Why Is Your Golden Retriever Eating Grass? Is It Bad?

Why Is Your Golden Retriever Eating Grass Is It Bad

No matter how many times you feed your Golden Retriever. It is always hungry and eats every food around it, whether it is the food falling in the ground or thrown in the dustbin. But do you find your Golden Retriever eating grass sometimes?

Why is your Golden Retriever eating grass? Grass eating is a natural habit of Golden Retrievers when they feel bored, upset, or sad. Besides this, some dogs also like the taste of grass and eat it. While some eat grass as a remedy to settle the stomach, increase their fiber intake, and induce vomit.

Moreover, eating grass is an instinctive behavior of a Golden Retriever and isn’t much of a problem. But vomiting, rapid eating, change in dog’s attribute, ingestion of toxins, etc., indicate a serious issue. 

So, for the safety of your pet, you must have some information about this behavior.

Therefore, I will be discussing your Golden Retriever’s grass-eating habit with some ideas to stop this behavior in the article. Thus, let’s begin with the question is grass eating safe for your pal?

Is It Safe For Your Golden Retriever To Eat Grass?

Undoubtedly, this is one of the most common questions of Golden Retriever owners. Besides this, some habits of dogs differ a lot from humans. So, owners freak out when they find their pal eating grass.

But when your pal is feeling bored or upset, it might be hyperactive. Thus, it starts munching on the grass to kill time waiting for its owner. Besides this, some pets find relief in chewing grass during its teething phase. So, they eat grass.

Moreover, since this is a common habit of your pal, eating grass is safe most of the time. But sometimes, your pal might show abnormal behavior without indication of physical illness. And this is a crucial case that needs observation and professional help.

So, unless the grass doesn’t contain herbicides, fecal residues, parasites, and hookworms, it is safe. However, the health issues caused by grass resolves naturally in most chances. So, you don’t need to worry about it.

Do you know when your pet’s behavior is getting worse?

Is Eating Grass Bad For A Golden Retriever?

Although, eating grass is a natural trait that a Golden Retriever inherits from its ancestor. Yet, it can be bad and harmful for your dog in the following cases:

Ingestion Of Toxic Chemicals

Although pesticides and insecticides are for pests or insects, they can be toxic and dangerous for Golden Retrievers. Further, people use different types of fertilizer on their lawns. And this chemical directly affects the respiratory passage of your pal.

Moreover, in some cases, it might also result in immediate death.

Accidental Ingestion Of Toxic Garden Plant

Some garden plants might fascinate your pal. And thus, your dog might chew or bite those plants to explore their beauty. After accident contact with these toxic plants, your pal might suffer from various allergies, eye diseases, illness, cancer, alopecia, ear infections, etc.

However,  the plants toxic for your pal are:

  • Adam-and-eve
  • Alocasia
  • Aloe
  • American bittersweet
  • American yew, etc.

Sudden Increase In Grass Eating Habit Of Your Golden Retriever

Grass eating habit is an instinctive habit of your pal during boredom. But if your pal is eating rapidly, it indicates a serious health issue. So, visit the professional for suggestions to prevent the case from getting worse.

But when should you worry about your pal?

Golden Retriever Eating Grass. When Should You Start Worrying?

Generally, eating grass is the natural habit of Golden Retriever. Moreover, most health issues in your pet after eating grass get resolve naturally without medical aid. So, don’t worry about that.

However, if these issues fail to settle down in few days, they may result in fatal health complications. So, look for the following symptoms:

  • Golden Retriever stops eating normal food. Instead, the dog fulfills its nutrition by eating grass.
  • Excessive grass eating
  • Rapid eating and vomiting
  • Eating the vomits and throwing up again.
  • Rapid barking and whining

When you observe these signs in your pal, you should immediately consult with the Vet. So, for your pal’s safety and to avoid health issues, you must stop your pal from eating grass.

But what is your pal eating grass? Do you know ways to stop it?

Why Is Your Golden Retriever Eating Grass?

Besides its instinctive habit, there are many other reasons for grass eating behavior of your pal. And some of them are as follows:

Golden Retriever May Be Eating Grass Due To Boredom

Golden Retriever is a highly energetic dog breed. Thus, to manage their energy level, your pal needs to exercise for at least an hour daily. Further, lack of adequate exercise makes your pal enthusiastic and destructive. As a result, it starts chewing the adjacent things.

Besides this, your pal gets lots of free time after you leave. So, it feels boring. Thus, they start eating grass and doing destructive activities to gain other’s attention.

Golden Retriever May Be Eating Grass Due To Psychological Condition

Undoubtedly, there are many assumptions about the grass-eating habit of a Golden Retriever. Generally, some people also assume it as a psychological disorder.

Moreover, loneliness, anxiety, and stress make these breeds sad. So, they start showing destructive and unusual behavior to comfort themselves.

However, among the various destructive habit of your pal eating grass, chewing, biting, and hiding are the most common ones.

Golden Retriever Starts Eating Grass Because Of The Taste

Since Golden Retrievers grow around grass, they are familiar with the delightful smell of soil. Although, it sounds a little bizarre. But grass has an earthy smell like soil that can entice your pet.

Furthermore, a Retriever is in continuous search of things to chew in the teething phase. And since grass is readily available and easy to approach, your pal starts chewing it.

Golden Retriever May Be Eating Grass To Get Nutrition

During the growing phase, a puppy Golden Retriever needs more nutrition to function. But the owners sometimes fail to realize this. And as a result, your pet receives a nutrition deficient diet.

So, your pal starts searching for nutrition in the objects near them. Thus, being approachable, your dog eats grass to get more nutrients.

Golden Retriever Starts Eating Grass To Throw Up

Although, you may not observe any evidence of throwing up or vomiting after eating grass. Yet, some researchers do state that nearly 25% of dogs vomit after they eat grass. However, there are lesser cases of illness in dogs before vomiting.

Furthermore, a study reveals that dogs who eat slowly are less likely to throw up, while rapid eating is a prominent sign of stomach disorders that might cause them to vomit.

Golden Retriever Eats Grass To Settle Its Stomach

Among the many other assumptions, some Vets believe that eating grass is the behavior of a Golden Retriever to settle its upset stomach. Generally, these breeds have a weak digestive system. So, acid build-up and indigestion are very common.

However, the grass is a good source of fiber. Therefore, these dogs eat it to settle their upset stomach.

Easting Grass Is An Inherited Trait Of A Golden Retriever

Before Golden Retrievers became outrageously popular, they lived in marshy land, hunt, and struggle for food. So, the only option for these breeds when they couldn’t retrieve prey was to feed themselves on grass and plants.

Therefore, grass-eating is an inherited trait of Golden Retriever that comes to them naturally.

Golden Retriever May Be Eating Grass Because Of Pica Disorder

Like humans, pica disorders make a Golden Retriever eat things that aren’t edible. Usually, dogs with vitamins, minerals, and nutrient deficiencies suffer from this disorder. So, they try to supplement the missing nutrition by eating grass.

Further, you can also observe vomiting after eating grass in some cases. Do you know the reason behind it?

Why Does Your Golden Retriever Eat Grass And Throws Up?

Do you know some dogs vomits after eating grass? If you are parenting a pet, you might be familiar with this. Further, there are many reasons why a Golden Retriever shows this type of behavior. And they are:

  • Stress and depression
  • Upset stomach (constipation, bloating, and diarrhea)
  • Stomach problems

Moreover, according to a study, most dogs are more likely to have stomach problems after eating grass. But only 25% of dogs had stomach or gastrointestinal issues before eating grass and vomiting.

Besides this, Retrievers with health issues eat rapidly and faster, while the one who is eating grass as an instinct is a slow eater. Thus, the frequency at which your pal is eating might also indicate the presence or absence of health hazards.

Is It Ok If Your Golden Retriever Eats Its Vomit?

Unlike humans, Golden Retrievers cannot distinguish between food. So, although it sounds weird, it is natural for dogs to eat their vomit.

Further, due to their impeccable smelling ability, your pal distinguishes things according to their smell. And since the smell of vomit is similar to its food, your pet assumes vomit as food.

Besides this, during the weaning phase, the mother Golden Retriever chews foods and gives them to its puppies. Hence, these dogs might eat their vomit as an instinct.

Moreover, vomit is very toxic to your pal. And after throwing up, the vomited food loses all the essential nutrition. And thus, the food becomes toxic.

So, eating its vomit is poisonous for your pal. Thus, here are some tips to stop your pal from eating vomits and keep it safe:

  • Keep your pet away from vomit
  • Clean up the vomit immediately
  • Consult with the Vet
  • Train your pal to ignore their vomit.

How To Stop Your Golden Retriever From Eating Grass?

Since the grass-eating habit of a Golden Retriever might result in fatal health consequences, you should stop your pet before it’s too late. Furthermore, several ways can stop your pal from eating grass. And some of them are:

Give Your Golden Retriever Lots Of Exercise

A lot of exercising and physical activities strain the higher energy of your pet. So, your Golden Retriever becomes calm and quiet. Furthermore, after a hectic exercise routine, your pet is less destructive or attention-seeking.

Therefore, your Golden Retriever loses its interest in eating grass and stops it. However, some of the exercises for your pal are:

  • Long walks
  • Fetching
  • Swimming
  • Retrieving things

Include Food Which Higher Fiber In Diet

Generally, most people think Golden Retriever might be eating grass to increase the fiber content in their diet that they lack in their food. Although, it is just an assumption. But there is no harm in increasing fiber content in your pal’s diet.

Further, one of the reasons for your Golden Retriever’s grass-eating behavior is poor digestion. So, `increasing fibrous food in your pet’s meal can for sure help to stop its unusual eating habits.

Try Giving Your Golden Retriever Steamed Veggies

Since the grass eating habit of your Golden Retrieve associates with digestive problems, steamed veggies might be the best. Eating steam vegetable improves your pal’s digestion and stops them from eating grass.

However, all human foods aren’t beneficial for your dog. So, the vegetables that you can steam are:

  • Sweet potatoes
  • Broccoli
  • Celery
  • Carrot
  • Green beans

Give Your Golden Retriever A Herb Garden

Sometimes your pal might have an obsession with eating plants and grass in the garden. Thus, to keep your pal safe, you can make a herb garden in your backyard.

Moreover, the herbs that are good for your pet’s health care:

  • Astragalus
  • Lemon balm
  • Milk thistle
  • Burdock
  • Peppermint

Thus, grow these plants in the garden, and help your pal can satisfy its munching urge.

Give Your Golden Retriever Chew Toys

The chewing habit is an inherited trait of a Golden Retriever. Thus, it is an unavoidable behavior. Further, sometimes Retrievers might be eating grass due to satisfy the chewing instinct.

Hence, you can use chew toys to keep your pet busy and stop them from eating grass. Therefore, the most common chew toys available in the market are:

Grow Indoor Wheat Grass

As an alternative to prevent your Golden Retriever from eating the grass outside, you can grow wheatgrass inside your house. Further, this will give a safe environment for your pal to munch.

Besides this, wheatgrass is also beneficial for Retrievers and has several benefits. Such as:

  • It helps in organ cleansing.
  • Increases the energy of your pal
  • Elimination of bad breath
  • Improves digestion
  • Promotes blood cleansing

Moreover, the most common wheatgrass kit available are:

Train Your Golden Retriever To Stop It From Eating Grass

Training is the best way to discipline your pal. After enough training, your dog follows your command. Thus, proper training can stop your Golden Retriever from eating grass.

Furthermore, use healthy natural snacks as treats to train your pal. Since the snacks are healthy, it improves digestion and reduces the urge to eat grass.

In addition, command training is the best training method to stop your pet from eating grass. But besides this, you can also use other training methods like potty trainingbarking control trainingbite inhibition trainingtraining to control aggression, and diabetic assistance training to improve the attribute of your pal.

Frequently Visit The Vet

Since your Golden Retriever might sometimes eat grass due to health issues, it is better to consult with the Vet when you notice this habit. Usually, the Vet diagnoses your pal and prescribes medicine as per the prevalent illness.

Besides this, he also gives suggestions in proper Golden Retriever’s care. Therefore, it promotes a healthier, happier, and active lifespan for your pal.

Further, to know more steps, take ideas from the article- How To Teach Golden Retrievers To Stop Chewing Things?

What Are Things To Consider When You See Your Golden Retriever Eating Grass?

After bringing a Golden Retriever into your house, it becomes a precious part of a family within a short time. Thus, you always want your pet to live a happier and healthier life. But habits like grass-eating might be scary and degrade your Golden Retriever’s health.

So, you must consider few things while parenting your pal to keep it safe from the harmful effects of grass eating. And they are :

What Are The Risks Of Eating Grass In Golden Retriever?

Usually, eating grass is not much of a problem and risk for your Golden Retriever unless the grass contains chemicals. Since sometimes owners spray pesticides or insecticides to kill the insects growing in their lawn, your pet’s contact with these chemicals is life-threatening.

Further, after spraying insecticides, the grass becomes poisonous to your pet. And sometimes, it leads to immediate death.

Does Eating Grass Results In Sickness Of Golden Retriever?

Grass contains various chemicals and infectious agents. So, it is natural that your pal might get sick after eating grass. But as long as they can resolve into natural health conditions, this isn’t an issue.

However, if your pal starts acting abnormal, you should immediately consult with the Vet.

Is Eating Grass Unusual For A Golden Retriever?

Being excellent hunting dogs, eating grass isn’t unusual for a Golden Retriever. Further, before their popularity and recognition as a family a dog, they lived by themselves and feed on grass.

Thus, even though it might appear new to you, the grass-eating habit of your pet isn’t unusual.

Should You Punish Your Golden Retriever When It Eats Grass?

When a pal makes mistakes, the instinct of most owners is to punish them. But they don’t realize that punishment breaks their bond with their pets. So, their pals become more irritated, anxious, and aggressive.

Instead of improving their behavior, punishment brings out the worst of a Golden Retriever.

Summing up, I hope this article solved all the questions that owners have at some point while parenting a Golden Retriever. Since occasionally munching on grass is harmless, don’t worry about it.

But having said that, ignoring your eating habits can do no good to your pal. Therefore, look at the exercise routine and diet of your pal. Also, balance the amount of food you give with your pal’s physical activities to ensure calorie loss and gain are in balance.

Besides this, try to make an herb garden and grow wheatgrass. All of these small life changes reduce the necessity of your pal to rely on grass for nutrition.

I hope this article helped you and your pal. Please share your experience in the comments.

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