Do Golden Retrievers Fur Get Darker As They Grow Old?

Do Golden Retrievers Fur Get Darker As They Grow Old

Owing to the beautiful coat color and breathtaking body features, Golden Retrievers successfully holds the 4th rank in the most popular dog breed of the USA. Thus, it is not surprising that these dogs are the best family-oriented dogs and the perfect pal of the kids. More to this, the mesmerizing hair coat of the Golden Retrievers might not remain constant throughout their lifespan. Instead, the hair color changes as they grow, and most studies suspect that the Golden Retrievers’ fur gets darker as they grow old.

However, the Golden Retrievers’ fur does get darker as they grow old. And if you are raising the Golden Retrievers since they were puppies, you will observe a remarkable change in their coat color. Generally, the puppies look like a small dense yellow ball after birth due to their short yellow hairs. However, as they grow three months older, their hair starts growing, and the color of the coat becomes more intense as the dogs reach one year old.

Furthermore, the striking color of Golden Retrievers fur starts to fade into light yellow or white color after they are two to three years old.

Although age is a reason for the change in the Golden Retrievers fur, many more factors cause the fading fur color. And I will for sure briefly discuss these factors later in the article. But before that, let us know the history of Golden Retriever, different colors of fur in Golden Retriever, and the specifications given by kennel clubs.

What Is The History Behind The Origin Of Golden Retriever?

When we dig into the past, the origination of Golden Retriever began with yellow-colored Golden Retriever. And the history of Golden Retrievers dates back to the 19th century in Scotland.

Since the Scottish estate owners were looking for a dog that could hunt in ponds or marshes and retrieve birds from water or land, a British aristocrat dog breeder, Lord Tweedmouth, mix-bred an unknown yellow-colored dog with Tweed Water Spaniel. And, this resulted in the production of yellow Golden Retriever puppies.

Therefore, Tweedmouth has the sole credit for producing Golden Retriever. Furthermore, the breeds were popular only in the later 19th century. And the Kennel Club of England recognizes them only in 1911. However, the Golden Retriever rise to fame in North America during the 20th century and got official recognition by the American Kennel Club in 1925.

Although yellow was the original color of the Golden Retriever, the Retrievers have various shades of color nowadays. Do you know red and black Golden Retriever also exist?

What Are The Different Colors Of Golden Retriever Fur?

Although the most prominent colors of Golden Retrievers fur are different shades of gold, it is a myth that the Golden Retrievers are only golden. You can see a wide range of color variations in the Golden Retrievers fur nowadays.

And the ranges of colors for Golden Retriever are:

White Golden Retrievers

The color of Golden Retrievers fur in this breed is not white. The dogs have lighter or paler cream-colored coats. Yet, they may appear white after attaining adulthood.

However, sometimes owners mix up graying with white Golden Retrievers. Graying is a process in which the darker coat of the dogs fades as they grow older and is different from the white Golden Retriever. Therefore, you must consult the Veterinarian to determine the actual color of your Golden Retriever.

Red Golden Retrievers

The red Golden Retrievers are a rare and uncommon dog breed than others. Generally, these breeds have short and straight red hair with a compact body. And the dense coat of the dogs becomes thinner in the legs and tail.

However, due to the high resemblance of red Golden Retrievers with Irish Setter, it is difficult to determine their identity. Therefore, you can seek the help of professionals (Veterinarian) to know the actual color of your pet.

Cream Golden Retrievers

Generally, English Golden Retrievers have cream-colored fur. These breeds have a well-leveled tail with protruding ears. Besides this, the cream-colored Retrievers are slimmer than other breeds and have larger, round, and darker eyes.

Moreover, since the females are shorter than the males, it is easier to distinguish the gender of cream Golden Retrievers.

Light Golden Retrievers

Light Golden Retrievers are the original and traditional Retrievers with light golden to yellow fur. In general, the Golden Retrievers have a light golden color when they are puppies. But they change to intense golden as they get older.

However, you can distinguish them from other breeds through their tall body structure and oval eyes. And these breeds are popular in England and Canada.

Dark Golden Retrievers

The shiny and dark golden hair of the dark Golden Retrievers makes them appealing and preferable. Moreover, the intense dark golden hair extends from top to bottom and retains throughout their lifespan.

Sometimes when the shades of dark golden color vary in different body areas, the undercoat color change with age. However, the most prominent feature of dark Golden Retrievers is their triangular eyes and lankier body.

Black Golden Retrievers

Black Golden Retrievers are the most glamorous breeds among all others. And their shiny and silky long black hair captures the attention of everyone. However, owing to their body features, these classic and traditional breeds are rare with more preferences.

Furthermore, expect the color of the body structure of the black Retrievers is similar to other breeds. But the black Retrievers have a different behavior because of their higher energies and impulses.

However, all these are only the basic shades of Golden Retriever. Sometimes their coat color can do beyond the above shades of color. The recent evidence of the green-colored puppy further explains the diversity of coat color in Golden Retriever. Since the shades of Golden Retriever varies a lot, different kennel club has given their specification in the coat color of the Golden Retriever.

What Are The Specification For The Color Of Golden Retrievers Fur?

The specification of different kennel clubs promotes the acceptance of different color shades in Golden Retrievers fur. Generally, there are three specifications according to the Kennel clubs of America, Canada, and the UK. And these specifications are as follows:

Canada Kennel Club (CKC) UK Kennel Club American Kennel Club (AKC)
CKC has fewer restrictions on the color of Golden Retrievers fur. It accepts pale, white- and cream-colored Golden Retrievers fur.  AKC includes only the prominent and shiny shades of golden color as standard.
It approves cream and dark golden puppies.  UK Kennel Club includes red or mahogany color in Golden Retrievers fur. This club accepts dark, pale, black- and cream-colored Golden Retrievers fur.
The CKC accepts medium golden shades of Golden Retriever. It restricts puppies that develop intense color as they age.

Codes for the color of Golden Retrievers fur:

  1. Dark Golden- 080
  2. Golden- 093
  3. Light Golden- 119


Undoubtedly, the Golden Retrievers Fur does not settle in a single color throughout their lifespan. Although the color of Golden Retrievers’ fur changes as they grow older, their actual color is the one that they attain during their adulthood.

However, sometimes the dogs show the fur color in contrast with their breed. Thus, you cannot know the actual color of your pet.

Can you distinguish the type of breed observing its fur color?

How To Know The Actual Color Of Golden Retrievers Fur?

Generally, the breed type determines the actual color of the Golden Retriever. However, sometimes the coat of the dog shows contrasting colors due to various influencing factors. Therefore, to know the exact color of your pet and distinguish the type of breed. You can:

Observe The Ear Color

Since the Golden Retrievers change color with age, it is difficult to determine their actual color. They may have paler shade when they are old and darker colors in adulthood. Thus, careful observation of ears is the best way to know the actual color of your pet.

Look in the ears of your Golden Retriever. What is the color of the ear? Is it golden, creamy, pale, or dark? The color of the ear of your pet is the actual color of your pet.

Check The Color And Breed Of Parents

The parents always produce offspring similar to them. And the color of Golden Retrievers does not fluctuate from the coat color of their parents. If you have confusion regarding the color of your pet, look at the coat color of the parents.

Whatever will be the color of the parents is the actual color of the pet. However, if the pet is the cross between two different breeds, the prominent color is the color. Yet, if you find difficulty while distinguishing the color of your pet, you can seek the help of the Veterinarian.

Consult With Your Veterinarian

The Veterinarians are the professionals and have more knowledge about the pet than us. Therefore, they can know the actual color of your pet through visual inspections.

Owing to their skills and learning, the Veterinarian determines the color of your pet without any difficulty.

What do you think will their fur color intensify or fades with age? 

Do Golden Retrievers Fur Get Darker As They Grow Old?

Aging has a remarkable impact on the color of Golden Retrievers fur. If I claim that the Golden Retrievers’ coat gets darker as they grow old, it might only be the partial truth. Since the Golden Retrievers’ fur shows a different color as they grow older, the color of the coat both intensify and fades at a specific age.

Therefore, there are four stages of age depending on the fading or intensification of Golden Retrievers fur. These stages are:

Puppy Stage

Whatever may be the breed, the puppies of Golden Retriever appear as a dense yellow or golden ball after birth. This stage lasts from birth to 12 weeks, where the Retrievers have short and straight yellow or golden hairs.

However, the color of Golden Retrievers fur neither fades nor darkens during this phase.

Growing Stage, Where The Golden Retrievers’ Fur Gets Slightly Darker As They Grow Old

The growing phase starts from three months to one year. At the initial phase of this stage, the hair starts growing from the top. And the pet has full golden fur throughout its body.

When the Golden Retriever reaches the final phase of this stage, the color of the fur starts getting darker and intensifies.

Adulthood Stage, Where The Golden Retrievers’ Fur Gets Darker As They Grow Old

The Golden Retrievers reach the adulthood stage after they are one year old. During this stage, the Golden Retrievers fur intensifies to its maximum range. Therefore, the coat color of the Retrievers in this stage is darker.

Since the color of fur at this stage is the actual color of the breed, this stage determines the type of Golden Retriever. However, it is common in some areas, such as the stomach, legs, and paw may be lighter in color even in this phase.

Graying Stage, Where The Golden Retrievers’ Fur Fades As They Grow Old

Just like humans, the color of the Golden Retrievers’ fur fades after they get older. And, this process is graying. Generally, the graying stage starts after your Golden Retriever gets two or three years old.

During this phase, the intense color of the coat gradually fades. Thus, it makes the fur white and pale. However, graying may start earlier in the Golden Retriever breeds with the white or light golden-colored coat.

Therefore, the aging both intensifies the color of Golden Retrievers fur and fades the coat color. Furthermore, aging is one factor among the various reasons that change the color of Golden Retrievers fur.

Do you know other reasons that cause the color of Golden Retrievers fur to fade?

What Are The Factors That Influences The Color Of Golden Retrievers Fur?

Although age has a remarkable influence on the color of Golden Retriever fur, many other factors can degrade or intensifies the color of Golden Retriever fur.

A brief description of all these factors are as follows:

Nutritional Deficiency

The Golden Retrievers need a diet rich in omega fatty acids to promote the color of their fur. However, if you fail to provide adequate food to your pal, your pet may suffer from different health issues.

Eventually, these issues deteriorate the healthy lifestyle of the pet with the coating damage.

Reckless Bathing

Since bathing promotes blood circulation throughout the body of the Golden Retriever, it relaxes the hair follicles. Besides this, it is essential for preventing foreign particles, bacteria, and mud from clinging to the coat. However, both excessive and no bathing harms the hair coat of the Golden Retriever.

Lack of bathing leads to matting through the accumulation of dust and induces bacterial and fungal infections. Along with this, excessive baths inhibit the production of essential oils. This oil protects and gives the fur its lustrous and shiny color.


Some diseases such as hypothyroidism, liver dysfunction, or kidney disorders in the Golden Retriever prevent the release of toxins. As a result, the toxins accumulate in the body promoting fading of the Golden Retrievers fur.

Besides this, skin conditions like vitiligo lead to the loss in the pigmentation or intensity of color from the Golden Retrievers fur.


Generally, the color of the Golden Retrievers fur fades faster when they are in extreme climatic conditions. Besides this, the same breed of dogs shows different color shades in a different environment. The pets show more intense and darker colors in moderate temperature while the Golden Retrievers fur fades in extreme cold.

Furthermore, the Golden Retriever that stays indoors has a more prominent and intense coat color. However, owing to the active and enthusiastic attribute of Golden Retriever, keeping them inside the house seems quite impossible.

Types Of Breed

Since English Golden Retrievers have light golden to white-colored coats, they are more susceptible to graying and fading. The lack of pigmentation in the skin coat of these breeds makes them vulnerable to easy deterioration of the coat color.

Therefore, the coat of the English Golden Retrievers requires more care comparatively.

Moreover, the nose color of the Golden Retriever also fades as it gets older. Although the slight change of color may be due to climate variation, the extreme change indicates fatal health issues (like; cancer and allergies).

Thus, you should consider all these factors and take proper care if you want to enhance the color of your Golden Retriever.

Do you know how to intensify the color of the Golden Retrievers fur?   

How To Make The Golden Retrievers’ Fur Darker As They Grow Old?

Sometimes even though the owner may know the problem, they lack enough knowledge to solve the issue. Thus, the owner may feel helpless. Though the process of managing and promoting the coat color of your pet looks tedious or troublesome, it is very effective.

Some of the tips to promote darker color of Golden Retrievers fur are:

Bathing Helps The Golden Retrievers’ Fur To Get Darker As They Grow Old

Regular bathing improves blood circulation and relaxes the hair follicles of your Golden Retriever. Furthermore, it removes the bacteria, mud, dirt, and dust from the coat of your pet. Thus, it eliminates bacterial or fungal infections.

All these collectively intensify the color of the Golden Retrievers fur.

Daily Brushing Helps The Golden Retrievers’ Fur To Get Darker As They Grow Old

Daily brushing helps in the proper distribution of essential oil throughout the body of the Golden Retriever. And since these oils play a vital role in enhancing the texture and color of the coat in your pet, it promotes pigmentation and darkens the Golden Retrievers fur.

Besides this, brushing also enhances blood circulation and relaxes the follicles of hair. As a consequence, it manages shedding, prevents infections, and improves the coat color. Furthermore, using a natural bristle brush for daily brushing and a wire-bristle or greyhound brush for managing the tangles make brushing easy and effective.

Proper Diet With Supplement

The skin of the Golden Retrievers reflects according to the food you feed them. Therefore, a nutritious diet is essential for promoting the color of the Golden Retrievers fur. A balanced diet improves the health of your pet and intensifies the color of the hair coat.

Instead of improving the hair coat, too many proteins and fats damage the skin of your pet. Thus, never feed them excessively. However, if you add a tablespoon of vegetable oil to the food of your pet also promotes the intensity of color in the Golden Retrievers fur.

Furthermore, sometimes the food you give becomes insufficient for your Golden Retriever due to strong metabolism or health issues. Thus, you should consult with your Veterinarian and give them the essential supplements inaccurate quantity.

The omega-rich diet helps in promoting the color of the Golden Retrievers fur. Therefore, include food rich in omega-3 and omega-6 in their diet. The food reach in omega fatty acids is:

  • Salmons, Tunas and Sandrine
  • Seafood
  • Walnuts, Chia seeds, and Flaxseeds

Give Healthy Treats

Generally, the owners use human foods to reward their pets. The digestion and metabolism of dogs differ from humans. Thus, these foods degrade the health of the pet. Such foods are:

  • Coffee
  • Sodas
  • Chocolates
  • Onion and garlic
  • Raw meat and eggs

These foods cause skin allergies, irritation, premature graying, and other related health issues in your Golden Retriever. Therefore, you must reward your pet with natural snacks to promote its health and enhancing the beauty.

Application Of Coconut Oil

Coconut oils are natural moisturizers. Thus, the external application of the oil in the coat of the Golden Retrievers is beneficial. Giving them massage helps a lot in increasing the shine and intensifying the color of the skin coat.

Furthermore, adding a teaspoon of coconut oil to the meal of your pet helps the coat glow. And eventually, the color of the fur becomes darker. Besides this, adding few drops of oil to the shampoo can also enhance the color of the Golden Retrievers fur.

Using Dog-based Shampoo And Conditioner

The skin and coat of the Golden Retriever differ from humans. Therefore, the products effective for humans may not be beneficial for the Retrievers. Thus, you should always use a dog-based product for your pet.

Generally, oatmeal shampoos are the best for active dog breeds like Golden Retrievers. Since the shampoo removes allergens from the coat of the Golden Retriever, it prevents itching, inflammation, and redness of the skin coat. As a result, the pet sheds lesser and, the color of the hair coat intensifies.

Seeking Advice Of The Vet

We may be unaware of the various health issues, causes, indications, treatments, and prevention. Thus, asking the advice of professionals whenever you face health-related problems promotes the healthy life of your pet.

The Veterinarian gives the best suggestions regarding the diet plan, herbal supplements, treatments, and management of different health issues. The herbal supplements eliminate bacterial infections and enhance the color of the Golden Retrievers fur.

How often do you visit the Vet for advice?

Do you have a Golden Retriever? What type of breed do you have? What is its actual color? Was there any change in the coat as it grows older?

Do you think the ideas in this article will help you in enhancing the color of your pet?

Do you have any suggestions for improving the coat color of Golden Retriever?

Please comment and leave your suggestions below.

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