Golden Retriever Growth Stages | Development Stage

Golden Retriever Growth Stages

Owing to the beautiful body structure and friendly temperament, Golden Retriever steals people’s attention wherever it goes. Are you planning to own these breeds? Then, you should be familiar with the growth stages of a Golden Retriever to ensure its long and active lifespan. Golden Retriever is a rapidly-growing dog and has five growth stages. Generally, they start from neonatal, … Read more

Can A Golden Retriever Have Blue Eyes?

Can A Golden Retriever Have Blue Eyes

The soft and appealing eyes with a friendly attribute of Golden Retriever can undeniably allure everyone’s heart. But do all of these breeds have the same type of eye? Although most of these breeds have brown eyes, there certainly are few exceptions with blue eyes. So, why do you think Golden Retriever has blue eyes? In contrast to … Read more

When Does Golden Retriever Get Long Hair?

When Does Golden Retriever Get Long Hair

Undoubtedly, the lustrous, long, and golden hair of Golden Retriever contributes a lot to its popularity. Besides this, their smooth body with perfect size makes these breeds a great cuddling companion. But do you know that the long hair of a Golden Retriever grows only after a certain age? So, when does a Golden Retriever get long … Read more

Why Are There Black Spots On My Golden Retriever’s Tongue?

Black spot on Golden Retriever’s tongue

Parenting a Golden Retriever is not just about sheltering the dog. Feeding, grooming, training, exercise, health checkups, treatments, and supervision are equally vital for a long and active lifespan of a Golden Retriever. Usually, this breed is susceptible to several health complications. And, the black spots on Golden Retriever’s tongue don’t seem to be a severe … Read more

Why Are My Golden Retriever’s Eyes Red? [13 Reasons]

Why Are My Golden Retriever’s Eyes Red

Owing to the body structure and playful nature, Golden Retrievers are susceptible to various types of infection. And as the fur of these breeds is dense, ear infections, eye diseases, skin problems, and parasitic infections are common. Since eye diseases are more common, don’t you want to know why your Golden Retriever’s eyes are red? There several … Read more

Why Is Your Golden Retriever Curly Or Wavy? Causes And Solution

Why Is The Hair Of Your Golden Retriever Curly or Wavy [9 Reasons]

You cannot deny that one of the reasons for the outrageous popularity of a Golden Retriever is its irresistible skin coat and silky hair. The soft, shiny, and long hair of a Golden Retriever makes this dog breed one of the beautiful creatures alive. Don’t you find the fur of your pet appealing? What kind of hair … Read more

Why Is Your Golden Retrievers Nose Turning Brown?

Why Is Your Golden Retrievers Nose Turning Brown

Owing to the appealing body structures and attribute of the Golden Retrievers, they are the most popular dog breeds in the USA. Moreover, after you bring a Golden Retriever home, you want a happy and peaceful life with your pet. However, a Golden Retriever is susceptible to many health issues. Thus, if your Golden Retrievers’ nose … Read more

Why Isn’t My Golden Retriever Fluffy? What To Do?

Why Is Your Golden Retriever Not Fluffy?

In general, fluffy hair is a prominent feature that adds to the popularity of the Golden Retrievers. Further, their lustrous and soft coat makes these breeds the perfect cuddling companion for your kids. But sometimes, the fur your pal may develop frizzy and thin. Do you know why your Golden Retriever is not fluffy? Golden Retriever’s fluffy hair depends … Read more