Why Is My Golden Retriever Puppy Howling? [13 Reasons]

13 Reasons Why Is My Golden Retriever Puppy Howling

Unlike humans, a dog cannot use verbal language to communicate, so they use body language and different sounds to express their feelings. And being a popular-family dog, Golden Retrievers know how to get the attention of their owners. If you have a puppy Golden Retriever, you are probably more familiar with the howling sound. Aren’t you?

So, why is your Golden Retriever puppy howling? The many reasons why a puppy howls are fear, boredom, loneliness, pain, illness, and separation anxiety. Besides this, a dog claims his territory, invites others to play, and shows his aggression by howling. Further, howling is a response to several trigger factors like horns, sirens, barking, etc.

Further, as Golden Retrievers evolved into a family dog, it learned many sounds and body language to communicate with its owner. Thus, making different sounds is their natural way to express their emotions. But sometimes, howling may be a serious indication of some fatal health issues.

Moreover, I will be disclosing all the necessary information about the howling habit of a Golden Retriever puppy in this article. I hope this information is helpful for your Golden Retriever’s care.

What Is Howling In Golden Retriever?

Howling is a loud, long, and crying sound made by a Golden Retriever or any dog. Further, this type of sound is a characteristic trait of wolves. But with evolution, dogs adapted this sound to vocalize their cry, pain, anger, sadness, and distress.

So, nowadays howling, is an inherited expression of a Golden Retriever from its ancestors. As a dog howls, other neighborhood dogs follow it to claim their territory. Thus, howling is an autonomic and contagious instinctive response of dogs.

Although, the howling sound of these dogs is disturbing sometimes. But according to animal behaviorists, it is not as terrible as it seems. Instead, they state that the howling of your pet is an indication to:

  • Warning sign to potential predator encroaching on territory.
  • Call to give guidance and bring other members home.
  • Sign to other members when they get their prey.
  • Call of help to find direction.

However, your Golden Retriever is more of a family pet now. So, unlike their hunting ancestor, they use these signs to communicate and bond with their owners instead. Therefore, the reason for howling in your Golden retriever puppy is much more than the above causes.

Is Howling A Serious Health Issue In A Puppy Golden Retriever?

Most of the time, the howling habit of a puppy Golden Retriever is an instinct or a general expression of their emotions. But sometimes, your pal may also use this sound as a warning sign to indicate a serious health hazard.

Thus, to know the severity of howling in a puppy Golden Retriever, you must look for the following signs:

So, if your puppy shows these signs along with howling, you must get it clear that the issue is fatal than an instinct. Therefore, you should talk to the Vet immediately for early prognosis and effective treatment of the health issue.

What Does A Puppy Golden Retriever Howl In The Morning?

Although, Golden Retriever learned many commands from humans over the years. But still, they cannot talk verbally to express their emotions. So, they use different sounds and body language instead.

Thus, the howling of a puppy Golden Retriever is one of the most common noises that will wake you up.

However, the most prominent cause of howling early in the morning is starvation. Golden Retriever loves food, and puppies are in their growing phase. So, after a long night of fast, your pal desires food early in the morning and barks.

Besides this, the body functions in a puppy aren’t mature yet. So, they pee frequently with more urgency. Hence, they might howl in want of a potty break.

What do you do when your pal howls in the morning?

Is It Common For A Puppy Golden Retriever To Howl At Night?

Generally, most puppies often howl, bark, and whins at night. So, if you have a puppy Golden Retriever, the howling sound isn’t unfamiliar for you.

Usually, the most prominent cause of howling of a puppy at night is to get attention. After leaving the breeding house, a puppy feels uncomfortable in the new environment and takes little time to get familiar. So, they howl at night to draw the attention of their owners and feel safe.

Besides this, a puppy cannot control their bladder. Thus, it needs frequent peeing intervals. So, they howl at night to call their owner for peeing.

Does your puppy howl at night? What do you do?

13 Reasons Why Is Your Golden Retriever Puppy Howling?

The loud and long cry of your Golden Retriever puppy is heartbreaking. Moreover, the howling habit of your pal during the night can be disturbing. And if your pal is howling more these days, what do you think maybe the reason?

However, there are many reasons for your puppy Golden Retriever howling. And some of them are:

Howling Of A Puppy Golden Retriever Due To Boredom

Like kids, Golden Retrievers are enthusiastic and energetic. When you fail to manage the schedule of your pal, it gets more leisure time. So, it may feel boring.

Besides this, the lack of enough stimuli to keep them working and busy in the day makes them aggressive and irritable. So, they start chewing, biting, nipping, and howling. Thus, if your puppy Golden Retriever is restless and starts howling, it might be due to boredom.

A Puppy Golden Retriever Might Be Howling Due To Fear

After spending 8 to 12 weeks under the shelter of their mother, your house is a completely new environment for your pet. Therefore, your pet may feel uncomfortable, scared, and anxious at first.

Apart from this, a puppy from an abusive breeding environment instills a negative impression in the brain. Thus, it fears everything. Hence, those puppies howl more often to express their fear.

To Seek The Attention Of Owners

Undoubtedly, owners are the favorite person of Golden Retrievers. As owners give them food, love, care, training, and attention, the puppies feel safe and secure around their owners. Thus, a puppy Golden Retriever howls when they are uncomfortable, sad, or afraid to get the attention of their owners.

Moreover, Golden Retrievers are needy dogs. Therefore, they constantly search for the opportunity to attract others and gain attention. So, these dogs start howling whenever they want attention.

Because Of Loneliness

Golden Retrievers are social animals, and they love to interact with people. Unless they have a history of accidents or attacks, these dogs love to be around people, talk, and play. So, when you leave your pal alone in the crate box, they feel lonely and neglected.

Moreover, due to their loneliness, they become aggressive and destructive. Therefore, in an attempt to express its distress and loneliness, a puppy Golden Retriever starts howling to call out its owners.

Due To Pain And Illness

Golden Retrievers and their susceptibility to several health issues aren’t new terms. Ever since the origin of these dogs, they are fighting against various diseases like cancer, hip dysplasia, eye diseases, joint disorders, skin diseases, heart diseases, ear infections, etc.

And as a consequence of these diseases, your pal may experience immense pain. So, they use a long and loud crying sound like howling to express their pain, sadness, and discomfort.

Howling Is A Genetic Habit Of A Puppy Golden Retriever

Usually, scientists believed that wolves are the ancestors of dogs. And howling is a dominant sound of wolves. So, this sound might be an inherited trait that Golden Retrievers have in their genes.

Furthermore, all of these dogs breeds howls whether to express their happiness or grief. So, the howling habit is an automatic response of your pal to emotions that passed through generations.

To Beckon Their Loved Ones Back Home

Since you are the one that spends the most time with your pal, they adore you. Along with this, it always looks forward to lick, hug, and cuddle with you. So, when you come back, they feel happy and excited.

Thus, your puppy Golden Retriever starts howling to express their joy. Besides this, your pal might also wag its tail, hug you, lick your face, bark, and follow you to tell you that they missed you.

A Puppy Golden Retriever Howls To Claim Their Territory

Although, Golden Retriever mostly has a friendly temperament. But they are extremely possessive and territory. Therefore, they don’t like to share their food, favorite toy, and even the owners.

Hence, whenever someone approaches the things that belong to your puppy Golden Retriever, it starts howling to claim their authority. Furthermore, these breeds don’t like other dogs around their house. So, they howl when they see other animals in their territory to claim it.

Due To Separation Anxiety

After you bring a puppy Golden Retriever home, it is very susceptive and emotionally vulnerable during the initial days. And, a harsh breeding environment further breaks their trust.

So, they always want to be near the person that makes them safe. Further, since owners have a bond with their pets, their pals feel safe around them.

However, when you leave your pal alone for a long time, it feels anxious and uncomfortable. Therefore, your puppy Golden Retriever starts howling to call you.

A Puppy Golden Retriever Might Be Howling Due To Excitement

Being an innocent dog breed, Golden Retrievers are easy to please. Thus, even small things make these dogs happy and excited. So, when you give your pal new toys, it starts howling due to excitement.

Besides this, a puppy Golden Retriever loves to eat. So, offering them their favorite meal can also excite them to start howling. Further, seeing you after a long gap or work also makes your pal howl in excitement.

In Response Of Trigger Factors

Golden Retrievers are intelligent dogs. So, they can sense when something is wrong by analyzing the environment. Thus, these dogs sometimes howl in response to trigger factors to alert others.

Usually, the trigger factors that make your pal start howling in response are:

  • Loud noise
  • Sirens
  • Loud music
  • Fighting
  • Howling sound of other dogs
  • Barking sounds

Due To Lack Of Exercise

Golden Retrievers are a highly energetic dog breed. And puppy, in general, resembles the kids in their energy and love for playing games. Thus, to manage their excess energy level, they need at least an hour of daily exercise and intense physical training.

Moreover, lack of adequate physical activities makes these dogs restless. As a result, they make usual sounds like grunting, barking, whining, and howling.

A Puppy Golden Retriever Might Be Howling To Invite You To Play

A puppy Golden Retriever is very playful. So, it can play with your kids the whole day without exhaustion. Further, being their favorite person, your pal enjoys playing with you.

So, your pet sometimes approaches you with a toy and starts howling to invite you to play.

However, howling doesn’t always depict the happiness of your puppy Golden Retriever. Furthermore, excessive howling may destroy the peaceful environment of your house.

Therefore, you should try to stop your pet. Do you know how to stop- your pal from howling?

How To Stop Your Puppy Golden Retriever From Howling?

Since the howling of your puppy Golden Retriever often relates to fatal health issues, it is essential to stop them. Thus, to help you I have some ideas. And they are:

Schedule Your Puppy Golden Retriever’s Activities

If you make a proper schedule for all the daily activities, you can engage your pal throughout the day. So, your pet will get lesser time to feel lonely or bored.

Besides this, all these activities strain your pal. Hence, they will no longer have the energy to howl, whin, or bark. Thus, your pet becomes calm and quiet.

Feed Your Puppy Golden Retriever Properly

A puppy Golden Retriever is in a growing phase. Therefore, it needs a balanced diet for proper growth and healthy life. So, you as owners should balance your pal’s meal. For this, ensure your pal gets all essential nutrients and add food supplements if necessary.

Besides this, you should also look at the treats you feed your pal. Often most owners spoil their pet with harmful human foods that induce gastrointestinal problems like constipation, bloating, diarrhea, vomiting, etc.

So, don’t feed your pal onions, chocolate, coffee, cakes, grapes, raw meat, etc., as treats. Instead, use healthy natural snacks to reward your puppy Golden Retriever.

Daily Exercising With Your Puppy Golden Retriever

Being a highly energetic dog, your puppy needs at least an hour of exercise every day to manage its energy level. Besides this, exercise can increase your pal’s socializing skills and makes it more lovely. So, take your pet for walks, jogging, in parks, hiking, long treks, camping, etc.

Along with this, playing, fetching, retrieving, etc., will increase your bond with your puppy Golden Retriever. So, they will be more obedient towards you and stops howling under your command.

Train Your Puppy Golden Retriever To Enjoy Alone

Crate training can contribute to help your pal understand that they can be happy alone. And loneliness doesn’t mean threat or danger. After crate training, a puppy Golden Retriever learns to enjoy its own company and stops howling.

However, some other training to discipline your pet is potty training, bite inhibition training, diabetic assistance training, barking control training, and aggression management training.

Supervise And Give Attention To Your Puppy Golden Retriever

Continuous supervision protects your pet from accidents and injuries. Moreover, your pal doesn’t feel ignored if you are always around them. Along with this, your puppy might feel safe, secure, and protected when you are around.

Moreover, you cannot always be around due to work commitments. So, you can seek help from friends and family to help in your pet’s care.

Use Thunder Shirt To Make Your Golden Retriever Feel Safe

Thunder shirt (Thundershirt HGS-T01) protects the body of your pal. Therefore, it protects your puppy Golden Retriever from possible injuries while playing. Besides this, it covers your pal’s skin coat for infectious agents.

Thus, it reduces the chances of diseases and infections. As a consequence, this automatically declines your pet’s howling habit.

Manage A Comfortable Sleeping Environment

An uncomfortable sleeping area is often the reason for your pal’s howling at night. So, you should manage a comfortable bed for your pet in their crate box. Along with this, keep soft blankets, cushions, and puzzles in their crate box.

Also, keep the environment of the house peaceful. After you manage these things, you will for sure observe a decline in your puppy Golden Retriever howling.

Give Your Puppy Golden Retriever Toys To Play

Giving toys to your pal can distract them. So, your puppy Golden Retriever will stop howling and starts playing instead. Moreover, some of the toys that can distract your pal are:

Further, all these tips will promote health and increase the lifespan of your puppy Golden Retriever. So, you should try this habit for a healthier lifestyle for your puppy.

Do you think these ideas are worth trying?

Don’t forget to give your thoughts about these ideas.

What Are The Sounds That Your Puppy Golden Retriever Can Make?

Since Golden Retrievers are very smart, they use various sounds to express their emotions to their owners. And the pet expresses their different moods using these sounds like:

Sounds of Golden Retriever Emotions
Howling Joy, curiosity, or frustration
Moaning Warning sign to stay away
Panting Breathing problems, heart disease, or hot temperature
Barking Sign of joy, fear, anger, alertness, or need
Growling Warning sign to stop touching.
Reverse sneezing Irritation in nasal passages
Whining Demand for food, toy, or attention
Groaning Contentment and disappointment
Coughing Signs of irritations, asthma, heart diseases, internal parasites, etc
Grunting Boredom, anxiety, pain, or excitement

Were you familiar with these sounds?

Summing up, parenting a puppy Golden Retriever is difficult. Since your little ignorance can result in a lifetime illness of your puppy, you should be cautious about the lifestyle you give them. Just think carefully before deciding.

Further, it is natural to make mistakes in grooming and caring at first. And most owners make many mistakes initially. However, through proper guidance of professionals and enough practice, you will for sure be your pal’s favorite.

Enjoy your time with your pal and don’t worry a lot. Further, make memories, and don’t forget to take pictures of your Golden Retriever’s contagious smile.

I hope this article also helped you.

Do you have any suggestions?

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