Does Your Golden Retriever Have A Favorite Person?

Does Your Golden Retriever Have A Favorite Person

Undoubtedly, Golden Retrievers are very loving and friendly dogs making them the best for family and children. They enjoy the attention and companionship of everyone. But it feels like sometimes your Retriever is more affectionate towards you than other members of the family. And you may wonder, does Golden Retriever have a favorite person?

However, the Golden Retriever can feel your love and adores you. So, the answer to do Golden Retriever has a favorite person is Yes. Generally, the person who spends more time with the Retriever plays with them showers more love and affection to them are their favorite. And although the Retrievers enjoy more with that specific person, they do adore and like other companions.

Like everybody, you also want to be the favorite of your pet, do not you?

You also desire to get the same amount of attention and affection from your Retriever as you give them. So, how to know whether you are the favorite person of your dog or not? And how to become their favorite. Here, in this article, we will discuss this in brief.

How Do Golden Retriever Select Their Favorite Person?

Before digging into the subject, let us first know how a Golden Retriever chooses their favorite person. Although, there are no concrete facts about the selection process.

Four reasons that impact the bond between the Golden Retriever and owners and influence the process a lot. They are:

Positive Association

Usually, dogs bond stronger with those they associate with good things, such as walks, road trips, treats, and hiking. All these things motivate the Golden Retriever positively and suggest to them who should be their favorite.

Playing Companion

Since Golden Retrievers has a highly energetic nature, they love to play. They can play all day without tiring themselves. Thus, they prefer a companion who could play with them and has the same level of energy.

Moreover, the time that the Golden Retrievers spend with their playing companion helps to increase trust and intensifies the bonding between the two. Therefore, their playing companion, with whom they play a lot is their favorite person.


Proper training is necessary for the physical and mental growth of the Golden Retriever. And training teaches positive attributes to dogs, makes them more friendly and loving. Besides this, this also has an impact on the selection of their favorite person.

Mostly, the person who spends more time with the Retriever and gives treats to them gains their trust and is their favorite.

Treats And Reinforcement

Golden Retrievers are fond of food and loves eating. Therefore, they instantly bond with the person who treats them with delicious snacks. Furthermore, the person who encourages their good work brushes their back when they obey the commands and do not scold or threaten them are their favorite.

Care And Protection

Just like humans, dogs also become very vulnerable and weak when they are sick. The care they receive at the time of need plays an immense role while choosing their favorite person. Since the Golden Retrievers fail to protect themselves when they are sick, they associate the love and care they receive during their sickness with trust and security.

Therefore, the person who cares for the Golden Retrievers and provides them protection during sickness becomes their favorite.

Attention And Affection

Sometimes, time alone cannot be a factor with which the Golden Retrievers determine their favorite person. However, the powerful key in strengthening the bond with the dog is attention, love, care, and affection.

Properly grooming the dogs, playing with them, giving them attention, taking them for walks, and cuddling with them are some keys that help the pet to choose its favorite.

Early Bonding

Being an intelligent dog breed, Golden Retriever starts learning many things since a puppy. Commonly, those people whom the Retriever knowns from an early age become their favorite. The love and care they receive at their early age creates trust and forms a strong bond between the owners and the dog.

Besides this, the Golden Retrievers have a unique bond with the person they meet at an early age. And the bond strengthens with time. Thus, the person whom they recognize at an early age becomes their favorite.

Human Personality

Generally, Golden Retriever chooses the person that matches with its personality as their favorite. Since the Retrievers connect faster and stronger with the person similar in character to them, the aura of humans influences the selection of the most preferred person.

You can feel this in your house. Since Golden Retrievers are energetic, happy, and cheerful, they seem to connect faster with kids. Thus, they seem to love and adore the playful kids more. And this makes the Golden Retriever the best playing companion for kids.

Do you think your pet also has a favorite person in your house?

Is it you or someone else?

Knowing who is the favorite of your dog is not too difficult. You can observe the behavior of your Golden Retriever. I have given some tips for easy determination in the article below.

Does Your Golden Retriever Have A Favorite Person?

Just like humans, dogs show some specific traits when they feel attached to someone. And, Golden Retrievers are not different. Their friendly and expressive nature explains to you whenever they find their favorite person.

Here are some traits that they show when they feel attached.

If You Are The Favorite Person Of Your Retriever, It Becomes Your Shadow

Whenever the Golden Retriever feels attached to someone, they cling to that person. And, if you are their favorite, they walk with you everywhere and anywhere. Just like a shadow, they follow you in the kitchen, bedroom, garden, and even in the bathroom.

Thus, if your pet does this too, it signifies that you are the favorite of your pet.

Golden Retriever Gets Excited Seeing You

After a long and hectic day of work, your pet welcomes you with an exciting face if you are their favorite. They run, hug, and lick you when you arrive home. Along with this, your pet will feel happy and more energetic around you if you are their favorite person.

If You Are The Favorite Person Of Your Retriever, It Makes Regular Eye Contact

Since making eye contact is the way of saying that your Retriever trusts you and adores you. Thus, if your pet makes regular eye contact with you, it means that they feel attached to you.

Japanese researchers have also explained this. According to the research, whenever dogs gaze at their owner, it shows an elevated level of oxytocin (the love hormone). As a result, the owner will also experience a rise in oxytocin levels.

Golden Retriever Feels Calm And Relax With You

Do you Retriever dance and jump when they see you?

You are the favorite one of your pet if your pet gets excited and happy seeing you. And after the initial burst of excitement, the Retrievers relax when you are with the Retrievers. The relaxed-body language is:

  • opening of the mouth with lolling tongue
  • rolling over
  • relaxed expression
  • wagging of tail
  • calm and cheerful eyes

Hence, if your Retriever shows these traits with you then, you are their favorite person.

Retriever Carries Your Shoes And Clothes

When the Golden Retriever adores you, they feel attached to your scent. They will snuggle with you all stuff to get their favorite scent. Therefore, your pet carries your belongings (shoes, clothes, etc.) if they like you.

They Seek For Your Attention And Listens To You

The Golden Retrievers continuously seek your love and attention if they like you. Hence, they circle, bark, and rolls over to get your attention. Besides this, they continuously indicate for you to play and love them if you are their favorite.

Along with this, your pet follows your every command and sings if they like you to please you. And, the Retrievers happily obey your orders so that they can get more love and attention from you.

Does your Golden Retriever do these things?

If yes, then ensure yourself that you are the favorite person of your pet. But, if your pet does not follow you, you can be the preferred person of your pet by some tricks and tips disclosed below.

Besides this, you can use this article to know whether your Golden Retriever loves you or not.

How To Become The Favorite Person Of Your Golden Retriever?

Since Golden Retrievers are very intelligent dog breeds so, they learn faster. And, the same thing implies in the case of creating bond and affection too. Although, young puppies feel attached and bond more quickly with their owner. Yet, you can create a strong bond and become the favorite person of your pet by following these simple tips. Which is;

Accompanying Your Pet In The Training Sessions

I know you might have a busy schedule. But if you want to be the favorite person of your pet, you must give them time and effort. Your Golden Retriever learns many new skills and commands while they train. And, if you remain with them during their sessions, their trust in you will grow more. Besides this, the treats you provide them while training makes them happy and pleased.

Finally, you can become the favorite person of your pet.

Proper Grooming And Feeding Them

If you groom and feed your Golden Retriever properly, they will be healthy and happy. Since Retriever enjoys food, food can enlighten their mood and increases their oxytocin level. Thus, they feel attached to you.

Along with this, regular grooming improves the health of your pet and makes them happy and cheerful. And, the time spent during grooming strengthens the bond between you and your pet making you, their favorite.

Playing With Them

Golden Retrievers are enjoy playing as they are very fun-loving breeds. They can play all day. Thus, they will love it if you play with them.

Since the feeling of trust and affection grows while you play with them, you will be their favorite person.

Be Present And Shower Love

Golden Retrievers continuously seek attention and can feel the love showered to them. And, they don’t feel safe and secure if they are alone all by themselves for a long time. Therefore, you should always be present and supervise your pet.

However, your love and presence naturally gravitate to the actions of your pet. Thus, spend more time and give more affection to them if you want to be the favorite person of your pet.

I hope all these will help strengthen your bond with your Golden Retriever and help you be their favorite. If you have any issues and suggestions regarding this, feel free to comment.

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