English Golden Retriever (White): Breed Info, Color, & More

english golden retriever

Undoubtedly, there is no debate on the popularity of the Golden Retriever. They are for sure the best family dogs. Therefore, people all across the world know them. However, most people may not know the fact that there are three different breeds of Golden Retriever. Owing to their color and the places they live. And among them,  English Golden Retrievers are the first choice for most dog owners. Although the other two breeds also have their equal share of popularity.

The appealing structure and the creamy body of the English Golden Retriever can attract everyone successfully. Furthermore, their intelligence, temperament, kid-friendly nature, and lifespan adds up to their immense fame. 

While l explain briefly about the English Golden Retriever in this article, you may feel closer to them. And, certainly digging their past is the best way to introduce the English  Retriever.

What Is The History Of English Golden Retriever?

In general, the history of the Golden Retriever dates long back to the 19th century in Scotland. And the British aristocrat dog breeder, Lord Tweedmouth, holds the sole credit of creating the Golden Retriever.

As he wanted a dog that can work in both land and water, he mated an unknown golden-colored dog with Tweed Water Spaniel. Hence, the yellow-coated Golden Retriever puppies with various shades of gold resulted from his attempt.

After recognizing the Golden Retriever, the dog breeders started importing them into the United States. They then started breeding the palest Golden Retriever together. As a result, the English Golden Retriever originated. Further, those breeds became an AKC breed in 1932. 

However, there are still ancestors of the English breeds in places like Scandinavia, New Zealand, and Austria. Therefore, the English Retrievers may have originated there.

What Is The Color Of English Golden Retriever?

There are two different standards of color according to the British Kennel Club and the American Kennel Club. Therefore, there is a misconception that all the English Golden Retrievers must be cream-colored. 

Although, English Golden Retriever can be yellow golden to off-white. Most people demand the lighter cream-colored English Golden Retriever.

However, there is not a perfect reason that explains why people most commonly desire English breeds. Thus, I think the availability and appealing looks of the English Breeds probably contribute to this.

Why do you think people commonly choose the cream-colored English breed?

 Since the color of Golden Retriever fades as they age and turns to white or grey when they are old. Thus, you may sometimes mistake the old Golden Retriever with English breed.

What Type Of Coat Do The English Golden Retriever Have?

Like most of the Golden Retrievers, English Retriever also has a water-resistant double-layered coat. Consequently, their inner coating provides them warmth. Whereas the coating present on the outer surface repels the water. They have unevenly distributed long and wavy coats. Alternatively, they are much longer in their ears, tail, and neck and shorter on the head, paws, and legs. The oil they secret makes their hair soft and silky to touch.
Though, they shed heavily in the two shedding seasons. Yet, with proper grooming, they may shed moderately throughout the year.

How Big Are English Golden Retriever?

The size of the Golden Retriever does not differ much from that of the English breed. However, the  English Cream Breed Standard has a fixed standard for their weight and height. That is:

Average Height

Generally, the English breeds are somewhat smaller than the Golden Retriever. The male English Golden Retriever is about 22 to 24 inches tall. And, the females are usually 20 to 22 inches in height.

Average Weight

The Golden Retrievers are itself a large-sized breed. Therefore, the English Golden Retrievers are also undoubtedly heavier than other dog breeds. Thus, a healthy male English Retriever weighs between 60 to 75 pounds on average. And, the weight of females ranges from 55 to 75 pounds.

Is There Anything Specific In English Golden Retrievers Appearance?

Apart from the typical off-white or cream-colored fur, many other things make the appearance of an English Retriever different. Moreover, the use of different types of breed standards for reference like; the British Kennel Club and the American Kennel Club distinguish them. They are:

  • Head: They have a broad skull with no prominence of occipital or frontal bones. In comparison with other breeds, their head is a little deeper and a little wider from above. 
  • Eyes: Though, their eyes are large and fit perfectly at the rims. The color of the eyes differs from dark to medium brown. And, they always flaunt their slant and triangular eyes giving a friendly impression to strangers.
  • Ears: Ears are a little shorter and fall close to the cheek. The front edge of the ears attaches behind the head. As a result, they lie just above the eyes. So the tip of a hound-like ear can cover the eyes when you pull them.
  • Neck: Unlike most Golden Retrievers, there is no throatiness in the neck of the English breed. They are of a medium-long length and merges just behind the shoulders. It gives the Retrievers their sturdy and muscular look.

What Is The Temperament Of English Golden Retriever?

Compared to other breeds, the English Golden Retriever is calmer and quieter. However, they do maintain their enthusiastic, friendly, outgoing, and playful nature until adulthood. Further, their intelligence, obedience, and sensibility make them fit for all family members from kids to old.
Moreover, their friendly, trustworthy and reliable temperament generally makes them your best companion.

What Is The Cost Of English Golden Retriever?

The cost of English Golden depends on the bloodline, the place where they live, and the breeder that breed them. Most commonly, the price ranges from $500 to $2,500. However, it does vary according to the place from where you bought them. Yet, the color of the fur has nothing to do with their price.

  • You can adopt an English Retriever with no health clearance documents at a price of around $500.
  • Whereas buying them from a reputed pet house may cost you around $1000.
  • And, if you buy a champion bloodline from the breeder. It will cost you about $2,500.

Things To Consider While Buying English Breeds

There are some things you must know while buying English Golden Retriever. They are:

  • Keep in mind that all the English breeds are not creamy. Indeed, their color may range from yellow to different shades.
  • The dogs should meet the standards of either the American Kennel Club or British Kennel Club.
  • Look for good structure, temperament, and healthy bloodline breeds.
  • It is best to check the blood and the physical appearance of the dog to assure yourself.
  • Ask the breeder about the perfect environment for the dog. And, also question them about the ways to involve the dog in your family.

How Long Do The English Golden Retriever Live?

The lifespan of Golden Retriever and that of English Retriever is the same. Thus, they live approximately for 10 to 12 years. However, the only difference is the quality of life they live. Comparing to other Retriever, the English breeds are less susceptible to health issues. Thus, they live a more healthy and active life.

The significant difference in their genes decreases their chances of health issues by almost 20%. Therefore, they will have a more productive and healthier life in comparison to other Golden Retriever breeds. However, with proper grooming and caring for them, they may live a longer life than others.

What Are The Health Issues Of English Golden Retriever?

Most breeders believe that the English Golden Retriever is a healthier breed with a good bloodline and claims them as a superior Golden retriever Breed. However, focusing only on colors may lead to hereditary health issues. Hence, it is better to test the parent’s heath and blood while breeding them.

The English Retriever is lesser prone to health complications. But if you do not care for them properly, they may face some health problems. The issues are:

Hip dysplasia

Like humans, the hip of the Retriever is a ball-in-socket-joint. And a strong ligament connects them. Moreover, any deformity in the hip socket causes the wearing of bone and stress in ligaments. Finally, resulting in stiffness, inflammation, pain, and destruction of bones in the joint.


Yes, the 40% death rate of English Golden Retriever is much lesser than the 60% death rate of Golden Retriever.

But problems like osteosarcoma, lymphosarcoma, and astrocytoma still degrade their quality of life.

Cardiac and Respiratory Problems

Being a large-sized breed, the English Golden Retriever is prone to heart, lungs, and circulation problems. Sub-valvular aortic stenosis (SAS) is the most prominent one. It causes difficulty in breathing, weakness, and lethargy in Retriever initially. Finally, the Retriever will die.

Problems in skin

Allergic reaction due to dust, molds, or other foreign agents in their fur is the most common skin issue in Golden Retriever. Along with this, the English Retriever is more susceptible to non-cancerous glandular tumors, inflammation of oil glands, and lipomas.

Other common health issues are bloating, cataracts, hypothyroidism, ear infections, etc. However, you can easily manage these all problems by proper grooming and care.

But, how to care for them?

How To Care The English Golden Retriever?

The English Golden Retriever is a very active breed. They require enough amount of exercise and proper grooming. Also, their structure makes them easily prone to obesity. Thus, they need an adequate amount of grooming, nutrition, and exercising to maintain their health.

Nutrition for English Golden Retriever

For maintaining the quality life of English Golden Retriever food is very important. The National Research Council of National Academies recommends an active average weighed English Golden Retriever needs about 1740 calories daily. Somehow, it is equivalent to two and a half cups of high-quality dog food.

Their food must contain the proper amount of protein, fibers, minerals, and fat which they need in their diet. Despite this, reckless snacking also degrades the health of your English Golden Retriever. Therefore, you can switch to natural snacks for your pet to balance their diet and health.

Grooming For English Golden Retriever

Grooming your pet may be very tedious. However, proper grooming makes the Retriever active, healthy, and happy. Some of the tips for grooming and caring English Retriever are:

  • Groom them at least once a week regularly 
  • Brush them daily in their shedding seasons.
  • Bathe them once a month with a qualitative shampoo and conditioner. Also, brush the coat before the bath and after they are dry.
  • Use a proper dog bath for your English Golden Retriever with suitable bathing accessories.
  • You should clean and trim their nails regularly.
  • You can use dog bandanas and various dog clothes to make them happier and more active after grooming.

Exercise And Training For English Golden Retriever

As the English breeds are stockier and heavier, managing their weight is very important. They should exercise for at least one hour daily. It not only makes them calm but also helps them in socializing. The exercises may include:

  • Fetching a ball
  • Jogging
  • Long walks
  • Running
  • Hunting trips
  • Swimming

English Retrievers are undoubtedly very intelligent. And, if properly trained, they can perform various service activities. The training helps in making the English breed fit for the family. Some of the training activities are:

But, do make sure that they do not hurt themselves while exercising and training.

What Are The Other Breeds Of Golden Retriever?

There are three different varieties of Golden Retriever. They differ very minimally, only in their looks or appearances. The three different types of Golden Retrievers are:

Canadian Golden Retriever: They are taller with a shorter, thinner, and lighter coat.

English Golden Retriever: They are smaller in size with a long, wavy, and creamy coat.

American Golden Retriever: They have fewer muscles and are leaner than other varieties. In addition to this, you can distinguish them by their lighter eyes and darker coat.

Have you seen all three types of Golden Retrievers?

Where you able to differentiate them?

Which one of the three do you find more appealing?

What Are The Differences Between English And American Golden Retriever?

Although both the breeds belong to the Golden Retriever family, they do differ in some aspects. The differences are:

English Golden Retriever American Golden Retriever
English breeds are lighter and generally creamy to off-white n color. American breed has a darker color ranging from dark golden to red-maroon.
These breeds have a broader head with round eyes. Their heads are narrower with almond-shaped eyes.
Their ears drop down from the level of eyes. These breeds have ears just above the eyes.
They have a nicely trimmed long and protruding neck. The body of the American breed is untrimmed, muscular with a smaller neck.
The English breed has a little heavier and stockier body. These breeds appear leaner and lightweight.
They are calmer and quieter. In comparison to English breeds, they are a little active.

Some Facts About English Retriever

You should know some facts about English Golden Retriever if you are planning to bring them home. They are:

  • They shed a lot
  • This breed needs a lot of mental stimulation to be more obedient and less destructive.
  • English Retriever needs regular grooming and daily brushing.
  • They are intelligent thus easy to train.
  • Owing to their friendly nature, they cannot be watchdogs.
  • The English breeds are bulkier and love all food. Therefore, they are more prone to health issues and obesity.
  • They are less likely to get cancer than other Golden Retriever breeds.
  • All the English breeds are not white.
  • English Golden Retriever is more expensive.
  • They need more amount of exercise than other breeds.
  • They are a medium-large breed and takes a longer time to mature.

Based on the facts, do you think English Retriever fits your home?

If you already have a Retriever, which one do you have?

Do they have the same issues and behavior as the English breed?

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