How Do I Stop My Male Golden Retriever From Trying To Mate?

How Do I Stop My Male Golden Retriever From Trying To Mate

Being are high-maintenance dog breeds, parenting Golden Retriever puppies takes a lot of time, energy, and money. Along with this, mating comes with the various side effect. So, it is better not to mate your pal. But since a male Golden Retriever is more stubborn, you should come with stronger ideas to stop it from trying to mate.

So, how can you stop a male Golden Retriever from mating? Usually, separating from females, using a leash, continuous supervision, neutering, closing the doors or window of rooms, using lust buster and chlorophyll, etc., can stop male Golden Retriever from trying to mate. Further, keeping your pal away from the smell of heat makes it less affected by female heat. Thus, it stops them from trying to mate.

Although Golden Retriever is the best family dog, adding a newborn puppy is a huge responsibility. Besides this, only mating of pure breeds ensures healthy and friendly puppies. So, reckless mating is a huge problem that needs to stop.

If you want to breed your pal, read this article once and answer the questions that follow. And if you are sure enough that you can support a puppy Golden Retriever. Then, breed your pal.

When Does Male Golden Retriever Start Mating?

Male Golden Retrievers become sexually matured after they are six months old. So, they may have the insight to mate at an early age. But, desperation, mounting, and aggressiveness start only after they are 18 to 24 months old.

Furthermore, male dogs don’t undergo heat to mate. And unlike female dogs, owners often assume their desire to mate as behavioral change or mischievousness.

Besides this, the smell of female Golden Retriever in the heat makes your pal desperate. So, if heated females are closer, they urge more to mate.

What Signs Do Male Golden Retrievers When It Wants To Mate?

Although male Golden Retrievers do not impart specific signs like females in heat. Undoubtedly, they show some subtle signs to indicate their desire to mate. And they are:

Male Golden Retrievers may also show these signs due to health issues. So, if you want to know the cause behind these signs, it is better to consult with the Vet as soon as you observe them in your pet.

How Long Will A Male Golden Retriever Follow His Mate In Heat?

During the heat cycle, the female Golden Retriever bleeds and releases a strong scent. And as these breeds have an impeccable smelling ability, they can sense the female in heat present distance away.

Further, after they smell the odor of females in heat, these dogs start to follow their mates due to their biological drive to make puppies. Besides this, they also start running, mounting, and barking to get the attention of female dogs.

Moreover, male Golden Retrievers are stubborn and persistent. Thus, they will follow the female Retriever in the heat for 3 to 6 days.

But when the females stop imparting the scent of heat, these dogs will lose their urge to mate. Along with this, some training methods and medications can also control the mating behavior of these breeds. And thus, it will stop male Retrievers from following the females.

What Are The Advantages Of Mating In Male Golden Retriever?

Mating is a natural process in Golden Retriever to continue its generation. Although this process relates to various disadvantages, there are some advantages of mating that are worth explaining.

Among those, adorable young puppies come first. Since mating results in pregnancy, you will get bundles of puppies within eight to ten weeks of mating. Holding those cute puppies seems like a lot of fun and excitement. Doesn’t it?

Besides this, mating strains the excessive energy of your pal. Therefore, your pet appears calmer after they mate. Moreover, if the mating breeds have good genses, healthier and stronger puppies are born.

Further, you can also instill several genetic traits in your pal by mating them with their respective partners. Therefore, conscious mating improves the temperament and lifespan of Golden Retrievers.

Do you want puppies in your house? Are you planning to breed your pet?

What Are The Disadvantages Of Mating In Male Golden Retriever?

The beautiful body features, friendly temperament, and contagious smile of Golden Retriever puppies make them irresistible. So, owners may decide to mate their pets for puppies. But they fail to look at the negative aspects of mating.

Although, there is no denial of some pros of mating. But the disadvantages of mating for sure overshadows some of the advantages. So, the disadvantages of mating are:

Injuries Are Common When Golden Retrievers Mate

Usually, due to copulatory ties, the mating dogs stuck with each other while mating. So, Golden Retrievers may get many injuries or wounds in their genital areas. Besides this, when owners try hard to separate them from their mates, the former injuries worsen and become more complicated.

Higher Chance Of Miscarriage

The adorable smile of a puppy Golden Retriever inspires the owners to breed their pets. But, reckless mating or mating of pregnant Golden Retriever may result in miscarriage.

Besides this, unsupervised mating of pets is the most common reason for mating problems and hereditary illness. Therefore, to avoid miscarriage, breeders should supervise mating and study the breed type of dogs before breeding.

Stillborn Puppies

Stillborn puppies are more common when Golden Retrievers mate recklessly. When unmatched dogs mate, their puppies are more likely to have several health issues like cancer, thyroid disorders, diabetes, heart diseases, etc.

Besides this, reckless mating also affects the development of organs. As a result, stillborn puppies with defects in organs and their functions are very common.


When a male Golden Retriever mates with a female having a different gene type. Then, the resulting puppies are more likely to suffer from Sudden Acquired Retina Degeneration (SARD), Immune-Mediated Retinal Detachment Syndrome, and Diabetes Mellitus Induced Cataract.


When two mating Golden Retrievers carry autosomal recessive genes of deafness, the puppies born from them for sure acquire hereditary deafness. And in breeds with different coat patterns like Retrievers, cochleosaccular related deafness is more common.

Skin Problems

Golden Retrievers are susceptible to various skin disorders like bald spots, rashes, coat thinning, lumps, etc. Besides this, the injuries that they get while mating can lead to life-threatening skin disorders.

Furthermore, after mating, these dogs have lesser immunity. Thus, they cannot fight against minor health issues. As a consequence, even small rashes or cuts can result in cancer and death.


During the estrus phase, Golden Retrievers may suffer from various neurological disorders. Similarly, mating involves a hormonal imbalance in these dogs. So, due to the effects of these hormones, your pet might suffer from epilepsy and seizure after mating.

Further, the journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine in 2014 also confirms this fact and states the association between estrus and onset of seizures with idiopathic epilepsy in most dogs.

Aggression And Mounting

Just like female Retriever’s heath cycle, the aggressive behavior of your friendly Golden Retriever is the most common sign that they show when they want to mate. Since the aggression of your pet is destructive, it disturbs the peaceful environment of the home.

Along with this, the mounting or barking behavior of your pal is also disturbing. Further, your pal may try to escape the house and run away when they urge to mate. As a result, they are more susceptible to accidents and attacks.

Increase The Health Care And Breeding Cost

As we know, injuries are common after Golden Retrievers mate. Besides this, mating invites new puppies into the house. Being a high-maintenance dog breed, feeding, accommodation, and health care of a single pet cost a lot.

Further, puppies are more vulnerable and sensitive. So, they need more love, care, time, and attention. Thus, the grooming or caring cost of many pets is more than a single pet.

Apart from this, mating also increases the possibility of cancer, thyroid disorders, joint problems, and allergies. All these things increase the healthcare expenditure of your pet.

As breeding may induce various health risks in your Golden Retriever, don’t you think you must stop your pal?

Do you know how to stop a male Golden Retriever from mating?

How Can You Stop My Male Golden Retriever From Trying To Mate?

Since mating is a natural phenomenon, complete elimination of your pet’s desire to mate is somewhat impossible. Besides this, mating results in pregnancy and unavoidable health issues. So, if you don’t want puppies, you need to stop your male Golden Retriever from trying to mate.

And for this, I have some ideas that are:

Supervise Your Golden Retriever

Supervising your pal is the best way to stop them. For this, you can keep your pet in their crate box when you cannot give direct attention to your pal. When your Golden Retriever starts showing mating behavior, stay by its side for a few days.

Don’t leave your dog alone. Further, if you lack enough time, you can also seek help from your family and friends to assist you in supervising your pal.

Separate Your Golden Retriever From Other

If you have more than one pet in your house, separate the dog in heat with other dogs. Besides this, male Golden Retrievers showing mating behavior are very aggressive and destructive. So, keeping male dogs in one room is a bad idea.

So, I suggest you get a separate crate box for each pet. Further, the most common crate box for your pal with the best reviews are:

Use Lust Buster

Golden Retriever has an impeccable smelling ability. Hence, they can sense the heat of the female, present distance away. So, you can use a luster buster to mask the scent of a female.

As the lust buster covers the nose, you Retriever cannot get the tempting smell of females in heat. So, this distracts your pal from odor. As a result, it stops your male Golden Retriever from trying to mate.

Medications To Stop Your Golden Retriever

Some medications, like Benadryl, reduces the hormonal stimulation in your pal. So, your pet lacks the desire to mate.

Furthermore, your Retriever feels sleepy and exhausted due to this medication. Hence, it controls the aggressive and destructive behavior of your pal.

Moreover, the use of some hormonal medications helps to postpone the heat cycle in females. So, male dogs are less likely to follow the females for mating. Hence, it helps to stop both male and female Golden Retrievers from mating.

Neuter Your Male Golden Retriever

Neutering is a birth control surgical procedure for male Golden Retrievers. Generally, in this surgical procedure, the Vet carefully removes the testicles of your pet. Therefore, due to the removal of the reproductive system, your pal doesn’t get hormonal urgency for mating.

Hence, even the scent of heat fails to stimulate your pal’s hormones. And thus, birth control can stop a male Golden Retriever from trying to mate with females.

Close All The Windows Of The House

During heat or mating desire, your pet becomes restless and aggressive. Besides this, these dogs are more reluctant to escape their house and run away to search for a partner to mate.

So, close all the windows of the house to prevent your pet from escaping.

Besides this, windows and doors act as a barrier to block the scent of heat. Hence, heat at the other side of closed windows and doors fails to stimulate your pal.

In addition, baby gates can also be helpful to prevent your pal’s from escaping. Thus, some of the gates available are:

Use Diapers For Female Golden Retriever

During the heat cycle, the female Golden Retriever releases blood with a specific scent. And this scent stimulates the hormones of males. So, these dogs attract males to mate with them using their scent.

Thus, you should block or mask the smell of the heat to stop your mal from mating. For this, wrap your pal in clothes or diapers. And also, ensure to cover their genitals to avoid dripping blood on the floor, carpet, clothes, etc.

Therefore, a male dog cannot smell the scent of heat. As a result, the use of diapers can stop your male Golden Retriever from trying to mate.

Use Chlorophyll To Mask The Smell Of Female Heat

By now, I think you are familiar that a female dog releases a specific scent during the heat cycle to attract the male. Usually, the smelly discharge acts as a catalyst to stimulate the male’s hormone for mating.

So, one of the best ways to stop a male Golden Retriever from approaching a female in heat is by eliminating the smell. For this, you can use chlorophyll in the meal of female dogs.

Just add one to two teaspoons of chlorophyll to the food of your female pet. And this will do wonders in masking the smell of heat.

However, there is a drawback that you will observe the green feces of your pal after giving them chlorophyll.

Use Leash To Control Your Golden Retriever

When a male Golden Retriever urges to mate, it becomes restless and aggressive. Further, the hormonal imbalance due to mating desire makes your pal disobedient. In addition, these dogs always look around and try to escape in search of a mating partner.

Thus, controlling these breeds becomes difficult when you are out. So, you can use a leash and collar for your pet in this case. It ensures you that they stay beside you when you take your pet for exercise.

However, some of the leashes available in the market are:

Give Adequate Training And Exercise

Training teaches your pet commands and orders. So, after enough training, your pal becomes obedient and trustworthy. Besides this, training sessions are also essential to manage the behavior of your dog.

Along with this, exercise and training utilize the excess energy of your pet. And since those activities strain your Golden Retriever, it becomes calmer. Besides this, intense physical activities control the hormones. So, your pet becomes more interested in taking rest than mating.

Talk To Professionals

Professionals know more about your pet. So, they can give valuable suggestions to control the mating behavior of your pal. Besides this, they also advise on diet plans and exercise. Hence, they promote a healthy life for a pet.

Moreover, the Vet prescribes dose, quantity, frequency, and concentration of medicines for your pet to calm them. Further, the regular checkup of your pal also helps the Vet to depict and diagnose the underlying health issue present in your dog.

Do you use these methods? Which method do you prefer for your pal?

However, to know more-How to Stop Your Golden Retriever from Mating?

Is It Necessary To Stop Your Golden Retriever From Mating?

If you aren’t planning to breed your pet, it is necessary to stop your Golden Retriever from mating. Besides this, mating without knowing the breed type or genes of mating partners produces puppies with various autoimmune and hereditary health issues.

Therefore, it is essential to stop your pet from mating recklessly. Furthermore, some of the valid points that conclude the necessity to prevent mating are:

Reduces Chances Of Health Issues

As we know, mating can cause several health problems in your pet. If you stop your pet from mating, it reduces all those hereditary health issues in the newborn.

Besides this, Golden Retrievers have a small gene pool of cancer-causing genes. So, cancer is the most common health issue in these breeds. When you stop your pal from mating, they cannot pass this hereditary defect to the next generation.

However, if you want puppies of your pal, you can select a breed with a stronger gene pool and cross breed to get healthier puppies instead.

Keeps A Male Golden Retriever Calm

As stopping a male Golden Retriever from mating involves medication and surgeries, the hormones of your pal stay in control. So, they are less likely to get aggressive.

Besides this, after neutering, your pet loses the urge to call females. Therefore, the pet stops mounting and barking. Along with this, the dogs after birth control are more likely to follow their owners. And thus, these dogs are more obedient and disciplined.

Ensures Healthy Lifestyle Of Your Golden Retriever

After birth control, Golden Retrievers are less interested in mating. And thus, they stop roaming and running n places in search of their mates. Besides this, these dogs enjoy the company of their owners more. So, the dogs follow every command of their owners to please them.

Furthermore, your pal will eat what you give them, stay safe from health risks like you order, and follows you everywhere. Therefore, the obedience and sincerity of Golden Retriever ensure their healthy lifestyle.

Helps To Keep Your House Clean

You may use diapers and pads to shield a female’s heat when you want to stop male Golden Retriever from trying to mate. Besides blocking the scent of a female, using diapers also prevents bloodstains all over the house. Thus, your home stays clean.

Furthermore, the medication you use in an attempt to stop your Golden Retriever from mating makes them calm and sleepy. And as your pal is quieter, it reduces their biting, nipping, and chewing behavior. So, it protects your house and keeps it clean.

Your Golden Retriever Can Live Longer

When you stop your pal from mating, you will mitigate the possibility of various illnesses and diseases. And thus, it will simultaneously give your Golden Retriever a healthier lifespan. Furthermore, eliminating all the possible health hazards caused by mating contributes a lot to their longer life.

Golden Retrievers Are Happier And More Active.

A calm Golden Retriever without health issues and constant desire to find their mate enjoys their surroundings more. While training your pet to stay calm and be obedient, your bonding with them strengthens. Thus, your pet becomes more needy and friendly.

Further, the pet starts loving you and your attention. Thus, your Golden Retriever will be more happy and active.

Therefore, no doubt there are a lot of benefits of stopping your pal from matin. But if your pet has mate already and struggling with mating problems, what will you do to solve them?

Do you know how to deal with this issue?

How To Deal With Mating Problem In Male Golden Retriever?

Undoubtedly, mating a Golden Retriever invites several problems. Yet, some owners are eager to welcome adorable puppies into their houses. And if you are planning to breed your pet, you should be very cautious about your pal’s health.

Therefore, here are some ideas to deal with the mating problems in your male Golden Retriever:

  • Take your pet to frequent health checkups and pre-breeding checkups.
  • Check your pet’s breed type before breeding.
  • Ensure a healthy and nutritious diet. Also, include food supplements as per requirement.
  • Breeding at an early age can induce health problems like cancer, thyroid disorders, hip dysplasia, joint disorders, etc. So, breed your pal after it is about one to two years old.
  • Supervise your pet during mate and try to avoid injuries.
  • Seek help from professionals to mate your pet.

Do you think these ideas are worth trying? 

Will the above tips help to stop a male Golden Retriever from trying to mate?

Golden Retriever becomes a vital part of the family soon after you bring them home. Besides this, this dog can become the best companion of every family member from kids to old. So, you probably want the best lifestyle for your pal.

And as an owner, it is your responsibility to give the best food, exercise, care, etc., for Golden Retriever. Moreover, in contrast to their smaller size, puppies need much more care and attention than adults. Thus, try to give your best for the single pet you have before planning to breed your pal.

Evaluate yourself. Do you want a puppy at risk of losing your lovely pal?

I hope this article was informative for you.

Do you want to have any queries or suggestions?

Please mention them in the comment box.

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