6 Steps To Keep Your Golden Retriever’s Teeth Clean

How To Clean The Teeth Of Your Golden Retriever-6 Easy Steps

Owing to the charismatic aura and magnificent temperament, Golden Retriever is the most popular dog breed. Since these dog breeds are susceptible to fatal health issues, parenting them may be a tedious job. And the dental problem is one of the dreadful health issues of this breed. So, if you own them, you might want to know how to keep your Golden Retriever’s teeth clean.

You need to be very cautious while grooming if you want to keep your Golden Retriever’s teeth. Dental products like toothbrushes, toothpaste, dental toys, water additives, and gels or sprays can be helpful. Along with this, a qualitative diet also promotes the dental health of your pet.

Undoubtedly a hygienic Golden Retriever is free from various health issues and lives a healthier lifespan. Along with this, cleaning of ears, eyes, teeth, and hair is a part of the grooming. Thus, you should be conscious while performing your duty as a parent.

I will for sure disclose how to keep your Golden Retriever’s teeth clean further in this article. But before that, do you know about the dental problems of Golden Retriever?

Dental Problems In Golden Retriever

The organization and structure of the teeth in Golden Retrievers are comparatively different from humans. Yet, the dental problems in both have a lot of resemblances. However, some of the common dental problems of Golden Retrievers are:

  • Swelling of gums
  • Inflammation around the mouth
  • Loose tooth
  • Broken tooth
  • Extra tooth
  • Drooling and panting
  • Teeth discoloration
  • Tartar formation in the teeth
  • Pain in the mouth and jaws
  • Bleeding from the mouth

Does your Golden Retriever have dental problems?

What are you doing to treat the problem?

How To Check Your Golden Retriever’s Teeth At Home?

Golden Retriever does not show specific signs of dental problems. And, the owner will know about the issue in the final and advanced stage when the toothache becomes unbearable for your pet.

However, some of the subtle signs of dental problems in your Golden Retriever are:

  • Pawing in the mouth or jaw area
  • Swallowing the meal without chewing
  • Jaw chattering and drooling
  • Weight loss
  • Dropping their food while eating
  • Picky eating or appetite loss
  • Smelly discharge from the mouth

Is your Golden Retriever showing these signs?

If it is, you should consult your Vet immediately.

Importance Of Dental Health For Golden Retriever

Dental health is essential for the heather and happier lifespan of your Golden Retriever. According to some research, Golden Retrievers above three years of age are at higher risk of dental problems. And 80% of Golden Retrievers suffer from the periodontal disease that degrades the gum.

Further, this gum disease proliferates that makes eating difficult for your pet. As a result, your pal lacks the essential nutrition and suffer from various health issues like constipation, skin disorders, thyroid disorders, hip dysplasia, ear infection, and heart diseases. So, dental hygiene is necessary to enhance the lifespan of your pet.

For this, you should visit the Vet yearly for your Golden Retriever’s teeth examination. The Vet will comprehensively clean the teeth of your pet. Further, he will analyze the gum and diagnose the underlying disease.

Besides this, the Vet also prescribes medication for eliminating dental issues of your pet. And similarly, regular brushing of your pet’s teeth mitigates the chances of gum disease and cavities. As a whole, proper dental care eliminates various health risks and gives your Golden Retriever a qualitative life.

How Often Should You Clean Of Your Golden Retriever’s Teeth?

Like humans, brushing your Golden Retriever’s teeth can be very beneficial for the removal of plaque. And to prevent tartar accumulation on your pet’s teeth.

Some pets avoid brushing at the beginning. But, after some weeks, they gradually accept it and start to enjoy it. Hence, even if your pal shows tantrums while brushing, always be consistent.

Besides this, the minimum recommendation if you want to keep your Golden Retriever’s teeth clean is to brush them at least thrice a week. Thus, if you cannot brush your pet’s teeth daily, try to make a schedule that includes brushing after each alternative day.

Furthermore, for a convenient brushing experience for the pet and owners, you need some dental products.

Do you have those products in your home?

And do you know how to use them?

Dental Products To Keep Your Golden Retriever’s Teeth Clean

Like humans, Golden Retriever also needs several dental products for convenient and successful cleaning. Besides this, all these products save a lot of owners’ time and energy. Thus, if you have a Retriever, these dental products are very beneficial.

Here are some of the dental products that help to keep your Golden Retriever’s teeth clean.:

Toothbrush To Keep Your Golden Retriever’s Teeth Clean

If you want your Golden Retriever to enjoy its brushing experience, you should look for a good toothbrush. However, there are some considerations to keep in mind while buying a toothbrush are:

  • Bristles of the toothbrush should be soft to comfort the teeth and gums of your pet.
  • Buy a toothbrush according to the size of your pet. And make sure that it has a long handle to clean the inner and outer surface of teeth.
  • Regularly replace your Golden Retriever’s toothbrush.
  • Do not use a human toothbrush to clean your pet’s teeth. Since the bristles of the human toothbrush are rough, it deteriorates your pet’s gum. Thus, your Retriever may suffer from sore gums and bleeding after using a human toothbrush.

Further, according to the efficacy, there are three types of toothbrushes available in the market for your Golden Retriever. And they are:

Single-Headed Toothbrush To Keep Your Golden Retriever’s Teeth Clean

Although the single-headed toothbrush looks similar to the human toothbrush, the bristle of this brush is softer. Thus, it does not harm the teeth and gums of your Golden Retriever. Along with the soft bristles, this brush has a curved end that makes brushing convenient.

Double-Headed Toothbrush To Keep Your Golden Retriever’s Teeth Clean

As the name suggests, this toothbrush has a brush on both sides. Thus, it is beneficial if you want to brush your Golden Retriever’s teeth faster.

But, you should be a little cautious while brushing your Retriever’s teeth. So, to get the maximum benefit from the double-headed toothbrush, make sure that the bottom and top gums of your pet are clean.

Double-ended Toothbrush To Keep Your Golden Retriever’s Teeth Clean

Golden Retrievers’ incisors and molar teeth are of different sizes. Thus, a same-sized brush is not helpful to clean both types of teeth. Therefore, a double-ended toothbrush with two ends of varying size can help to brush their teeth.

You can change the size of the brush by flipping the ends. So, this brush ensures the clean teeth of your Golden Retriever.

Which type of brush do you use for your pet? 

Toothpaste To Keep Your Golden Retriever’s Teeth Clean

Although human toothpaste comes in several varieties and is good, why cannot you use those toothpastes for your pet? Don’t you want to know?

I have disclosed the reason for not using the human toothpaste below. I hope you get your answer.

Can You Use Your Toothpaste To Keep Your Golden Retriever’s Teeth Clean?

The body structure, digestion, metabolism, and excretion process of dogs differ a lot from humans. Therefore, the products beneficial for humans sometimes turn to be fatal for the dogs.

Similarly, human toothpaste contains a higher amount of fluoride to cleanse and whiten our teeth. But the fluoride causes kidney damage in your Golden Retriever. Furthermore, most human toothpaste uses xylitol as an artificial sweetener that has a fatal effect on the dogs and results in xylitol poisoning.

And the fatal signs of xylitol poisoning in your pet are:

  • Lack of coordination
  • Seizure attacks
  • Immobility
  • Fatigue and weakness
  • Excessive vomiting
  • Stumbling and limping

I guess you do not want to see your pet in this state. So, always opt for dog-based toothpaste for brushing your Golden Retriever’s teeth.

Best Toothpaste To Keep Your Golden Retriever’s Teeth Clean

As we already know, that human toothpaste is a big no for your Golden Retriever. So, what should you use for your pet then?

Here are some of the dog toothpaste with good reviews and higher recommendation:

Which one of the toothpaste do you find more appealing?

What type of toothpaste do you use for your pet? What are its properties that attracted you?

Dental Toys To Keep Your Golden Retriever’s Teeth Clean

If you want to ensure dental care of your Golden Retriever, use dental toys along with toothpaste and toothbrush. Since these chewy products produce antibacterial saliva that prevents bad breath or plaque, they maintain your pet’s dental hygiene.

Dental Wipes For Your Golden Retriever

As the name suggests, dental wipes clean the inner and outer surface of your pet’s teeth. Since you don’t need to put your finger inside your pet’s mouth, dental wipes are a more convenient dental product.

In addition, dental wipes have antibacterial properties that prevent infections. So, you can use them every day to keep your Golden Retriever’s teeth clean.

Dental Chews For Your Golden Retriever

Although Golden Retrievers are the family dog, some of them are very troublesome. So, brushing and cleaning the teeth of such dogs is very difficult. Thus, using dental chews and treats might be a huge relief to manage such pets.

If your pet does not give you to brush its teeth, you can visit the Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC) to get such dental chew. Besides this, the Virbac C.E.T Enzymatic Oral Hygiene Chews also recommends several dental chew options for your pet.

However, to ensure that the dental chew works successfully, your Golden Retriever must gnaw and chew them slowly instead of direct swallowing.

Gels And Sprays To Keep Your Golden Retriever’s Teeth Clean

Gel and sprays are the formulations that break down and softens the tartar and plaque. So, the tartar and plaque will remove easily during brushing. Furthermore, since these products prevent the accumulation of tartar, it reduces the chances of gingivitis in your Golden Retriever.

You can reach difficult areas in your pet’s mouth by spraying the gels and sprays in its mouth. So, these products are helpful to keep your Golden Retriever’s teeth clean.

Water Additives To Keep Your Golden Retriever’s Teeth Clean

Water additives are the supplements for eliminating the bad breath of your pet. Further, this enzymatic-oral solution inhibits bacterial growth in the mouth. And thus, the water additives help to keep your Golden Retriever’s teeth clean.

You can give your pet water additives by mixing them in the drinking water. But since the taste of the water changes after mixing the water additives, your pet may not like it.

However, do not force your pal if it isn’t drinking from the mixed water. Instead, use other dental care options to keep your Golden Retriever’s teeth clean.

Apart from this, finger brushes are also a convenient tool for brushing your pet’s teeth. After you slip the brush in your index finger, rub your finger back and forth on the surface of your pet’s teeth. And that ensures the complete removal of plaque from your pet’s teeth.

Qualitative Food To Improve Dental Health Of Golden Retriever

Good and qualitative food is an excellent way to keep a Golden Retriever healthy and happy. Furthermore, nutritious food also ensures the adequate growth and development of the teeth and bones. Thus, a qualitative meal is essential for dental care.

Besides this, poor food choices degrade the quality of teeth and increase the accumulation of tartar or plaque. And a Golden Retriever may suffer from tooth decay. Hence, you should provide a balanced diet to your pet with nutritional supplements to prevent infections.

What To Look For In The Dental Products Of Your Golden Retriever?

Although there are several dental products in the market, only a few of them can keep your Golden Retriever’s teeth clean. And a wrong dental product degrades your pet’s teeth.

Therefore, when you buy dental products, look for the following things:

  • Dental products should stop the formation of plaque. Along with this, they should make the enamel in your Golden Retriever’s teeth strong and promote teeth whitening.
  • Choose the dental chews of new flavors and formulas. Since every dental brand has a different way of maintaining dental health, it will help you get various dental care ideas.
  • Select a toothbrush with a 45-degree brush head to ensure the complete removal of bacteria and plaque from the gum line of your pet.
  • Always go for a brand with good feedbacks and reviews.
  • For the overall dental care of your Golden Retriever, you must use a qualitative toothbrush, toothpaste, dental chews, and natural snacks as treats.

What do you keep in mind while buying dental products for your pet?

Do you think other considerations are also necessary when you purchase the products?

How To Keep Your Golden Retriever’s Teeth Clean?

If your Golden Retriever does not enjoy brushing, cleaning its teeth might be a tedious job. However, here are some steps to improve the brushing experience of you and your pet.:

First Step: Make Your Golden Retriever Comfortable

If your Golden Retriever is new to brushing, remain calm and follow each step slowly. First, make your pet comfortable and familiar with the movement of your hand and brush. And to begin with, try touching your pet’s mouth and teeth gently.

Once your pet gets familiar, it will be a lot easier to clean its teeth in the future.

Second Step: Check The Toothpaste

All Golden Retrievers do not prefer the same flavor of toothpaste. Thus, apply a little toothpaste to your finger and give it to your pet for taste. If your pet does not like that flavor, switch to a different one.

Just remember that your pet enjoys brushing if it likes toothpaste. So, choose the appropriate toothpaste for your pet. After selecting the toothpaste, apply it to the teeth and gums of your pal.

Third Step: Show The Toothbrush To Your Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever must be familiar with the toothpaste for comfortable brushing. For this, show your pet its brush. And allow the pet to sniff, inspect and lick the toothbrush.

Once your pal gets familiar, brush its teeth gently with the toothbrush. And, do not forget to give your pet appraisal before starting.

Fourth Step: Brush The Teeth Of Your Golden Retriever

In this step, the brushing process starts. Further, this step has subdivisions:

  1. Put the toothpaste that your Golden Retriever chooses in its brush. And start brushing the teeth areas where you can reach with ease.
  2. Lift the lips of your pet and start brushing the farther teeth areas.
  3. Then, gently move the brush back and forth to make your pet familiar with the feeling of its toothbrush all over the mouth.

Furthermore, use a soft and low voice to command your Golden Retriever while brushing. If your pet continuously shows aggressive behavior for two consecutive days, stop brushing its teeth for few days and resume. Repeat this process until your pet gets comfortable with the brushing.

Fifth Step: Clean The Outer Teeth Surface Of Your Golden Retriever

After Golden Retriever becomes comfortable with the movement of the toothbrush inside its mouth, gradually increase the number of teeth you clean. And slowly try to brush the gumline of your pet.

In addition, eventually, increase the brushing time until it ensures thorough brushing. Further, give positive reinforcement to your pet if it stays calm while brushing.

Sixth Step: Clean The Inner Teeth Surface Of Your Golden Retriever

Now, after Golden Retriever is familiar and comfortable with brushing, you should start cleaning the inner side of the teeth also. For this, you can follow the following steps:

  1. Open your Golden Retriever’s mouth by lifting its lips.
  2. Gently apply pressure if your pet doesn’t open the mouth.
  3. When your pet opens its mouth, slowly start brushing the inner areas.
  4. Then slowly increase the brushing surface area. Also, you talk with your pet in a soft tone while brushing.
  5. At last, gently clean the tongue of your Golden Retriever.

After complete brushing, encourage and reward your Golden Retriever with healthy natural snacks. Once your pet gets familiar and comfortable with brushing, it starts enjoying.

How do you brush the teeth of your pet?

Is it different from what I do?

What Are Quick Tips To Keep Golden Retriever’s Teeth Clean

Do you need some short and quick tips to keep your Golden Retriever’s teeth clean after a detailed introduction to its dental care? Thus, here are some tips for you:

  • Make your pet familiar with brushing at an early age. If you teach the pet sooner, the brushing experience will be more successful and convenient.
  • Regularly clean your Golden Retriever’s teeth. If you fail to brush them daily, at least clean the teeth of your pet thrice a week.
  • Make a routine and choose a fixed time for brushing your pet’s teeth.
  • Always use a qualitative brush and paste while brushing your pet’s teeth.
  • Ensure that your Golden Retriever likes its toothpaste.

When you bring a Golden Retriever, you hold the responsibility of caring for the pet. And your failure will result in fatal health problems in your pet. Thus, never ignore the subtle signs and behavioral changes of your pet.

Besides this, be cautious about what you feed your pet and the training you give them. Although these breeds live a short life, you can make beautiful memories with your pal. So, do not spoil those precious moments with your negligence.

I hope you will be more conscious about the hygiene of your Golden Retriever after reading this article.

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