Do Golden Retriever Drool? 12 Reasons Why?

Golden Retrievers drool

When you see a Golden Retriever, it allures us with its beautiful appearance and warm personality. But as an owner, you need to face a lot of problems, it can be related to diet, exercise, and some habits. Most commonly, drooling is something you usually see in bigger dog breeds like Golden Retriever. Drooling dogs … Read more

12 Ways To Keep Bored Golden Retriever Busy

12 Ways To Keep Bored Golden Retriever Busy

The enormous amount of energy that Golden Retriever holds isn’t unfamiliar to the world. And owing to its hyper-activeness, it is the best companion to play along with your kids. But sometimes, when you get too busy with your work, you will find these dogs feeling ignored and bored. So, what to should you do … Read more

Top 26 Best Toys For A Golden Retriever

Best Toys For A Golden Retriever

It isn’t a secret that your friendly Golden Retriever loves to play. Further, if allowed, your pal can play with kids throughout the day. But playing outdoor isn’t always possible. Don’t you think toys are the best options for managing your highly energetic Golden Retriever? The best toys for Golden Retriever differ according to their personality … Read more

What Are The Common Golden Retriever Habits? [14 Habits]

What Are The Common Golden Retriever Habits [14]

Although, Golden Retrievers originated more recently than most of the dog breeds. Yet, they are one of the most popular within this short time frame. Further, the most common habits, temperament, and beauty of a Golden Retriever aren’t unfamiliar. Moreover, to bond better with your Golden Retriever, it is essential to know about its habits. … Read more

How Do I Stop My Male Golden Retriever From Trying To Mate?

How Do I Stop My Male Golden Retriever From Trying To Mate

Being are high-maintenance dog breeds, parenting Golden Retriever puppies takes a lot of time, energy, and money. Along with this, mating comes with the various side effect. So, it is better not to mate your pal. But since a male Golden Retriever is more stubborn, you should come with stronger ideas to stop it from trying … Read more

Are Golden Retrievers Smart?

Are Golden Retrievers Smart?

Among the several other attributes of Golden Retrievers, their intelligence is the prominent reason behind their popularity. Furthermore, due to their smartness and higher IQ, it easy to train these dogs. Moreover, although these doges repeatedly proved their intelligence, people frequently raise the question, whether Golden Retrievers are smart or not? Are Golden Retrievers smart? Undoubtedly, … Read more

Are Golden Retrievers Working Dogs?

Are Golden Retrievers Working Dogs

Although, the beauty of Golden Retrievers can steal everyone’s heart. But their popularity relies more on their attributes and intelligence than their irresistible skin coat. And owing to their smartness, they can work successfully in different sectors. Therefore, Golden Retrievers are constantly working for people like hunting or service dogs. So, are Golden Retrievers good as working dogs? … Read more

Why Do Golden Retriever Hide Things? [10 Reasons]

Why Do Golden Retriever Hide Things [10 Reasons]

Your cute and friendly Golden Retriever can sometimes become mischievous. So, Golden Retriever starts to hide things. I know it is disgusting to find half-eaten food under the cushions, behind the yard, and in their crate. But you should know that hiding things are a natural habit of your pet. So, why do Golden Retrievers hide things? Mostly your … Read more