How To Keep Your House Clean With A Golden Retriever?

How To Keep House Clean With The Golden Retriever

Owing to their friendly temperament,  Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds. Yet, parenting these dogs is not as easy as it seems. Although these breeds are obedient, they are capable of making messy knowingly and unknowingly. So, as an owner, you will always be looking for ways to keep the house clean with a Golden Retriever. Don’t you?

To keep the house and Golden Retriever clean, you must focus on the diet, training, exercise, caring, grooming, and health of your pet. Besides this, regularly dusting the house can also be helpful.  Along with this, using rugs, carpet cleaner, hair removal, cleanliness supplies, grooming tools, and black paints will also help to keep the house clean when you have a Golden Retriever.

Undoubtedly, I will explain all of these house cleaning ideas in detail further in the article. But before that, do you think Golden Retrievers can be a messy pet?

Are Golden Retrievers Messy?

Since  Golden Retrievers are the best family dog, you may expect that these dogs adopt the qualities of the humans are cleanliness freaks. Yes, some part of this statement holds the truth. But still, parenting a pet can invite a lot of mess in your house.

Firstly,  Golden Retrievers are the perfect companion of the kids and resembles the attribute of children. Thus, these dogs play, run, and roams outdoor all day long. Finally, when these dogs enter the house, it brings dust and dirt with them.

Similarly, the dense coat of Golden Retriever can hide several bacteria and foreign particles. Thus, it can carry infectious agents in the skin coat. Apart from this, lack of training and inadequate nutrition makes your Golden Retriever aggressive and destructive.

Besides this, these breeds are hunting dogs and chews things to explore. And thus, your pet might chew your curtains, bedsheets, clothes, and shoes. Also, these dogs are susceptible to health hazards that can result in excessive hair loss and messy surroundings.

Thus, despite the kind attribute, these dogs can be messy sometimes. So, the Retriever requires a lot of care, love, affection, and grooming for a happier lifespan and to keep the house clean.

Do you know shedding is a severe problem?

How often does your pet shed?

Is Shedding A Problem? How To Manage Shedding In A Golden Retriever?

Generally, Golden Retriever sheds throughout the year. And the hair falls increases in shedding seasons as it gets older. The unwanted hair in the bed, sofa, couch, cars, and carpet is difficult to manage. So, the shedding of the Retriever is a big issue.

Although you cannot mitigate this problem, it is somewhat manageable by using the following tips:

  • Provide a nutritious diet with essential food supplements. Use herbal supplements
  • Regularly brush, bathe and groom your Golden Retriever.
  • Massage your Retriever with coconut oil.
  • Manage enough physical activities.
  • Take the pet for regular health checkups.
  • Always use dog-specific products for your pet.

Does your Golden Retriever shed a lot?

How often do you visit the Vet?

How To Keep House Clean With A Golden Retriever?

Cleanliness of the house and hygiene of Golden Retriever is vital for a healthy environment. And if you want to live a peaceful and healthier life with your lovely pal, you should focus on keeping the house clean.

Thus, here are some suggestions that might help you to keep the house and Golden Retriever clean:

Include Adequate Exercises

For growth and development, Golden Retriever needs an hour of exercising daily. Besides this, exercises use up the excess energy of the pet. So, the pet is less mischievous.

Furthermore, exercises keep the mood and energy of the dog in control. Therefore, it helps to calm your pet.

Apart from this, the time spends during exercise increases your bond with your pet. And this makes your pal more social and obedient.

Clean Up The Dirt And Mud At The Door

Since Golden Retriever has a dense skin coat, these dogs can bring a lot of infections. Apart from this, the paws of the pet can carry dust, dirt, and mud. Therefore, to keep your house clean with a Golden Retriever, you should clean up the dirt and door at the door.

Hence, always keep a rug outside the house to prevent the entry of dust. Besides this, place a washable indoor rug for complete assurance of clean-up. Along with this, you should wash the paws of your pal before it enters the house.

Regular Grooming Golden Retriever To Keep The House Clean

Grooming these breeds enhances the health and lifespan of Golden Retrievers. Further, it also helps to reduce the shedding of your pet’s hair in the shedding seasons. For proper grooming, you should:

  • Brush the skin coat of your pet daily.
  • Clean the ears, eyes, and paws of the pet.
  • Brush the teeth of your Golden Retriever at least thrice a week.
  • Observe the skin coat, eyes, and ears once a week.

Along with this, proper grooming also improves the health condition of your pet. Therefore, if you want to keep your house clean with a Golden Retriever, grooming plays a vital role.

Managing Cleaning Supplies To Keep Your House Clean With A Golden Retriever

Different cleaning supplies can be a lifesaver to get rid of stains and hair. Besides this, instead of blowing them around the house, these supplies trap the dust, dirt, and hair. Thus, these handy devices can be helpful to keep the house and Golden Retriever clean.

Manage at least five minutes to clean the house with these supplies. And you for sure will find the difference.

What type of cleaning supplies do you use for your house?

Clean The Belongings Of Golden Retriever

 If you want to keep the house clean, you should focus on the cleanliness of your pet’s belongings too. For this, you should regularly wash the bedsheet, blankets, collars, leashes, and toys of your pet. Apart from this, ensure that the bowl and dishes of your Golden Retriever are stain-free.

All these things will enhance the health and lifespan of your pet while keeping the house clean.

Regular Dust To Keep The House And Golden Retriever Clean

Besides the mess of food and hair, these dogs can invite a lot of dust into the house. Therefore, regularly dusting is essential to keep the house and Golden Retriever clean. Although dusting can be a tedious job, the use of commercial products like swifter 360 dusters can make your experience a lot funnier.

Furthermore, regular dusting and cleaning the house prevents your pet from several infections, like ears infection, eye diseases, parasite infections, and allergies.

Undoubtedly, daily cleaning is the best idea. But you may not have enough time for that. So, you should dust at least once a week to keep your house clean with a Golden Retriever.

Paint The Surfaces Dark

Although it sounds a little unbelievable, painting the kitchen cabinets dark can be helpful to keep the house clean when you have a Golden Retriever. As the darker color perfectly hides the smears and mud, the house will look a lot cleaner.

Furthermore, if you want, you can even paint the walls in some areas black to keep the house clean. However, this idea only hides the stain. So, I suggest cleaning the house regularly with a cleaner to prevent infections along with this idea.

Schedule The Bathe Of Golden Retriever To Keep The House Clean

Despite the water-repellant and dust-resistant skin coat of Golden Retriever, you should give a bath once a month. Besides this, you should give the pet an unscheduled bath in exceptional conditions.

All these help to ensure a clean and healthy coat for your pet. As a result, you can keep the house clean along with Golden Retriever. However, there are few things you should consider while bathing your pet. And they are:

  • Use a dog-based oatmeal shampoo for your pal.
  • Be gentle while applying shampoo.
  • Since your Retriever has long hair, conditioner is essential.
  • Check the ears, eyes, paws, and teeth of our pet during bathe.
  • Completely dry the skin coat of your pet after bath.

Don’t Panic Or Beat Golden Retriever.

Golden Retriever can be messy sometimes. And even though cleaning those messes can be hectic, you should always have patience. Being harsh to your pet after it makes a mess is not a solution.

Instead, it will break your beautiful bond with your pet. As a consequence, your pal will start showing aggressive and destructive behavior. So, despite reducing the mess, punishing will provoke your pet to be messy.

Hence, you must ignore the mistakes and teach the pet to overcome them. Along with this, rewarding with natural snacks when your pet follows your instruction will encourage the pet to continue its good behavior.

Train Golden Retriever To Keep The House Clean

If you want to keep your house clean with Golden Retriever, training is essential. Proper training makes the pet obedient and discipline. Your pet will reluctantly listen to your commands and follows the orders after enough training sessions.

Besides this, it also manages the behavior of your Golden Retriever that helps to keep the house clean. However, some of the training sessions you can include are:

Take Golden Retriever For Health Checkups

Sometimes your Golden Retriever may create a mess due to health issues. The messy health hazards are:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Inconsistent urination
  • Foul discharge from eyes, ears, and anus
  • Bleeding

Thus, you should consult with the Vet for the diagnosis and treatment of these health issues. So, you can keep your Golden Retriever and the house clean.

How often do you visit the Vet?

Do you think all the above suggestions are helpful?

What Do You Need To Keep The House Clean With A Golden Retriever?

When you have a pet, cleaning a house is a hectic and time-consuming job. Thus, to keep the house clean when you have a Golden Retriever, you can follow the following ideas.:

Indoor And Outdoor Rugs

You for sure have some old rugs in your house. Don’t you? Or you can order some. Keep these rugs in front of each door on both sides.

Since these rugs act as doormats, they will catch the dirt, mud, or water that your pet carries with it after an outdoor exercise. However, you can also keep these rugs under the sofa, dining table, or in the places where your pet lounges. They are helpful to keep the house clean if you have a Golden Retriever.

A Cozy Blanket

The owners are the favorite person of Golden Retrievers. Therefore, these dogs become needy and clingy around its caregiver. And the pet follows you everywhere.

So, tossing a comfortable fabric or clothing at the end of the chair or pet will increase the longevity of the furniture. Besides this, it will also provide a place for you and your pal to relax. However, ensure that the cozy blanket is a cotton fabric because the skin of Golden Retriever is sensitive.

Emergency Cleaner To Keep The House Clean With Golden Retriever

Your Golden Retriever can mess up at any time. Therefore, if you do not want to spoil your house decor, you should prepare an emergency cleaner to clean the stains immediately.

For this, use a squirt bottle and fill it with an equal portion of water and white vinegar. Further, add few drops of dish soap or detergent.

And keep this cleaner near or within your reach. So, you can clean the mess on the floor, walls, and furniture as soon as possible.

Baby Wipes

Some of the places in the house are very hard to reach. And I always wonder how does my dog gets in those places and made the mess. However, cleaning those areas will be most satisfying if you want to keep your house clean with the Golden Retriever.

And wrapping the skewer with baby wipes will clean the nooks and crannies where the mess of your pet settles.

However, I find the hardwood floorboards, kitchen cabinets, and bathroom corners hard to clean. What are the hard-to-reach places in your house?

Shaving Cream

The mess of Golden Retriever is hard to remove, as the stains in the bedsheets, clothes, soap, carpets, etc. Although you are so conscious about preventing the mess, your pet for sure ends up in one. After facing this problem for a long time, I recently came with a solution.

Shaving cream is a magical cleaner that can remove the toughest stain like vomit, pee, or potty of your pet. You just need to spray the shaving foam in the stained areas and wait for few minutes. Then, rinse it with warm water, and the stains will disappear.

Even if the stain does not disappear on the first try, repeat it for few times. And it will do the trick.

Were you aware of this trick? Do share your experience after using it.

Baby Gates For Golden Retriever To Keep The House Clean

Since Golden Retrievers are mischievous dog breeds, they like playing and running outdoor. But leaving your pet unsupervised to roam outside the house may be troublesome. So, you should manage a baby gate for your pet that restricts the pet from leaving the house to ensure its safety.

Since the pet remains inside the house, baby gates keep Golden Retriever safe and maintain a clean environment. If you are a worker, the gates can be helpful for you. But remember that you should never leave the pet for more than six hours.

Latex Gloves

Although lint rollers or brushes are handy, it takes a lot of time to clean the corners of the sofa, chairs, and car using them. Therefore, you can use latex gloves to clean those complex areas.

You can slip a pair of latex gloves in your hand and rub your hands in those hard-to-reach areas to collect sledded hairs of your Golden Retriever from those places.

Cooking Spray

Since Golden Retrievers are a messy eat, these dogs end up staining the food and water bowls all the time. And cleaning the stains of your pet’s food bowl is nearly impossible. If you want to keep the house clean, you should make the dishes of your Golden Retriever spot-free.

Besides this, a dirty bowl can lead to various health issues in your pet like constipation, diarrhea, cancer, bloating, and skin problems. So, to keep the food bowl of your pet clean, you can use a cooking spray. 

Spritz a cooking spray in the food dishes of your pet before you put the meal. And it will do the trick.

Carpet Cleaner

The carpet is one of the most expensive home décors. And its surface area makes the stain or hairs in the carpet hard to manage. Therefore, a good carpet cleaner can to very helpful to keep the house clean when you have a Golden Retriever.

However, you should ensure that the carpet cleaner is safe for your pet before buying.

Air Purifier

As we know, Golden Retrievers are susceptible to several health issues like heart diseases, hip dysplasia, cancer, thyroid disorders, etc. Thus, these dog breeds are hypoallergic. Therefore, using an air purifier to clean the air after vacuuming the house will eliminate dust, dust, and air-borne diseases.

As a result, you can both keep the house clean and protect your Golden Retriever using an air purifier.

Remove The Hair Of Golden Retriever To Keep The House Clean

Shedding is the most common problem of Golden Retriever. And these dogs shed throughout the air. Since we cannot eliminate the shedding, you can manage the unwanted hair by using hair removal.

Swiffer Sweeper

A Swiffer sweeper can reach the hard-to-reach areas of the house, like spots under the tables and couch. Although you may find it hard to believe, you will get a lot of dirt, dust, or hairs from those areas. So, the sweeper will quickly trap the lightweight mess and cleans the house.


Vacuums are one of the handiest and versatile houses cleaning tools if you have a pet. As this tool sucks or blows away the hair, dust, or dirt from hard-to-reach areas, it helps to keep the house clean with a Golden Retriever. I suggest you vacuum the house at least once a week.


Since you can find the fur chair of your Golden Retriever anywhere, the duster can be a good tool. The dusters are handy tools and can clean the stairs, railings, or tables with ease. So, these tools can keep the house clean and eliminate the mess of your pet.

Furniture Roller

If you have a job, you cannot give enough time to cleaning the house. Therefore, you can use a furniture roller for easy and faster clean-up.

Apart from this, if you want to make a good impression in front of unexpected guests, grab the furniture roller and pull it over your furniture. The roller will remove all the hairs, dust, or dirt. Hence, it will keep the house clean and clears the mess of your Golden Retriever.

Grooming Tools

Grooming like professionals needs a lot of practice and patient. Yet, the use of the following tools can improve the grooming experience of your pet with you.

Grooming Gloves

The grooming gloves help to make the bathing experience convenient. Since these gloves relax your pet, the pet enjoys it. As a result, the Golden Retriever makes a lesser mess while bathing or grooming.

Blow Dryer

Since Golden Retriever has dense fur, incomplete drying may store a lot of infectious agents in it. Therefore, a dog-specific blow dryer is essential. However, you should ensure that the dryer does not make sounds and operates at low heat when you buy it.


Golden Retriever loves cuddling, watching movies, hiking, driving, long walks, or relaxing. Therefore, the car, chair, bedsheets, or sofa ends up with a lot of unwanted hair. So, a rubber magnet brush is a handy and versatile tool to remove your pet’s unwanted hair from the car, couch, chair, and sofa.


Sometimes the pet’s hair in certain areas grows longer and blocks the eyes, ears, and paws. Thus, your Golden Retriever feels difficult to continuing its daily activities. Therefore, proper scissors are necessary for grooming.

Trimming the unwanted hair helps to maintain the hygiene of a Golden Retriever. And as it avoids unwanted hair fall in the hard-to-reach area, it keeps the house clean.

Comb For Removing Tangles And Knots

Since Golden Retriever has a dense skin coat, the hair in the pet is prone to tangling and matting. Hence a comb with wide bristles will be the best option to detangle these knots. Since detangling avoids hair shedding of your Golden Retriever in unwanted areas, it can keep the house clean.

Since professionals are experts, you should take your pet for professional grooming once every two months for best results.

Do you have all these tools in your house? Which one do you use the most?

What Are The Quick Tips To Keep The House Clean With A Golden Retriever?

  1. Use an automatic vacuum to clean the hair, dirt, and other debris that enters the house with your pet. Since you need frequent vacuuming to keep the house and Golden Retriever clean, an automatic vacuum can be the best option.
  2. Regularly use flea prevention measures to eliminate the infestation and mess caused by the flea.
  3. Use a lint roller to tackle with the lampshades, throw pillows, and overstuffed furniture. The lint rollers are handy and can be helpful for cleaning.
  4. Frequently trim the nails of your Golden Retriever.
  5. Since your pet can cause mess anytime, always keep a stain remover standby.
  6. Clean the paws of your pal before it enters the house after playing.
  7. Use spare sheets to cover the furniture and prevent the potential staining and hairs of your Golden Retriever after you clean the house.
  8. Place a rimmed tray under the food bowl of your pal to prevent the mess that may occur after the meal.
  9. Regularly clean the paws of your pet. For this, you can keep the dip the legs of your pet in the water and softly brush the pads.
  10. Golden Retriever is messy in nature. So, buy durable and sturdy décor for your house.

Parenting a pet is all about responsibilities. And after you bring a Golden Retriever home, it becomes your duty to feed, groom, care and nurture the pet. Thus, if you want several good memories with your pet, you should focus on a healthy lifestyle.

Your little effort can make a big difference. Therefore, be cautious while you make decisions for your Golden Retriever.

However, I hope you find this article informative and enjoy the above tips.

If you have suggestions, please share them in the comments,



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