How To Make Your Golden Retrievers Hair Grow Fast [6 Different Ways]

How to Make Your Golden Retrievers Hair Grow Fast

The beautiful structural features of the Golden Retriever with a wonderfully long and soft coat allures everyone making it the best family dog and the perfect companion for your kids. But the Golden Retriever sheds a lot in the shedding season. And if you own a Retriever, you are probably searching for solutions for how to make your Golden Retrievers hair grow long faster?

In general, the puppy Golden Retrievers do not have long hair until they are three months old. They will have short and fluffy hair. And for faster growth of hair, you must focus on their care. The first thing you should look at is their diet.

Along with this, brushing the hair of your Golden Retriever daily, bathing, and grooming them will promote the hair of Golden Retriever to grow long faster.

Fortunately, I do have tips and tricks for you which may help you for faster growth of the hair of your Golden Retriever. But before we discuss them, let us first know a little about the coat of Golden Retriever.

How Long Does It Take For Your Golden Retriever To Grow Its Hair?

The Golden Retrievers look like a small yellow or golden ball right after birth. They only have small and fluffy yellow hair throughout their body. However, when they get older than three months, their hair starts to get longer and denser.

Firstly, the hair in the tail of your Golden Retriever starts growing longer. Then you might see the hair slowly growing in their stomach, legs, and throughout the body.

Besides this, your pet needs to be at least eighteen months to be dense and hairy. And the thickness of their coat depends on their nutritional uptake and surrounding.

Soon after the hair gets longer, they start to sheds in the shedding seasons. Thus, give the Golden Retriever proper care and grooming.

How long did it take for your Golden Retriever puppy to be fully furry?

What did you notice in this evolution?

What Kind Of Coat Does A Golden Retriever Have?

Along with the temperament, the coat of Golden Retriever is also well-known. The Golden Retrievers have double-layered skin that is denser in the stomach, neck, and back. But you will find less hair in their legs and face.

The outer skin surface of your pet is dirt repellant and water-resistant. And a thick undercoat lies beneath. They secret some oil glands to make their coat soft and shiny.

The secretion helps the Golden Retriever to brush off the dirt and dust lingering in its body just with a simple shake. Therefore, the body of your pet always stays clean and dust-free.

Why Does Your Golden Retriever Have A Short Hair?

Long and dense hair is a prominent feature of the Golden Retriever. But if your Golden Retriever has shorter hair, there may be many reasons for it. Some of the common reasons are:

Lack Of Grooming

Grooming and care of the Golden Retriever are vital for proper hair growth. And lack of routine grooming leads to the short hair of your pet.

Therefore, brush the hair of your pet daily and give them a proper bath. It promotes the long and healthy hair of your Retriever.

Improper Diet

We know that the skin reflects our internal health. And the same rules imply for the Golden Retriever too. When you stuff your pet with unhealthy foods, its hair follicles will be weak for the natural growth of longer hair.

As a result, your pet will have short and fussy hair.

Environmental Stress

The surrounding you live in has an impact in your hair and overall growth. The environment with higher stress and extreme conditions causes a hormonal imbalance of your pet and degrades its physiological health.

And it leads to a negative impact on the hair growth of your Retriever.

Mix breeds

While you observe the short-haired Golden Retrievers, you will more likely find that most of them are mixed breed. Cross-breeding of the Golden Retrievers with other normal dogs produces offspring that have shorter hair.

But still, all other characteristics replicate the Golden Retriever. Some of such breeds are:

Genetic Variation

Another strong reason for shorter hair in your Golden Retriever is its genes. The genetic test kit result states that DNA has a significant role in the length of hair.

You cannot expect long-haired offspring from parents with short hair. The offsprings from recessive genes will produce the Retrievers with short hair. And the trait of short hair will pass on to further generations even if we cross breed the recessive genes with dominant genes.

If your Golden Retriever also has short hair, I think it has some of the above problems. 

6 Ways To Make The Hair Of Golden Retriever Grow Long Faster

Whatever may be the reason, shaving the hair of your Golden Retriever due to medical emergency, seasonal shedding, or any of the above issues. You would want the hair to grow soon. But the process of growth takes a long time, at least 2-3 months.

However, you can speed up this natural process a little by following ways:

Feeding Omega Rich Diet To Make The Hair Of Golden Retriever Grow

Diet plays a significant role in the healthy growth of hair in your pet. The foods rich in omega fats will promote the hair in your pet to grow. Besides the faster growth, you need to make the hair of your pet healthy and an omega-rich diet is the best way to do that.

The foods rich in omega-3 and omega-6 will make the hair of your Golden Retriever shiny, long, radiant, and healthy. Some of the omega-rich foods for your pet are:

  • Different types of fishes (Such as Salmon, Tuna, Sardines, etc.)
  • Eggs and other fortified foods
  • Seafood
  • Seeds and nuts (Most commonly walnuts, chia seeds, and flaxseeds)

Giving Supplements To Promote The Hair Of Golden Retriever To Grow

If your pet lacks proper nutrients in its diet, you must use the supplements. But you need to consult the Veterinarian before you use them. Using Omega-3 and Omega-6 supplements in the diet helps your pet to fight against different skin problems.

Besides this, the supplements help in producing essential oils that deal with skin inflammation. Thus, it prevents itching and promotes healthy hair growth in your pet.

Proper Grooming Helps The Hair Of Golden Retriever To Grow

Grooming the Golden Retrievers properly since they are puppies is very helpful in their hair growth. While you groom your puppy, it relaxes the hair follicles. Thus, it results in easy and quick hair growth.

Apart from this, the Golden Retriever sheds a lot and sheds throughout the year. If you groom it properly, you can control the shedding a little.

Therefore, you should take your pet to the groomer at least once every two months for professional grooming. Besides this, the use of grooming devices promotes the hair growth of your Retriever. Furminator Undercoat DE-shedding Tool is one such device.

Daily Brushing To Promote The Hair Of Golden Retriever To Grow

Golden Retriever is a very active pet. It runs and plays all day. As a result, its coat attaches different foreign particles, dust, dirt, and mud. And it causes the matting of hair.

Brushing the hair of your pet removes the matted fur and loosens the tangled hair. Thus, you can avoid matting and excessive shedding of your pal.

Besides this, regular brushing helps in the proper distribution of essential oils. So, it promotes the healthy growth of hair. However, you should follow some tips while brushing them. They are:

  • You should use a natural bristle brush to brush them daily.
  • When you need to deal with tangles, opt for a wire bristle or greyhound brush.
  • You must brush them gently and carefully throughout the body.
  • Check for fleas and observe the coat thoroughly while brushing them. Consult the Veterinarian if you find redness, inflammation, and scalps in the body surface of your pet.

Schedule Bathing Helps The Hair Of Golden Retriever To Grow

Give a bath to your furry friend at least once a month. For this, use a dog-based good quality shampoo for giving the bath. Also, use warm water for bathing your Retriever since it relaxes their hair follicles.

Apart from this bathing, also promotes the oil glands to secret the essential oils necessary for the healthy growth of the hair of your Golden Retriever. You can use the following tips while bathing your pet.

  • Brush the coat of your Retriever before and after bath.
  • Soak the hair of your pet in warm water. And you can use dog baths to make the process easier.
  • Apply oatmeal shampoo. This shampoo inhibits bacterial growth and promotes the hair of your Golden Retriever to grow.
  • Massage and spread the shampoo gently all over the body of your pet. But, prevent the shampoo from entering the ears and eyes of your dog.
  • Rinse the shampoo. Clean the ears and eyes of your pal with a damp cotton cloth carefully.
  • Spray the mixture of half a cup of white vinegar and half a gallon of water all over the body of your pet to keep away bacterial infection.
  • Wait for fifteen minutes and dry your pet with a clean cotton towel.

Trimming Helps The Hair Of Your Golden Retriever To Grow

The Golden Retrievers need the double-layered coat. It is very beneficial for them to survive through extremities.

While the outer surface traps the air and keeps them warm in colder conditions, the inner coat insulates them and comforts them during hot. Therefore, you should never cut or shave the hairs of your pet.

Yet trimming the excessive hair in some areas can comfort your pet and will be helpful. Some of the parts that need trimming are:

  • Fussy hairs between toes
  • Long hair strands that block their eyes
  • Back of legs
  • Hairs that cover their ears
  • Some longs hairs of the tail

Apart from these, the coat of their neck and chest also needs trimming and thinning. For this, you can seek the help of good groomers. As they are professionals, they can do the work more perfectly and conveniently.

Though it is hard to believe proper trimming does help to promote hair growth. Trimming minimizes the use of essential oils in unnecessary parts and promotes distribution in the required areas. So, it does help the hair of your Golden Retriever grows long faster.

Were you familiar with these ideas?

If you also follow the same ideas to grow the hair of your Golden Retriever, were they effective?

What Are The Tricks That Helps Your Golden Retriever To Grow Long Hair Faster?

The health of your Golden Retrievers plays a vital role in the growth of their hair. Whatever may be the reason for the hair fall, whether it is due to disease or shedding seasons. It takes longer to grow.

However, I have some tips and tricks that can enhance hair growth and make it quick. The steps are:

  1. Maintain a feeding schedule with an enormous amount of food with omega fats makes the hair of your pet radiant and shiny. And it also improves the internal health for faster growth of hair.
  2. Consult the Veterinarian and ask them for supplements. (Such as omega-3 and omega-6 supplements for your Retriever). Since these supplements reduce inflammation and skin problems, they enhance the growth of healthy and long hair.
  3. Brush the coat of your Golden Retriever daily. Daily brushing spreads the natural oils throughout the body and enhances overall blood circulation. Besides this, it also removes dirt, debris, and foreign particles from the body of your pet. Therefore, it stimulates the hair growth of your pet.
  4. Use an Oatmeal shampoo to wash your pet. The longer and dense fur of your Golden Retriever is the perfect hiding place for dirt, debris, and bacteria. Thus, when you wash the coat with oatmeal shampoo, it prevents such foreign agents from your pet.

Do you think these tricks may help you?

Spray half a cup of vinegar water and half a gallon of water in the skin of your Retriever after each bath. It destroys the bacteria by inhibiting bacterial growth. Finally, it promotes a healthy coat in your dog.

Does Shaving Help Your Golden Retriever To Grow Long Hair?

The shaving off of Golden Retriever will do nothing good to them. And definitely, it will not help your Golden Retriever to grow more long and dense hair. It only makes your Golden Retriever uncomfortable and exposes the delicate skin of your pet to burns and skin disorders.

The Retrievers have a layered coat for a reason. It protects them from extreme weather, and shaving them off makes things worse for them. The side effect of shaving the hair of your pet is the destruction of their coat, leading to different diseases like:

So, use grooming advice for caring for the hair of your pet rather than shaving them off. And if you feel your pet is hot due to its denser cat, you can use cooling jackets for them.

Who Will Have A Legal Permission Of Shaving Your Golden Retriever Hair?

The trained groomer only has the legal authority of shaving the hair of your Golden Retriever. However, you need to show the legal documents and verification letter of the Veterinarian for this. And the letter should state that the shaving process is a medical necessity.

The hair grows within 2-3 months after shaving. Yet, shaving damages certain hair follicles. And it prevents the natural growth of the hair, leading to some bald spots in the body of your Golden Retriever.

Thus, never try shaving the hair of your pet unless there is a medical emergency.

Did your Golden Retriever also had such health issues after shaving?

How Often Does The Hair Of The Golden Retriever Sheds?

The Golden Retriever sheds throughout the year. While the outer coat sheds once a year, its undercoats shed twice every year. In shedding seasons, the hairs of both the coat shed at the same time.

In general, seasonal shedding lasts as long as eight weeks. Yet, you will notice mild shedding all over the year.

Although the spring and fall are the shedding seasons of the Golden Retrievers, you will notice that they moderately shed their hair in winter and summer.

Therefore, you will never get away with dog hairs in your clothes, shoes, carpets, and beds if you have a Golden Retriever in your house. But excessive shedding can be fatal. Thus, it is better to control it as early as possible.

What Are Tips To Control Shedding Of Hair In The Golden Retriever?

Though complete elimination of shedding is impossible, you can manage the hair fall off your pet in the shedding season. You surely do not like the golden hairs all over your place, do you? Therefore, I have some secret tips to help you avoid such a mess. They are:

Cleaning Routine

Make a slight change in the cleaning routine to avoid hair messy on the floor, carpet, bed, and kitchen. Since complete elimination of hair fall is quite impossible. So the only option left to keep your place clean is frequently cleaning it.

Though, daily cleaning is a good idea. Yet, you may not get enough time. So, you should at least clean and vacuum the house once in three days. It makes a lot of difference.

Lint Roller

When you go out, the hair of your furry friend may be clinging to your clothes. And although you love and adore your pet, you may not want to visit places with their hair.

Therefore, use a lint roller to clean yourself before you leave your house.

Professional Grooming

You may think you can manage to groom your pet. But good groomers have the specific training to ease and groom your pet. Calling a groomer at least once in two months decreases the hair fall in the shedding season.

Don’t Use De-Shedding Brushes

In contrast to the claim, the de-shedding brushes destroy the coat. Instead of detangling the messy hair, these brushes tears and pull out the hairs. Thus, it severely affects the natural hair growth of your Golden Retriever.

Regular Baths

Schedule baths energize your pet and take off all the grease, dust, dirt, and mud from their fur. While bathing your pet, you brush and groom it. It promotes the blood flow of your dog. Thus, it helps in hair growth.

Therefore, you should give the Golden Retriever a proper bath once every month.

Use Blow-Dryer

The dam and wet coat of the Golden Retriever have higher chances of attaching dirt, dust, and mud. Thus, drying them completely after a bath is as important as the bath. For this, you can use the different types of blow-dryer available in the market.

But make sure that the device produces lesser noise since louder noise may irritate your furry pal.

Cuddling your furry friend may be your best antistress booster. But, seasonal shedding, unknown shedding, and alopecia due to skin problems may be worrying you a lot. Like every parent, you also want the lifespan of your Golden Retriever to be longer and healthier with minimal or no health issues.

Therefore, I think all the above tips might be helpful for you.

Did you find the tips effective? Are there any more ideas of faster hair growth to add to the list?

I will appreciate all your suggestions. You can leave them in the comments below.

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