10 Reasons Why is Golden Retriever The Best Dog For Kids?

Why is Golden Retriever The Best Dog For Kids?

Owing to the mischievous, playful, and loving nature of the Golden Retriever, they are the best companion of your kid. The fact that they have unlimited energy and can play all day continuously makes it undeniable that they can get along well with children. Though, according to the AKC, the Golden Retriever is the best family dog. They somehow cannot get away from the questions like; about safe play with children and why is Golden Retriever the best dog for kids?

There are many reasons why Golden Retrievers are the best dog for kids. And, a single basis cannot entirely explain this fact. The friendly and loving attitude of Golden Retriever, their trustworthy, calm, and quiet nature with their immense playful energy are namely a few points to prove them the best. Moreover, their beautiful structure with soft and smooth fur makes them much more appealing for children.

Undoubtedly, I will explain the above reasons in more depth in this article. But before that, let me give you a brief knowledge about their attitude toward kids.

How Are Golden Retrievers Around Babies?

The Golden Retriever is good around babies. Their loving and gentle gesture makes them perfect for babies. You only need to introduce your baby and the pup. And, the memories they create with the babies will be adorable and unforgettable. Make sure you click all those.

However, since the babies are prone to diseases, avoid the mouth of Golden Retriever. As the dog licks the face to show love, you better supervise them.

How Are Golden Retrievers With Toddlers?

The toddlers and Golden Retrievers are opposite to one another in some ways. The Golden Retrievers are calm and seek attention, whereas the toddlers are highly active and curious. The toddlers like touching and exploring each and everything that catches their eye. Therefore, they both are perfect friends.

However, the toddler sometimes grabs, stepson, or trips over the Golden and annoys the dog. Thus, it is better to supervise them when they are together.

How Does Golden Retriever Interact With Older Children?

The Golden Retriever knows how to please the owner. They like playing and cuddling. Therefore, they are the best mates for the energetic older children.

Moreover, owning a Golden Retriever also teaches the children about taking responsibility and discipline.

Does your Golden Retriever act similarly?

What difference did you find? When the Retriever interact with babies, toddlers, and older children?

There is no doubt in how perfect Golden Retrievers are in every family. But this fact does not claim that the pet is best for the kids. However, some reasons do exist on this point.

10 Best Reasons Why Golden Retrievers Are Best For Kids

The intelligence, kindness, loyalty, and friendliness of Golden Retriever make them the best family dog. Thus, they fit well in the hearts of every family member from young to old. Besides, Kids and Golden Retrievers have a lot of things in common. It makes them both a perfect companion.

The Highly Energetic Nature Of Golden Retriever Makes The Golden Retriever Best Dog For Kids

Kids are playful and energetic. And, they can play all day long like the Golden Retriever. Hence, they are perfect companions for one another. The unlimited stamina of the pet makes the kids happy and satisfied. Therefore, kids do not get bored around the pet.

As Golden Retrievers Are Calm And Quiet, They Are Best For Kids

Golden Retriever has a tempting temperament since they are always calm and quiet. Their steady and cheerful mood makes them more attractive. This calmness and peace like Golden Retriever assure the owner that they are safe for the kids.

Therefore, Golden Retrievers are best for kids.

Golden Retriever Are Best Dogs For Kids Because They Are Trustworthy

The peaceful and loyal nature of the Golden Retriever makes them worth our trust. Since they are always well mannered and disciplined, their owner can trust them blindly. Undoubtedly, the Golden Retriever will maintain peace when they play with children. They do not have the habit of mistreating. Not only are they kind to the known faces, but also to the strangers that pass by?

Hence, they are the most trustworthy friends of your child.

Golden Retrievers Are Gentle Towards Kids; So, Are Best Dog For Kids

It will scare the kids when someone treats them harshly. Owing to the soft heart they have, gentleness is best for them. And, thus the gentle and polite characters of Golden Retriever make the kids feel more homely and safer.

The Way They Please Everyone Makes The Golden Retriever Best Dog for The Kids

Golden Retriever knows how to please surrounding them. Although their perfect appearance attracts everyone, their knee interest in pleasing everyone makes them more appealing. They obey every word and do not disappoint, always making the house undisturbed and peaceful. Thus, their presence is good for the intellectual development of the kids.

Golden Retriever Makes The Children Active

Owning a pet is not easy Golden Retriever needs a proper diet, exercise, and training. And, All this requires time and patience. Involving your kid in the upbringing of your pet makes them highly active and attentive. Since the child also exercises along with the pet. They will be more active.

Lovely And Adorable Attribute Of The Golden Retriever Makes Them Best For Kids

There is no denial in the love and care of the Golden Retriever. It makes them lovely and adorable. They shower you with immense love on your bad days. Thus, it helps to lighten up your mood. You only need a look at the smiling face of the Retriever. And, you will be relieved. Therefore, I think Golden Retriever is the best medicine for exhaustion and perfect for active kids.

They Have A Perfect Body Making The Golden Retriever Best Dog For Kids

The physical structure makes the Golden more appealing. Moreover, their perfect size, soft fur, and loving nature influence people to hug and cuddle with them. The Golden Retriever instantly senses the moods of people and shows activities that lighten the intense atmosphere. Their body frame and fur are some of the best reasons for their popularity among kids.

Socializing Ability Of Your Kid Improves If You Have A Golden Retriever

Undoubtedly, the Golden Retriever catches the attention of most people. Therefore, people tend to stop by and ask about your pet a lot. Along with this, your Golden Retriever needs exercise to stay fit and have a longer lifespan. Long walks, jogging, swimming, etc., can be their best form of exercise. Heading out and exploring places and people makes your kid more interactive. It simply improves their socializing skills.

Golden Retriever Is Smart And Intelligent

The Golden Retrievers cope up well with the training. They are intelligent thus, a fast learner. They are easy to train. Therefore, you can avoid dangerous situations between kid and pet with just some commands. They are obedient to you and immediately back out when they see you commanding. And, also service training can save you and your kid from different critical situations.

Hence, Golden Retriever is best for kids.

Now, you may be wondering how to train the Golden Retriever?

If you have trained them earlier, was it effective?

How To Train Golden Retriever To Make Them Best For Kids

The Golden Retriever can be best for your kid only when you train them properly. Proper training helps in instilling discipline and loyalty. And, also teaches the pet how they can play safely with kids. Some training to improve the character of the Golden Retriever and make them best for kids are:

Obedience Training

Since this training helps to control the pet in public, Obedience training is very vital. While playing, the pets may sometimes flow along with the game. They may get more active and energetic. Thus, training them and teaching them commands like; sit, go, lay, stop, etc., makes the dog safer for kids. Hence, it makes them fit for kids.

Encouraging The Golden Retriever With Positive Reinforcement

You must appreciate the Golden Retriever whenever they behave well and discipline. For this, you can use treats to encourage them. Since praising all the positive work, they do encourage them to show good attitudes more often. Positive reinforcement helps you to control your pet. And, also teaches your pet the importance of discipline.

Fun Training Game

Since kids and Golden Retriever both are playful. Fun training not only trains them but also makes them more active and happier. Involving them in exciting games lightens their mood and strengthens the bond between the Golden Retriever and kids. Some of the fun training are:

  • Fetching a ball
  • Jogging
  • Long walks
  • Swimming

Potty Training Your Golden Retriever

Unlike adults, it is difficult for Kids to manage the potty problems of Golden Retriever. Kids can hardly clean the puddles that the Golden Retriever can make. Thus, potty training the Golden Retriever eases a lot of concern of the owner.

You can read: How To Potty Train Your Golden Retriever Puppy for help.

Service Training

The intelligence and smelling capacity of Golden Retriever makes them perfect for service activities. But you must train them first. If trained properly, they indicate health issues. Thus, the different health issues like; diabetic assistance, heart attack, blood pressure, etc., will be easier to avoid.

Did you follow the above training to train your pet?

Do you think training is a vital activity for fitness?

Some Important Facts About Golden Retriever And Kids

You should know some facts. Before, you bring a Golden Retriever to your house and introduce them to your kids. The facts are:

    • The most popular dog Golden Retriever has a smiling look on its face. It pleases most of the people.
    • Although Golden Retriever has a strong body, they cannot be watchdogs. Thanks to their friendly and loving nature.
    • Golden Retriever has a good sense of smell. This characteristic makes them a perfect service dog.
    • Generally, there are three types of Golden Retrievers, i.e., American Golden Retriever, English Golden Retriever, and Canadian Golden Retriever.
    • Though Golden Retrievers look strong, they have bad health. They are prone to various health problems like hip dysplasiaskin allergies, joint disorders, ear infections, and diabetes.
    • Just like children, Golden Retrievers also need a different type of food and snacks that suits them. So, they can maintain their health.
  • Kids are highly active members of the family. Thus, they love to play all day.
  • The kids are very much curious. They like asking questions and investigate everything.
  • Childhood is the best age to teach discipline. Therefore, taking care of Golden also helps to improve the characters of your children.
  • Groom the Retriever enough to make them more friendly. Taking them on walks can help them to be social.
  • Proper bathing in dog baths with dog-based shampoo and conditioner is the most for them. It ensures the safety of kids against various communicable illnesses.

Did you know these facts?

Was any of them strange to you?

Things To Consider When The Golden Retriever And Kids Are Together

Although the Golden Retriever is best for kids. Yet, you should consider some points when they are together.

  • Never leave them alone.
  • Do not introduce smaller babies to kids. And keep the babies away from the mouth of the Retriever.
  • Stop the Retriever when you feel that the dog is overactive.
  • Teach the older children about the body language of the Golden Retriever before introducing them.
  • Avoid punishing the children and the pet when they become mischievous. Care for them and involve them in training that builds their character.

How do you feel about my explanation?

Are there more reasons than this to prove that Golden Retriever is best for kids?

If so, then let me know by comment below.

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