My Golden Retriever Puppy Is Getting Fat | What Should I Do

My Golden Retriever Puppy Is Getting Fat What Should I Do

Golden Retrievers’ love for food isn’t unfamiliar to the owners. Besides this, the contagious smile of these breeds is irresistible. So, owners reluctantly give them what they want and make them fat. Further, you can realize your Golden Retriever puppy is getting fat by visual analysis. And make adjustments in their lifestyle to manage the weight.

So, is your Golden Retriever puppy getting fat? To know the answer, you must first look at your pal from the side and top, try touching its rib, and analyze its weight with the ideal weight. When your puppy is fat, its lifespan declines. So, control its weight. For this, focus on your pal’s diet, treats, exercise, and training.

Further, due to the beautiful body structure and friendly temperament, Golden Retriever is outrageously popular nowadays. Thus, every family demands to have this breed have a pet. Moreover, as they start living with humans, they learned to please their owner for food.

Therefore, obesity is a huge problem nowadays. Thus, manage your Golden Retriever’s weight from an early age.

In this article, I will disclose some ways to know whether your Golden Retriever puppy is getting fat or not. And discuss the ideas you should do to solve this problem. But before digging into this problem, let us look at the struggle of Golden Retriever weight and stay healthy.

Can Your Golden Retriever Puppy Get Fat Easily?

Once you bring a Golden Retriever puppy home, it instantly becomes a member of the family because of its charisma and aura. Besides this, the persistent pleasing behavior of these breeds makes them even more irresistible and adorable. Thus, obesity is a common problem in these dogs.

And,  the survey of the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention also states that nearly 62.7% of Golden Retrievers are overweight or obese. In addition, Morris Animal Foundation conducted the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study for better understanding the causes and risks of obesity in these breeds.

Moreover, after taking a closer look at the lifestyle and behavior of these dogs, the study concluded that these breeds are at a higher risk of obesity that is directly related to the food habits and excising schedule. Besides this, Golden Retriever is a large dog breed with a larger body frame. So, they are more likely to gain fat in the absence of adequate exercise.

Furthermore, these dogs are at a higher risk of Cushing’s disease that impacts the adrenal glands. Thus, it leads to the overproduction of glucocorticoids.

Similarly, obesity due to canine diabetes is common in these breeds. In addition, early sparing and neutering may result in overeating and immobility in these dogs. Hence, Golden Retriever puppies get fat.

What Is The Ideal Weight Of A Golden Retriever Puppy?

Usually, the ideal weight of a Golden Retriever puppy varies according to height and age. Besides this, the sex of these dogs also influences their weight.

As the male Retrievers have a larger body frame and height, they are a little heavier. However, after the first heat cycle and pregnancy, females are more likely to gain more weight.

Therefore, the ideal weight for a male Golden Retriever puppy is:

Age Weight Range (pounds) Percentage of Adult weight
7 weeks 4-17 12%
8 weeks 5-17 13.5%
9 weeks 8-17 16.5%
10 weeks 10-22 20.5%
11 weeks 12-25 23%
3 months 16-43 30%
4 months 25-44 41%
5 months 27-57 55%
6 months 29-72 60%
7 months 32-77 66%
8 months 49-85 75%
9 months 45-77 83.5%
10 months 50-77 86%
11 months 55-77 93%
1 year 65-77 93%
2 years 65-80 100%

Similarly, the ideal weight for a female Golden Retriever puppy is:

Age Weight Range (pounds) Percentage of Adult weight
7 weeks 5-17 13%
8 weeks 5-17 14%
9 weeks 8-17 17%
10 weeks 10-22 21.5%
11 weeks 12-25 24%
3 months 16-33 31.5%
4 months 22-44 43%
5 months 25-52 57%
6 months 27-61 61.5%
7 months 31-67 64%
8 months 40-70 74%
9 months 44-68 74%
10 months 52-68 86%
11 months 52-80 93%
1 year 55-90 100%
2 years 55-90 100%

Generally, when a Golden Retriever reaches the adolescent stage, it loses some of its fat. So, if your puppy is a little obese, it isn’t a problem.

However, its weight must not exceed a lot. Therefore, try to keep your puppy’s weight in the above range.

Is your puppy male or female? Does your pal’s weight fall in this range?

Is Your Golden Retriever Puppy Getting Fat?

I guess by now, you are clear that a Golden Retriever puppy is susceptible to getting fat. So, you must constantly check your pal so that you can make adjustments in their lifestyle if it is starting to get fat. But do you how to find that your Golden Retriever puppy is getting fat?

If you don’t, here are some things you should do to check whether your puppy is getting fat or not:

Frequently Weigh Your Golden Retriever Puppy

Your Golden Retriever puppy might change drastically in the growing phase. Thus, you should frequently check your pal’s weight to the rate of growth. After you weigh your pal, you can compare its weight with the above range to known whether it is growing properly or getting fat.

Moreover, I suggest weighting your pal at the end of each week. You can change your pal’s diet and exercise routine every week and analyze the result at the end. So, you can find the appropriate diet plan and exercise schedule for your pal doing so.

Look At Your Golden Retriever Puppy From Side

When you look at your Golden Retriever puppy from the side, you should see curves. Further, those curves don’t need to be extreme. But your puppy must have a tucked-up area from ribs and legs.

Usually, a straight rectangular body or a rounded body indicates your puppy is fat. Besides this, your puppy will have a tummy that goes straight from front to back when it is fat.

Observe Your Golden Retriever Puppy From Top

Since a healthy Golden Retriever puppy must have an hourglass figure from the top, you should be able to see your pal’s waist right behind the ribs when viewed from the top.

However, an obese puppy doesn’t have a clearly defined waist or hip and instead has a rectangular shape when observed from the top. Thus, you can find whether your pal is fat or not.

Touch The Ribs Of Your Golden Retriever Puppy

A healthy Golden Retriever puppy has ribs right after the layer of skin. Thus, if you could easily find your pal’s ribs, it isn’t fat. But when you find difficulty in reaching your dog’s ribs, it is a sign that indicates it is getting fat.

Furthermore, you can also find the severity of obesity from touching your pet’s rib. Usually, it takes a little time to find the ribs of an overweight puppy because a single layer of fat covers it. But ribs of obese dogs are more difficult to find because many layers of fat cover them.

However, a little fat isn’t a problem for a puppy Golden Retriever because it will shed that fat as it reaches to adolescent stage. But having said that, you can’t ignore your puppy’s diet.

Is Your Golden Retriever Puppy Fat and Unhealthy?

Like humans, a Golden Retriever puppy also sheds its puppy fat and grows leaner as it reaches to adolescent stage. So, if your pal is on the borderline or a little overweight, it might not be a huge issue. But when your puppy’s weight exceeds more than the criterion, it can lead to various health problems.

And they are:

  • Heart and respiratory disease
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Hip and elbow dysplasia
  • Skin diseases
  • Cancer
  • High blood pressure
  • Orthopedic problems like ligament injuries
  • Decrease in the lifespan of your Golden Retriever by two years

Thus, a fat Golden Retriever puppy is often unhealthy. But when shall you call your puppy fat?

Here is something that can help you:

  • Too Thin: 5% body fat
  • Underweight: 5-15% body fat
  • Ideal body weight: 16-25% body fat
  • Overweight: 25-35% body fat
  • Obese: 35% body fat

Therefore, you must start worrying about your pal getting fat when it is overweight.

Do you know why Golden Retrievers get fat?

What Makes Golden Retriever Puppy Fat?

Generally, the reasons why human gains weight and why dogs gain weight are somewhat similar. Further, despite your continuous effort, if your puppy Golden Retriever is getting fat, it might be due to:

Inadequate Exercise And Training

Golden Retrievers require at least an hour of intense physical exercise for the proper functioning of the body and the development of bones and joints. Thus, when you fail to give enough exercise to your pal, it becomes lazy.

Further, the calorie intake becomes higher than the calories consumed. As a result, your Golden Retriever puppy becomes fat.

Besides this, proper training helps to discipline your pal. But when your dog lacks adequate training, it becomes destructive and aggressive. Along with this, a disobedient pal craves more for food. Hence, it gets fat.


Like humans, obesity is in Golden Retriever’s gene. Usually, these breeds have a smaller gene pool with the disease-causing genes that can make them fat.

Furthermore, food is the obsession of these dogs. Moreover, due to their impeccable smelling ability, they can smell food and comes up to their owner with pleading eyes. Besides this, these dogs are always hungry. Thus, no matter how much you feed them, they will have room to eat more when they see food.

In addition, the broad body frame makes a Golden Retriever look heavier even when they have an ideal weight. Thus, these dogs are more susceptible to getting obese.

Unhealthy Food Choices

Unlike humans, these breeds have a different digestive system. Therefore, they cannot metabolize, digest, and excrete all human foods.

Further, most owners fail to understand the human foods are dangerous for their pal. Thus, they feed the pal leftovers of their food. As a result, Golden Retrievers suffer from health conditions like constipation, bloating, diarrhea, and allergies with obesity.

Besides this, owners fall for the irresistible smile and pleading eyes of their pet. Therefore, they recklessly give their pets unhealthy treats like chocolates, cakes, sodas, grapes, etc. Thus, Golden Retrievers get fat.

Health Condition

Due to the playful nature and body structure of Golden Retrievers, they are susceptible to various health hazards like hypothyroidism, pancreatic cancer, and Cushing’s diseases. Further, as this disease makes your pal immobile and increases the level of glucocorticoids, these dogs become fat and obese.

Side Effect Of Medication

As we know, Golden Retrievers are at higher risk of various diseases owners medicate them to ensure their healthier lifespan. But some of the medications have side effects like allergies, weight gain, coat thinning, and tiredness. As a result, they become fat.

Besides this, obesity is also a side effect of birth control treatment in dogs. And a study also states that spayed or neutered dogs are an early age are 50% more susceptible to being obese. Thus, spaying or neutering your Golden Retriever too early can make it fat.

However, after you know about the causes, are you looking for ideas to avoid obesity in your pal?  Read further to get your answer.

What Should You Do When Your Golden Retriever Puppy Is Getting Fat?

It is common for a Golden Retriever puppy to get fat. Further, during the growing phase, puppies are more likely to exceed little than their ideal weight. However, when your puppy grows heavier and gains weight excessively, it might be a problem.

Thus, to help you manage your Golden Retriever puppy’s weight, here are some ideas:

Keep your Golden Retriever Active

Since Golden Retriever is energetic dogs, they need an adequate amount of intense workout to manage their body weight. Therefore, you should schedule their daily activities in such a way that they can get enough exercise.

Usually, intense physical activities and swimming can burn their excess calories in lesser time. However, some other exercises that you can include in your schedule are:

  • Jogging
  • Long walks
  • Hiking
  • Fetching ball
  • Retrieving
  • Camping

Besides this, training sessions also discipline your pal. After enough training, your pet will follow your every command. Thus, you can control your pal’s behavior and eating habits.

Moreover, here are some of the training to manage your pal’s behavior and make them obedient:

Further, Golden Retriever is an intelligent dog with impeccable smelling ability. Thus, you can utilize those abilities of your pal in service work. So, give your pal assistance training so that it can help to save lives.

Don’t Fall For Your Golden Retriever’s Begging Behavior.

I know it is difficult to say no to your beautiful friend. And, when it starts flexing its contagious smile and pleading eyes, it becomes even harder to resist.

Further, these breeds know how to please their owners. Therefore, your pet starts hugging, pawing, tucking, cuddling, and licking you to get some extra treats. And you might reluctantly fall into your dog’s pleading behavior.

But if you want a healthier and longer lifespan for your Golden Retriever, you must stop it immediately. Instead of giving treats, you can distract your pal by giving it toys to play with or taking it for walks.

Limit The Quantity Of Treats You Give

Since most owners fail to consider treats in the diet, treats are the foods that spoil the health of Golden Retrievers. Besides this, to please their pets and make them train or exercise, owners give them more food as treats.

Even if you give your pal a low-calorie and low-fat treat, a larger quantity of those treats can impact its weight. You are well aware that even a few pounds make a huge difference.

Therefore, it is essential to limit the quantity of food you use as treats for your pal.

Measure And Monitor The Calories Your Give

Generally, a healthy Golden Retriever that weighs around 60 pounds needs about 500-900 calories to maintains its ideal weight. But this data may vary according to the intensity of training and food intake.

Furthermore, to manage your pal’s weight, you must monitor its calorie intake and calorie burn. Since excessive calorie intake than calorie burn can result in obesity, you must balance your pal’s diet and exercise.

Moreover, remember that senior dogs need lesser calories. But pregnant and puppies need more calories. Therefore, manage your pal’s diet according to age and need.

Try Giving Frequent Small Meals

No matter how much you feed your Golden Retriever, it will always be hunger. Thus, it will plead for food every time it sees it. And it is an innate behavior of these breeds that is hard to eliminate.

Thus, instead of giving your pal a single meal filled with nutrition, divide it into smaller portions. Since food can enlighten your pal’s mood, frequent small meals can make them happy throughout the day.

But don’t leave your pet’s bowl with food all day.

Emphasis On Healthy Natural Snacks

Treats are often the food that is great in taste for harmful for your pal’s health. So, to make the treats both healthy and tasty, you must focus on natural snacks. Usually, natural snacks are higher in fibers and low in fat, so it helps to improve your pal’s diet.

Besides this, natural snacks are very filling. Thus, your pal will have a lesser urge to eat after having natural snacks. As a result, your pal will eat less.

Consult With The Vet

Whenever you find your pal acting abnormal, seek the help of the Vet. Since the Vet can diagnose the disease of your pal, he will prescribe effective medicines for treatment.

Besides this, the Vet will also suggest the best diet plan and training methods to manage your pal’s healthy lifestyle. Thus, your Golden Retriever is less likely to get fat.

Further, every owner has their diet plan and food preference for their pal. So, you should try and experiment to know which diet plan and foods are the best for your Golden Retriever.

However, I am disclosing the diet plan and food that worked for my pet. It might or might not be as effective for your pet as mine. But still, I guess it will give you a little idea.

Read this article- How Can You Help Manage The Weight Of Your Golden Retriever? 

How are you managing your pal’s weight?

Do you have something to add to the above ideas?

Daily Diet Plan For Your Golden Retriever Puppy

Like humans, every Golden Retriever has a unique personality. So, the diet plan of every dog differs. Besides this, the place you live, the intensity of exercise, and the type of food also affect the diet plan.

However, the one that was effective for my pet is as follows:

Weight and Age 2 months 3-4 months 5-7 months 8-12 months 12-18 months 18- 24 months
3-10 lbs. 50-100 gms 100-150 gms
10-30 lbs. 75-125 gms 150-200 gms
30-60 lbs. 120-150 gms 200-250 gms 250-300 gms 300-350 gms
60-80 lbs. 150-250 gms 200-300 gms 250-350 gms 350-400 gms
80-100 lbs. 250-350 gms 300-450 gms 350-500 gms 400- 600 gms
100-125 lbs. 300-500 gms 350-650 gms 400- 650 gms 500-700 gms
125-150 lbs. 350- 650 gms 400-750 gms 450-800 gms 500-900 gms
150-175 lbs. 350-750 gms 450-800 gms 500-900 gms 650-1000 gms 800-1150 gms 900-1300 gms

Best Dog Foods To Lose Weight

Although your Golden Retriever is getting fat due to overeating, you cannot stop feeding your pal and let them starve. Can you? So, try swiping the regular food of your pal with weight loss foods.

Undoubtedly, weight loss food is promising and low in calories. Yet still, don’t overfeed your pet. And as I said early every dog has its preference. So, try finding what your pet likes instead of forcing your pet to eat a specific food.

However, some of the best foods for your pal are:

I hope now you can manage your pal’s weight.

Summing up, a Golden Retriever in the house is very special. It keeps your home lively and active. But if you fail to manage your pal’s weight, it becomes destructive and troublesome. Besides this, obesity decreases your pet’s lifespan.

Thus, it is essential to look at your pet’s food habits and exercising patterns to give it a healthy life. As a parent, it is your responsibility to manage your pet’s lifestyle to ensure its happiness and health. Therefore, think carefully before deciding for your pal.

Is your Golden Retriever fat?

Do you think this article will help you manage your pet’s weight?

Do have any suggestion?

Please give your reviews and suggestions in the comments.

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