17 Reasons Why Golden Retrievers Are So Popular?

Why Are Golden Retrievers So Popular_

There is no doubt that the Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular bog breeds throughout the world. And I think that the pet earns this popularity. How can anyone resist the beauty of this dog? However, there are many speculations on the reasons behind the fame of the Golden Retriever.

Why do you think are the Golden Retrievers so popular? This appealing dog has a peculiar body structure, dense-silky fur, soft mouth, and gentle temperament that can steal hearts. Along with this, the trustworthy, obedient, intelligent, playful, and kind attributes of these dogs make them the best family friend.

If you have a Golden Retriever in the house, I guess you also admire its spectacular persona sometimes. Hence, the pet can attract everyone’s wherever it goes. Thus, the Golden Retriever holds 4th position in the most popular dog breeds list of the USA.

Do you ever wonder what makes these breeds so popular?

If you do, I hope this article answers your questions. Before heading towards the reason for the popularity, let us discuss a little about the Golden Retriever.

History Of Golden Retriever

When researchers dig into the past, they found that the Golden Retriever originated in the 19th century in Scotland. And the British aristocrat dog breeder Lord Tweedmouth is responsible for the origination of these breeds.

The Scottish estate owners needed a pet to help them hunt in land and water. So, in 1906 Tweedmouth produced the Golden Retriever by cross-breeding a yellow-colored dog breed with Tweed Water Spaniel. And these dogs gradually became so popular in the 19th century that the Kennel Club of England and the American Kennel Club recognized them as a registered breed in 1911 and 1932- respectively.

Then the Golden Retriever eventually rose to fame and became popular due to its charismatic personality.

What Are The Types Of Golden Retrievers?

Owing to the place they live and the color of the skin coat, there are several types of Golden Retrievers. Generally, there are three types of the Golden Retriever based on their residence, i.e.:

  1. American Golden Retriever
  2. Canadian Golden Retriever
  3. English Golden Retriever

And, the Golden Retrievers have six different colors.:

  1. Red
  2. Black
  3. Dark Golden
  4. Black
  5. Cream
  6. Light Golden

Among all these different varieties of Golden Retriever, the most common Golden Retriever is English Golden Retriever. These dog breeds have a light golden skin coat with large brown and triangular eyes that make them very appealing and popular.

However, you can read the article- What Are The Types Of Golden Retrievers? Do You Know Them? to know more about the types and skin coats.

How Long Will A Golden Retriever Live?

The life expectancy of the Golden Retriever is too less. Unlike humans, the Golden Retriever lives a healthy and active life for 10 to 12 years only which is one-seventh the lifespan of humans.

As the Golden Retrievers get old, the functions of their body decline gradually. Thus, these dogs are more susceptible to several diseases and illnesses. Moreover, there are many reasons for the short lifespan of the Golden Retrievers.

And some of them are:

17 Reasons Why Are Golden Retrievers So Popular?

If you ask people about their favorite dog breeds, one of the most common answers will be the Golden Retriever. Do you think people are overrating the Golden Retriever?

And if you do, you must know the reasons for the popularity of the Golden Retriever. I bet you will think again before answering the above question.

Here are 12 reasons why Golden Retrievers are so popular:

Golden Retrievers Are Popular Because They Are Gentle

Among the various dog breeds, the Golden Retrievers are the gentlest ones. If anyone has a Golden Retriever, they will for sure support my answer. Since the Golden Retrievers are always conscious about pleasing their owner, they will rarely be messy.

Moreover, you will never find these dog breeds chewing or tearing your clothes, shoes, or furniture unless they are emotionally unstable. They are very gentle and sweet pets with an innocent attitude. So, the Golden Retrievers are very popular in the family.

They Are Easy To Train

No one can deny the intelligence of the Golden Retriever. Besides this, these dogs are quick learners. According to researchers, the Golden Retrievers can learn new commands and skills within two weeks of training. You can give your pet potty training, training to stop barking, and other behavioral training.

In addition, the dogs never throw tantrums during training. If you train the Golden Retriever using positive reinforcement, training the pet becomes a fun activity. Therefore, the Golden Retrievers are popular among breeders.

Golden Retrievers So Popular Due To Their Trustworthy Nature

The Golden Retrievers are very loyal dogs. These dogs can take care of the house when you are not home. Along with this, the dogs bark and warn you about the visitors at your door.

Besides this, you can trust your child to the Golden Retriever. As these dogs are very soft and gentle around the kids, the Golden Retriever is the best companion for your child. Thus, Golden Retrievers are popular among children.

These Dogs Are Easy To Please

The Golden Retrievers are the easiest dogs to please. Generally, the dogs do not show aggression much. If they start being destructive, you can enlighten their mood by giving them treats, foods, and toys.

These things quickly soften the mood of your pet. Besides this, you can strengthen your bond with your pet just by giving your love, affection, and attention to your pal.

Golden Retrievers Are Obedient Thus They Are Popular

After you train and teach your pet commands, the Golden Retriever follows your every order. Thus, they are the most obedient pet. Since the Golden Retriever loves its owner a lot, it never fails to show its love.

The Golden Retriever does everything that the owners say. Thus, these breeds are easier to control and make the Golden Retrievers very popular.

Golden Retrievers Are Strong Animals.

The coordinated forequarters with broad hindquarters enhance the strength of the Golden Retriever. Besides this, these breeds also have the asymmetrical body that can perform intense works and exercise.

In addition, the dogs also have a muscular-solid base with strong rear pasterns and a sturdy gait. Hence, Golden Retrievers are stronger and popular than other dogs. They can help you carry goods when your hands are full or during long walks.

They Have A Longer Lifespan

Yes, it does seem a little unappealing to hear that. Yet, the lifespan of the Golden Retrievers is longer than most other dog breeds. On average, these breeds live a healthy life for 10-12 years. But if you care about them enough, the Golden Retrievers can live much longer.

Apart from this, the Golden Retriever is the best companion for kids and elders. Thus, for them, the 12 years are enough to build an everlasting bond with the pet.

Golden Retrievers Enjoy Sports

Golden Retrievers enjoy playing and running. And if you are a sports person, they are perfect for you. Since these dogs are a great fan of outdoor sports, you can take them for hiking, jogging, long walking, running, etc.

Moreover, if you train them enough, the Golden Retrievers can also learn several sports with ease. And thus, these dogs can become your playing mate wherever you go.

Golden Retrievers Have An Unbelievable Smelling Ability

The Golden Retrievers have an incredible sense of smell. They can sense even the faintest smells. Thus, the dogs can know when their owners are approaching them without seeing.

Furthermore, they can dictate the fugitive smell. So, the Golden Retriever can alarm their owner when someone health condition depletes. These dog breeds can smell the change when blood pressure and sugar level fluctuate during diabetes, cancer, and blood pressure.

Hence, the Golden Retrievers can save lives after sufficient training.

They Can Easily Adapt The Environmental Condition.

The Golden Retriever has a double-layered, water-resistant, and dirt-repellent skin coat. Although this breed prefers a moderate climate, they do not find much difficulty adjusting in slightly low or high environmental conditions.

Further, the outercoat of the Golden Retrievers protects them from colder temperatures, while the undercoat prevents the entry of heat and cools the body during hot seasons. Thus, they can adapt to every environment with ease. And this makes the Golden Retriever popular worldwide.

Golden Retriever Are Popular Because Of Their Body Features

The Golden Retrievers have an appealing body feature. They have dense, soft, silky, and long fur in golden shades that glow and make the pet more attractive. Besides this, these large breed dogs have the perfect size for cuddling and hugging.

In addition, the body of Golden Retrievers has such charisma that no one can resists. Therefore, the Golden Retrievers are undoubtedly very popular.

They Are Best For Every Family

Golden Retrievers fit perfectly in every family. These dogs are the best companions for older people. And thus, the geriatrics feels safe and affectionate around the Golden Retrievers when all other family members are working.

Besides this, they are the perfect secret keepers, helping partners, and cuddle buddies. You will feel relaxed when you hug your beloved pet after returning home from a stressful day.

Besides this, the excitement and happiness of your pet that comes after your return are contagious. Thus, you also start to smile. Therefore, the Golden Retrievers are very popular in families.

Golden Retrievers Popular Because They Are Good With Kids

As the Golden Retrievers are very energetic and active, their attribute resembles the kids. Thus, these dogs can be the perfect playing companion for the kids. Both the kids and the Golden Retrievers can get along very well.

Therefore, the dogs build a strong bond with the kids. Besides this, the Golden Retriever kinder and gentler around the kids. But leaving the Golden Retriever and kid alone is still risky. Thus, always supervise them while playing.

They Are Intelligent

The Golden Retrievers are very intelligent dog breeds. If you train your pet, they can quickly understand your commands. Furthermore, the Golden Retrievers can read your body language.

So, the pets can know when you are low and unhappy. And since the owners are the favorite person of the Golden Retriever, it does every possible thing to enlighten your mood. Your pet will hug you, sit in your lap, paw you, or slip around to please you.

Golden Retrievers Are Popular Because They Are Great Hunting Dogs.

As we know that, the origination of the Golden Retrievers was for hunting. Therefore, they are the best hunters.

Further, the dogs have an inborn ability to swim. Golden Retriever can fetch the prey in both land and water. Thus, the Golden Retrievers are very popular among hunters.

They Assist In-Service Activities

The Golden Retrievers have an extraordinary smelling ability. Thus, this ability of the dogs can be helpful for service activities. The Golden Retrievers can also save lives.

After diabetes assistance and blood pressure assistance training, the Golden Retrievers can detect the slightest change in blood sugar level. Thus, the Golden Retrievers are popular among diabetic patients.

Golden Retrievers Love Socializing

Since the Golden Retrievers enjoys around people, they are the best companion for walks and social gatherings. Their beautiful skin coat and soft temperament attract attention everywhere. Thus, people like to cuddle, play, and hug these dogs.

And the Golden Retrievers also love the attention. Thus, they greet the people approaching them with soft licks and pleading eyes. Therefore, everyone loves Golden Retrievers.

Now, I hope these points convinced you that people are not overrating the popularity of the Golden Retriever. However, like the two sides of the coin, there are some drawbacks of the Golden Retriever. Do you know them?

Why Is Owning A Golden Retriever Bad Idea?

Although the Golden Retrievers are very popular, it does not mean that the dogs do not have drawbacks. There are many disadvantages of the Golden Retriever that makes owning the pet difficult.

Thus, the reasons why owning a Golden Retriever is a bad idea are:

  • Golden Retrievers are very susceptible to health issues (constipationskin diseasesear infection, hypothyroidism, and joint disorders.)
  • Since these dogs are fond of food, they can gain weight. Thus, this leads to obesitydiabetes, and heart diseases.
  • The pet needs frequent vaccination and health checkups.
  • Golden Retrievers are very expensive.
  • If you fail to train your pet, it shows destructive and aggressive behavior.
  • These dogs require special foods and equipment like a dog bath, water fountain, hairdryers, nutritional supplements, and shampoo.
  • Golden Retrievers need daily brushing and grooming. Thus, owning a pet can consume a lot of your time.
  • These pets need training that can be a trouble if you are busy with your work.
  • The Golden Retriever sheds excessive hair.
  • The lifespan of the pet is only 10-12 years.

Do you think you can manage these issues?

If you can, then you are ready to welcome a Golden Retriever.

Caring Tips Of Golden Retriever

After you welcome the Golden Retriever in your house, it becomes a vital member of the family. So, I guess you want a healthy and happier life for your pet. Therefore, here are some caring tips for the Golden Retriever:

  • Ensure that your pet eats food with all essential nutrients. Include nutritional supplements after consulting with professionals.
  • Avoid human food like milk, sodas, cake, chocolate, onions, and raw meat. Instead, opt for natural snacks while rewarding your pet.
  • Do not punish your pet. Ignore the mistake and encourage good works through rewards.
  • Brush the skin coat of your pet daily. Also, clean the ears, eyes, and paws.
  • Train the Golden Retriever for at least an hour daily.
  • Take your pet to long walks, social gatherings, meetings, and swimming.
  • Give enough love, care, and attention to the Golden Retriever.
  • Seek help from professional groomers for grooming the pet once in two months.
  • Always be attentive about the behavior of your pet. Also, observe the skin coat, ears, and paws of your Golden Retriever regularly.
  • Consult with the Vet when you suspect something is wrong.

I hope these tips were helpful for you.

What do you think about the popularity of the Golden Retriever?

How do you view the immense popularity of the Golden Retriever? Do you still find it overrating?

Do you have any tips or suggestions you would share?

Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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