Why Are There Black Spots On My Golden Retriever’s Tongue?

Black spot on Golden Retriever’s tongue

Parenting a Golden Retriever is not just about sheltering the dog. Feeding, grooming, training, exercise, health checkups, treatments, and supervision are equally vital for a long and active lifespan of a Golden Retriever. Usually, this breed is susceptible to several health complications. And, the black spots on Golden Retriever’s tongue don’t seem to be a severe health issue.

Black spots on Golden Retriever’s tongue are simply pigmentation that is very common among 38 pure dog breeds. Moreover, it doesn’t relate to any health issues and is just an extra pigmentation on the tongue. But still, frequently checking these spots isn’t a bad idea. Is it?

As you read further, you will know about the black spots on Golden Retriever’s tongue, its causes, severity, and some other mouth diseases in detail.

What Is Black Spots On Golden Retriever’s Tongue?

If you are not familiar with this condition, seeing black spots on your Golden Retriever’s tongue might surprise you. And like most owners, you may start panicking.

Generally, the black spots on your Golden Retriever’s tongue are a condition due to the deposition of extra pigments. And it is a common condition. So, consider the spots in the dog’s tongue as birthmarks or freckles of humans.

Although, most people assume the appearance of black spots on the tongue means representation on a Chow bloodline. But it is just a myth. Today, around thirty-eight pure dog breeds show this condition, and most of them aren’t Chow bloodline breed.

What Are The Other Places In Golden Retriever Where You Can Find Black Spots?

Usually, the mouth is the most common place where black spots appear. But having said that, black-spot isn’t always present in your Golden Retriever’s tongue. And the appearance and size of these spots differ in every dog.

However, some of the other places where you can find similar black spots are:

  • Lips
  • Under the skin coat
  • Paw pads
  • Toenails
  • Eye rims
  • Nose

Moreover, the spots in these places are of different shapes and sizes. Yet, it has the same texture. So, distinguishing them from other health conditions isn’t so difficult.

Have you seen the black spots in your pet?

Why Are There Black Spots On My Golden Retrievers Tongue?

Like freckles in humans, black spots on Golden Retriever’s tongue are natural. Generally, the Golden Retriever susceptible to this condition develops them at a very young age. So, the aging of your pet has nothing to do with this issue.

Usually, the shape and size of the black mark depend on the pigmentation of a dog. Thus, each Golden Retriever may develop a black spot of different sizes and shapes.

However, the cause of the black spot in your Golden Retriever’s tongue is melanin. Generally, melanin is a pigment that imparts color to the skin coat, hair, eyes, and iris in your pet. The same melanin settles in the surface of the pink tongue and gives some black marks to your pet.

Further,  the melanin deposition in your Golden Retriever’s tongue ends up as a black spot.

Can Black Spot On Golden Retriever’s Tongue Be A Problem?

The black spot on Golden Retriever’s tongue is a result of hyperpigmentation. So, it is not a fatal health issue, threat, or problem for your pal. Yet, you shouldn’t completely ignore these spots.

Regularly observe these areas. And when the texture and size of the black spots start changing drastically, ask advice from the Vet. Furthermore, two most fatal mouth conditions whose appearance coincide with the black-spot on Golden Retriever’s tongue are:

  • Canine melanoma
  • Squamous Carcinoma

However, these conditions appear more in the skin coat of your Golden Retriever than its tongue. And you can distinguish them because they are slight bulge flesh spots, unlike the black ones. So, consult with the Vet as soon as you notice these fleshy spots.

Furthermore, the black spots on the other parts of Golden Retriever are bluish rather than black. Thus, the marks on your pet’s body, aside from black or blue colors, indicate a severe health hazard. So, consult with Vet because early diagnosis of these issues ensures the success and effectiveness of the treatment.

What Are The Other Mouth Diseases Of Golden Retriever?

When you keep the outrageous popularity of Golden Retriever aside, you will know the complications in parenting high-maintenance and expensive dog breeds. Further, these breeds are susceptible to several health hazards like cancer, thyroid disorders, allergies, constipation, skin problems, heart diseases, ear infection, etc., which is troublesome.

However, the mouth diseases prone to Golden Retriever are:


Glossitis refers to an inflammation of your Golden Retriever’s tongue. The most common causes of this disease are injuries, wounds, chemicals, and injections. Usually, your pet loses its appetite and starts drooling or panting in the early stage of this disease.

However, early signs are subtle, so the owners cannot detect the disease until the gums and tongue become red and sore.

Fungal Stomatitis

Owing to the dense skin coat, Golden Retriever provides a perfect environment for bacterial and fungal growth like the outgrowth of Candida Albicans. As a result, your pet’s gums swell along with the tongue.

Further, due to the immense pain in the mouth, your pet fails to perform its daily activities like eating, exercising, playing, etc. Moreover, to treat this disease, use an antifungal medication as per the Vet’s prescription.

Trench Mouth

Trench mouth is the rare and most fatal mouth disease that causes the death of tissues present in the mouth. Usually, this a complex health condition where your pet suffers from gingivitis along with ulcers. Moreover, the symptoms of this disease are:

Canine Stomatitis

Canine stomatitis affects the mucous membranes of your Golden Retriever’s mouth. Thus, the membranes become irritable and swell. Along with this, the size of gums and lips also increases.

As a result, your pal’s lips appear swollen, often called a kissing condition. Besides this, your pet’s teeth also become sore that leads to ulceration.

Lip Fold Dermatitis

Lip fold dermatitis is a skin condition where the skin coat of your pal becomes irritating and swollen. As a result, the bacteria grow in your pet’s saliva. Thus, you will observe drooping, foul-smelling discharge from the mouth, gum inflammation, etc., in your Golden Retriever.

Therefore, you should focus on the hygiene of your Golden Retriever to prevent these diseases. Besides this, visit the Vet immediately to seek advice. Moreover, since food plays a vital role in maintaining dental health, always give your pet healthy natural snacks.

In addition, read this article- 6 Steps To Keep Your Golden Retriever’s Teeth Clean to clean your pet’s mouth.

Can A Pure-Bred Golden Retriever Have A Spotted Tongue?

Most owners assume that the presence of a black spot on your Golden Retriever’s tongue indicates that the Retriever is not a pure breed. But it is just a myth that has an unreliable clarification.

However, I can’t deny that the Golden Retriever’s tongue needs to be pink, unlike the black-tongue of the Chow Chow breed. Yet, declaring Golden Retriever has a mix-bred just due to the presents of black pigments is just not fair.

In defense of our friendly Golden Retriever, the list of breeds with black spot tongue contains more than 30 candidates. Does it mean each of them is a mix-breed dog?

Further, the black spots on your pet are pigmentation like the birthmarks or freckles present in humans.

Unlike Golden Retriever, some dog breeds have a natural black tongue and share a bluish-black spot trait. So, the concept of determining the breed type of a dog based on its black spot is unreliable. You should instead consult with Vet to check the bloodline.

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Which Dog Breeds Have Black Spot On Their Tongue?

When you look at the estimated list, nearly 38 dog breeds are susceptible to black spots in the tongue like Golden Retriever. And this is a huge list that includes the majority of Spaniel breeds termed as “Spritz”. Besides this, other dog breeds sharing similar features like Golden Retrievers are also present in this list.

However, listing all the dog breeds seems a little impossible because the names in the list are increasing each year. But the most common dog breeds that have black-spot eyes are:

  • Airedale
  • Australian Cattle Dog
  • Australian Shepherd
  • Bull Mastiff
  • Chow Chow
  • Cocker Spaniel
  • Dalmatian
  • English Setter
  • Flat-Coated Retriever
  • German Shepherd
  • Golden Retriever
  • Labrador Retriever
  • Mastiff
  • Newfoundland
  • Pomeranian
  • Pug
  • Soft-Coated Wheaten
  • Tibetan Mastiff and many more.

I hope after this, you are clear that the black spot in your Golden Retriever’s tongue has no relation with health hazards or breeding choices.

In addition, although mouth diseases are lesser prevalent in the case of Golden Retriever, ignoring them in the early stage can result in fatal health consequences. So, while grooming, always observe the teeth, skin coat, ears, eyes, and paws of your pal. Besides this, if you want to increase your pet glow, clean the teeth, brush the hair, and clean the ear regularly.

Further, Golden Retriever is a needy dog that relies on you for love, care, and attention. Hence, take out time from your busy schedule and makes lots and lots of memories. I assure you if you build a strong bond with your pal, its contagious smile will fill your life with happiness and excitement.

I hope this article brought you closure to your beautiful pal.

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