How Often Should You Brush A Golden Retriever’s Teeth?

How Often Should You Brush A Golden Retriever’s Teeth

Our parents always force us to brush our teeth to promote dental health. But do you think dogs or pets also need to brush their teeth frequently like us? And since Golden Retrievers are family dogs, they adapt our hygienic habits. So, how often should you brush a Golden Retriever’s teeth?

Brushing the teeth twice a day can promote the dental health of both humans and Golden Retrievers. But you need to invest more time when you initially brush a Golden Retriever’s teeth. So, try to meet the minimum recommendation and brush their teeth thrice a week for your pal’s healthy teeth. 

Besides their outrageous popularity, Golden Retrievers are a high-maintenance dog breed. Thus, you must constantly care for and groom your pal to ensure its healthier lifespan.

Further, for good dental care, you need to focus on many more things. Thus, I will be disclosing all about the brushing time, tools, dental products, etc., in this article.

Why Should You Brush A Golden Retriever’s Teeth?

Owing to the playfulness and chewing habit, Golden Retrievers are susceptible to several health issues like cancer, hip dysplasia, joint problems, ear infection, allergies, and more. So, keeping your pet clean and hygienic is essential for its good health.

Besides this, a research study also states that Golden Retrievers above the age of three are at higher risk of health problems, and 80% of these breeds suffer from periodontal disease and gum disorders.

Further, dental problems are more common on hunting dogs like Golden Retriever. As a result, your pal finds difficulty in eating or chewing food. So, it also loses interest in eating that invites various fatal health hazards like constipation, bloating, bleeding gums, etc.

Hence, before it leads to life-threatening health conditions, it is essential to eliminate the tartar or plaque accumulated in your pal’s teeth.

Do you like brushing the teeth of your pal?

Is It Ok If You Don’t Brush Your Golden Retriever’s Teeth?

Since brushing your Golden Retriever’s teeth is a complicated process, some owners escape brushing. Do you know what happens when you don’t brush your Golden Retriever’s teeth?

Although, Golden Retrievers are a friendly breed. But all of these dogs don’t enjoy touching their mouth. So, they might try to resent and become aggressive while brushing.

I know you might think, why should you cope with this behavior when you can avoid it? And since the teeth of Golden Retrievers are stronger than humans, they probably might not need brushing. But cleaning their teeth is as much necessary to your pet as it is to you.

Being a hunting dog, Golden Retriever explores everything through chewing and biting. So, their mouth is in contact with much more infectious agents that leads to the formation of plaque or tartar. Moreover, if you fail to remove the infectious agents, your pet suffers from different dental problems like:

  • Pain in mouth and jaws
  • Bleeding from jaws and mouth
  • Swollen gums
  • Loose or broken tooth
  • Extra tooth
  • Drooling and panting
  • Discoloration of teeth
  • Inflammation around mouth areas
  • Tooth decay

And, I don’t think you would want such health issues in your pal. Would you?

Therefore, you should brush your Golden Retriever’s teeth regularly. But how often or when should you brush their teeth?

How Often Should You Brush A Golden Retriever’s Teeth?

Since Golden Retrievers have an unavoidable reckless chewing behavior, accumulation of plaque or tartar is most common in this breed. So, brushing is essential for removing such infectious things.

Although, brushing your pal’s teeth twice a day is the best idea. Yet, since brushing Golden Retriever’s teeth is a time-consuming process, you might not be able to give more time for dental hygiene and brushing. 

However, you should at least try to brush your pal’s teeth thrice a week for good dental health.

When Should You Brush Your Golden Retriever’s Teeth?

As humans, it is beneficial if you brush your Golden Retriever’s teeth twice a day. But cleaning the teeth of your pal is a complicated task. So, it requires time and patience in the initial days. Hence, start by cleaning your pal’s teeth every alternate day.

However, after your pet becomes familiar with brushing and starts to enjoy it, you can then brush their teeth regularly twice a day.

Besides this, the earlier you start brushing your pal’s teeth, the lesser complication you have to face. So, it is best to teach your Golden Retriever at an early age. Thus, make them familiar with brushing experience since a puppy stage. 

How Long Should You Brush Your Golden Retriever’s Teeth?

Usually, the surface area of your Golden Retriever’s mouth is comparatively bigger than humans. Besides this, these breeds like chewing a lot. So, infectious agents may attach at the different corners of your pet’s mouth.

Therefore, proper and complete cleaning of your Golden Retriever’s mouth and teeth is essential. For this, you should brush each side for at least 30 seconds. First, start with the areas that are easy to reach and then move to the deeper ends in your pet’s mouth.

In addition, be gentle while brushing your Golden Retriever’s teeth.

How To Brush A Golden Retriever’s Teeth?

Unlike humans, brushing your Golden Retriever’s teeth needs a little time and effort. Since brushing should be scientific to promote your pet’s dental health, only brushing your pal’s teeth isn’t sufficient.

However, there aren’t some scientific procedures to brush your Golden Retriever’s teeth. The only thing essential is your attention, patient, and time. Moreover, if you become successful in entertaining your pal while brushing, you will love the experience along with your pal.

So, to make the brushing experience fascinating for them, you can follow the following procedures to brush your Golden Retriever’s teeth:

  1. Make your pet comfortable. Start with gently touching your pet’s mouth and teeth.
  2. Use a dog-based qualitative toothpaste. And test it before use to ensure whether your pet likes it or not.
  3. Leave your pet with its toothbrush to make them familiar.
  4. Now, apply a little toothpaste to the toothbrush.
  5. Start brushing from easy to reach areas gently.
  6. Then, slowly move to large surfaces and deeper areas.
  7. Brush your Retriever’s teeth in a circular motion for at least 30 seconds on each side.
  8. Finally, wipe your pet’s teeth using dental wipes.
  9. Use a soft and soothing voice to calm your pal throughout the process.
  10. Don’t forget to treat your pal with healthy natural snacks.

Since Golden Retrievers love eating, these treats will encourage them to cooperate in future brushing experiences. Although, it takes a little longer initially. But as your pet gets familiar with brushing, it will be faster and convenient.

How do you brush your pal’s teeth?

Does it like brushing?

What Are Products For Brushing Your Golden Retriever’s Teeth?

Like humans, you might find several dental products for your Golden Retriever in the market. Further, to brush your pal’s teeth with ease and convenience, you should try some dental products.

Usually, some dental products are so good and can save you a lot of time so that you can play or cuddle with your pal. However, some of the most common dental products available in the market:

Toothbrush To Brush A Golden Retriever’s Teeth

If you want your pal to enjoy brushing, you should make them familiar with their toothbrush. After your Golden Retriever ensures their toothbrush isn’t a threat, it will corporate with you while brushing.

Besides this, these breeds have different types of teeth. So, toothbrushes of different sizes and the longer handle are perfect for them. Along with this, soft-bristled toothbrushes can be very effective for a pet with swollen gums or gum problems.

If your pet is constantly showing tantrums while brushing, try changing its toothbrush.

Toothpaste For A Golden Retriever

Toothpaste for dogs comes in several varieties. And since each pet has its preference, you should try to select a toothpaste that your pal loves.

Usually, most types of dog toothpaste are foamless and contain glucose oxidase with sodium benzoate to kill bacteria. Thus, they prevent bath breath, tartar, and plague.

Furthermore, toothpaste meant for Golden Retrievers is poultry or chicken flavored. And since these breeds love food, they will be looking forward to brushing their teeth with these types of toothpaste.

However, some of the toothpaste you can use to brush your Golden Retriever’s teeth are:

Dental Wipes

Golden Retriever’s mouth has a larger surface area. So, dental wipes can help clean the inner and outer surface of your pet’s teeth. Besides this, using wipes are a lot more convenient and safer because you don’t need to put your finger inside the mouth of your pal.

Apart from this, dental wipes have antibacterial properties that prevent the accumulation of tartar and plague. Thus, you can mitigate the chances of dental problems in your pet.

Dental Chews

Chewing is an inherited characteristic of Golden Retrievers. So, these dogs enjoy chewing. Thus, try to use this attribute of your pal in your favor to improve their dental health by using dental chews.

Besides managing the aggression, dental chews avoid tooth decay, breakage, or damage due to reckless chewing. In addition, dental chews contain analgesic, antibacterial, and mouth refreshing components. So, instead of damaging the teeth, chewing the dental chews can keep your Golden Retriever’s teeth healthy.

Moreover, dental chews are the best options to clean your Golden Retriever’s teeth when it avoids brushing. So, some of the dental chews best for your pal are:

Gels And Sprays

Gels or sprays help to break the tartar or plaque accumulated in your Golden Retriever’s teeth. So, you can easily remove these infectious substances while brushing your pet’s teeth.

Further, sprays or gels can easily reach the hard-to-reach areas in your Golden Retriever’s mouth. Thus, it prevents the problems like gum diseases, teeth discoloration, or gingivitis in your pet.

Water Additives

Water additives are the oral enzymatic solutions that eliminate your Golden Retriever’s bad breath. Thus, they improve your pal’s dental problems.

Further, you can mix these additives with drinking water and use them daily. However, some dogs might not like the taste of this mixture. Thus, in such cases, you should use some other method to clean your Golden Retriever’s mouth instead. Don’t force your pet.

I hope now you can get a clear picture of the things you can use to keep your Golden Retriever hygienic. But the question is, are these products safe for your pal?

Are Dental Products Safe For Golden Retriever’s Teeth?

Although most of the product claims safety, all the products cannot be helpful for your pet. And if you choose the wrong dental products, it will degrade your pal’s health instead of improving it.

Further, you should select the toothpaste and toothbrush according to the preference of your pal. But when you choose other dental products, try to look for the following things:

  • Dental products should strengthen your pet’s teeth and promote teeth whitening. In addition, they should also effectively remove the plaque.
  • Research around and analyze several dental chews. Usually, different dental brands give several ideas about your pet’s dental care.
  • For complete removal of bacteria and plaque from your Retriever’s gum, look for a 45-degree toothbrush.
  • Select the brand with the best reviews and feedbacks.
  • Don’t spoil your pal with unhealthy human meals. And try to focus on natural healthy snacks with a balanced meal.

What type of dental products do you use for your pal?

What difference do you find before and after using these products?

Why Can’t You Use Your Toothpaste Or Toothbrush For Your Golden Retriever?

Since the digestion, excretion, and metabolism of your Golden Retrievers differs from you, the foods and products that are beneficial for you might be life-threatening for your pal.

Although, the toothbrush of both your pal and you look the same. But unlike the harder bristles in your toothbrush that might deteriorate the enamel in your pal’s teeth, dog-based toothbrushes have softer bristles.

Besides this, to invade the deeper areas of your pet’s mouth, you will find that dog toothbrushes have longer handles. So, human toothpaste isn’t as effective for dogs as humans.

Now, let us talk about human toothpaste. Usually, human toothpaste contains a higher amount of fluoride and xylitol as an artificial sweeter. Since fluoride affects the functioning of kidneys, human toothpaste induces kidney damage in pets.

Further, xylitol is fatal for your pet’s health and leads to poisoning. And as a result of xylitol poisoning, your pet suffers from:

  • Seizure and attack
  • Stumbling and limping
  • Immobility
  • Vomiting
  • Lack of coordination
  • Fatigue

In addition, I guess you won’t prefer to dump your pet in this pothole knowingly. So, using human toothpaste on your pet is not even an option.

For more information, read the article- 6 Steps To Keep Your Golden Retriever’s Teeth Clean.


Since Golden Retrievers are needy, they need a lot of care and concern. Thus, parenting this expensive breed is a huge responsibility. But the sweet and beautiful memories of your pal are worth all this effort and hard work.

Therefore, focus on your Golden Retriever’s diet, exercises, training, and health issues for a healthy lifestyle. Although their contagious smile can warm your heart, you will only get fewer years with them. So, try to make memories, take pictures as much as you can with your lovely pal.

I hope this article helped you.

Do you think the above tips can help you to maintain your pet’s hygiene?

Do you have suggestions? 

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