How To Enhance The Coat Color Of Golden Retriever?

How To Enhance The Color Of Golden Retriever?

Generally, the perfect body with a shiny, soft, and beautiful colored coat plays a vital role in the immense popularity of the Golden Retriever in the USA. However, if you own a Golden Retriever, it is your responsibility to keep their coat healthy and attractive. Therefore, you might be searching for ideas to enhance the coat color of the Golden Retriever?

However, various factors affect the coat color of the Golden Retriever. Improper diet, lack of exercise, nutrient deficiency, and insufficient care or attention harm and degrades the coat of your pet. Therefore, a healthy diet, proper grooming, scheduled bath, brushing, different nutrient supplements, and adequate exercise can help you to enhance the coat color of Golden Retriever. 

Furthermore, I can understand your obsession with the coat of your Golden Retriever. Probably, no one can resist the smooth, shiny, and lustrous coat of your pet. Though the mesmerizing hair color of your pet is natural, the color may fade if you fail to give proper care.

Owing to the necessity of caring for the coat of Golden Retriever, I will disclose ideas to enhance the coat color of Golden Retriever. But before that, you should be aware of the different coat colors of Golden Retrievers and their change with time.

What Are The Different Coat Colors Of The Golden Retriever?

As the name suggests, the coats of Golden Retrievers are the various shades of Golden. However, the solid golden color gets lighter in the stomach, legs, and tails.

Generally, most of the Retrievers do fall on the AKC standard of colors. Yet, there are some exceptions to Golden Retriever. Their color goes beyond the prominent light golden, golden, and dark golden color. Furthermore, the five coat color of Golden Retrievers are as follows:

Black Golden Retrievers

Black Golden Retrievers are the traditional and classic type of Golden Retriever. Golden Retrievers with mesmerizing shiny black coats look very appealing and steal the heart of many owners.

Although the black color is not so prominent, many owners demand this breed due to its glamorous look. Since the original Retrievers were black, they may be the resemblance of the original ones. Furthermore, there is not much difference between black Golden Retrievers and other breeds except that these Retrievers have higher energies and impulses.

However, this issue does not seem to be a problem. If you train your pet properly, you will be able to manage it.

Dark Golden Retrievers

Dark Golden Retrievers are the most appealing ones among all other breeds. And, the owners can hardly resist the shiny and full solid dark golden coats of the Golden Retrievers from top to bottom.

Commonly, the American Golden Retrievers have the dark golden color throughout their adulthood. However, if the darker shades of Golden varies in different body areas of the Retrievers, their undercoat change color with age.

Apart from the darker coat, the dark Golden Retrievers have a small and lankier body with slanted triangular eyes.

Light Golden Retrievers

Light Golden Retrievers are also the traditional breeds with a yellowish golden coat. These types of dogs have a lighter color than the darker Golden Retriever. But the golden color is intense than the cream Golden Retriever.

Adding up, these types of dogs have a taller body and oval eyes. Generally, Golden Retrievers from England and Canada have a light golden coat.

Cream Golden Retrievers

Cream Golden Retriever is a resident of England and appears white. However, on closer observation, you can distinguish that they have cream coats. Apart from this, the hair coat of the cream-colored Golden Retrievers fades easier leaving them with white fur.

Furthermore, the cream Golden Retrievers have a distinct appearance from other breeds. They have a well-leveled tail at the back with forwarding ears. Along with this, the body of creamy Retrievers is slimmer with darker, round, and large eyes.

Unlike other Retriever breeds, you can easily differentiate the males and females of the cream Golden Retrievers through visual inspection.

Red Golden Retrievers

The Red Golden Retrievers are the most remarkable and rare ones. Their unusual red coat makes them wanted and draws the attention of many breeders. However, since red Golden Retrievers are very rare, people mistake them with Irish Setter.

For this, you can consult with your Veterinarian to know whether your red dog is Golden Retriever or not. Furthermore, the red Golden Retrievers differ from other breeds because of their short and straight red hair. Besides this, the body of red Retrievers is more compact with thinner coat legs and tail region.

The Golden Retrievers retain their specific coat color throughout their life. Yet, there may be some distinguishable or unnoticeable change in the shades of color.

If you are raising a puppy, you may notice a change of shade. Have you?

If you have not, you must start observing the coat color of your pet from today. You will for sure see the difference.

Does Coat Color of Golden Retriever Change With Time?

Since the puppies have short and dense, the Golden Retrievers look like a small yellow or golden ball after birth. When the Golden Retrievers are about 12 weeks of age, their hair starts to grow while the coat becomes denser and darker.

Only the top coat of the Golden Retriever grows in the first year and covers the puppies entirely with a golden shade. However, according to the coat color of the parents, their coat can sometimes become lighter as they grow into an adult.

The color of the coat in Golden Retrievers gets darker with age. Yet, it is normal if they have gray or white clumps of hair around their eyes and snout. Furthermore, like humans, the Golden Retriever starts graying after a certain age. And, if you fail to give proper care to your pet, the color of its fur fades gradually.

Moreover, the color change after the Golden Retrievers is prominent, striking, and permanent that gives them their incredible and mesmerizing look. Therefore, to protect their beauty, enhancement of the coat color is essential.

Do you know how to enhance the coat color of Golden Retriever?

Do you follow some specific tricks for the enhancement of the coat color of your pet?

How To Enhance The Coat Color Of Golden Retriever?

Among the many reasons for the popularity of Golden Retrievers, their appealing coat colors are the most prominent ones. And, undoubtedly the dense, shiny, and attractive coat color has a vital role in establishing the Golden Retriever as the best family dog and the perfect companion for kids.

Besides this, since health and coat color have a direct relation, you can determine whether your pet is healthy or not through its coat color.

Moreover, there are many ways to enhance the coat color of the Golden Retriever. Some of them are:

Regular Bathing Helps To Enhance The Coat Color Of Golden Retriever

Bathing helps to relax the hair follicles of your Retriever. Thus, it improves the blood circulation in the pet. As a result, the color of the coat becomes more striking and prominent.

Undoubtedly, that bathing your Golden Retriever is important. Yet, never bathe your pet daily. Excessive bathing removes the essential natural oils present in the skin resulting in skin problems and fading of coat color.

However, as the Retrievers are active and energetic dog breeds, you must schedule their bath at least once a month. Some of the tips that help you while giving a bath to your pet are:

  • Brush the coat of your Golden Retriever before and after a bath.
  • Wet the hair of your pet with lukewarm water and leave the coat to soak water.
  • Gently massage the body of your pet while applying shampoo.
  • Be careful while applying shampoo. Do not let the shampoo enter inside ears or eyes.
  • Clean the ears and eyes with damp cotton. Also, rinse the shampoo carefully.
  • Use a conditioner to increase the volume and rinse it.
  • Remove the excess water and dry your Retriever using a clean cotton towel.

Daily Brushing Enhance The Coat Color Of Golden Retriever

Generally, brushing and grooming go hand in hand. And, since the Golden Retriever is playful and enthusiastic, matting may occur. It eventually leads to various infections, shedding, and degradation of coat color. Therefore, daily brushing is essential.

Daily brushing and proper grooming improve the circulation of the essential oil throughout the coat of the Golden Retriever. Thus, they both help to enhance the coat color of the Golden Retriever.

Furthermore, some tips to make the daily brushing easier are:

  • Use a natural bristle brush for daily brushing.
  • Deal with the tangles using wire-bristle or greyhound brush
  • Check inflammation, redness, fleas, or scalps in the body coat while brushing.
  • Consult and take the help of your Veterinarian to manage such problems
  • Gently massage your pet while brushing to relax its hair follicles.

Supplying Qualitative Food Helps To Enhance The Coat Color Of Golden Retriever

Our body and skin reflect according to the food we feed in our system. And the same principle implies in the case of pets too. Whatever your Golden Retriever eats, it reflects through its coat and fur.

A qualitative diet including all the necessary nutrients helps in the growth of the hair and enhances the color. Moreover, when you add a teaspoon of vegetable oil to the food of your puppy. It enhances the coat color of the puppy. However, instead of improving the coat color, excessive protein and a fats-rich diet further degrade the coat.

Giving Natural Healthy Treats Enhance The Coat Color Of Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers love food and rewards. Also, treats are the positive reinforcement that encourages the pet to show good attributes or behavior. However, pet owner fails to plan the treat properly as the meal and treats their pet randomly.

Furthermore, rewarding the dogs with unhealthy treats deteriorates their health and degrades the quality of the coat. Therefore, you should only feed them with natural snacks as a treat.

The foods you should never give your Golden Retriever are:

  • Raw eggs and raw meat
  • Onions and garlic
  • Chocolates
  • Shallots
  • Sodas
  • Coffee

To Enhance The Coat Color Of Golden Retriever, Use Coconut Oil

You can get a lot of difference when you add a teaspoon of coconut oil to the daily meal of your Golden Retriever. The coat of your pet glows with the use of coconut oil in food.

Apart from this, the coconut is useful for external applications. If you massage the coat of your Retriever using coconut oil, it will moisturize their coat. As a result, the body coat shines with intense color.

Along with this, adding few drops of oil to the shampoo of your pet also gives a similar result.

Use Oatmeal Shampoo To Enhance The Coat Color Of Golden Retriever

Since Golden Retrievers love playing and running, they bring different foreign particles with them in their coat. And, these unknown particles may cause allergies and infection that eventually deteriorates the color of your pet.

The oatmeal shampoo removes allergens from the coat of your pet. Along with this, the shampoo also eliminates itching and scratching behavior. As a consequence, the hair coat of the Golden Retriever glows.

Adding Omega Fatty Acids In Diet Enhance The Coat Color Of Golden Retriever

Diet plays a significant role in the health and appearance of the pet. And management of diet is essential for a shiny, long, radiant, and healthy coat of your Retriever. Besides this, a diet rich in omega acid helps in enhancing the coat color of Golden Retriever.

Omega-3 rich food enlightens mood and reduces arthritis pain whereas, an omega-6 rich diet promotes the immune system. And these two collectively help in the enhancement of coat color.

The foods rich in omega fatty acids are:

  • Fishes like salmons, tuna, or sardines
  • Walnuts, flax seeds, or chia seeds
  • Seafood
  • Eggs
  • Fortified foods

To Enhance The Coat Color Of Golden Retriever, Take Advice From Good Vet

Consulting with your Vet regarding various health issues is essential for the healthier and longer lifespan of Golden Retriever. Since the Vets are professionals and know more about the Golden Retriever, you must seek their advice whenever you notice redness, scalps, and inflammation in the coat of your pet.

The Veterinarian gives you the perfect advice suggesting the correct treatment that helps to enhance the coat color of the Golden Retriever.

Avoid Parasitic And Bacterial Infections To Enhance The Coat Color Of Golden Retriever

The thick and dense fur of Golden Retriever is susceptible to various infections. Also, their active and playful attribute makes them more prone to bacterial and fungal infections. These infections cause inflammation, redness, scalps, and irritation in the coat. Thus, the pet constantly scratches its body that degrades the quality and color of the body coat.

Therefore, it is necessary to manage bacterial and fungal infections. For this, mix a tablespoon of white vinegar with half a gallon of water. And rinse the coat of your pet with this mixture after the bath.

Herbal Supplements Enhance The Coat Color Of Golden Retriever

Although you provide qualitative food in proper quantity, your pet may sometimes lack the necessary nutrient. And this may be due to various health issues of your pet or your lack of adequate knowledge.

Furthermore, using herbal supplements (horsetail and spirulina) makes the coat of Golden Retriever soft and eliminates health problems (bacterial infections and ringworm). Thus, the supplement enhances the coat color of Golden Retriever.

However, you should not use herbal supplements randomly. First, consult your Vet about the perfect dosage of herbal supplements for your pet before using them.

Now, I am sure enough that you know how to enhance the coat color of Golden Retriever. But do you know the reasons behind the degradation of the coat color?

What Does The Color Of The Coat In Golden Retriever Fade?

The different breeds of Golden Retrievers have various types of coats with different colors. Therefore, you cannot distinguish the fading of the color in Golden Retriever quickly. However, the coat color during adulthood (i.e., 1-2 years old) is the color of the dogs.

Furthermore, there are various causes of the decrease in intensity of color and fading. Some of them are:

  • Age – just like humans, the intensity of color in the coat of Golden Retriever declines gradually with age. The fading of coat color due to is graying.
  • Lack Of Nutrition– the coat color starts fading if you fail to provide the omega-rich food to your pet.
  • Excessive Bathe– too much of everything is harmful. Likewise, if you bathe your pet a lot, the production of essential oil declines. Thus, it results in fading.
  • Disease– Diseases (like hypothyroidism, liver dysfunction, or kidney disease) accumulates toxins in the body that leads to premature graying of the coat.
  • Vitiligo– is a rare skin condition of dogs that causes the loss of pigments from the coat of Golden Retriever.
  • Stress and Anxiety– generally, the pets exposed to extreme climatic conditions lose their intense coat color faster.
  • Genetics– English Golden Retrievers tend to lose their color quickly than other breeds.

However, the nose of Golden Retriever loses its color undergoing depigmentation with age. Generally, a slight color change of the nose indicates the variation of weather, climate, or genetics whereas, the extreme color change denotes allergies and cancer.

Were you familiar with all these problems?

Do you think your pet might also be facing these issues? How will you solve those issues?

What Are The Specification for Different Coat Color Of Golden Retriever?

According to different shades of golden color, kennel clubs specify Golden Retrievers through various specifications. These specifications give acceptance to different types of the Golden Retrievers with a broad range of colors.

There are clubs which give the specification. They are:

Here are the specifications:

American Kennel Club (AKC) Canada Kennel Club (CKC) UK Kennel Club 
American Kennel Club states the standard color of Golden Retriever has shiny shades.


CKC has lesser restrictions on the color of the Golden Retriever. UK Kennel Club accepts a lighter and creamy-colored Golden Retriever.
AKC accepts dark, pale, black, and cream-colored Golden Retriever.


Canada Kennel Club accepts cream and dark golden color puppies This Club includes and accepts Golden Retrievers with red or mahogany hair coat
It restricts puppies that show deeper color while growing. There all the shades of medium golden color are acceptable for competition.
The acceptable codes of Golden Retriever are:

1.      Dark Golden- 080

2.      Golden- 093

3.      Light Golden- 119


Does Coat Color Of Golden Retriever Influences The Cost And Health?

Though there is a slight difference in the body structure of Golden Retrievers with different shades, all of them resemble the same except the coat color. Besides this, the intelligence, attribute, temperament, and shedding behavior of all types of Golden Retrievers are the same.

Moreover, instead of coat color, the health of your Retriever depends on your care, attention, and love.

Although all shades of Golden Retrievers shout have a similar cost, the tactfulness of breeder makes the rare and uncommon colored dogs more expensive than others. The average price of red, black, and cream Golden Retriever is $2,800 while that of Golden Retriever is $800 to $1500.

Do you think you can afford a rare Golden Retriever?

Did you use the above tips to enhance the coat color of your pet?

Were they effective?

If you have something more to add, give your suggestions by commenting below.


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