably wonder how to know whether your pet is suffering from constipation or not. To ensure yourself, you must observe the following symptoms in your Golden Retriever. They are:

  • Lack of energy and laziness
  • Loss in appetite
  • Unexpected vomiting and crying
  • Disturbance in their bowel habits
  • Rock-hard stool or liquid stool with mucus
  • Unusual circling or scooting of your pet
  • Your pet takes a longer time pooping

When you observe these signs in your pet, take your Golden Retriever to the Vet for further diagnosis.

What Are The Information That You Must Provide The Vet Before Diagnosis?

The Vet collects some information from you about your Golden Retriever before they dragonize and treat your pet. The information that they need from you are:

  • Age of your pet
  • Past injuries and health issues
  • The name and amount of food that you gave them earlier
  • Color and consistency of the feces
  • Medication and treatment of past
  • Last normal bowel movement of pet
  • Diet of the pet
  • Staining or signs of pain like crying
  • Other similar signs of discomfort like vomiting, bloated stomach, tiredness, etc.

How Does The Veterinarian Diagnose Constipation In Golden Retriever?

The Vet examines the Golden Retriever after getting all the necessary information from the parent of the pet. As a result of these examinations, we can know the cause, severity, and nature of treatment for the Golden Retriever.

The examinations include:

  • Complete blood count
  • Barium enema
  • Rectal exam
  • Ultrasound (colonoscopy)
  • Analysis of urine
  • Neurological examination
  • Abdominal palpitation
  • Radiographs of the abdominal areas

How To Treat Constipation In Golden Retriever?

The primary treatment of constipation in Golden Retriever is on the hand of their owners. When the owners (you) become reckless and irresponsible towards their pet, it may result in severe constipation followed by various dangerous side effects.

Therefore, you should take the help of the Vet to treat the Golden Retriever in severe constipation. The treatment of Constipation in Golden Retriever is as follows:

Treatment By Veterinarian Treatment By Pet Owner Veterinarian Approved Treatment
Examination of the abdomen, rectal, and kidney Maintaining diet and feeding schedule


Adding canned or pureed pumpkin along with the meat meal
X-rays and ultrasounds to know the status of the constipation Taking the Golden Retriever to exercise one hour daily Use of wheat bran in the diet
Blood tests (this helps determine the fluid content in the body) Giving them an enormous amount of fibrous food and fresh water Giving the recommended amount of Metamucil
Administering laxatives and enemas Adding supplements in their daily meal
Manual removal of feces Providing potty training will help the pet to poop regularly.
Recommendation of dog-food to enhances their digestion process.
Supplements and probiotics recommendation


What Are The Home Remedies For Constipation In Golden Retriever?

The Golden Retriever shows the first signs of constipation when they are at home. Therefore, the owner should provide the pet with necessary home remedies to avoid constipation as soon as they observe the signs.

Some of the home remedies of the American Kennel Club in case of constipation in Golden Retriever are:

Regular Exercise Eliminates Constipation In Golden Retriever

Your Golden Retriever needs at least one hour of exercise daily. It helps to release the congestion and eventually stimulates the digestive system. You can opt for training (like potty trainingdiabetic assistance training, etc.) or go for walks, jogging, fetching, swimming.

Apart from this, playing with the kids can also be a good form of exercise for them.

Sufficient Amount Of Water Intake

Encourage your Golden Retriever to drink enough amount of water. For this, you can keep water breaks in your schedule. Apart from their regular water breaks, you can also use a water fountain for your dog. It excites your pet and encourages the Golden Retriever to drink more water.

Also, you can include more fluids like broth and juices in their diet to manage their water intake.

Use Of Olive Oil Eases Constipation In Golden Retriever

A small portion of olive oil can enhance digestion and eliminate the problem of congestion of your Golden Retriever. The fats present in the olive oil lubricates the stool and make it easier to pass through the fecal tract.

Along with this, the oil also promotes water absorption. Thus, it softens the stool.

But, be careful about the amount. Only a smaller amount (one tablespoon) is sufficient. An amount more than this may lead to diarrhea.

Include Pumpkin In The Meat Meal

Pumpkins (Canned, as well as puree) are tonic for the digestive system of your Golden Retriever. It helps to manage digestion and eases both constipation and diarrhea.

A meat meal with pumpkin can be more fruitful and healthier than a simple meat meal. The immense benefit of pumpkin helps in the proper digestion of meat. Therefore, it helps to avoid constipation in Golden Retriever.

Dog Food With Fibers Reduces Constipation In Golden Retriever

A fibrous diet promotes the digestion of your pet. It improves the mobility of stool in the fecal system and eases defecation. Thus, the fibers keep the digestive system in check.

But if you use too much fiber in your dog food, then it will promote constipation and make it even worse. Therefore, carefully analyze the required amount of fiber in the food of your pet before giving.

Besides, dog food natural snacks also include fiber that promotes the gut health of your Golden Retriever.

Probiotic And Vitamin Supplements

Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that enhance the digestive flora. Thus, it helps to improve digestion.

Vitamins and probiotics together help in maintaining the health of your Golden Retriever. When you supply your pet with the proper amount of good quality probiotics, it will strengthen their gut health.

Thus, it maintains a natural balance in the digestive system.

Use Of Ficus And Psyllium Seed In Constipation In Golden Retriever

You can use Ficus and psyllium seeds for managing constipation in Golden Retriever. Both of them contain fibers. Thus, they offer fluid to lubricate the stool and softens the stool.

If you use them properly, they ease the obstruction in the fecal system. Therefore, a dose-dependent use of the ficus or psyllium seeds will improve constipation. And prevent it from getting more worse.

How Does The Veterinarian Treat Constipation In Golden Retriever?

If constipation in Golden Retriever is severe and the poor dog fails to defecate for more than a week, it leads to an obstipation condition. It means that the dog is compact and unable to defecate on its own.

And if you fail to manage the problem in time. It may be life-threatening and will decrease the lifespan of the Golden Retriever.

You must seek the help of your regular Veterinarian to resolve this issue. The Veterinarian will opt for medical procedures in severe cases. Like:

  • Removal of impacted stool that blocks the fecal system manually.
  • Administration of drug that promotes the production of enzymes to regulate normal colon functions
  • Megacolon surgery (Colectomy) in very extreme cases when all other treatments fail to work.
  • Enema treatment (warm isotonic tap: 5-10 mL/kg, warm tap water: 5-10mL/kg, lactulose: 5-10mL, mineral oil: 5-10 mL)
  • Recommendation of laxative and other medication that strengthens large intestine. (Docusate sodium/calcium, magnesium salts, bisacodyl: 15-20 g, lactulose: 0.5mL/kg)

What Are The Things To Avoid When Your Golden Retriever Is Constipated?

You may find a lot of advice on the prevention and treatment of Golden Retriever. But all these devices may not always be fruitful. However, you should analyze and research yourself to find the correct advice.

Usually, the things that contribute to constipation are:


Only a professional hand can administer an enema to the pet. There are a higher risk of injury and toxicity if enemas you do not handle properly. As a result, constipation occurs in the Golden Retriever.

Be careful and visit the Vet to administer edema.


Lack most humans, many dogs are also lactose intolerant nowadays. Though, most people believe that milk can cause diarrhea and treat constipation. Yet, its long-term use may invite various issues in your pet.


Although laxatives soften the feces and ease defecation, excessively using them may be dangerous for your Golden Retriever. Thus, promoting constipation. Therefore, seek the advice of the Vet when you use a laxative.

Does your pet also suffer from constipation sometimes?

What do you do in such cases?

Do you think the information in this article might help you?

I will appreciate it if you leave your suggestions and comments below.

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