21 Reasons Why Are Golden Retrievers So Happy?

21 Reasons Why Are Golden Retrievers So Happy

Besides being energetic dog breeds, Golden Retrievers are always happy and smiling. And their happiness is highly contagious that can immediately bring a smile to the face of their owners. Further, their beautiful smile can melt everyone’s heart. But do you know why Golden Retrievers are so happy?

Golden Retrievers are so happy due to their calm, quiet, intelligent, and sporty attributes. Besides this, these breeds are smart enough to understand the body language and emotions of the owners. So, Golden Retrievers can build a stronger bond with their owner that makes them happy.

Since Golden Retrievers are family dogs, they adopted humans’ loving and caring personalities. And owing to these characteristics, the dogs get a lot of attention from people that make them happy.

Undoubtedly, I will discuss all these reasons in detail further in this article. But before focusing on the causes, let me give you a sneak peek at the expressions of these breeds.

Do Golden Retrievers Have Expression?

After being a human companion for a long time, Golden Retrievers adapt our characteristics traits. And thus, they can understand our emotions and respond accordingly.

Further, some research says that dogs can show about 100 different expressions. Since they don’t use facial expression to convey their emotions, recognizing those expressions are harder for humans. Instead, Golden Retrievers use their impeccable hearing ability and ear movement for communicating.

In addition, smiles and grins are the only facial expressions on these dogs. Similarly, softening of eyes during joys, intense body and direct eye contact during aggression, and faster wagging of tails during excitement are the body language that these breeds use to show their feelings.

However, don’t panic if you aren’t aware of these expressions in your pet. Just give yourself and your pet some time. Once you get familiar and develop a bond with your pal, you can easily depict its family just by studying their body language.

21 Reasons Why Are Golden Retrievers So Happy?

Undoubtedly, Golden Retrievers can show many emotions. Yet, the most prominent one is happiness. And the joy or cheerfulness of these breeds holds the energy to attract the attention of everyone towards them.

Don’t you wonder why your Golden Retriever is always happy?

I always admire my pet’s ability to be happy and cheerful. So, when I look for the reasons for my pet’s joy, I came across the following things:

Golden Retrievers Are Happy Because They Are Popular

In the last few centuries, the demand and popularity of Golden Retriever are outrageous. Thus, they are famous in each corner of the world. And hold a position of 4th most popular bog breeds in the USA.

Further, due to the undeniable popularity and beautiful body structure, everyone enjoys the company of these dogs. As a result, Golden Retrievers get a lot of attention that overjoys and makes them happy.

Excellent Hunting Dogs

Although Golden Retrievers has now settled as a family dog, you cannot deny the sole purpose of breeding these dogs was for hunting. Hence, these breeds have excellent hunting, retrieving, and fetching abilities.

Further, their hunting skills contribute a lot to their confidence. Besides this, these dogs can accompany their owners for fetching prey from land and water. Hence, Golden Retrievers feel wanted and happy.

Has A Good Nature

After a single sight of this beautiful dog, you will never forget its docile nature. Golden Retrievers have a genuinely good attribute. They always meet and greet strangers very well.

Further, their kind and generous temperament help the dog to build a friendly bond instantly. Thus, Golden Retrievers make friends wherever they go that feels surrounded with happiness.


Usually, Golden Retrievers are less likely to be aggressive. Further, unless these breeds suspect bad intentions or threats, they remain calm. And also, these dogs welcome and greet the people around them with cute and pleasant gestures.

And to these attributes, everybody loves them that makes Golden Retrievers happy and cheerful. Though the calmer behavior of the dogs stands out in front of visitors, these breeds cannot be good guard dogs due to the same reason.

Intelligent Dog Breed

The intelligence of Golden Retrievers is undeniable. So, training these dog breeds is easy and convenient. Besides this, you can teach your pet several commands to make their discipline and obedient.

Since this all manages your pal’s behaviors, they will always be happy and cheerful.

Smart Enough To Read Body Language

The intelligence of Golden Retrievers is not a new subject. But the fact that these breeds can read your body language may surprise you.

Further, these dogs can depict threat, comfort, and love by reading body language. So, if you shower your pet with love, they immediately connect with you and feel happy.


Golden Retrievers are very attentive. So, they can easily depict the minor change in the environment. Further, due to their intelligence, they also can analyze whether the environmental change is good or bad. And start adapting to the newer environment to make themselves happy.

In addition, their excellent hearing and vision help them to detect threats. So, they can defend themselves without much damage. Hence, Golden Retrievers can live a happy and healthy lifespan.

Playful And Energetic Dog Breeds

Golden Retrievers has an insane energy level that resembles kids. So, these breeds are a perfect companion for the kids to play endlessly. Moreover, these dogs enjoy playing games, exercising, and training.

Unlike other dog breeds, these dogs do not throw tantrums while exercising. Instead, they reluctantly follow the training or exercising routine. So the dogs become relax and happy after adequate physical activities.

Being An Extrovert, Golden Retrievers Are Happy

Golden Retrievers can instantly connect with people. So, they make lots and lots of friends wherever they go. Owing to their beautiful body features, perfect size, and lovely temperament, they attract the attention of every visitor.

So, no one can resist their charm and aura. People passing them feels a compulsion to stop and interact with this beautiful creature. And all these attentions make Golden Retriever happy.

Always Eager To Please

Owners are responsible for feeding, training, playing, exercising, and taking care of their pets. So, owners are the favorite person of Golden Retrievers. And these dogs always try cute tricks to please the owners.

Furthermore, these breeds prefer being around their caregiver. Besides this, the dogs also follow the owners’ command to please them. Finally, after they gain their owners’ love and affection, Golden Retrievers feel happy and satisfied.

Golden Retrievers Are Happy Due To Their Contagious Joy

Undoubtedly, Golden Retrievers’ happiness is contagious. Just a look at their happy faces can make your day. Further, after a hectic day, the cheerful face of your pet can instantly relax you.

Besides this, you cannot hold back your smile whenever you approach a happy dog. It seems like all your tension sweeps away at the site of cheerful Golden Retrievers.

Besides this, joy, excitement, and aggression seem contagious among pets. A happy dog makes other dogs or animals happy, while an aggressive pet feels the environment with tension. However, if you are parenting more than one pet, you can relate more to this point.

Sporty Dog Breeds

Owing to a rigid body structure, you can enroll Golden Retriever in several sports. Furthermore, if you are a sports person, teach your pet how to play different games. After adequate training, you can enjoy playing the game with your pet.

Besides this, different sports activities utilize the excess energy of Golden Retrievers in the best possible way. So, indulging them in sports makes your pet calmer and happy.

Trustworthy And Dedicated

Although Golden Retrievers are hyperactive, they are always loyal and dedicated towards their owner. Usually, these breeds follow the command of their owners and are less likely to make a mess when you are not around. In addition, you can trust your kids with Golden Retrievers.

Besides this, these dogs are protective. So, they bark in a high pitch to inform you whenever new visitors appear at the door. Unless Golden Retrievers are having fatal health issues, they do not mess up in the house.

Golden Retrievers Are Happy Because They Are Pure Breed Dogs

Being a pure breed, Golden Retrievers are less likely to suffer from fatal health hazards like ear infections, allergies, eye disorders, heart diseases, cancer, etc. Thus, these breeds have the lesser possibility to experience pain and discomfort of illness and treatment.

As a result of a good gene pool, Golden Retrievers can live a happy and disease-free lifespan.

Good Companion

Golden Retrievers are the best companion for every member of the family. Since these breeds are hyperactive, they can be secret-keeper or playing mates of the kids.

Similarly, these dogs have expertise in pleasing and comforting others. So, they can be your cuddling buddy after a stressful day.

Besides this, these breeds can detect the change in the health condition of the owners after assistance training. Hence, they are the best companion for the sick or elderly. Being a great companion, all family members comfort Golden Retrievers that make them happy.


Golden Retrievers are very smart and can perform various tasks. Further confidence is an inbuilt attribute of these dogs. Thus, these dog breeds are naturally confident.

Undoubtedly, the body structure, perfect smile, and beautiful features of these dogs make them confidence-worthy. Further, the skilled and confident attributes of these dogs attract people’s attention that makes them happy.

Golden Retrievers Has Patient And Quiet

One of the prominent characteristics of Golden Retrievers is their patience and quieter nature. Usually, these breeds prefer a peaceful environment with lesser sound pollution. Besides this, these dogs avoid aggression or attack as much as they can.

So, in general, there are fewer cases of attack or harm by Golden Retrievers. All these things manage the emotions of the dogs. And thus, makes them happy and calm.

Golden Retrievers Are Gentle Dogs

Despite being excellent hunters, Golden Retrievers have a soft mouth. The dogs can carry their offspring safely in their mouth. Besides this, some research also claims that these breeds can even move with eggs in their mouth without breaking.

Further, these breeds use their soft mouth to lick, love, and please their owners. Owners also shower their affections that make Golden Retrievers happy.

However, if you want to know whether your pet loves you or not, read the article- 16 Ways To Know Your Golden Retriever Loves You.

Intentional Breeding Of Happy Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers produced after cross-breeding two different dog breeds. Generally, the sole purpose of breeding was to create hunting dogs. But cross-breeding aggressive dogs and calmer ones produced happier offspring.

Besides this, modern Golden Retrievers are the result of years of experiments and researches. And most of the dogs bred nowadays are for house and family. So, the breeders intentionally bred these breeds to be happy and cheerful.

Golden Retrievers Are Happy Because Open To New Ideas

If you like exploring new places, Golden Retrievers can be your best companion. Since these breeds readily adapt to the new environment, you can travel with them.

Traveling, exploring new things, hiking, hunting, long drives, etc., excites your pet. Besides this, Golden Retrievers feel rejuvenated after visiting new places and feel happy to travel with you.

Understands Emotions

After spending enough time with their owners, these breeds start reading their caregiver’s emotions. So, they act according to the mood of their owner. Your pet may hug, lick and paw you when you are sad.

All these cute gestures of Golden Retrievers enlighten the environment makes you happy along with them.

Along with this, Golden Retrievers do not carry the baggage of tension and responsibilities in their head like humans. Hence, they rejoice more in the present without complaining about the past and thinking about it further. So, you will always find them happy and smiling.

Do Golden Retrievers Get Sad?

As Golden Retrievers mimic human emotions, they adapt sadness. But being an energetic and cheerful dog breed, sadness lasts only for a short period. However, if the cause is severe, it leads to a devastating emotional condition called depression.

However, some of the reasons why Golden Retrievers aren’t happy are:

  • Ill health conditions (Cancer, eye disease, hip dysplasia, thyroid disorders, constipation, etc.)
  • Unhealthy food habits
  • History of attacks and accidents
  • Loss of family members
  • Change in surrounding
  • Inadequate training and exercises
  • Abuse and mistreat by owners
  • Boredom

Seeing your pet sad may be a heart-breaking experience. So, always be cautious about the above problems while parenting your Golden Retriever. Try to maintain a healthy lifestyle for your pet so that you can live a happier life with them.

Does your pet show signs of sadness?

What do you do to make your pet happy?

How To Know Golden Retrievers Are Sad?

Despite your concern and care, sadness becomes unavoidable sometimes. And since sadness is also an indication of severe health problems, you should frequently check your pet is sad or not. So, you can ensure a healthy and longer lifespan for your Golden Retriever.

Further, the most common signs of sadness in your pet are:

If your pet starts showing these signs, you should immediately consult with the Vet. Ignoring these signs can result in a health hazard. So, to protect your Golden Retriever, you should manage these symptoms as soon as possible.

However, read the article- Why Does Your Golden Retriever Look Sad? for more information.

How Can You Make Golden Retrievers Happy?

Everyone prefers happy and friendly Golden Retrievers. Since their happiness immediately lightens up the surrounding, you will feel cheerful and relax around them. And seeing your pet in pain or sad is traumatic. Isn’t it?

Therefore, I am suggesting some ways that can make Golden Retrievers happy. And they are:

I hope all these tips can be helpful for your pet.

Moreover, parenting is a tedious job, and you might make some mistakes. Don’t panic. Instead, ask for suggestions from professionals. If you become a little careful and make conscious decisions, you can for sure give your pet a healthy and longer life.

Do you have more ideas to add to this article?

Please let us know your reviews by writing them in comment sections.

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