Why Is My Golden Retriever So Needy?[11 Reasons]

Why Is My Golden Retriever So Needy[11 Reasons]

Undoubtedly, the loving and kind temperament makes the Golden Retrievers are the perfect family friend.  But these dogs become too clingy sometimes and may disturb you a lot. But do you know why your Golden Retriever is so needy?

Although the needy habit of the Golden Retriever is its nature, some reasons make the pet too clingy. History of tormenting incidents, mistreat or abuse, separation from mother, fear, pain, anxiety, illness or diseases, negative reinforcement induces needy behavior of your pet. Along with this, lack of nutrition, exercise, and adequate love or attention also makes the Golden Retriever needy.

Generally, the owners find the clingy behavior of the Golden Retriever innocent and cute. And the caregiver feels that their pet loves them if the dogs are needy. However, this does not hold the complete truth.

Even though the Golden Retriever is clingy with its favorite person, there are several other reasons for its needy behavior. And to know them in brief, you should read this article further.

Moreover, do you know that the needy behavior of your Golden Retriever might be due to some health conditions?

Are you familiar with the Velcro dog syndrome?

What Is A Velcro Dog Syndrome?

The Velcro dog syndrome is a health condition where the Golden Retrievers always want their owners to be beside them. Further, the dogs suffering from this condition follow the owners everywhere and always tries to gain attention.

Generally, the origination of some dog breeds like the Golden Retriever was to help the owners (hinting and retrieving prey). And works alongside owners are more likely to suffer from Velcro dog syndrome.

But do you know how to differentiate Velcro dog syndrome and the anxiety of your pet?

Is Velcro Dog Syndrome And Separation Anxiety In The Golden Retriever Same?

Although the symptoms of Velcro dog syndrome resemble separation anxiety, these two conditions are different from each other. And the main difference between them is as follows:

Velcro Dog Syndrome Separation Anxiety
The Golden Retriever follows you everywhere. The Golden Retriever starts barking or growling when you are away.
It keeps an eye on you all the time. It starts escaping and becomes restless.
Suddenly change its behavior when you walk away from the pet. Shows aggressive behavior only when you are away.
Your pet always needs and craves your attention. It shows excessive panting, drooling, urination, and defecation in your absence.
It stops its favorite activity when it sees you. The pet becomes anxious when you put on your jacket. And it starts chewing and biting the things around the pet.

I hope now you can differentiate between the two conditions.

What do you think is the reason in the case of your Golden Retriever?

What do you think needy behavior can be harmful sometimes?

Is Neediness Of My Golden Retriever Good Or Bad?

Since the Golden Retrievers love attention, they are needy by nature. Moreover, sometimes the neediness and possessiveness of your pet make it difficult for you to perform your daily activities. And above all, you cannot take your Golden Retriever everywhere you go.

Thus, too much attachment of your Golden Retriever with you is a problem. But how can you know that your pet attachment can lead to trouble? Here are some signs that your Golden Retriever may show when it is possessive over you:

  • Follows you everywhere
  • Sits beside you
  • Obeys all your commands
  • Searches you when you are missing
  • Barks or cries when you are absent
  • Shows restless behavior if it cannot find you
  • Bits or barks when someone approaches you
  • Starts being aggressive in your absence
  • Avoids interaction with other family members

If your pet shows these signs, your pet needs some training and therapy from an animal behaviorist. Thus, consult with the professional for suggestions as soon as you see these signs in your pal.

Why Is My Golden Retriever So Needy?[11 Reasons]

The Golden Retriever is a playful and energetic dog breed. But due to the needy behavior, the pet stops enjoy and always clings around the owner. Don’t you want to know the reasons behind such behavior of your pet?

Here are some of the reasons why your Golden Retriever is needy:

It Is Natural For Golden Retriever To Be Needy

Golden Retriever is a family dog and a perfect playing mate for your children. Thus, it always seeks attention and care. So, it is natural that they love and adore their owners.

Furthermore, the owners feed, exercise, train, and cuddle with their pets. Hence, the Golden Retriever has an unbreakable bonding with their caregiver. As a consequence, the Golden Retriever shows needy behavior with the owner.

Mistreat And Abuse When It Was Puppy

If your Golden Retriever comes from an unhealthy or abusive breeding environment, your pet is very vulnerable. Also, it loses trust from people and suscepts everything as a threat.

But since you give food, the pet will know that you will protect it. Therefore, the Golden Retriever becomes needy and sticks with you for protection and safety.

Due To Illness And Diseases

The Golden Retrievers are susceptible to various health issues. Like:

As a consequence of the disease, the pet experience immense and unbearable pain, the Golden Retriever stays close to you. And Golden Retriever shows needy behavior to indicate that it has health issues.

Golden Retriever Is Needy Due To Anxiety

Since the owners are the favorite person of the Golden Retrievers, they always want to stay close to their caregiver. However, the owners may have several other duties to do. So, when the dogs alone for a long time (i.e., more than 6 hours), they become anxious and scared.

Thus, the Golden Retriever shows needy behavior when you arrive home. Furthermore, separation anxiety is dreadful. And the pet will show aggressive behaviors like chewing, biting, grunting, and growling due to fear or anxiety. Besides this, if their separation anxiety is severe or fatal, the Golden Retriever may harm itself or others.

Therefore, consult with the Vet about this issue immediately after your pet starts showing them.

Golden Retriever Is Needy Because It Wants Attention

If your Golden Retriever loves you, it always wants your attention and care. And the pet does everything possible to gain your attention. Furthermore, sometimes you may be too busy in the works, you fail to give attention to your pet.

Thus, the Golden Retrievers circle, sit in your lap, licks or hugs you, and starts barking to gain your attention.

Improper Nutrition

The amount of nutrition that the Golden Retrievers need in their diet varies according to the age and intensity of the exercise they perform. Generally, the younger puppy and the dog that performs intense physical activities need more food and energy to function smoothly.

However, the owner sometimes fails to understand the increasing demand for the pet. Thus, they feed the Golden Retriever with unhealthy human foods like mushrooms, raw meat, sodas, coffee, or tea. As a result, the pet suffers from constipation, bloating, diarrhea, and gastrointestinal infections.

And since you are the only closet person to your pet, your Golden Retriever shows needy behavior.

Separation From Mother

The Golden Retriever puppy recently separated from its mother needs more affection, love, and care. Since the puppy suddenly lost the protection of the mother, it becomes clingy.

Hence the Golden Retriever puppy always stays with you and shows needy behavior for security and protection.

Lack Of Exercise

The Golden Retriever needs at least half an hour of exercise twice a day for a healthy lifespan. But if they lack enough activities, the dogs become moody and destructive. Besides this, inadequate physical activity also results in obesity and diabetes.

Furthermore, these dog breeds are very energetic. Therefore, due to excess energy, fluctuation of mood and restlessness occurs in the Golden Retrievers. Thus, the Golden Retriever becomes needy.

Due To Boredom

The Golden Retriever is a playful dog breed. However, if you fail to manage the routine activities of your pet, the Golden Retrievers may feel bored.

And due to boredom, the Golden Retriever starts showing aggressive activity. In addition, the pet also starts pleasing and gives signs that indicate the dog wants to play with you. Furthermore, the needy and clingy behavior of the Golden Retriever is also one of the signs of its boredom.

You Encouraged The Needy Behavior

Yes, the needy behavior of the Golden Retriever seems cute and appealing. But rewarding this behavior with treats and natural snacks encourages the pet to show this habit frequently. And in the long term, this behavior can be a threat.

Therefore, you should not give extra focus to this behavior. And the best thing you can do when your pet starts showing this behavior is to walk away and ignore your pal.

History Of Accidents Or Attacks

The pet that survived tormented incidents like accidents and animal attacks is very vulnerable and fragile. Besides this, the pet will be emotionally unstable. So, if your Golden Retriever also has a history of such incidents, it needs extra care and concern.

Furthermore, your pal is afraid and insecure about everything around them. Thus, the pet wants to stay close to you to feel safe and secured. Hence, your Golden Retrievers are needier after such incidents.

Is your Golden Retriever needy?

What might be the reason for its clingy behavior?

Do you know how to control this behavior?

What To Do When My Golden Retriever Is Needy?

In the beginning, you may find the needy behavior of your pet heart-melting and cute. But after sometimes when the neediness increases to the point where it starts affecting your work, you will see this as trouble. So, you probably want to manage this problem. Don’t you?

Hence, here are some ways to manage the needy behavior of your Golden Retriever:

Give Attention

Although the Golden Retriever cannot say, it loves you a lot. Yet, if you have doubt, you can read the article- 16 Ways To Know Your Golden Retriever Loves You for assurance. Thus, the pet feels safe and secure when you give enough love and care to your pet. In addition, when the Golden Retriever gets sufficient affection, it does not show needy behavior to gain your love.

Hence, take out some time to love, care and play with your Golden Retriever.

Stimulate The Mind

When the Golden Retriever feels bored, it becomes needy because it has nothing to do. So, you should make a routine and include several daily activities in it. Thus, you can engage your pet in different activities throughout the day.

As a result, the pet will not have the time to miss you. For this, you can keep soft toys, puzzles, and food in the crate of your pet. Besides this, asking for help from family or friends to supervise your pet in your absence also eliminates the needy habit of Golden Retriever.

Increase Exercise

The Golden Retriever needs at least an hour of exercise to promote its mental and physical development. Therefore, exercising is vital for the healthy lifespan of the Golden Retriever. Besides this, adequate physical activities use all the excess energy of your pet.

Thus, the Golden Retriever will feel tired and lose interest in following you. So, the Golden Retriever stops being needy.


Since Golden Retriever is an intelligent breed, it recognizes some activities or movements and associates them as you leaving the pet. Some of these movements are:

  • Putting jacket
  • Grabbing keys
  • Putting on shoes
  • Noise of car

Thus, you should normalize such activities. Start watching the TV after putting on the jacket and grabbing your keys. Eventually, your pet stops getting anxious over these activities. And the Golden Retriever stops being clingy.

Provide Nutritional Food

Food is the best way to manage the health of your pet. And if your Golden Retriever is healthy, it is less likely to be needy. Therefore, you should provide a balanced diet to your pet will all the essential nutrition and prescribed food supplements.

Furthermore, unhealthy treats might also spoil the health of the pet. So, feed your Golden Retriever natural snacks as treats.

Avoid Negative Reinforcement

Negative reinforcement encourages the pet to be needy when you leave it at home. Thus, if your Golden Retriever shows needy behavior (like barking, grunting, crying, biting, etc.), you should ignore your pal. And try to stay away from your pet until it calms down.

Thus, your Golden Retriever will realize that needy behavior is a bad attribute and stops being clingy.

Proper Training

Training a Golden Retriever is the best way to discipline your pal. And if your train your pal, you can control the behavior of your pet. Since the trained Golden Retriever follows all your commands, you can stop the pet from being needy.

Furthermore, other training sessions like potty training maintain the hygiene of your pet. Similarly, bite inhibition, training to calm the pet, and barking control training manage the behavior. And most importantly, through diabetic assistance training, the Golden Retriever can save lives.

Seek Help From The Vet

The Vet is professionals with a lot of experience. So, the Vet can diagnose the illness of your pet. And suggests treatment for the disease to promote a healthier lifespan of your Golden Retriever.

Besides this, the Vet gives suggestions for the diet plan and training methods. So, it can help to control the behavior of your pet.

As a result, you can know the best way to manage the needy behavior of your Golden Retriever using the suggestions of the Vet.

How often do you visit the Vet?

What suggestions do the Vet give you?

Do you follow all of the advice?

Furthermore., do you know the training methods for controlling needy Golden Retriever?

How To Train My Golden Retriever To Stop Being Needy?

You can manage the needy behavior of your Golden Retriever by training the pet properly. Furthermore, without adequate training, behavioral management is hard to achieve. If you train your Golden Retriever, you can control its needy behavior more quickly and conveniently.

Therefore, the two training methods to control the needy behavior of your pet are:

Neutralizing Training To Stop The Golden Retriever From Being Needy

Neutralizing training is the method of normalizing daily activities. So, the Golden Retriever understands that the leaving routine is a part of regular activities. And you will return after your work.

Here are the steps of this training sessions:

  1. Act normally and stimulate the leaving routine by putting on the jacket and grabbing the keys.
  2. Play with your Golden Retriever wearing the jacket and jangle the keys.
  3. Give your Golden Retriever natural snacks as treats before leaving to work.
  4. Repeat these steps every day for weeks until you notice the change in the attitude of your Golden Retriever when you walk out.

Reinforcement Training To Stop The Golden Retriever From Being Needy

Reinforcement training is the training method where the pet learns to adapt to your leaving schedule. For this, you need to give positive reinforcement and assurance to the Golden Retriever that you will return soon. And the steps of the reinforcement training are:

  1. Put on your jacket, grab the keys and perform your leaving routine. But before that, play with your pet. Also, make sure you give treats to your Golden Retriever when you leave for work.
  2. Don’t go far and wait. If your Golden Retriever starts barking or growling, wait patiently until the pet calms down. Then return to the house and put down your keys and take off your jacket.
  3. Then, give appraisal to your pet through treats and start playing.
  4. Repeat the process and extend the time of absence with each.
  5. Do not respond and ignore the eye contact your Golden Retriever barks, whine, or howls when you are leaving.
  6. Use commands and treats to stop your Golden Retriever from barking. You can also use barking control training to control your pet.

Now, I am sure that you know the reasons for the needy behavior of your Golden Retriever and the ways to manage it.

However, here are some questions that may strike your mind while reading this article.

Why Does Your Golden Retriever Become Needy Suddenly?

I guess you are now clear that several factors make your Golden Retriever needy. But if your Golden Retriever is showing needy behavior suddenly, then it might be due to the following reasons:

  • Injury
  • Loss of family member
  • Change in the environment
  • Illness

If your pet suddenly becomes clingy, it is sure that there is something wrong. So, you should consult with the professionals about this issue as soon as possible.

Why Is Your Golden Retriever Needy At Night?

Is your pet clingy or needy at night? If it is, then your pet might be suffering from:

  • Anxiety
  • Canine dementia
  • Extreme pain

Since these are fatal issues, you need the help of the Vet to manage them. And, if your pet is suffering from this issue, keep the crate of your pet close to you. And frequently see your pal at night.

When you decide to bring a Golden Retriever home, you should be ready to bear all its responsibilities. Parenting the pet is much harder than it seems. However, through professional guidance, it can be somewhat easier.

But still, there is no room for negligence when you care for your Golden Retriever. Your little ignorance can be fatal to your pal. Therefore, cautiously make your decision because life relies on you.

What are your views about this article?

Do you have suggestions? Please do not forget to write them in the comment box.

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