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How To Play With Golden Retriever Safely

Golden Retriever is a popular family dog. According to American Kennel Club, it is the 3rd most common dog breed preferred by families in the USA. Though they are hunting dogs, their smiley faces, gentle and friendly gestures attract people’s attention to bring them home. But the question is; Are they good for your kid? How to play with a Golden Retriever safely?

The Golden Retrievers seems pretty much harmless and calm, but it may get aggressive sometimes. Thus, to play with Golden Retriever safely, you must get familiar with their moods and know about their likes and dislikes. 

Kids and Golden Retrievers are both very active and mischievous. If you do not supervise them, they are prone to accidents. Thus, for the safety of kids around Golden Retrievers, give complete attention.

Before focusing on kids and Golden Retriever safety issues, let us know how these dogs are with kids.

Are Gold Retriever Good With Kids?

Since Golden Retriever is sweet and playful, they are great with kids and instantly become a part of your family. They act soft and gentle with babies and toddlers. But they are sometimes rough with older kids, adults, and other dogs.

Moreover, growing with a Golden Retriever teaches your child about responsibility, loyalty, and kindness. Hence, this dog breed is not only nice to kids, but they are also good for the kids.

Are Golden Retrievers Good With Babies?

The gentle, loving gesture of Golden Retrievers makes them great around babies. Just introduce them to one another and supervise the pup around your baby.

Golden Retriever has the habit of licking its friend to show love. Be careful; the Retriever’s mouth contains germs. Don’t allow them to expose and keep them away from kids.

After the baby and Retriever gets familiar, they get along too much, creating everlasting memories. Make sure to capture the most!

Are Golden Retrievers Good With Toddlers?

The Golden Retrievers are calm and seek attention, whereas toddlers are highly active and curious; they like touching things. They both might be the perfect friends for each other.

The kid and dog may enjoy with each other. Yet, the toddler often grabs, step on or trip over a Golden and annoy it. Thus it is better not to leave the two alone.

Are Golden Retrievers Good With Older Children?

Golden Retrievers like to roam around the house and loves to play. They love chasing people and enjoy the attention. Older children being more energetic, are their best playmates, cuddle buddies, and expert secrete keeper. Thus, it makes the bond between them strong.

Along with this, regular grooming, feeding, and potty breaks teach your child about responsibility and help build the child’s character.

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How To Play With Golden Retriever Safely? Especially For Kids

Yes, children and dogs are good playing companions. Yet, you should take care and supervise properly when bigger dogs play with kids.

Some of the vital points to know to make playing with a Golden Retriever safe are:

Playing With Golden Retriever And Other Dogs Safely

Well-trained dogs are less troublesome while playing. Though it seems fascinating to watch dogs play, you may feel fearsome when the two start mouth wrestling and bared teeth clashing.

However, their thick coats protect them against play nips. And with training, dogs can understand the rule where: a bow invites an extension of the game, and a stiff upright posture ends the game.

If the two playing dogs get out of hand, you must stop them from playing. The activities that indicate you need to stop them are:

  • The dogs become over-excited
  • One of them stops enjoying.
  • The game starts becoming too long.

Have you encountered such a situation?

How to Play With Golden Retriever Safely When There Are No Rules?

The kids and dogs have different body language. Thus, leaving the kids and Golden Retriever to play without rules is dangerous.

Their conversations are complex as children roll around the ground and vocalize in a high pitch to end the game whereas, dogs think getting on the floor is an invitation to play. Unlike kids, dogs indicate to stop the game by making stiff posture.

Play With Golden Retriever Safely Avoiding Danger Zone

Due to differences in body language, the notation of danger for both the kids and dogs are different; dogs think the child wants to play more when he/she rolls in the ground. The dogs’ sign for the stop is a stiff posture which the kid does not understand. Thus, to avoid danger, you should:

  • Stop the child from rolling on the ground.
  • Be aware that the game does not change a dog to play mode.
  • Control the game and keep it short.

Why Is Supervision Necessary To Play With Golden Retriever Safely?

A healthy Golden Retriever gives warning signs when they are uncomfortable that the children fail to understand. The ability to read the dogs’ activities comes with maturity. Thus, adults must supervise the dogs and children when they play.

Small children do not know that,

  • Bared teeth and growl mean back off.
  • Stiff posture and curled lips with fiercely growling denote the danger.

It would help if you taught your child these signals to avoid dangerous situations so that the pet and child become a companion of a lifetime.

Now, how will you teach your children to play safe with your Golden Retriever?

Maintain Standing Position

Golden Retrievers are larger dog breeds. The first rule to play safe with them is to remain standing. You can go down on the ground only when you are having a picnic with your pet.

First, sit several feet away then, gradually reduce the distance. If you see your dog getting excited, stand up and move farther. Besides this, teach your child not to roll around the ground with the dog.

Control The Game

The game must be in your control. For example, if your child and the Retriever are playing tug. Your “cue” command should signal Golden Retriever to leave the tug toy and end the game.

Unstructured and physical playing with a dog may be dangerous for your kid. The game rules should be simple like; fetch, catch and throw, running, etc.

Keep The Playing Time Short

When the game involves children keep it short. The longer the game lasts, the sillier the dog gets. Thus, the game must last for few minutes only so that your Golden Retriever does not get excited.

Stop The Play When The Golden Retriever Gets Excited

Golden Retrievers start barking, nipping and charging around, bumping into people, etc., in a state of excitement.

Immediately stop the game and take them for a walk to calm them. You can even follow the tips of the article- How To Calm Your Golden Retriever to calm your dog.

Rules For Kids, To Play With Golden Retriever Safely

Proper and regular supervision is most to make the playing environment safe for both children and the pet. Younger children find the implementation of rules difficult. You must supervise them properly so that they follow the rules:

  • Don’t pull your Golden Retriever’s tail, ears, or paws.
  • Don’t allow your Golden to lick your kid’s face.
  • Avoid playing chasing games.
  • Avoid screaming or shouting in a loud voice when your Retriever is around.
  • Don’t hug them unless they seek attention.

The Best Game To Play With Golden Retriever

As the name of Golden Retrievers suggests, they enjoy most in retrieving or fetching. Moreover, retrieving things or prey is the best way of exercise for the mind and body of your dog. This game helps the Retriever to bond with the children.

You should teach your Golden Retriever retrieving or fetching at an early age of their life because this type of training makes the dog clever. Besides this, the training also teaches your pet how to respond or handle signals.

Other Safe Playing Activities For Golden Retriever

Suppose your Golden Retriever has done basic training. Your children and the dog can enjoy lots of other activities like:

  • Hide and Seek
  • DIY Agility
  • Clean Up
  • Running with the Dog

Whatever activities you choose for them, make sure that they are not left alone.

How To Ensure Golden Retriever Will Be Good Around Kids?

Though Retrievers are good with kids, you need to ensure that the pets do not mess up with kids when left unattended. For this:

  • Increase socialization. Take your Golden Retriever with you in gatherings and walks.
  • Give them proper training and teach them basic commands.
  • A tired pet is well-mannered. Tiring the Retriever stimulates them mentally and physically, eliminating their bad habits. (like; chewing, jumping, etc.)

How To Introduce A Golden Retriever To A House With Young Children?

Introducing a Retriever to your house is exciting. The kids will surely love the dog and build a long loving relation.

Like most puppies, untrained Golden Retrievers are inquisitive, boisterous, and loves chewing any and everything. Thus, it might scare the kids in the beginning. 

So, teaching your kids how to interact with the pet is the best idea to strengthen their bond.

If you have a two years old child, managing things might be difficult. You better keep the new pet on a leash during the first few meets. It is best to separate the child and puppy until the puppy turns 14 weeks and learns basic commands.

Similarly, you can involve your child above two years old in the training of your pet to make them both familiar with each other.

How had you introduced your pet to your house?

How long did it take you to become used to it?

How To Introduce A New Baby To A Golden Retriever?

The addition of a new family member leads to a decrease in time and attention for others. Your Golden may feel alone and isolated after a newborn enters the house. Thus, for managing both the newborn and the Golden Retriever, you can follow these ideas:

  1. Crate train your Golden Retriever.
  2. Play baby sounds inside the house before the baby arrives to make the pet familiar.
  3. Follow the schedule for exercise, food, and bath that ensures the Retriever that you are not neglecting them.

Can Golden Retriever Be Aggressive?

Though Golden Retrievers are loving and calm, they can also be aggressive sometimes. Aggression is an adapted trait of the Retriever. The feeling of fear creates it. For example, your Retriever may lose self-control when they see someone with a stick.

This fear is probably due to a lack of socialization. Thus, take your pet out more often in gatherings and around other animals to grow confidence in them. In this way, they won’t be aggressive.

Is Golden Retriever Protective?

Being friendly, Golden Retrievers are no so great as guards. Though the Retriever holds the Guinness World Record of loudest back, they only scare the visitors at the door but offer them toys inside the house.

However, Miami Police Detective Freddie Burden stated that getting a dog is the best way to reduce the chance of a break-in in your house. Thus, even though they may not be protective, their presence assures security.

Benefits Of Having A Golden Retriever In House

Welcoming a Golden Retriever brings with them some benefits, which include:

  • Golden Retriever is a great companion for your children.
  • They teach them how to care and love.
  • Golden Retriever makes you and your children more active and social.
  • A study has shown that growing around animals lowers the chance of autoimmune response.

Why Might Be Golden Retriever Bad For Family?

Though the Golden Retriever is the best dog for most families, it may not be perfect for your family. Some of the reasons behind the mismatch are:

  • Golden Retrievers are highly active, energetic, and boisterous. Their presence takes up your privacy.
  • They are high-maintenance breeds; thus, they need more time, affection, and equipment.

Fun Tricks You Should Teach Your Golden Retriever

Since the Golden Retriever is smart enough, they can quickly learn commands like “sit,” “lay down.” Other similar tricks you can teach your dog are:

  • High five
  • Salute
  • Army crawl
  • Skateboard
  • Play piano
  • Play soccer
  • Clean up toys
  • Get a drink

Both the Golden Retriever and kid require lots of care and affection to complete their daily activities safely. I suggest you get a young dog only if you are alone or have lots of leisure time to invest in them.

Do you have a kid?

Do you have a pet? How difficult is it to manage them while they grow?

Some FAQs

What Do Golden Retrievers Like To Play?

The top 7 toys for Golden Retriever are:

  1. Football Toy.
  2. Hurley Dog Bone.
  3. Launcher
  4. Interactive Ball Launcher.
  5. Outward Hound Hide-a-Squirrel Puzzle Plush Toy.
  6. Amphibious Bumper Floating Toy.
  7. Kong Classic Dog Toy.

Is A Golden Retriever A Good Family Dog?

The breed’s friendly, tolerant attitude makes them great family pets, and their intelligence makes them great working dogs. Since these dogs are easy to train and get along in just about any home or family, we can say that Golden Retrievers are good family dogs.

Does Golden Retriever Get Bore Easily?

Golden Retrievers are loving and caring dogs, but they can get bored very quickly. It is up to the owner to ensure that their boredom never gets out of control.

What Are The Tricks Which I Can Teach My Golden Retriever?

One of the best ways to engage your dog’s mind is to teach it tricks. It is not difficult to train a Golden to obey simple commands like “sit,” “lay down,” and “stay.” Further, the pet learns can also learn basic tricks like “fetch,” “shake a paw,” and “rollover” with ease.

What Are The 7 Basic Dog Commands?

More specifically, a well-behaved pup should respond to seven directions: Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Heel, Off, and No.

Why Does Golden Retriever Want So Much Attention?

There can be many reasons why your Golden Retriever is constantly attention-seeking. This behavior is due to mental and physical exercise, cheap dog food, lack of proper training, and sometimes due to illness.

Are Golden Retrievers Calmer Than Labs?

Yes, unlike labs, many Goldens prefer a slightly more calm and tranquil home environment.

How Do I Tell My Dog To Shut Up In Dog Language?

Teach your dog to be quiet on command. Ring the doorbell to get your dog to bark. Show your pet a treat and say “quiet.” He will stop barking once he smells the treat. But, wait 5 seconds before you give the treat.

Are Golden Retrievers Good With Kids?

Golden Retrievers are great with kids. They are sweet, playful dogs that love to be a part of a family. They can be soft and gentle around babies and toddlers and play rough and tumble with older kids, adults, and other dogs.

What Should You Not Do With A Puppy?

Five Things You Should Never do with a Puppy:

  1. Never hold his mouth closed when he bites you.
  2. Don’t stick your fingers down his throat.
  3. Never grab him by the scruff and hold him down until he submits.
  4. Never stare him in the eye until he submits.
  5. Don’t use your hands to cause physical pain in any way.
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