10 Reasons Why Golden Retriever Pant So Much?

Why Does Your Golden Retriever Pant So Much_

Being a family dog, the Golden Retriever becomes a vital part of the family after entering your house. Therefore, even a slight change in the behavior of your pal may disturb you. However, the body language of the dog varies from humans. So, sometimes your Golden Retriever may pant a lot.

Like sweating in humans, panting is natural for dogs. Moreover, various reasons cause your Golden Retriever to pant. And they are pain, heatstroke, allergies, medication, fear, and excitement. Besides this, excessive heat and exercise also make your pet pant. 

Does your Golden Retriever pant? 

If it does, then what do you do to stop your pet from panting?

Further, I will discuss the causes of panting in your pet in detail. But first, let me clear your doubts about the panting behavior.

Panting Habit Of The Golden Retriever

The double-coated fur of the Golden Retriever makes it very sensitive to heat. Thus, this breed cannot resist a hotter climate. So, the Golden Retriever pants just like sweating in humans.

Moreover, panting is a process of cooling in the Golden Retriever through rapid respiration. Since the mouth with the protruding tongue of the Golden Retriever remains open, it takes more oxygen from the surrounding. Further, the oxygen settles in the bloodstream lowering the body temperature of the Golden Retriever.

Is Panting Of The Golden Retriever Normal?

Since the Golden Retriever has a double-layered skin coat, the pet may pant regularly. Moreover, the dog is more likely to start panting in the following situations:

  • During summer
  • After exercise or training
  • In excitement
  • Panting without other signs.

And it is natural. So, do not worry when pet pants in the above condition. However, if other abnormal signs associate with the panting behavior of your pet, you should be cautious. I prefer you to visit the Vet as soon as you notice such symptoms.

Do You Need To Worry When Your Golden Retriever Pant A lot?

Owing to the body structure panting is natural for the Golden Retriever. However, if your pet shows the following signs with panting, it may indicate fatal health issues.:

  • Panting with loud sound
  • Lethargy
  • Loss of interest in playing
  • Drooling and white tongue
  • Lose of hair in skin coat
  • Excessive even in winter
  • Frequent thirst and urination
  • Rapid or harsh breathing

Does your pet show these signs?

All these signs indicate that your pet has fatal health issues like obesity, diabetesconstipationear infection, cancer, thyroid disorders, etc. Thus, if you neglect these signs, it may degrade the healthy lifespan of your Golden Retriever. Therefore, when you see these signs consult with professionals immediately.

How often do you visit the Vet?

10 Reasons Why Your Golden Retrievers Pant So Much?

Like most dogs, the Golden Retriever will pant to balance its body temperature. But the panting is excessive in the Golden Retrievers due to its thick furry hair coat. Thus, the panting habit of Golden Retriever is not a problem.

Besides this, there are several reasons why your Golden Retriever is panting a lot. And a brief description of all the causes are as follows:

The Golden Retriever Will Pant A lot When It Is Hot

The Golden Retriever cannot sweat to cool its body during summer. Thus, to cool its body temperature, the Golden Retriever may pant.

Besides this, this dog breed has a thick skin coat. So, it prefers only a moderate climate. Furthermore, a slight increase in temperature may make your pet hot.

Therefore, to balance the body temperature of your pet, your Golden Retriever starts panting.

Golden Retriever May Pant Due To Illness

The Golden Retrievers are susceptible to various health hazards. And if your pet is suffering from such health issues, it experiences immense pain. Thus, your pal Retriever may pant to indicate its illness.

Moreover, your pet may also show some other signs that suggest its health issues. And they are:

  • Vomiting
  • Limping
  • Fatigue
  • Aggression
  • Weight loss
  • Rapid or slow breathing

Golden Retriever May Pant When It Is Afraid

Like humans, the body temperature of the Golden Retriever increases in stress and anxiety. Besides this, the heartbeat and pulse rate also rise in a vulnerable situation. And since the panting stabilizes the homeostasis of the pet, your pal will calm down.

Thus, to cool and calm down, the dog starts panting.

Panting Is Natural For Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is a large dog breed with a thick skin coat. Thus, panting is natural. And the Vet also suggests you not worry if your pet suddenly starts to pant.

However, excessive panting is for sure a problem. And if the Golden Retriever also shows other signs, then it may be an indication of fatal health issues. Therefore, you should seek suggestions from the Vet immediately to eliminate the health hazard.

Golden Retriever May Pant Due To Excitement

The Golden Retriever is a joyful and generous pet. Since the characters of the Golden Retriever resemble kids, it is the perfect companion for kids.

Like kids, anything can excite the dog. The pet feels excited seeing foods, toys, rewards, and its owner. And thus, the dog starts panting.

The Golden Retriever With Heart Disease Will Pant A lot

Sometimes the Golden Retriever may also pant due to heart disease. Moreover, the panting in case of heart disorders is sudden and aggressive. Besides this, the pet also shows other signs that suggest it is suffering from heart problems.

Some of the signs are:

  • Excessive coughing
  • Breathing problem
  • Fever
  • Sudden and frequent panting
  • Snoring
  • Yelping

Golden Retriever May Pant A lot After Exercises

Like human sweats after excessive exercising, the Golden Retriever will pant after intensive physical work. Thus, if your pet pants after its daily workout sessions, it is natural. Do not panic.

In addition, the dog needs at least an hour of exercising every day to stay fit. And panting after exercising rejuvenates the pet.

Heatstroke Cause Your Golden Retriever To Pant A Lot

Since the Golden Retriever prefers moderate temperature, it is more susceptible to heatstroke. Thus, exposure to the sun may be fatal for your pet. Generally, heatstroke is a dangerous health hazard that could kill the pet within minutes.

Therefore, when your Golden Retriever is in the sun for a longer time, it starts to pant to mitigate the chance of getting heatstroke.

Golden Retriever May Pant Due To The Effect Of Medication

Since the Golden Retriever is prone to health disorders, the Vet prescribes various medications. So, they can promote the health of your pet.

But like humans, the medicines may show an adverse reaction to the dog. And the most common side effect of medications is panting in the Golden Retriever.

Moreover, the medicines that cause panting in Golden Retriever are:

  • Corticosteroids
  • Anti-anxiety medication
  • Medicines of thyroid disorders
  • Pain killers
  • Sedative drugs
  • Opioids

Golden Retriever May Pant Because Of Allergies

If your Golden Retriever starts panting suddenly, then it may be an allergic reaction. Since the Golden Retriever is allergic to various things, exposure to such allergens may lead to allergies. And due to allergies, the bloodstream of your pet fails to capture sufficient oxygen.

As a result, the Golden Retriever will pant. However, the pet shows the also following signs of allergies:

Does your Golden Retriever show all these symptoms?

How are you managing the panting behavior of your pet?

What Should You Do When Your Golden Retriever Pants A lot?

Since excessive panting suggests health hazards, it is essential to know the cause. Moreover, excessive panting dehydrates the dog. So, it is necessary to manage this behavior of your pet.

Therefore, here are some tips to control the excessive panting of your pet.:

  • Give your pet water.
  • Take your Golden Retriever to cool and shady areas when it starts to pant.
  • Provide your pet a healthy meal with natural snacks as treats.
  • Give your Golden Retriever bath.
  • Take your pet to professional groomers once in two months.
  • Exercise and train your pet daily
  • Visit the Vet frequently. Also, take your pet for a health checkup to know its health condition.

After you know what to do, let us discuss what you need to avoid when your Golden Retriever starts panting excessively.

Your Golden Retriever Suddenly Starts To Pant A lot. What Not To Do?

Due to adequate knowledge, the activities of the owner sometimes deteriorate the health of the pet. Thus, instead of reducing panting, your actions may induce panting in your Golden Retriever. Therefore, you should avoid following activities if your Golden Retriever pants a lot.:

  • Do not give human foods like coffee, sodas, onions, garlic, peppers, etc., to your pet.
  • Never shave the hair coat of your Golden Retriever.
  • Do not stop the daily exercises due to panting.
  • Do not leave your pet in the sun for long.
  • Never allow your Golden Retriever to play in extreme heat.

I hope you will follow all of this advice.

If you have a Golden Retriever, does its panting habit worry you?

Do you think this article will help you to manage the panting of your pet?

Please share your suggestions in the comment box below.

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