Red Retriever Vs Golden Retriever (Similarities And Differences)

Red Retriever Vs Golden Retriever (Similarities And Differences)

Undoubtedly, Golden Retrievers are one of the most beautiful dog breeds in the world. Their radiant, lustrous, and long skin coat is irresistible. Further, the types of Golden breeds available today has unique colors like Red Retriever, Black Retriever, Yellow Retriever etc., and are slowly rising to fame . But do you think Red Retriever can have the same impact on people as Golden Retriever?

Golden Retriever and Red Retriever both have a similar history, genes, body structure, and temperament. But the only difference lies in their coat color. As their name suggests, Red Retriever has red, mahogany, chestnut-colored hair, whereas Golden Retriever has a hair coat in different shades of gold. 

Besides this, the AKC has officially recognized only the dogs with a golden coat as a pure breed. In addition, unlike the long hair of Golden Retriever, Red Retriever has shorter hair that is easy to manage.

Don’t you think that, although these two breeds have the same pasts, they follow a different developmental route with evolution? However, I will disclose more information about Red Retriever along its difference and similarities with Golden Retrievers further in this article. But before starting, let us look at the history of these two Golden Retriever breeds.

What Is The History Of Red Retriever And Golden Retriever?

Looking back at the past, you will find that Golden Retriever came into existence from Scotland in the 1800s. Since the Scottish estate owners wanted a hunting dog to fetch pray in land and water, British aristocrat dog breeder Lord Tweedmouth cross-bred the yellow-coated dog with Tweed Water Spaniel to full their requirement. Thus, golden coated Retrievers originated.

However, despite its excellent hunting ability American Kennel Club recognized them only in 1925. And these dog breeds were an official English breed only after the Kennel Club recognition in 1911.

Although Tweedmouth was happy with the friendly Golden Retriever, he wanted to experiment more. Therefore, he started cross-breeding the golden puppies with Saint John’s Dog, Labrador Retriever, Wavy-coated Retriever, and bloodhound. Hence, he produced different breeds of Golden Retrievers.

Further, more dog breeders followed his footsteps and cross-bred the existing Golden Retrievers with an Irish Red Setter. And finally, it produced an offspring with red, chestnut, or mahogany colored skin coat that is now Red Golden Retriever.

Moreover, Red Golden Retrievers are purebred. Yet, they don’t fall under the typical criteria of Golden Retrievers. Therefore, the guide for breeds of Golden Retriever doesn’t recommend them as official dog breeds.

What Are The Similarities Between Red Retriever And Golden Retriever?

Although Red Retrievers and Golden Retrievers look drastically different, they both originated from the same parents. Besides this, both these dogs carry the same types of genes.

Therefore, some of the similarities of these two breeds are:

Categories Similarities
Size Both these breeds are larger dog breeds. Thus, they are about 21-24 inches tall. Usually, the males are 23-24 inches tall, and the females have a height of 21.5-22.5 inches.
Weight The adult weight of these dogs is the same. i.e., 65-75 pounds for males and 55-65 pounds for a female.
Sports Both of them love water and enjoy swimming. Apart from this, these breeds enjoy hiking, long walks, fetching, retrieving, etc.
Personality They both are kind, friendly, loving, intelligent, and loyal.
Body structure They both have an athletic body with a rectangular build and broad nose. Furthermore, the ears are floppy and hanging ears with a dark and round eye that fit perfectly in rims.
Purpose of breeding Hunting companions to hunt in water and land.
Life span 10-12 years

However, despite these similarities, there are many differences between a Golden Retriever and Red Retriever. Are you familiar with all of them?

What Are The Differences Between Red Retriever And Golden Retriever?

Apart from the difference in looks, Golden Retrievers and Red Retrievers do have few peculiar attributes. Hence, they are:

Types Of Retrievers Golden Retrievers Red Retrievers
Origination Crossbreds of yellow-coated dogs with Tweed Water Spaniel Mix bred of Golden Retrievers and Irish Red Setter.
Coat Color Different shades of gold. Chestnut, mahogany, or red
Coat type Longer and denser hairs Shorter skin coat.
Energy level Highly energetic Higher energy than others.
Shedding Sheds a lot throughout the year Hair shedding is comparatively less.
Diseases Susceptible to cancer.  Susceptible to cancer.

Highly susceptible to skin diseases, sunstroke, ear infections, allergies.


Grooming They need daily brushing to avoid matting. Due to their shorter hair, matting is less common. Hence, these breeds require lesser grooming and care.
Popularity Golden Retrievers has outrageous popularity. Red Retrievers are lesser popular than the Golden breed.
Recognition American Kennel Club, Kennel Club, and Canadian Kennel Club listed these breeds as an official dog breed. Although they are pure breed, their controversial skin coat color holds them back from recognition.

However, after knowing all the differences and similarities of these two breeds of Golden Retriever. Which breed do you prefer?

What Is The Temperament Of Red Retriever And Golden Retriever?

Like most Golden Retrievers, Red Retrievers are also good family dogs. Furthermore, the playful and energetic attribute of these breeds makes them a perfect companion for the kids. Besides this, they are intelligent and easy to train.

Apart from this, these breeds have a softer mouth than other breeds. Hence, they are lesser harmful than other dogs.

Moreover, most owners believe Red Retrievers are a more friendly breed. But it doesn’t hold scientific proof. However, due to the appealing red hair, these breeds seem more comforting.

What do you think might be the reason for assumption of Red Retrievers as more friendly dogs?

Is Red Retriever Expensive Than Golden Retriever?

Undoubtedly, the beautiful chestnut-colored skin coat of Red Golden Retriever steals everyone’s attention. Furthermore, due to their peculiar coat color, these dogs are more in demand nowadays.

However, owning a pet comes with a lot of responsibility and expenses. Generally, you should feed, train, vaccinate, and fulfil all essential requirements to manage your pal’s health. But the question is- does Red Retriever costs more than Golden Retriever?

Although Red Retrievers are rare, Golden Retriever costs a little higher than them. And I think this might because of the AKC recognition. Furthermore, the cost of a dog differs according to the place. However, the price of a Golden Retriever is $1000-$2000, and that of a Red Retriever is $800-$1500 in the USA.

In addition, the price might be lesser if you adopt the pet from a shelter home and higher if you buy it from a reputable breeder. Besides this, the overall coats of parenting both types of breeds are the same. Furthermore, the cost of caring for them in the first year is $2,077.53- $2,947.53.

Do you think you can bear the cost and responsibility of Golden Retriever?

What Can You Care For A Red Golden Retriever?

Do you have a Red Retriever? Then, you might be looking for grooming advice. Aren’t you?

Whatever be the breed type, Golden Retrievers are always needy. Therefore, they need proper care for a healthier and happier lifespan. Furthermore, grooming a Red Retriever doesn’t differ much from other breeds.

However, some of the ideas for Red Retriever’s care are:

Feed Nutritious Meal

As we know, the food reflects our personality. Thus, like humans, Red Retrievers also follow this concept. Besides this, being a food lover, these breeds love eating.

Hence, you must be very careful about your pal’s diet. Therefore, try to include all the essential nutrients in the meal of your pet. Besides this, consult with the Vet for required food supplements, omega-acid foods, and herbal supplements.

Moreover, rewarding period is the time where most owners spoil their pets with unhealthy treats. Therefore, always reward your Red Retriever with healthy natural snacks as treats. 

Furthermore, the digestive system of your pet is different. Thus, foods like chocolate, sodas, mushrooms, coffee, onions, grapes, etc., affect their digestion. And this leads to constipation, bloating, allergies, diarrhea, etc. Therefore, never give your pet the food you eat.

Keep Red Retrievers Active

Like most Golden Retrievers, Red Retrievers also need at least an hour of daily exercise to promote the growth of bones and joints. Besides this, lack of exercise might make them cranky and aggressive. Therefore, make a daily routine to engage your pet in different activities like jogging, long walks, fetching, retrieving, swimming, hunting, etc.

Apart from this, training a dog is the best way to manage its aggression. Further, your pet works according to your command after adequate training. Along with this, some training sessions may save lives.

Moreover, Red Retrievers are intelligent. Therefore, you can teach them different commands quickly. However, some of the training sessions for your pal are:

What type of training do you give your pet?

Which training session took the least time?

Groom Regularly

Despite the double-layered, water repellant, and dirt resistant skin coat, Red Retriever may carry several parasites, bacteria, fungi, and infectious agents in their fur. Eventually, it may lead to ear infections, eye diseasesblack-spot in the tonguepink nose, allergies, and cancer.

Therefore, proper grooming is vital for the healthier lifespan of your pal. However, for grooming, you must follow the following tips.:

Along with this, take your pal for professional grooming once every two months. Since professional groomers are experts, hair loss reduces remarkably after professional grooming.

How often do you visit professional groomers?

Give Time And Attention

Red Retrievers resembles the attribute of Golden Retrievers. Thus, owners are their favorite people. Furthermore, these dogs feel safe and relaxed around their caregiver.

Therefore, you should manage some time from your busy schedule for your beautiful pet. Besides this, the more time you spent with your pal, the stronger bond you built. Apart from this, those dogs that get enough attention are less likely to show aggression or illness.

Hence, give your pal enough care, love, and attention.

Manage A Peaceful Environment

Usually, the dogs that live in a noisy environment are more aggressive and fearful. Therefore, you should maintain a peaceful surrounding around your pal.

Besides this, ensure a comfortable sleeping arrangement with a crate box, soft blankets, and enough playing toys. If you provide a peaceful environment, your pet becomes calmer, quiet, and more friendly.

Along with this, you can also take your pal to meetings, social gatherings, parks, etc., to make your pal familiar with people and teach them socializing skills.

Check The Growth Of A Red Retriever

Although you provide your pal with nutritious food, it might not be growing properly. And there are many reasons for the growth defect, like lack of essential nutrition, diseases, genetic deformities, etc.

Therefore, for proper growth, you should ensure that your pal is growing according to the following chart:

Age Height (pounds) Weight(inches)
3 months 22-30 10-16
6 months 40-50 12-20
9 months 44-65 19-22
12 months 55-70 20-24

Moreover, check your pet’s height and weight with its age. If it falls in the above criteria, follow your regular feeding schedule, diet plan, and exercising pattern.

However, when your pet fails to grow or grow more rapidly, it might be an indication of a fatal health issue.Thus, consult with the professionals as soon as possible.

More to this, for weight management of your pal, read the article- How Can You Help Manage The Weight Of Your Golden Retriever?

Seek Help From The Vet

Owing to the body structure, Red Retrievers are also susceptible to various health issues like cancer, thyroid disorders, joint problems, heart diseases, skin problems, diabetes, etc. Therefore, frequent health checkup is essential for early prognosis and effective treatment of these diseases.

Furthermore, after diagnosis, the Vet prescribes medicines with food supplements for the healthier lifespan of your pet. And his suggestions about diet plans, exercise routine, and weight management improve your pal’s health.

How often do you visit the Vet?

Do you think all these ideas will be helpful?

Summing up, parenting a pet is a great responsibility that requires constant effort and a lot of time. Therefore, if you can’t give enough time to your pal, I suggest you don’t buy a pet.

However, if you want to buy a Red Retriever, you should know about their diet, exercise, health issues, and training. Thus, prepare yourself, read books, and enhance your knowledge in Golden Retriever’s care before bringing them home.

I hope this article gave you the required information about Red Retrievers?

Do you have any queries on this topic?

Don’t forget to share your thoughts about Red Retrievers. Also, please share your suggestions in the comment box.

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