How To Clean Your Golden Retriever’s Ears At Home?

How To Clean The Ears Of Your Golden Retriever?

The Golden Retrievers are beautiful dogs and have appealing body features with dense, long, and smooth skin coats. However, since dust, dirt, and bacteria attach to their hairy skin coat, they are more susceptible to different infections like skin infections, allergies, ear infections, ringworms, bacterial infections, etc. Furthermore, due to the flappy and hairy features of the ears, the ears store many allergens and germs. Therefore, it is essential to clean your Golden Retriever’s ears.

Although the double-layered dirt-repellant skin coat of Golden Retrievers gets clean itself, the long floppy ears can store different types of bacteria and germs. Hence, clean the ears of your Golden Retrievers regularly using various ear solutions and ear wipes. Moreover, to ensure the clean ears of your Golden Retriever, check your pet’s ears while brushing, focus on the ears during the bath, check for infection, and consult with the Veterinarian.

However, if you ignore the ears of your pet while grooming, bacteria grows. And it leads to various ear infections. Eventually, the Retrievers lose their family-friendly attribute due to ear infections. As a consequence, your Retriever becomes irritable, aggressive, nervous, and destructive.

Furthermore, the Golden Retrievers completely lose their ear function due to untreated ear infections. Thus, the prevention of ear infections and ear cleaning are vital.

I guess you do not want a hearing loss in your pet. Do you?

Let us first discuss ear infections.

Ear Infections In Golden Retrievers | Is It Different From Humans?

Generally, ear infections are viral or bacterial infections in the ear of your Golden Retriever (either in only one or both ears). Furthermore, these infections cause fluid development and inflammation in the ear spaces of your pet. As a result, you will see swelling, redness, and fluid discharge in the ear of your pet.

Moreover, if you fail to treat them, the infections become worse with the time that leads to permanent hearing loss, brain abscess, and hearing loss of your pal. In addition, the American Kennel Club reports that 20% of dogs are suffering from various infections in one or both ears.

However, if you want to know more about Ear Infections, you can read Golden Retriever Ear Infections – Causes and Treatments.

Do you know some tools that help you to clean the ears of your Golden Retriever effectively?

Are you familiar with the tools?

What Are The Equipment You Need To Clean The Ears Of Your Golden Retriever?

Since the Golden Retrievers have droopy-ear, they require regular cleaning and care. However, the cleaning may be tedious. Thus, you can use some materials to make your ear cleaning experience continent and effective.

Hence, the materials are:

  • Cotton wool pads or damp cotton wool
  • Ear cleaner (dog specific)
  • Clean cotton towel
  • Plenty of treats (natural snacks)

Since these materials are most common in households, they are easy to manage (except the ear cleaners).

Do you know there are different types of ear cleaners?

Types Of Medications To Clean The Ears Of Your Golden Retriever

However, several medications are available in the market for the effective and easy cleaning of the ears of your pet.

And they are:

Ear cleanser To Clean The Ears Of Your Golden Retriever

Generally, the cleansers are gentle surfactants for cleaning the inner ear. Since they are natural bio-active enzymes, they control the mild microbes. Thus, they are effective for removing dirt.

Moreover, the cleanser contains no harsh chemicals and does not irritate your pet.

Ear Solution To Clean The Ears Of Your Golden Retriever

Ear solutions are easy to use and effective for the antibiotic-resistant organism. They destroy bacterial, viral, and yeast infections. Thus, they are effective for treating inflammation in the inner ear.

Moreover, using ear solutions once daily for seven days can treat serious ear infections.

Ear Cleaner Wipes To Clean The Ears Of Your Golden Retriever

The wipes are the advanced formula that helps to clean the ears of your pet. Furthermore, they help in cleaning the discharge of the ear. Thus, the ears of your pet become dry and odor-free.

Apart from this, the cleaner wipes also reduce wax build-up, debris and soothe the ear of your pet.

Ear Relief Wash To Clean The Ears Of Your Golden Retriever

The ear relief wash contains various natural ingredients for soothing the ear. Furthermore, it controls odor, irritation, and itching in the ear of your pet.

However, the ingredients present in the ear relief wash are:

  • Aloe vera
  • Tea tree oil
  • Witch hazel
  • Chamomile

Since all these ingredients are natural, ear relief wash has no side effects.

Which one will be helpful for your pet?

Have you used any of them?

How was your experience?

How To Clean Your Golden Retriever’s Ears

After you are sure that you have all the essential equipment. Then, you can start cleaning the ear of your pet. Generally, the process includes eight steps. Thus, they are:

1. Make your Golden Retriever comfortable. However, keeping the pet between your legs will be the best way to control your pet. Then, lift the ear of your pet and observe.

2. Check for the signs of infections(redness, swelling, patches, and foul-smelling discharge). Although the presence of light-colored wax in a small amount is natural, a large amount of wax in the ear may be an indication of infection.

3. Gently clean the areas around the ears of your pet with a damp cotton cloth. Also, remove the dirt and excessive wax with a wipe while cleaning the ears.

4. Be cautious about the tools and materials you use. Therefore, always use a dog-based cleanser.

5. Insert the ear drops carefully and tap the ear of

your pet after each insertion.

6. Follow the suggestion of the Vet for the amount of

ear drops necessary.

7. Massage the base of the ears of your Golden

Retriever after you put the cleanser in the ear.

8. Take breaks and give treats frequently to manage the

attitude of your pet. Repeat the same process in another ear also.

How do you clean the ears of your

Golden Retriever?

What do you use for cleaning?

Do you know the tips for caring for the ears of your pet?

What Are The Tips For Caring The Ears Of Your Golden Retriever?

Caring for the ears of your Golden Retriever is essential for its healthy life. Besides this, if you are the ears of your Golden Retrievers, you can also prevent various infections. Moreover, the time you spend caring helps to enhance your bond with your pet.

Thus, here are some caring tips that you can follow at home:

  • Observe the ears of your Golden Retrievers daily for signs of infections (redness, swelling, discharge, or foul smell)
  • Clean the ear properly while you brush the coat of your pet daily
  • Use cotton buds to clean the ears of your pet
  • Observe the ears of your pal after swimming
  • Wash and clean the paws of your pet after playing or exercise
  • Provide the pet with balanced food and emphasize more on natural snacks as treats. (This prevents your pet from allergies)
  • Seek the help of the Vet whenever you approach problems (signs of infections)

Do you follow these tips for your pet?

Do you want to add anything to this list?

However, you may be making mistakes while cleaning the ears of your pet. As a result, your actions may damage the ears of your pal.

What Are Your Mistakes While You Clean The Ears Of Your Golden Retrievers?

There is much more to know about the pets their behavior. Thus, sometimes we may be following the wrong tips or ideas for cleaning our pet.

Hence, some of the most common mistakes are:

Using Harsh Ingredients To Clean The Ears Of Your Golden Retriever

People may sometimes advise you to use alcohol, vinegar, and hydrogen peroxide for cleaning the ears of your Golden Retrievers. However, these substances are very harmful.

Instead of cleaning the ears, they change the pH level. Thus, those substances cause ear irritation and drying of ear tissues.

Trying To Clean The Infected Ears Of Your Golden Retriever

It is not your work to clean the red, swollen, or inflamed ear. Moreover, an infected ear needs the guidance of a professional for treatment.

Thus, your illiterate actions of cleaning could do more damage to the ear. Hence, you must seek the advice of a professional for cleaning those sensitive areas.

Overdoing To Clean The Ears Of Your Golden Retriever

Although cleaning the ear of your pet is vital, overcleaning the ears will irritate the ear tissues. In addition, the tissues may dry out due to excessive cleaning.

Instead of improving the condition of the ears in your pet, it deteriorates the skin in the ears inviting bacteria for infection. Thus, excessive cleaning harms the ears of your Golden Retriever.

Using Q-Tips To Clean The Ears Of Your Golden Retriever

Despite the promising advertisements of Q-Tips, they do more harm to the ear than do. Generally, the Q-Tips push the dirt and debris towards the ear canal.

As a result, they damage the eardrum of your Golden Retriever. Never use them.

Treating The Ear Infection Of Your Golden Retriever At Home

After the ears of your Golden Retriever gets an infection, it is not easy to treat. Thus, it requires professionals like the Vet to cure those infections. However, the continuous supervision and different antibiotics of the Vet can treat those infections faster.

Thus, do not ignore the infections of your pet. Instead of using reckless methods for treating, consult with the Vet immediately after you notice signs. Since an earlier prognosis leads to earlier treatment, asking the help from the Vet at the initial stage of infection promotes effective treatment.

I hope you are not following this mistake. Be cautious and do not follow these mistakes when you clean the ears of your Golden Retriever. 

However, you are too busy with your work and fail to clean the ears of your Golden Retriever. Do you know the consequences?

What Will Happen If You Do Not Clean The Ears Of Your Golden Retrievers?

Parenting a Golden Retriever is not as easy as it may look. However, the pet needs regular care and supervision. Moreover, if you fail to groom them properly, it may result in fatal health issues.

Furthermore, the consequences that arise when you fail to clean the ears of your Golden Retriever are:

In addition, the Golden Retrievers lose their family-friendly attribute. Thus, they cannot be the playing companion of your kids. As a result of your negligence, your kind and generous pal is no longer calm.

I guess you do not want an aggressive and destructive. Do you?

However, your cleaning becomes ineffective sometimes. Thus, your pet may suffer from an ear infection.

Thus, how will you know that the ears of your pet are not clean?

What Are The Signs That Indicates You Fail To Clean The Ears Of Your Golden Retriever?

There is language behavior between humans and the Golden Retrievers. Thus, they cannot speak. As a result, the Retrievers indicate their problems through different signs.

Therefore, the signs indicating your cleaning is not effective are:

  • Redness of ear
  • Inflammation of areas around the ear
  • Dark-brown to yellow-green fluid discharge
  • Smelly nose after bath

However, the above signs are present in the ear. But the Golden Retriever also shows some signals of illness. Thus, these signs are:

  • Frequent scratching of the ear
  • Shaking of the head, tilting of the head
  • Whimpering sound
  • Aggressiveness
  • Unusual eye movement
  • Unsteady body, loss of balance
  • Not responding to your commands

Therefore, if your pet shows such behavior, you consult with the Vet immediately.

What Are The Diseases That Results From Lack Of Cleaning?

Like humans, cleanliness is vital for the Golden Retrievers. Moreover, the thick and dense skin coat of the Retrievers stores various organisms or germs. Therefore, if you fail to clean your Golden Retriever, your pet suffers from different diseases.

However, some of these diseases are:

  • Skin infections
  • Allergies
  • Parasitic infections (flea, tick, worms, etc.)
  • Cancer (skin cancer)
  • Gastro-intestinal problems (Constipation due to engulfing of the harmful organism)
  • Eye problems
  • Coat thinning Or Balding (Alopecia)

Do you want all these diseases in your pet?

I guess you do not. Therefore, it is your responsibility to protect your pal. Moreover, if you are a little attentive or conscious towards your pet’s hygiene, your Golden Retriever can live a healthier and longer lifespan.

Besides this, the Golden Retrievers understand the language of love. Thus, your attention and concern help you to strengthen your bond with your pal.

So, it is up to you! What do you want a healthier and active life for your pal or shorter life full of disease and infection?

Think carefully before ignoring your responsibility.

Do you get ideas about how to clean the ear of your Golden Retriever?

Were those ideas helpful for your pet?

Please leave your suggestions below for further improvement.

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