Why Does Your Golden Retriever Look Sad?

Why Does Your Golden Retriever Look Sad?

Don’t you think one of the reasons behind the immense popularity of Golden Retriever in the USA is its energetic or playful attribute? But since the Golden Retrievers are intelligent, they know how to express the feeling. Owing to this fact, your Golden Retriever may sometimes look sad.

But have you ever thought about why your Golden Retriever looks sad? Well, there are several reasons behind the sadness of your pet. And some of them are trauma, illness, lack of nutrition, possessiveness, improper exercise, and environmental change. Apart from this, mistreat and lack of attention of the owners can also make your Golden Retriever sad. 

How would you feel if your cheerful companion suddenly becomes gloomy? I guess you probably feel sad looking at your pet. Furthermore, since sadness makes the Golden Retriever moody, your pet may show sudden aggression. Thus, the pet cannot be a playing companion for your kids.

Does your pet look sad nowadays? 

Does it show the signs of sadness?

What Are Signs That Your Golden Retriever Shows When He Is Sad?

Moreover, the Golden Retrievers are clever enough to know that they can express their feelings through body language. Therefore, when they are sad, they should several signs to tell their owners. And some of these signs are:

  • Appetite loss
  • Eating disorders
  • Potty accidents
  • Lethargy
  • Howling or whimpering
  • Lost of interest in playing or socializing
  • Hiding
  • Paw licking

Does your pet show these signs?

What do you do when your pet shows this sign? Do you ignore the pet or look for the root cause of sadness?

Your Golden Retriever Is Sad. Is It A Sign Of Depression?

Although most people mistake sadness with depression, they both are different from each other. Undoubtedly depression causes sadness in your pet. Yet, depression is more chronic and fatal than sadness.

More to this, sadness is a temporary emotion. For example, your Golden Retriever becomes sad when you take away its toys. But after returning the toy, it regains its happiness and energy.

However, depression is a permanent abnormal emotional state. And your Golden Retriever is sad about everything. Furthermore, it loses interest in favorite activities and toys too.

So, if your Golden Retriever is sad for long, it may be due to depression.

Why Does My Golden Retriever Look Sad?

Generally, Golden Retrievers are cheerful and energetic pets. And if you properly groom your pet, there are fewer possibilities of sadness in your pal. However, few reasons could make your Golden Retriever sad.

And they are:

Your Golden Retriever May Be Sad Due To Illness

Like humans, diseases degrade the health of your pet. Furthermore, your pet may experience immense pain and difficulty during illness.

Thus, the pet loses its playful and active attribute while handling the pain. As a result, your Golden Retriever becomes sad.

Lack Of Nutrition Makes Your Golden Retriever Sad

Since the health of the Golden Retriever reflects the food it eats, a balanced diet is vital for the healthier and longer lifespan of your Golden Retriever. Besides this, the pet suffers from several diseases due to the lack of essential nutrients in the diet. And this induces sadness in your pet.

Apart from this, unhealthy food habits may also result in various health issues like constipation, obesity, diabetes, thyroid disorders, etc. As a result, your Golden Retriever loses interest in everything and becomes sad.

Your Golden Retriever May Be Sad Due To Trauma

The dogs that survived through accidents and attacks need more care and concern. Those incidences harm the brain of your pet. Thus, your pal suffers from anxiety or fear.

Furthermore, the pet loses trust in people after such an incident. And it perceives every approaching object as a threat.

As a result, nervousness or terror overshadows other emotions. So, your Golden Retriever seems sad.

After Addition Of New Member In The Family

The Golden Retrievers are very competitive and possessive. Thus, they hesitate to share their toys, food, and crate. So, when you bring a new pet, your Golden Retriever feels insecure and sad.

Furthermore, their owners are the favorite person of the Golden Retriever. Thus, when other pets get closer to their owner, the Golden Retriever gets jealous and sad.

 Change In Environment Make Golden Retriever Sad

Golden Retrievers prefer living at a moderate temperature. When you take them in extreme temperatures, they suffer from various health issues. As a result, the Golden Retriever becomes sad.

Moreover, the pet may feel alien or odd due to the change of environment. And it gets nervous or uncomfortable after the fluctuation of the surrounding. Thus, the Golden Retriever will be sad.

Inadequate Exercise

On average, a Golden Retriever requires at least an hour of exercise daily. In case you fail to exercise your pet, your pal becomes hyperactive and moody. Furthermore, the pet is more prone to health issues like obesity and diabetes due to lack of exercise.

Moreover, due to lack of exercise, your pet feels bored and ignored. As a result, the Golden Retriever gets sad.

Golden Retriever Becomes Sad Due To Mistreat

The Golden Retrievers from an abusive home are more susceptible to being sad. If you buy a puppy from a dog breeder who punishes or threatens it, the pet loses trust in the people. Thus, the pet suspects everything as a threat.

Instead of enjoying and playing with the owner, the pet defends itself through aggressive behavior. Therefore, aggression and anxiety overshadow other emotions. So, the Golden Retriever becomes sad and gloomy.

Lack Of Attention

Since Golden Retrievers are fond of people, they enjoy playing and cuddling with their owners. But when you fail to give time or attention to your pet, your pal feels offended and frustrated.

Therefore, your Golden Retriever feels sad and ignored.

Are you giving adequate time and care to your pet?

Do you think your pet is getting sadder nowadays?

What do you do when your pet gets sad?

What To Do When Your Golden Retriever Is Sad?

No one prefers a sad and moody partner. And since the Golden Retriever is the best family dog. Thus, the sadness of your pal disturbs the environment of the house.

Besides this, a sad pet also indicates an unhealthy lifestyle. Therefore, you can promote the healthy lifespan of your pet while you control the chances of sadness.

Here are some of the ways to manage your Golden Retriever when it is sad:

Engage Your Pet Activities

Sometimes your Golden Retriever may be sad due to boredom. Thus, if you schedule various activities for your pet, your pal becomes more active. And since the Golden Retrievers love playing, they will become happier and energetic.

Besides this, several activities and training promote the physical and mental growth of your pet. Hence, your pal becomes healthier and active after exercising.

Feed Balanced Diet

Since the Golden Retrievers love food, mealtime excites them and enlightens their mood. Therefore, if you give your pet food, it becomes happy. However, all human foods are not beneficial for them. And the foods like milk, mushroom, coffee, sodas, etc., degrades the health of your pet.

Therefore, you should provide qualitative and healthy meals that include all the nutrients. Apart from this, when you feed your pet with natural snacks as treats, it improves health and eliminates sadness.

Use Positive Reinforcement While Training

The training period is the most crucial time where you can strengthen your bond with your pet. And the trust you gain in the training sessions makes your pal happy and relax around you.

Furthermore, encouraging the pet through positive reinforcement makes the pet happier. Besides this, training like potty trainingdiabetes assistance trainingtraining to keep your pet calm, etc., makes your pet obedient. Thus, proper training uses the hyper activeness of your pet positively.

Spend More Time

Golden Retrievers adores their owners and enjoy spending time with them. When you spend more time with your pet, your bond with your pal becomes stronger. Thus, the pet feels happy when you are around.

Along with this, your pet does not feel ignored or insecure if you give them sufficient time. For this, you can cuddle with your pet to comfort your pal. Or can take your pet in walking, social gatherings, meetings, etc., so that the pet learns to enjoy with people.

Consult With The Vet

Since you cannot solve the fatal health issues yourself, you need the guidance of professionals. And taking advice from the Vet can be very helpful. Since the Vet finds out the root cause of illness, it helps in the management, treatment, and prevention, of those causes in the future.

Apart from this, suggestions about the diet, exercises, and training plan from the Vet are helpful for your pal. All these collectively help in the elimination of the disease and sadness of your pet. Thus, it makes your Golden Retriever happy.

Like every parent, I guess you also want a happy and healthier pet. Do not you?

So, please follow the above advice to make your pet happy.

Which of the above ideas do you think you will imply in your pet?

If you have any more ideas, please comment below with your suggestions for improvement of this article.

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