Why Are Golden Retrievers So Expensive?

Why Are Golden Retrievers So Expensive_

Owing to the popularity of the Golden Retrievers in the USA, they have a reputation worldwide. Along with this, these dogs prefer a sophisticated lifestyle. Thus, the Golden Retrievers are undoubtedly expensive.

But why are Golden Retrievers so expensive? The Golden Retriever has immense popularity worldwide and needs registration that doubles the price of the pet. The training, transportation, grooming, and feeding expense of the Golden Retriever is also a lot. 

Furthermore, the breed type and location of the breeder also influence the pricing of the Golden Retriever.

If you want to know more about the cost and expense of the Golden Retriever, I am going to disclose it further in the article. I hope you enjoy reading.

Buying Golden Retriever From USA

The price of a Golden Retriever puppy in the USA is $5OO to $1000. And the price of the older pet is $1000 to $4000. Besides this, the cost may also differ according to the type of breed you buy.

Generally, the pure breeds are lesser prone to health issues and costs more comparatively. Apart from this, the location and breeders you choose also influence the cost of your pet. Furthermore, the AKC-registered Golden Retrievers are healthier and more expensive than others.

What Is The Price Of The Golden Retriever?

If you are thinking of buying a Golden Retriever, do you know its price? Although various factors affect the pricing of the pet. Yet, the average cost is as follows:

Cost Of Buying Golden Retriever

The cost of buying a Golden Retriever may vary from $500 to $2000. When you buy the pet from the puppy mill, the price is comparatively low. But since the legit breeders have authorized AKC documentation, the Golden Retrievers from breeders are expensive.

Cost Of Adopting Golden Retriever?

If you want a Golden Retriever at a lower price, adaptation is the best choice. In general, adopting the Golden Retriever costs only five hundred dollars. And, it is much lower than the buying cost.

However, you need to pay additional charges depending on the shelter homes and adoption procedures. Yet, the adoption of the Golden Retriever is far less expensive than buying.

Monthly Cost Of The Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers enjoy eating their meal. Further, diet plays a vital role in the active and happier lifespan of your Golden Retriever. Therefore, you need to provide your pet all the essential nutrients and nutritional supplements in the diet of your Golden Retriever.

Besides this, natural snacks as treats also promote the health of your pet. Thus, the cost of food that a young Golden Retriever eats monthly is around $30 to $40. However, since the puppy needs more food than older dogs, the cost of feeding is more for younger dogs.

Annual Expense Of The Golden Retriever

The Golden Retrievers need vaccination and health checkups yearly. Besides this, the pet also requires grooming from the professional groomer once every two months. All these with the annual food cost come in the yearly expense of the dog.

So, the total annual expense includes $50 -$100 Vet bill, $100 groomer bill, $30 vaccination, and $350 food bills. In addition, the health costs of the dog increase with age. Therefore, the annual expense of an older Golden Retriever is more than a puppy.

 Do you think you can manage the expense of the pet?

Do you think Golden Retriever is expensive?

Why Are Golden Retrievers So Expensive?

The irresistible body features and appealing attributes are responsible for the undeniable popularity of the Golden Retriever. Similarly, many factors lead to the high pricing of these pets.

And here are some of the reasons why Golden Retrievers are expensive:

Bloodline Makes Golden Retrievers Expensive

A decent breeder looks for the family history, disease history, and temperaments of the parents. Furthermore, the breeders ensure that the parents have a pure bloodline without any hereditary disorders.

Along with this, the breeders also import qualitative breeds for breeding healthier Golden Retrievers with good attributes. All these directly or indirectly influence the cost and make the Golden Retrievers expensive.

Golden Retrievers Expensive Due To Health Care Cost

Due to the lifestyle and habits of Golden Retrievers, they are susceptible to various health issues like:

Therefore, the dogs need health testing before buying. And the examinations include:

  • Cardiac test
  • Hip and elbow examination
  • Ophthalmological evaluation

Since all these increases the Vet bills, buying a Golden Retriever becomes expensive.

Champion Pedigree Makes Golden Retrievers Expensive

The Champion pedigree explains to you the health condition of the pet you are buying. Also, it gives you detailed information about the training that pets received like –potty training, behavioral training, diabetes assistance training, and blood pressure assistance training.

Therefore, the Golden Retriever with champion pedigree is more expensive and costs around two thousand dollars more. In addition, the pet with assistance training has a high price comparing to the one with behavioral training because service training requires more time and effort.

Golden Retriever Is Expensive Because Of Location

The dog breeders prefer to live in rural areas to ensure the safety and health of the Golden Retriever. And since breeding a pet is convenient in a peaceful environment, decent breeders opt for the place away from the noise and pollution of the cities and crowd.

Furthermore, buying a pet from such places includes airfare and other associated pricing. As a result, it increases the cost of the pet. So, the Golden Retrievers are expensive.

Golden Retrievers Are Due To Its Reputation

The Golden Retrievers are a famous dog breed that is popular throughout the world. According to a study of 2019, 26% of houses in the UK, 39% in Australia, and 49% of the USA are dog owners. And Golden Retrievers were the third most popular.

Besides this, these dogs are a sophisticated family breed and are the perfect companion for kids. Thus, the demand for these dogs is also increasing excessively. As a result, the Golden Retrievers are highly expensive.

Breed Type Makes Golden Retriever Expensive

The Golden Retrievers are dogs with pure bloodline. Thus, the AKC (American Kennel Club) recognizes them as the champion dog breeds. After the recognition of the AKC, the cost of the pet increases exponentially.

So, you need to pay an additional charge to get the pure-bred. Therefore, the Golden Retrievers are expensive.

Initial Setup Expenses For Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers require a lot of care and affection. After you bring them home, you need to manage various things to ensure the qualitative and healthy lifespan of your Golden Retriever. For this, you need to set up several accessories and equipment like:

  • Crate
  • Gate and dog pads
  • Dog bed
  • Dog bath
  • Water fountain
  • Feeding bowls
  • Dog-specific hairdryer
  • Oat-meal shampoo

Since all these accessories are highly pricy, the Golden Retrievers also become expensive.

Golden Retrievers Need Initial Vaccinations

When you buy a Golden Retriever, the dog needs vaccination for the safety of the dog and family member. Thus, take your pet to the Vet for administering the vaccine that costs twenty dollars. Besides this, the pet needs additional health checkups along with vaccination.

And visiting the Vet also includes the charge of dewclaws removal. Furthermore, the pet needs two shots, one at 10-12 weeks and another at 14-16 weeks. Thus, the Golden Retrievers becomes very expensive.

Golden Retrievers Require Grooming

If you want to ensure the healthy lifespan of your Golden Retriever, you need to groom them properly. Thus, to ensure qualitative grooming, you need to visit a professional groomer. Furthermore, grooming the pet after buying is essential.

Therefore, grooming expense also adds up to the cost that makes the Golden Retrievers very expensive. Besides this, you need grooming equipment for your pet. And thus, the cost of buying the dog increases.

Certification Makes The Golden Retrievers Expensive

If you buy a pet from authorized breeders, they will give you all the certificates, clearances, and warranties. And this ensures that the pet you are going to buy does not have health issues.

The certification includes regular health checkups, training, and examinations, the price of the dog increases. Thus, the Golden Retriever is twice more expensive as a pet house.

Do you accept that the high cost of the Golden Retriever is valid?

Do you want to buy a Golden Retriever?

Where Can You Buy The Golden Retriever?

Are you browsing the places where you can buy the Golden Retriever? Generally, there are different places where you can get a Golden Retriever like:

  • Professional breeder
  • Backyard breeder
  • Adopting from the rescue center
  • Buying from a puppy mill
  • Taking the dog from another family

Which one of the places do you prefer?

However, if you ask, I prefer buying the dog from professional breeders. The pets from decent breeding homes have the best temperament and good health.

Which place do you think has the most problems?

What Are The Problems Of Buying A Golden Retriever From Puppy Mills?

Puppy mills are the smaller and darker places where the breeding of puppies occurs quickly in poor conditions. Furthermore, according to the ASPCA, the breeders only look at the monetary value regardless of the pet’s health in the puppy mill keeps puppies in a cruel condition to satisfy the puppy pipeline and keep the puppy industry in business.

Thus, the puppies in the puppy mill suffer from various problems. Hence, they are:

Therefore, you should never buy a puppy from the puppy mill though the price is much low. So, what should you look at while you buy a pet?

What To Look While Buying The Golden Retriever?

As the Golden Retrievers are so expensive, you should be conscious will buying the pet. I do not think you want to waste your money on an inappropriate dog. Do you?

Therefore, here are some things you should look at before buying a pet from the breeder:

  • Do background research about the breeders. And search for photos and videos of dogs they breed.
  • Go through all the paperwork and registration files. Also, make sure that the documentation is valid and authorized by reputable organizations (AKC).
  • When you visit the breeding homes, look for the parents of the pup you are buying.
  • Ensure that the breeders are kind and friendly. Also, observe the relationship between the pet and the breeder.
  • Before taking the lability of the Golden Retriever, ensure that the breeder holds the responsibility of any genetic health issues in the future.

Do you think you can take the responsibility of raising a Golden Retriever?

I hope you do not find the Golden Retriever overrated. The pricing of the pet may be a little high. But when you look at the Golden Retriever, you will know that it is worth the price.

The dense golden skin coat of the Golden Retriever with the perfect size and friendly temperament makes it desirable and appealing whatever be is price. Besides this, the pets are the perfect companions and the best secret keeper. You will never have a question about the loyalty of these breeds.

Therefore, if you want a cuddling buddy to play and accompany you, the Golden Retrievers are the best choice.

Please share your suggestions about this article in the comments.

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