Golden Retriever Growth Stages | Development Stage

Golden Retriever Growth Stages

Owing to the beautiful body structure and friendly temperament, Golden Retriever steals people’s attention wherever it goes. Are you planning to own these breeds? Then, you should be familiar with the growth stages of a Golden Retriever to ensure its long and active lifespan.

Golden Retriever is a rapidly-growing dog and has five growth stages. Generally, they start from neonatal, socialization, juvenile, sexual maturity to adults. Moreover, all breeds of Golden Retriever follow the same growth phase with specific milestones at every stage.

Undoubtedly, I will explain each stage of your Golden Retriever in detail further. Thus, I hope these discussions are informative for you.

What Are Golden Retriever Growth Stages?

All Golden Retriever puppies grow in a similar pattern. Therefore, they follow the same milestones and behavior while growing up. Hence, every Golden Retriever needs the same type of care.

Therefore, the growth stages of a Golden Retriever are:

Stage One: Neonatal

Usually, this stage starts from birth and lasts until your pet is three weeks old. Moreover, this stage is a very vulnerable phase for the pet where it appears like a yellow furry ball. Apart from this, your Golden Retriever becomes needy and constantly seeks its mother’s attention.

In addition, you will also notice your pal opening its ears and nose with the growth of small baby teeth in this phase. Besides this, your pet starts to learn movement in this period. Hence, this phase is the initial learning phase for your Golden Retriever.

Stage Two: Socialization

Golden Retriever grows beyond a small yellow ball in this stage. Generally, this stage lasts between three to twelve weeks. Moreover, the puppies still need maternity care at this stage. But you can start to give them solid foods besides their mother’s milk.

Furthermore, Golden Retrievers in this stage resemble more like babies. Thus, they are curious about the surrounding. And as a result, they start biting, nipping, growling, and chewing things around them.

Moreover, you can slowly start introducing your pal to people after this stage. However, this is the stage where you can build a strong bond with your pet so that it can become your secret keeper and a perfect playing companion for your kids.

Besides this, your pet learns to control bowel movement and bladder and needs to get its first shot in this stage.

Stage Three: Juvenile

The juvenile stage starts from three months until six months. Further, the rapid growth rate of your puppy starts to slow down during this stage. Besides this, the adult teeth replace the puppy teeth and your dog looks more like an adult in this phase.

Moreover, after attaining three months of age, you can separate the puppies from their mother. Further, to make Golden Retrievers the best family dog, you need to start training them during this stage. Apart from this, if you don’t want puppies of your pal, this stage is perfect for spaying and neutering.

Stage Four: Sexual Maturity

Once your Golden Retriever gains its full height and weight, it starts becoming sexually mature if you haven’t spayed or neutered it. Moreover, this stage begins at six months and lasts until sixteen months.

Further, you may notice mating behaviors and heat cycles in your pet during this stage. Besides this, your Golden Retriever’s legs, ears, and nose grow excessively. 

However, it is natural and will resolve automatically. So, you don’t need to panic. More to this, your pal starts shows the following signs in this stage:

Stage Five: Adults

Golden Retrievers grows into an adult after 16 months. Although, these breeds grow until they are two years old. Yet, these dogs generally start to show their characteristics traits, full height, and adult weight from this stage.

Besides this, after this stage, the body functions of Golden Retrievers gradually decline. Therefore, they are more likely to suffer from health issues like cancer, eye diseases, hip dysplasia, diabetes, obesity, joint problems, constipation, etc.

How Much Should A Golden Retriever Weigh?

Generally, the weight and height of a Golden Retriever vary according to their age and type of breed. Besides this, your pet grows faster within 12 months from its birth. And after that, its growth starts to decline gradually.

Furthermore, on average, your pal should grow 1-2 inches and 1. 5 pounds every week. Apart from this, there is a specific growth chart according to its age and sex like:

Golden Retriever Growth And Weight Chart (Male)

Usually, male Golden Retrievers are heavier and taller than the female. Thus, the growth rate of males is different from females. Therefore, the chart for male Golden Retriever at different growth stages is as follows:

Golden Retriever Growth And Weight Chart (Male)

Usually, male Golden Retrievers are heavier and taller than the female. Thus, the growth rate of males is different from females. Therefore, the chart for male Golden Retriever at different growth stages is as follows:

Age Weight Range (pounds) Height Range (inches)
8 weeks 3-17 6-15
9 weeks 5-17 9-15
10 weeks 8-22 10-15
11 weeks 12-25 10-15
3 months 16-43 10-20
4 months 25-44 12-24
5 months 27-57 13.5-24
6 months 29-72 19-24.5
7 months 32-77 19-26
8 months 45-77 21-26
9 months 49-77 22-26
10 months 50-77 22-26
11 months 55-77 22-26
1 year 65-77 22-26
2 years 65-80 22-26

Golden Retriever Growth And Weight Chart (Female)

Generally, female Golden Retrievers are shorter and lankier than males. But after maturity, these dogs may gain weight due to hormonal imbalance and pregnancy. Thus, they appear heavier than males after they are two years old.

Moreover, the growth chart for your female Golden Retriever is:

Age Weight Range (pounds) Height Range (inches)
8 weeks 5-17 6-15
9 weeks 8-17 9-16
10 weeks 12-22 11-18
11 weeks 16-25 11-18
3 months 19-33 11-19
4 months 22-44 12-22
5 months 25-52 13-24
6 months 27-61 15-24
7 months 31-67 16-25
8 months 40-68 18-25
9 months 44-70 20-25
10 months 52-74 20-25
11 months 52-80 20-25
1 year 55-90 20-26
2 years 55-90 20-26

In addition, female dogs need 50% more nutrition during pregnancy. Thus, they gain post-pregnancy weight and becomes heavier than male. But if you focus on the diet and exercise of your pal, it is less likely to gain excessive weight.

Do you have a male or a female Golden Retriever?

When Does Golden Retriever Stop Growing?

Being a fast-growing dog breed, Golden Retrievers grow drastically in the initial three months of their life. So, when they are about four months old, they no longer seem like a puppy. And thus, they start to resemble more like adult dogs.

Since your pet grows faster within six months, it seems like it grows an inch every day. But once your pal is six-month-old, its growth rate starts declining. Moreover, after this age, your Golden Retriever stops growing and starts gaining weight.

Further, to attain complete maturity, your pal still needs to be 18 months old. Moreover, the matured male Golden Retriever is 23-24 inches tall and weighs 65-75 pounds. But the mature females are smaller, with an average weight of 55-65 pounds and height of 21.5-22.5 inches.

However, these data can fluctuate according to the type of breeds.

Which breed of Golden Retriever do you think is bulkier?

What do you think does every breed of these dogs grow differently?

Do Different Types Of Golden Retrievers Grow Differently?

Usually, the ideal size for different breeds of Golden Retrievers isn’t similar. Therefore, the growth of these dogs differs according to the type of breed. But still, the growth stages of all dogs have similar five phases.

Usually, the American Golden Retrievers are lankier and taller than the other two breeds. But the English Golden Retrievers are heavier than others. Therefore, the growing pattern of these two breeds may be different.

As long as your pal is growing as per the above standards, there isn’t any problem. However, don’t forget to ensure that your Golden Retriever is growing 1-2 inches and gaining 1.5 pounds every week.

Which breed of Golden Retriever do you have?

Does its growth rate differ from the above chart?

How Does Birth Control Affect The Growth Of A Golden Retriever?

Since the sex hormones suppress the growth hormones of Golden Retrievers, their growth rate slows down after maturity. Furthermore, since your pal no longer produces sex hormones after spraying or neutering operations. Hence, birth control promotes the growth of your pet.

However, birth control does come with some disadvantages. Therefore, the drawbacks of these operations are:

  • Increases fearfulness in male Golden Retriever.
  • Female dogs become aggressive  due to the lack of estrogen.
  • Retrievers are more susceptible to cancers, joint problems, or bone disorders.

In addition, the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study also states that there are 50-100% chances of weight gain after birth control. Hence, consult with the Vet before and after the operation. Further, always give your proper rest for few days after birth control.

Is Growing Too Fast Or Too Slow Dangerous For A Golden Retriever?

Although the growth stages of all Golden Retrievers are the same, their growth rate may differ according to their parents. Thus, you can never expect a 65 pounds weight from Goldendoodles. Can you?

So, the stunted growth of a Golden Retriever due to genes is natural. However, when your pure-bred pal suddenly stops growing, it is an indication of fatal health issues. Generally, the health hazards like cancer, ringworm, ear infections, bone disorders, thyroid disorders, etc., cause the slow growth of your pet.

Besides this, overfeeding and excessive eating is the prominent reason for the rapid growth of your pet. Along with this, the unmanaged eating behavior of your Golden Retriever invites many health problems like obesity, diabetes, hip dysplasia, and bone disorders.

Furthermore, excessive and slow growth rates are dangerous for your pal. Therefore, when you notice these problems in your pet, immediately consult with the Vet.

What Affects The Growth Of Your Golden Retriever?

Being a family dog, the growth of your Golden Retriever solely depends on you. If you are cautious about your pet’s care, your pet will grow properly. Moreover, when you fail in your responsibility, it affects your pal’s growth.

Furthermore, the things that affect the growth of a Golden Retriever are:

  • Diseases or illness
  • Lack of proper nutrition required for growth
  • Inadequate exercising
  • Extreme environmental conditions

How To Promote The Growth Of Your Golden Retriever?

After you bring a Golden Retriever home, it instantly becomes a part of your family. Thus, you always want the best for your pet. Don’t you?

Besides this, all owners desire their pets to live a longer life. For this, you need to focus on the growth of your pal. Therefore, here are some ideas to promote your Golden Retriever’s growth.

Furthermore, to manage the weight of your pal, you can read the article- How Can You Help Manage The Weight Of Your Golden Retriever?

Summing up, parenting an expensive dog breed like Golden Retriever isn’t as easy as it seems. Thus, you may make some mistakes. And it is natural.

However, instead of focusing on the mistakes, learn from them. Just remember the health and growth of your pet relies on you. Hence, be cautious while deciding on your pet.

I hope this article helped you to make the best decisions for your pet.

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