Are Golden Retrievers Good Guard Dogs?

Are Golden Retrievers Good Guard Dogs?

Golden Retrievers have two contrasting characters. Generally, they have a family-friendly and kind temperament. But they are also an excellent hunter. Therefore, keeping these breeds as guard dogs is still a question. Do you think Golden Retrievers are good guard dogs?

As Golden Retrievers are very obedient, loyal, and intelligent, they can be good guard dogs. But the gentle and friendly attribute of these dogs somehow makes them unfit for protecting the owners. So, Golden Retrievers need specific training to be good guard dogs. 

Undoubtedly, I will be disclosing more about the temperaments of Golden Retriever further in this article. But before that, let us know about the traits that good guard dogs need.

What Are The Ideal Traits Of A Guard Dog?

Usually, all the dogs love their owners and have protecting, caring, and loving nature. However, to be good guard dogs, they should have the following characteristic traits:

  • Smart enough to distinguish threat
  • Strong enough to fight
  • Disciplined
  • Aggressive
  • Should have a high-pitched barking sound
  • Attentive
  • Fast to fight enemies
  • Obedient to their owners
  • Large size

Do you think your Golden Retriever has these characteristics?

Are Golden Retrievers Good Guard Dogs?

Owning to the excellent hunting ability, Golden Retrievers are capable of showing their aggression in need. Therefore, these breeds undoubtedly can be good guard dogs.

Besides this, these dogs are needy and love their owners. So, they will for sure protect their caregiver.

Along with this, Golden Retrievers are loyal dogs that defend their family when needed. And the way these dogs bark at the visitors is proof of their loyalty.

Moreover, these dogs understand the body language of people. Therefore, they can detect threats. And thus, they will start barking or grunting to keep danger away and protect the owners.

Since these dog breeds are friendly, they enjoy people’s attention. Hence, their calm, quiet and generous temperament can sometimes stop them from being a good guard dogs. But you can manage these attributes by training your pet.

What Makes Golden Retriever Good Guard Dogs?

Usually, Golden Retrievers have many attributes that make them the perfect dog for families. Besides this, the playfulness and energy of these dogs make them the best playing partner for kids.

Furthermore, these dogs have impeccable smelling ability to detect fluctuation in health issues. Hence, they are a great companion for sick and aged people. Apart from this, there are few traits of Golden Retrievers that make them good guard dogs.

And these are:

Golden Retrievers Are Intelligent.

Undoubtedly, Golden Retrievers are very smart. And they can learn different commands and respond accordingly.

Besides this, these dogs have great instincts. Therefore, they can suspect the negative intentions of people.

Along with this, these dogs have an impeccable ability to understand body language. Hence, whenever they find the threat, they start barking and alert their owners.

Golden Retrievers Can Bark In High-Pitch.

Although, Golden Retrievers aren’t frequent barkers. Yet, they can sometimes use a high-pitched barking sound to indicate a threat. Since these dogs cannot use verbal commands to communicate, they use barking or vocalization to alert their owners.

If your pal doesn’t like the visitors, it barks lough enough to scare them. Hence, visitors prefer to stay away. Therefore, Golden Retrievers are good at protecting their house.

Golden Retrievers Have Perfect Size.

Golden Retrievers are large dog breeds with a perfect size to threaten the intruder. Further, their big body frame of 55-65 pounds and 23-24 inches can scare anyone. Hence, whenever someone tries to intervene in the house, the intense look and large body structure of Golden Retriever make them less likely to try.

Golden Retrievers Are Loyal.

There is no question in the loyalty of Golden Retrievers. Besides this, these dogs follow every command of their owners. And they always stick beside their caregivers.

So, they stay with you even during dangerous or fearful conditions. Hence, Golden Retrievers can be good guard dogs.

Golden Retrievers Can Show Aggression.

Even though aggression is the less prominent attribute of Golden Retrievers, they do become very aggressive sometimes. Thus, they start biting, barking, grunting, and attacking.

Usually, these breeds become aggressive due to health issues or hunger. But besides this, Golden Retrievers can also show aggression to keep the threat away. Hence, they can be good guard dogs.

Golden Retrievers Are Possessive.

Owners are the favorite person of Golden Retrievers. Hence, they are always possessive towards their owners. As a result, these dogs start attacking strangers that approach near their caregivers.

Further, these dogs like to claim their territory when other animals visit their house. Hence, these breeds prevent the attack of other animals.

Golden Retrievers Are Great Hunters.

Since the sole purpose of creating Golden Retriever is for hunting, they are excellent in this work. Thus, they have a higher prey drive. Besides this, they can retrieve prey from water and land.

Therefore, the instinct of these dogs is good. As a result, they can protect you from critters. And thus, Golden Retrievers act as good guard dogs.

However, there still arises a question- Are all Golden Retrievers good guard dogs?

Why Can’t Golden Retrievers Be Good Guard Dogs?

All Golden Retrievers for sure have all the above attributes. Yet, all these dogs cannot be good guard dogs. Sometimes the kind, calm, and friendly behaviors of these breeds overshadow their guarding ability.

Therefore, those dogs that like pleasing people cannot be guard dogs. Moreover, some of the attributes that prohibits them from being a guard dog are:

Golden Retrievers Are Friendly.

Golden Retrievers are friendly dog breeds. Therefore, they instantly make friends wherever they go. Besides this, these dogs like to socialize and get familiar with people around them instead of barking or threatening.

Hence, due to sociability and kind attribute, Golden Retriever cannot be good guard dogs.

Golden Retrievers Likes Pleasing Everyone.

The beautiful skin coat of Golden Retrievers can attract everyone’s attention. Further, one of the reasons for the outrageous popularity of Golden Retriever is its ability to please others.

They love interacting and are fond of attention. Furthermore, these dogs enjoy when strangers pat, call or brush them. Hence, they behave needy to get more attention.

Besides this, they constantly try to please the people around them. Therefore, Golden Retrievers aren’t good guard dogs.

Golden Retrievers Don’t Bark Much.

Although Golden Retrievers have a high-pitched sound, they are less likely to bark. Instead of barking, they smell and interact with the outsiders. Thus, owners cannot know the threat around them.

(Note: the Australian Golden Retriever Adelaide Dog holds the Guinness World Record of loudest bark.) Do you think you can beat this record through training?

Golden Retrievers Only Protect Their Favorite Ones.

Usually, Golden Retrievers are possessive only towards their favorite person. And thus, they always try to protect the one they love. Therefore, to get protection, you need to build a strong bond with your pet.

But how to know whether your pet loves you or not? For this, read the article- 16 Ways To Know Your Golden Retriever Loves You.

Golden Retrievers Love Food.

Since Golden Retrievers love eating, they are always hungry. Further, food can enlighten their mood in seconds. Besides this, people can easily please these dogs by giving them treat.

And Golden Retrievers start loving the person who feeds them irrespective of their intention. So, these dogs aren’t good guard dogs.

Golden Retrievers Do Not Bite Naturally.

Golden Retrievers aren’t quite a biter. Therefore, biting instinct is less common in these breeds. Furthermore, these dogs bite only when there are no other options. Mostly, in the worst condition.

Besides this, Golden Retrievers have a soft mouth and do not bite harshly. Usually, they avoid conflicts and remains calm in most situation.

Therefore, they aren’t good guard dogs. However, through adequate training, you can make these breeds excellent guards.

Are you familiar with those training sessions?

How To Train Golden Retrievers To Be Guard Dogs?

Usually, training can mold and shape your pet according to your desire. And since these breeds are very smart, training them is comparatively more convenient and quicker. So, your friendly pet can be a good guard dog after enough training.

Therefore, the training sessions for making Golden Retrievers good guard dogs are:

Making The Boundaries Training To Make Golden Retrievers Good Guard Dogs.

Generally, this training method marks the boundaries for your Golden Retriever so that it can protect those areas. Moreover, your pal claims those boundaries as its territory to protect everything within it.

However, the steps for the training are:

  1. Take your pal for a walk. And don’t communicate with it while walking.
  2. After returning home, release its leash and let your pet explore its surrounding.
  3. Then, teach your Golden Retriever different commands.
  4. Whenever your pal barks, use the command word- speak.
  5. And if it starts barking louder, reward it with natural snacks as treats.
  6. Then teach your pal to stop barking using the command word- no.
  7. Further, treat your pet when it stops in your command.
  8. Now, use the command word- speak to make your pet bark whenever unfamiliar animal or person approach its surrounding.
  9. Repeat these steps unless your pal starts barking to strangers naturally.
  10. Also, don’t forget to reward your Golden Retrievers with treats when it barks at strangers.

Barking Training To Make Golden Retriever Good Guard Dogs.

Barking training is similar to the first one. However, the only difference in this training is that you teach your pet to bark at different sounds, unlike strangers.

Furthermore, the steps of these training are:

  • Create a scenario and make noises outside the house like a door banging, gate swinging, window tapping, or shouting. As accompanying your pal and making sounds both at the same time is impossible, you can take help from your friends and family.
  • When there is noise, command your Golden Retriever to bark using the command word-speak.
  • If your pal starts barking, go near your pal and command it to stop.
  • Then, give your pal healthy natural treats.
  • Repeat these steps few more times until you are confident that your pal will bark whenever it hears noises.

Both these training sessions are helpful and convenient. Train your pet using these training sessions.

Don’t forget to give your review after you train your pet?

Are Male Or Female Golden Retrievers Better Guard Dogs?

Since male dogs show more aggression, male Golden Retrievers are better guard dogs than females. Further, males are bulkier and heavier than the female. And also have a body that is few pounds heavier and a few inches taller.

On average, male Golden Retriever is 65-70 pounds and 23-24 inches tall, while females are 55-65 pounds and 21-22 inches tall. Apart from this, the temperament and personality of both dogs are the same.

However, through adequate training, both these dogs can do a great job as guards.

What is the gender of your Golden Retriever?

If you have a male dog, do you think it is more aggressive?

What Are The Best Dog Breeds For Guard Dogs?

If you are looking for guard dogs and don’t have the time or energy to train a Golden Retriever, there are many other great options for you.

After you bring these dogs into your home, they instinctively start protecting your house even without training. Therefore, few dogs with natural guarding instincts are:

  • Rottweilers
  • German Shepherd
  • Bullmastiff
  • Boxer
  • Rhodesian Ridgeback
  • Dobermans

Which dog breed is your favorite?

Summing up, when you bring a puppy, it is very raw. Thus, you can mold your Golden Retriever the way you want through training, nutritious food, and care. And being an owner, it is your responsibility to teach your pal all the good traits.

Besides this, you need to make decisions wisely for a longer and happier lifespan of your Golden Retriever. Furthermore, I hope you make lots of memories with your pal. And the contagious smile of your pet enlightens your world with happiness and positivity.

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