16 Natural Snacks To Feed Your Healthy Golden Retriever

Natural Snacks To Feed Your Healthy Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever loves eating and is susceptible to easy weight gain. Thus, considering their health, you can find many options and opinions about the snacks you feed your pet. Apart from filling up your Retriever’s belly, natural snacks will provide more nutrition to the food you offer. Do you know what are healthy natural snacks for your Golden Retriever?

You surely want the treats of your Golden to be healthy, don’t you?

Some of the easiest natural snacks to feed the healthy Golden Retriever readily available in your kitchen includes; Apples, Green Peas, Carrots, Green Beans, Cooked Sweet Potatoes, Bananas, Broccoli, Cooked Squash, Strawberries, and Blueberries. 

When it comes to the diet, controlling what and how much your Golden eats are the most important things to do. The food you serve them solely determines their mood and longevity. Thus, it is necessary to fill them with the best natural foods for qualitative and quantitative life.

Let us look at the benefits of natural snacks that you feed your healthy Golden Retriever first.

Why Should You Feed Natural Snacks To Your Golden Retriever?

Apart from the fact that natural snacks may be readily available in the kitchen, they have many health benefits. Thus, it ultimately gives your Retriever qualitative life. Benefits of natural snacks are;

  • Healthy skin
  • Fewer allergies
  • Healthy digestive system
  • Good and functioning heart
  • Proper mobility of bones and joints
  • Healthy and beautiful coat

A simple change in your snacking pattern will benefit your Golden Retriever a lot. Right?

16 Natural Snacks To Feed Your Healthy Golden Retriever

Treating your pet is the most important part, where you could spoil your Golden Retriever with unhealthy foods like chocolates, cookies, etc. This degrades your pet’s health. Thus, the natural foods available in your kitchen can be the best ideas. They are easy to serve and great for your pet’s health. Some of these are;


Like humans, apples are great for dogs. They do not necessarily keep the veterinarian away. Still half an apple during snacks fills your Golden Retriever with nutrients and fibers. Apple contains vitamin A, vitamin C, and dietary fiber. Giving your retriever an apple makes their teeth clean and makes their breath fresh. Just take care that your dog does not eat the seed and core of the apple.

Green Peas

Most dogs love green peas, both fresh and frozen ones. Green peas are the easiest treats for your Golden Retriever. They are rich in vitamins (A, K, and B) and minerals (iron, zinc, potassium, and magnesium). Being high in protein and fiber, it is easier to serve. You can just serve it in his bowl without any preparation like cooking and seasoning.

Green Beans

Similarly, dogs love green beans too. You just have to cook them without seasoning and serve them to your Retriever. Beans are a great source of fiber. These greens are full of vitamins like A, C, K, and B6 for your Golden Retriever. You can also serve them as a supplement of minerals (protein, iron, and calcium). They are surely a full-packed meal.


Carrots are the most common food readily available in your kitchen. They are rich in carotene, potassium, fibers, and vitamins (most commonly vitamin A). Some dogs find it difficult to chew and swallow larger pieces. Just make sure the carrots are of bite-size pieces before serving them as a reward to your Golden Retriever.


Watermelon is tasty, as well as a hydrating food beneficial for your Golden Retriever. Just like humans, most dogs love them. I bet your Golden will also like it.

Though the sugar content may make them a little too much. But since watermelons are rich in fiber and vitamins like B6, A, and C, you can sometimes serve them to your Retriever. Just be sure you remove the seeds before serving them to your pet.

Cooked Sweet Potatoes

Though sweet potatoes sound a little inconvenient. They are easy to store in the refrigerator and simple to toast and serve. They are excellent for your Retriever’s digestion since they are low in fat, rich in vitamins (A, B6, and C), and minerals (calcium, potassium, and iron).  Just remember, cook the sweet potatoes properly without the seasoning.


Bananas contain lots of healthy nutrients such as potassium, vitamin B6, vitamin C, manganese, biotin, and copper. Your Retriever may also love to eat bananas. But since bananas have sugar content, you should not over-serve them. Being a handy snack, you can serve your Retriever with bananas in moderation.


Broccoli is a cruciferous veggie low in fat and filled with fibers and vitamins, it has lots of health benefits. Even though, dogs digest cooked high-fiber food more easily. You can freely serve your pet small pieces of raw, roasted, or steamed broccoli without seasoning them.

Cooked Squash

There are several kinds of squash (butternut squash, yellow squash, zucchini, etc.). They can be a good snack option throughout the year. They are rich in fibers and vitamins with very low-calorie content. Just don’t forget to remove their seeds before feeding them to your Golden Retriever.


Strawberries are high in antioxidants, fibers, and vitamin C. They have a low amount of calories and contain a higher amount of nutrients good for your Golden Retriever’s health. But, being higher in sugar content, you should consider how much and when to serve them to your Retriever.


Just like strawberries, blueberries are low in calories with lots of fibers and vitamins like C and K. Thus, they are a great, healthy, and easy treat to serve your Golden Retriever.


Though tripe is not appealing to humans, Golden Retriever loves them. They contain natural enzymes that help your pal to break the food into smaller components for easy digestion. Apart from the enzymes, tripe also contains different vitamins and minerals beneficial for your pet.

You can ask for some fresh tripe from your local butcher. But since they are rich in fat you should serve them to Retriever in a limited amount.


Eggs have a different texture. Your Retriever will not find it appealing at first.  For this, mix the eggs in your Golden Retriever’s normal dried food to familiarize them with the eggs first. After they are familiar with its taste. You can serve a raw egg straight into your dog’s bowl once or twice a week after that.

Eggs are a rich source of amino acids, fatty acids, and vitamins like A and B12. You can prefer eggs if you want to improve your Retriever skin condition( in case of skin disorders).

Fish skins

Fish skin is higher in fat content and rich in collagen for your dog. They have a remarkable healthy effect on the skin and bone of your Retriever. Thus, you should serve them to your pet more often.

If you are a fish lover. You can de-skin a couple of fillets and put the skins for your Golden before cooking them. However, if you don’t like fish, you can get them from local fishmongers.

Pig ear

Pig ear is natural cut-offs from the butchering process, free from additives and preservatives. Most Golden Retrievers love to eat pig ear, although it is chewy and takes longer to finish. The ear of a pig being chewy is an excellent tool for a jaw workout of your Retriever. Apart from this, it also makes the gums of your pet stronger and helps to clean their teeth.


A little bit of raw steak of either venison or beef can delight your Retriever very much. Though a little pricey, streaks may be a lovely surprise and brilliant reward after the training session. Streaks serve as a very nutritious food for keeping your Golden Retriever’s fur shiny and for making their teeth and skin healthy.

Giving a new treat to your pet sounds exciting. Just make sure that it is in a smaller quantity even if the treats are all-natural. Some human foods are dangerous and do not suit dogs’ natural systems so you must be cautious.

However, you can check articles about toxic items before you feed your Golden with new kinds of stuff.

Lastly, just remember that if your dog is slim and fit, it is healthy and more active. Thus, even if it is natural, you should serve the snacks in a moderate amount.

Ingredients For Good Quality Natural Snacks To Feed Your Golden Retriever

Though the companies claim their food to be of high quality, you must make sure of it yourself. For this, you can check their ingredients. The ingredients that must be in high-quality food are;


It provides nutrients for your pups’ growth, repairs their body tissues, and provides strength and flexibility. Meat is a good quality protein, it produces essential blood components and hormones for your Retriever.

Healthy grains

A small portion of brown rice, whole oats, and barley provide your Golden Retriever enough energy to play and exercise.

Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamins and minerals contain a lot of nutrients beneficial for your Golden Retriever.

Vegetables and Fruits

The vegetables and fruits supply proper nutritive elements for the growth and development of your Golden Retriever. They provide the essential fiber that helps in proper digestion.

Healthy fats

Healthy fats (like; Omega 3 and Omega 6) have numerous benefits;

  • It helps the body absorb and transport certain vitamins
  • Essential for reproduction and pregnancy
  • Provides insulation
  • Maintains skin health
  • Helps in sebum secretion to protect the dog’s waterproof coat

Natural preservatives

The natural preservatives in your Golden Retriever’s food provide them with Vitamin E.


They help in the digestion of food.

However, you can either minimize or increase the quantity of these ingredients according to your Golden Retriever’s health. Like; if your dog is obese, you need to deduct the fats and meat. If he/she has a problem during the bowel, you can increase the fibers and probiotics.

Is There A Need Of Special Natural Snacks To Feed Your Golden Retriever?

According to the Merck Veterinary Manual, adult dogs require a minimum of 18% protein. But the puppies need at least 22% protein in their diet.

Fats are a concentrated source of energy for your pet. The puppies need 8%, and an adult needs only 5% fat in their diet. Excess calories and fats in the diet increase the issues of obesity and bone and joint problems.

Therefore, you should give your Golden Retriever a protein-rich diet with low or moderate calorie and fat content.

Nutritional Requirement Of The Snacks To Feed Your Golden Retriever

The age and weight of the pet have a huge influence on the nutritional requirement. The nutritional requirement of the puppy, an average adult, and senior dog are;

Nutritional Requirements  Puppies Adult Golden Retriever Senior Golden Retriever
Protein Content 25-30% 30% Moderate
Fat Content 12-18% 15-20% Moderate
Omega Fatty Acids Omega 3 and Omega 6 EPA and DHA A little amount of omega 3 and 6
Fiber Content Low Moderate High
Carbohydrate Content Moderate 30-35% Low carbs
Glucosamine And Chondroitin Not required Not much of a requirement Traces of them reduces joint and bones pain

Best Foods For Your Golden Retriever

Since the requirement varies according to their age, the best food varies similarly;

  • Senior Golden Retriever: Fidele Light and Senior Adult Dog Food, Orijen Senior Food
  • Adult Golden Retriever: Royal Canin Adult Golden Retriever, Pedigree Meat and Rice Adult Dog food and Farmina N&D Grain-Free Pumpkin and Blueberry Adult
  • Puppies: Hill Science Diet Puppy Large Breed, Orijen Puppy Large Breed, and Royal Canin Golden Retriever Junior.

What Are Toxic Natural Snacks To Feed Your Golden Retriever?

The adorable personality and expression of your dog may allure you to serve them what they want. But since their biology is not the same as us, take care of what you serve them. Some of the foods that are beneficial for a human may be harmful to Golden Retriever are;

  1. Grapes and raisins: cause the renal failure of your pet.
  2. Onions, garlic, and leeks: cause damage to red blood cells leading to anemia.
  3. Xylitol is a sweetener for chewing gum, toothpaste, and sugar-free candies. It causes a severe drop in blood sugar and liver damage.
  4. Chocolate: causes cardiac dysfunction, ataxia, and tremors.

What To Do Your Pet Consumes Toxins?

If you find your dog secretly enjoying the foods mentioned above. You must call it an emergency and contact your vet immediately. You can even call the Pet Poison Hotline or Emergency clinic for help.

Golden Retrievers are the most joyful dog breeds, but their appetite and nutrition greatly influence their mood. Good awareness about their appetite and nutrition is a must for keeping them healthy and happy. I hope that the information I have given above helps you. Following them will surely provide your Retriever with balanced and wholesome nutrition for a quality life.


What Human Food Can I Feed My Golden Retriever?

A list of human food that can be feed to Golden Retriever are;

Carrot, limited salt, salmon, limited cheese, eggs, peanut butter, most of the veggies, popcorn, almost every fruit, nuts, and meat.

How To Make A Golden Retriever Healthy?

The best way to make a Golden Retriever healthy is routine care, proper diet, and schedule exercise.

What Are The Best Foods To Feed Your Golden Retriever?

Some of the best food to feed your Golden Retriever is;

  • Wellness Complete Health Large Breed Adult.
  • Taste of the Wild Southwest Canyon.
  • Iams ProActive Health Large Breed Dog Food.
  • Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain-Free Chicken.
  • American Journey Large Breed Chicken and Sweet Potato.

What Should I Need To Feed My Golden Retriever?

The foods you should not feed your Golden Retriever are;

  • Sodas, chocolate, and coffee
  • Raw and uncooked meat and eggs
  • Bones
  • Grape and raisins
  • Bread dough
  • Onion, garlic, shallots, and scallions
  • Macadamia nuts

Why Is My Golden Retriever Always Hungry And Eats Fast?

It is completely normal and a part of the canine instinct to be excited over food. In the wild, canines would eat their food fast because it was necessary to hunt.

Is Rice Good For A Golden Retriever?

Brown and white rice are both safe for your Golden Retriever to consume. If your dog isn’t allergic to rice, he can have either of them with no problems. However, some experts believe that you shouldn’t feed rice too often to your dog as it contributes to weight gain.

Should I Feed My Golden Retriever Grain-Free Food?

Golden Retrievers and many dogs should not eat a grain-free diet. A nutritionist researcher has found that grain-free diets high in legumes are an aggravator and cause heart disease.

Can I feed My Dog Rice And Chicken Every Day?

Though feeding your dog with a little portion of chicken and rice every day, does sound good. But, be sure you include other foods that give your dog all the necessary vitamins and minerals. This will help to maintain their health.

Do Golden Retrievers Need Large Breed Food?

You should choose a large-breed dog food formulated for his life stage. This will ensure their basic nutritional needs

Can Golden Retrievers Eat Raw Meat?

Most veterinarians do not recommend offering raw meat to their dogs. However, if done properly, a raw food diet can be much healthier if you are willing to invest the time.


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