How To Get Golden Retrievers To Stop Barking? [7 Methods]

How To Get Golden Retrievers To Stop Barking_

The sweet and innocent temperament is for sure one of the reasons for the outrageous popularity of the Golden Retrievers all over the USA. And No one can deny the fact. Yet, in contrast to their usual behavior, the pet sometimes becomes destructive and barks a lot. So, you need to know how to get the golden retrievers to stop barking.

There are many ways to stop the Golden Retrievers from barking. But proper behavioral training comes at the top. Besides this, enough nutrition, healthy treats, socialization, positive reinforcement, and health checkups can help. Above them, love and care from the owners is the best way to manage the behavior of the Golden Retriever.

Since the Golden Retrievers rise to fame due to their family-friendly attribute, barking behavior can induce the downfall of their fame. Moreover, the dogs with emotional issues and warning signs are not appropriate for being the companion of the kids. Thus, the barking behavior of your pet me drift you from your pal.

Do you want that? I guess you want to live a healthy and peaceful life with your pet. Thus, as you read further, I will disclose more about the barking behavior of the Golden Retrievers and the ways to stop it.

Barking Behavior Of The Golden Retrievers

The Golden Retrievers are not much of a barking dog. Yet, you can seldom see these breeds barking. But do you know what barking is? Barking is a short-lord cry of the animals (commonly, dogs).

Generally, the Golden Retrievers bark on various occasions, and the pitch of barking also differs accordingly. Moreover, these dogs bark in a high-pitch and make an alarming sound when they are hungry, nervous, excited, and anxious. But if the dogs need to claim their territory, they bark in a low-pitch.

Did you know the Golden Retrievers may bark in happiness?

7 Methods To Get Golden Retrievers To Stop Barking?

Since the Golden Retrievers are family dogs, they need to adapt to the human environment and surroundings. And behaviors like barking, growling, yelping, etc., disturb the peaceful surrounding. Besides this, the barking of the Golden Retrievers also suggests health issues that need treatment.

Therefore, here are some ways that can help to stop the Golden Retrievers from barking:

1. Healthy Meal Stops Golden Retrievers From Barking

Proper nutrition has great importance in the healthy lifespan of the Golden Retrievers. Foods and treats always bring excitement. And since these dog breeds enjoy eating, a nutritional meal can enhance their mood. Thus, a healthy meal can distract the Golden Retrievers when they are barking.

Along with this, a diet having all essential nutrients prevents the Golden Retriever from health hazards. Therefore, you should focus on nutritional foods for your pet. Besides this, food supplements can also help to keep the Golden Retrievers happy and healthy.

2. Use Natural Snacks To Treat The Golden Retrievers

The metabolism and digestion of the Golden Retrievers differ from human beings. Thus, the food beneficial for humans may be harmful to these breeds. And those foods are:

Foods Golden Retrievers Should Not Eat Fruits Golden Retrievers Should Not Eat
Garlic Grapes
Beets Avocado
Brussels sprouts Tomatoes
Cabbage Figs
Corn Cherries
Eggplant Apricots
Mushrooms Dates

Instead of promoting the health condition, these foods degrade the immunity of the Golden Retrievers. Also, they have a devastating effect on the digestive system that leads to gastrointestinal problems like constipationbloating, diarrhea, etc.

Thus, you should use natural snacks while rewarding your pet. These foods mitigate health issues and relax the dogs. So, they help to stop Golden Retrievers from barking.

3. Give Time And Attention To Stop Golden Retrievers From Barking

Golden Retrievers loves and adores their owners. Sometimes the Golden Retrievers start barking due to boredom and ignorance. They might feel low and bark to gain the attention of owners.

So, you should spend time with your pet, bathe, groom, cuddle, play and go on walks with your pal. All these strengthen your bond with your furry friend. Thus, the pet idolizes you and always follows your order. Hence, you can stop the Golden Retrievers from barking when you want.

Besides this, the care you give to the Golden Retrievers maintains their hygiene. Therefore, it mitigates the chances of fungal and bacterial infection along with barking.

4. Avoid Punishing The Golden Retrievers Due To Barking

Golden Retrievers can understand the language of love and love you back. But punishing the Golden Retrievers breaks your bond with your pet. And it makes the pet aggressive and disobedient.

Thus, you should avoid punishing your pet. Instead of beating or threatening your pet, ignore the mistakes. Also, encourage the positive behavior of your pal by rewards. It makes your pet obedient. So, the Golden Retrievers will stop barking in your command.

5. Increase Socialization To Stop Golden Retrievers From Barking

Golden Retrievers are friendly dog breeds and enjoy around people. But due to the lack of socialization, the Golden Retrievers sometimes start barking whenever they see unfamiliar faces.

Therefore, socializing is essential. For this, you can take the pet to social gatherings, long walks, house parties, and invite guests at home. Besides this, the Golden Retrievers are the perfect companion for children. So, take the pet to parks and playing grounds to make your pal familiar with people.

6. Take Help For The Professionals To Stop Golden Retrievers From Barking

Since the Golden Retrievers are more likely to suffer from health issues, sometimes barking may indicate health hazards. Thus, you should seek help from a professional to solve this issue. The Vet will diagnose the disease and prescribes medication for treatment.

Along with this, the Vet also suggests the best diet and training plans for the Golden Retrievers to promote their healthy lifespan. Furthermore, consulting the animal behaviorist finds the root cause of excessive barking in the Golden Retrievers. So, the owners can mitigate those causes.

7. Train The Golden Retrievers To Stop Barking

Training the Golden Retrievers is essential to discipline them. Since these breeds are intelligent, they learn the command quickly. Thus, you can stop the Golden Retrievers from barking.

Furthermore, training sessions like potty training, bite inhibition training, and aggression control helps in controlling the behavior of the pet. Besides this, other training methods like diabetes assistance training and blood pressure assistance training can save lives.

Owing to the intelligence, the Golden Retriever learns and adapts several training methods. And that makes this breed more attractive and appealing. However, do you know the training sessions you can use to stop the Golden Retrievers from barking?

If you do not, you can get your answer further in this article.

What Are The Training Sessions That Stop Golden Retrievers From Barking?

You cannot debate with the intelligence of the Golden Retrievers. These breeds are indeed a beauty with brains. Thus, you can train them the way you want.

And if you find your pet barking a lot, take them to the Vet for examination. After you are sure that your pal is not suffering from health issues, consult with the Vet and opt for training. Generally, you can use three methods of training to stop the Golden Retrievers from barking. And they are:

Stop Golden Retrievers From Barking Using Barking Method

Since the ancestors of the Golden Retrievers are wolves, the barking behavior comes naturally. Thus, barking is impossible to eliminate. Therefore, this method helps to teach your pet to bark only in need.

Hence, the steps include:

  1. Firstly, teach your pet commands like sit, stop, run, speak, go, and stand.
  2. Observe the actions of the Golden Retrievers and list out the situation when they start barking.
  3. Create the same scenario and encourage the pet to bark using the command- speak.
  4. Show the pet its favorite treat and command it to stop barking.
  5. If it stops barking, give the treats as a reward.
  6. Repeat these steps for weeks until you are sure that your pet knows when to bark and when to stop.
  7. Since the same treats or foods might discourage your pal, switch their favorite healthy treats often for positive reinforcement.

The Good Dog Method To Stop Golden Retrievers From Barking

As we know that, love does not need language. The Golden Retrievers can know when someone loves them. In this method, the owners can use a loving and assuring voice to calm their pet and stop the Golden Retrievers from barking.

For this, you can follow the following steps:

  • Generate a scenario where the Golden Retrievers often start barking.
  • Call out the name of your pet in a soft voice when the pet starts to bark.
  • Say good dog when the pet approaches you and stops barking.
  • Encourage its behavior by giving the dog treats.
  • Repeat these steps for weeks.
  • Then, before the dog starts barking, use the keyword- good dog.
  • When your pal becomes silent listening to your word, give a pat and its favorite treat.

Quiet Method Helps To Stop Golden Retriever From Barking

Since Golden Retrievers do not understand verbal language, it communicates through body language. Thus, commands can be the best way to direct your pet. After you teach your pal all basic commands, you can use this method to stop your pal from barking.

And the steps are:

  1. Analyze the behavior of your pet. Create a fake situation to induce barking of the Golden Retrievers.
  2. When the dog starts barking, hold the favorite treat of your pal and command the pet.
  3. Give a sign of yes or correct if the pet stops listening to your command.
  4. Calm the pet for some time. And then reward the pet with a treat.
  5. Continue this method until you get assurance that the pet is under control.

Will you try these methods?

Which one of these methods was most appealing?

Do you know all the sounds that the Golden Retrievers make?

Do Golden Retrievers Make Other Sounds Than Barking?

Undoubtedly, the Golden Retrievers and their owners will never have a conversation like humans. Thus, due to this barrier, the pet uses various body language to verbalize what they want. Apart from this, the dog also uses several vocalizations to share its feeling.

However, the most common sounds that the Golden Retrievers make are:

  • Howling
  • Whining
  • Barking
  • Purring
  • Growling
  • Singing

Does your pet also make these sounds? Which one of these sounds is most prominent?

What Makes The Golden Retrievers To Bark?

Although barking is the natural behavior of dogs, you cannot blame the Golden Retriever for barking. There are several reasons why the Golden Retrievers start barking. And I guess after you know how to stop your pet barking, the question about the reasons that make the dog bark is ringing in your head.

Hence, the most common reasons that induce the Golden Retrievers to bark are:

Lack Of Care And Attention

The owners are undoubtedly the favorite person of the Golden Retrievers. If you do not believe, you can clear your doubts from the article – 16 Ways To Know Your Golden Retriever Loves You.

Therefore, the dogs want constant care and affection from their owners. But when you are too busy with your work, the pet feels boring and ignored. Hence, the Golden Retrievers start barking to gain the attention of their owners.


Some situations may excite the dogs. Hence, the Golden Retrievers start barking. So, if your pet is barking in the following scenario, you should assume that it is due to excitement.:

  • When your pal sees you after a long gap.
  • After you give the pet its meal.
  • When the dog sees flies and insects.
  • After receiving new toys
  • When you reward your pet
  • When the dog sees vehicles

In addition, when the dogs bark due to excitement, they use a high pitch. So, you can distinguish this type of barking with ease.

Diseases And Illnesses

The Golden Retrievers are prone to several harmful health issues. But sometimes, the signs of these issues not noticeable. Furthermore, this illness weakens the immune system of the dogs.

And these diseases may be:

Hence the dogs experience immense pain. As a result, the Golden Retrievers outburst with a deep barking sound. Along with this, the pet is very vulnerable during illness and suspects everything as a threat. Thus, the dog barks frequently.

Side Effects Of Medication

Some medications and health treatments cause the behavioral change of your pet. And these medications/treatments may be:

  • Chemotherapy
  • Sedatives
  • Birth control
  • Antithyroid medicines
  • Corticosteroids

All these therapy methods fluctuate the hormonal level of the dog. Thus, some Golden Retrievers start barking more frequently after these treatments.

For Protection

Those dogs with a history of attacks and incidents are very anxious and insecure. As a result of their emotional instability, they never trust the people around them. So, when someone approaches these Golden Retrievers, they start barking in defense to warm the person.

Furthermore, sometimes your pet may also bark seeing a stranger at the door. Since the Golden Retrievers love the owners, they bark whenever they see unfamiliar faces to warn their owners. I think this might be their way of protecting their owners and the house.


If you have a Golden Retriever, you will not deny its love for food. So, when the owners fail to give these breeds enough food, they become cranky and irritated.

Along with this, these dogs need more food in some conditions like:

  • When they are young
  • After excessive exercising or training
  • If they are suffering from harmful diseases

So, the Golden Retrievers start barking to regain the attention of their owners for more food.

To Claim Their Territory

Golden Retrievers do not like sharing their owners, food, or toys. Thus, when someone approaches or touches their belongings, the Golden Retrievers start barking to warn.

Furthermore, the pet may freeze in the place while barking to claim its territory. Similarly, they never want to share their owners. Thus, it barks at unfamiliar people or animals besides their owner.

Fear And Anxiety

The Golden Retrievers from the disturbing breeding environment or with a history of attacks and accidents do not trust the owners. Thus, they assume all approaching objects as danger. And Golden Retrievers start barking to warn the threat.

What do you think is barking a warning sign?

Does your pet become destructive after barking?

What do you do to control the situation?

To know more about it, read the article- Why Does My Golden Retriever Bark So Much?

Is Barking A Warning Sign Of The Golden Retrievers?

Sometimes, the Golden Retrievers bark to show the excitement that is not a sign of danger. But if the Golden Retrievers start barking excessively in high pitch sound, it means that the dogs have other harmful problems. And you as an owner need to solve them.

However, barking can be warning signs in the following cases:

  • the pet ignores the food or toy
  • Shows agitation
  • Starts yelping
  • Has difficulty in breathing
  • Shows aggressive signs

Does yo0ru pet show these signs?

Don’t you think your pal may have a health issue?

Thus, when you see these signs in your pet while barking, immediately consult the Vet.

What Are The Other Warning Signs Of The Golden Retrievers?

Golden Retrievers may show several warning signs when they are emotionally unstable. Thus, the signs that the dogs show before attacking are:

  • Intense and direct eye contact
  • Stiff body posture
  • Showing the teeth
  • Opening and closing of the mouth
  • Slow wagging of the tail
  • Low growls

If your pet shows signs, do not approach it. Ignore it and let your pal calm down. And after your pet calms, seek the help of an animal behaviorist.

Do you think the steps mentioned above are helpful?

If you have a pet, how do you manage its behavior?

Would you like to share your experience and suggestion?

Please share them with your view about this article.

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