Are Golden Retrievers Working Dogs?

Are Golden Retrievers Working Dogs

Although, the beauty of Golden Retrievers can steal everyone’s heart. But their popularity relies more on their attributes and intelligence than their irresistible skin coat. And owing to their smartness, they can work successfully in different sectors. Therefore, Golden Retrievers are constantly working for people like hunting or service dogs.

So, are Golden Retrievers good as working dogs? Undoubtedly, Golden Retrievers are one of the best working dogs because the sole purpose of breeding these dogs was to help in hunting. Along with this, their impeccable smelling and hunting ability make them perfect for working with people.

I will be disclosing all the information about the Golden Retriever’s working ability further in this article. But before that, let us know what working dogs are and the history of working dogs.

What Are Working Dogs?

Generally, working dogs are the dogs that receive training to perform a specific task. Apart from being a companion or family pet, these dogs are more focused on meaningful work. And, the roles performed by working dogs are:

  • Assistance dogs
  • Guard dogs
  • Therapy dogs
  • Service dogs
  • Guide dogs
  • Military working dogs

What Are The Most Popular Working Dogs?

Some dog breeds are large, protective, strong, alert, watchful, and intelligent. So, they can help in different service activities or assistance works. But the owners should always be conscious about the training to get the best of these dogs.

However, the dog breeds most commonly used as working dogs are:

  • Siberian Huskies
  • Great Dean
  • Boxer
  • Cane Corso
  • Bullmastiff

Besides these breeds, do you think Golden Retriever can serve as great working dogs?

Golden Retriever’s History As Working Dogs

Different dog breeds are working with humans to serve several purposes for a very long time. And when you look at the history, you will find that the sole purpose of creating Golden Retrievers wasn’t different.

In the 1800s, Scottish estate owners wanted a pet that could work with them to hunt in water and land. Therefore, British aristocrat dog breeder Lord Tweedmouth cross-bred yellow dogs with water Spaniel to create Golden Retrievers. And since then, these dogs are constantly serving and working for humans.

Further, these dogs slowly rise to fame after the 19th century due to their excellent hunting ability. Therefore, more people started buying and breeding these dogs. Moreover, cross-breeding these dogs with other breeds made them capable of servicing in different sectors.

Owing to their excellent working ability, the Kennel Club (KC) recognized Golden Retrievers in 1911. And shortly after that, the AKC (American Kennel Club) also recognized Golden Retrievers in 1925.

However, these dogs evolved a lot in the past century to become the best family dog. So, the question is- Can Golden Retrievers serve as working dogs?

Are Golden Retrievers Working Dogs?

Undoubtedly, Golden Retrievers are the perfect family dogs. Usually, their playful attribute makes them the best friends of kids. Further, their kind, social, and gentle temperament makes them a good companion of ill and aged people.

Besides this, the different attributes of Golden Retrievers can for sure serve in various works. Furthermore, the obedience, intelligence, smelling ability, and energy of these breeds can help owners perform field works with ease and excellence. And through proper training, these dogs can help humans to perform more intense and meaningful tasks.

Although Golden Retrievers seem friendly and much more like a domestic pet, they have many inborn skills that are helpful for owners while serving, guiding, rescuing, guarding, or assisting people. Hence, these breeds are also one of the best working dogs.

What Are The Fields Where Golden Retrievers Can Work?

Usually, Golden Retrievers have the attributes that make them best for every work. However, there are some areas where these dogs can serve very well. And the fields at which these breeds perform the best are:

  • Drug dogs
  • Bomb dogs
  • Police dogs
  • Search and rescue dogs
  • Assistance dogs
  • Service dogs

Why Are Golden Retrievers Working Dogs?

For thousands of years, humans have been using dogs to complete their works with ease in lesser time. Besides this, the purpose of Golden Retriever was to catch more preys and help owners to hunt in different places. Therefore, these dogs have an inborn trait to work for and with people.

However, sometimes imaging the friendly Golden Retrievers performing dangerous lifesaving tasks seems surreal. Thus, to help you, I am disclosing some attributes of Golden Retrievers that make them appropriate for work. And these abilities are:

Golden Retrievers Have Impeccable Smelling Ability.

Usually, Golden Retrievers have an extraordinary level of scent detection. Therefore, these dogs can alert their owners about danger and threats beforehand. Besides this, these breeds smell the unfamiliar scent present distance apart and barks to make their caregiver aware of the threats.

Further, due to their impeccable smelling ability, these breeds can detect fluctuation in the health condition of the people. So, your pal can know the rise in your blood pressure or fall in blood sugar level by smelling your scent.

Thus, Golden Retrievers are best for service activities and can be good working dogs. However, they need adequate assistance training to act as service dogs.

Golden Retrievers Are Working Dogs Because They Can Retrieve Things.

Since Golden Retrievers love hunting prey, they are excellent at retrieving and fetching things. Besides this, these dogs have instinctive intelligence to automatically detect and analyze the threat and warn people around them.

Therefore, these breeds can be good in search and rescue activities.

Golden Retrievers Are Working Dogs Because They Are Strong.

Although Golden Retrievers act like a needy breed, they are strong. Generally, their larger body frame of 65-75 pounds and 23-24 inches makes them perfect for defense. Moreover, the size of these dogs makes them best for security and protection.

Besides this, these dogs have a double-layered, water-resistant, and dirt repellant skin coat that makes them fit for working in different environmental conditions.

Golden Retrievers Are Always Eager To Please Their Owner.

Golden Retrievers loves pleasing people. And more often wants attention from everyone. Besides this, owners are the favorites person of these breeds. Thus, they can do anything to please their owner and get attention.

For this, the dogs follow every command and work as per their owner’s order. Besides this, Golden Retrievers loves the owners. So, they follow their owner and work with them.

Golden Retrievers Are Working Dogs Because They Are Intelligent.

The study in 2009 states that Golden Retrievers are the 4th smartest dog breeds among 138 other dogs. Therefore, there is no doubt in the intelligence of Golden Retriever. Moreover, these dogs can learn and understand different words so that they can work with their master.

Besides this, Golden Retrievers can also detect the mood of their owners through body language. And thus, to relieve their owners’ stress, they start hugging, kissing, pawing, or cuddling. Therefore, these dogs can work as good therapy dogs.

Golden Retrievers Are Loyal And Trustworthy.

Usually, the loyalty and obedience of Golden Retrievers are unquestionable. If you train your pal enough, they follow your every order. Thus, these dogs can work in every sector with ease and convenience after adequate training.

Besides this, these dogs will never leave you in threat and danger. Instead, it fights and protects you in every circumstance. Therefore, Golden Retrievers are the best working dogs and great companions.

However, Golden Retrievers for sure has some flaws apart from all these positive attributes. Do you know the disadvantages of parenting a Golden Retriever?

Why Aren’t Golden Retrievers Good?

Yes, Golden Retrievers are the best family dogs. But like everyone, they also have some flaws. And due to these flaws, parenting a Golden Retriever seems difficult.

Moreover, some points to indicate why Golden Retrievers aren’t good are:

  • Golden Retrievers sheds a lot throughout the year.
  • Besides this, they are susceptible to various health issues like heart diseases, cancereye disease, thyroid disorders, ear infectionsconstipation, joint problems, pink nose, and black spot in the tongue.
  • The lifespan of these breeds is less, i.e., 10-12 years. Therefore, your pal will leave you very soon.
  • Golden Retrievers love eating. Hence, they are more likely to be obese. So, you need to focus a lot on the diet of these pets.
  • Golden retrievers are expensive and high-maintenance dogs.
  • These dogs have a denser skin coat that can attach infectious agents like parasites, bacteria, fungi, etc. Thus, they are more prone to skin diseases, parasitic infections, and allergies.
  • You need to give enough time and effort to manage the aggression of these breeds.
  • Golden Retriever cannot tolerate extreme temperatures. Thus, they get cold faster.
  • Further, these dogs need a lot of care, attention, and love.
  • Once Golden Retriever bonds with you, it starts becoming needy. And thus, it starts following you everywhere. Hence, you will never have privacy.
  • Golden Retrievers are messy. Therefore, keeping the house clean with them is a huge problem.
  • In addition, these breeds need regular health checkups. Thus, parenting them is very costly.

If you want to buy a Golden Retriever, do you think you can manage all these issues?

How To Train Golden Retrievers?

Training a pet is essential to manage aggressive behavior. Besides this, through adequate training, your pal becomes disciplined and obedient. Further, there are different behavioral training sessions like bite inhibitionpotty trainingbarking control, and aggression control training for your Golden Retriever.

However, you can give them three different types of training to make Golden Retrievers working dogs. And they are:

Bare Basic Method

Usually, this method teaches your Golden Retriever to respond after your commands. And the steps of this training are:

  • Choose a reward for your pet. It can be treats, toys, or both. But while selecting treats, always choose natural healthy snacks.
  • Determine the basic commands you want to teach your pet. And list them.
  • Work consistently in one command. And jump to the next one only after your pet excels the first.
  • Spend time with your pal besides training sessions. And brush, pat, hug and cuddle with your Golden Retriever whenever you have time.
  • Always give your pet treats after it follows your order. Further, take playing breaks between the training sessions so that your pal doesn’t feel bored.

Complex Task Method

Complex task method teaches your Golden Retriever meaningful works like service activities, assistance activities, rescue activities, etc. And the steps for this training are:

  • Select the activity you want to teach your pal.
  • Make a list of things you need for training with the steps required for training your pet.
  • Start with the easy step and follow others one by one.
  • Frequently practice with your Golden Retriever.
  • Don’t forget to reward your pet with healthy treats after training.

Public Access Method

This training method teaches your pal how to socialize. Therefore, it helps to enhance the social skills of your pal. Further, the steps involved in this training are:

  • Start socialization as early as possible. For this, take your Golden Retriever to social gatherings, meetings, park, and invite guests.
  • Besides this, include your pet in adventurous activities like camping, long walks, hiking, jogging, etc.
  • Command your pal to perform tasks when you are out with them. Start with a quieter surrounding and slowly move to noisy ones.
  • Allow your pet to rest in public places. But ensure that it is attentive and gets alert immediately at your command.
  • Frequently repeat these steps.

Furthermore, these training methods are the basis to teach your Golden Retriever how to work with people. But for performing a specific task, your Retriever needs training related to it.

However, I hope this article was informative, and you will try these training methods.

Summing up, Golden Retrievers are great dogs with numerous qualities to fit in with family and surroundings. Besides this, they have many attributes that can help you to perform your work with ease. Therefore, train your pal to utilize those abilities.

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