Do Golden Retrievers Get Cold In Snow?

Do Golden Retrievers Get Cold In Snow?

Undoubtedly, Golden Retrievers are popular due to their beautiful skin coat. Besides this, the dense skin coat also serves to the protection of these dogs against extreme temperatures. But still, owners always worry about their pets getting cold. What do you think, do Golden Retrievers get cold in the snow?

Being playful dogs, Golden Retrievers seems to enjoy their every chance to play. Further, their double-layered skin coat helps them a lot in adapting to extreme cold. So, they can cope with snow. 

But at extremities, these dog breeds can no longer tolerate temperatures below 20ºF. Hence, Golden Retrievers get cold beyond this temperature even without snow. 

If you own a Golden Retriever, you will for sure know how excited they feel playing in the snow. And most owners enjoy seeing their friendly pal playing, running, and jumping in the snow. But leaving them to play in the snow all by themselves isn’t so good.

Therefore, I will be disclosing safety tips for your pal to play in the snow in this article. And with each topic, know more about Golden Retriever’s lifestyle and suitable temperature.

History Of Golden Retrievers With Snow And Cold Temperature

There is no debate that Golden Retrievers originated in the 1870s, and British dog breed Lord Tweedmouth holds the sole credit for their origination. But as you flip the pages of history, you will find that these breeds were from Scotland.

Further, Scotland isn’t unfamiliar with cold and snow. Thus, temperature dropping nearly below 32 ºF (0 ºC) isn’t new there. Besides this, some parts of this country hold a record of getting colder to -16 ºF in winter.

Owing to their Scottish origin, Golden Retrievers are more likely to do great in cold temperatures. But as the present, these breeds are a result of centuries of evolution and several mixed breeding.

Nowadays, these dogs are more like family dogs living and comforting in warmer places than cold.

Do Golden Retrievers Get Cold In Snow?

When you overlook Golden Retriever’s history, you will get a clear idea that these breeds were born to live in colder places. And this wasn’t enough. Take a second look at the dense double-layered skin coat of Golden Retriever.

Do you think the dog breeds that have to live in a warmer climate will be that furry?

Golden Retrievers can cope well with low temperatures (below 45 ºF) due to their thick hair coat. But as the temperature falls below 20 ºF, their fur can no longer favor them, and they get cold.

More to this, snowing starts at or below 32 ºF when there is minimal moisture in the air. Thus, these breeds can cope with snow and stay safe until the temperature is above 20 ºF. However, when snow occurs at a temperature below 20 ºF, Golden Retrievers get cold.

How Cold Is Too Cold For Golden Retrievers?

Being a family dog, Golden Retrievers are good at tolerating cold. But they prefer moderate temperature. Usually, temperatures around 60 ºF to 80ºF are the best for them, and they adapt comfortably at this temperature.

But having said that, it for sure doesn’t mean that your Golden Retriever will suffer from several health issues like cancerconstipation, heart diseases, eye disease, joint disorders, ear infections, etc., above or below this temperature.

However, here is a table to give you a clear picture of the maximum and minimum temperature a Golden Retriever can tolerate:

Scales Suitable Temperature Alarming low temperature Alarming high temperature
Centigrade Scale (ºC) 16 ºC – 27 ºC 7 ºC 39 ºC
Fahrenheit Scale(ºF) 60 ºF – 80 ºF 45 ºF 103 ºF

Besides the temperature, the time also matters along. Usually, Golden Retrievers that stay in snow for a long time are more likely to get cold than those who spend few minutes.

What is the highest and lowest temperature at your place?

How Long Can Golden Retrievers Play In Snow?

As Golden Retrievers are highly energetic, they can play throughout the day without exhaustion. But letting them stay in snow for a long time isn’t a good idea. Since the snow is hard to get rid you, it attaches to your pal’s skin coat.

Further, snow drenched your pal’s dense coat with the time. As a result, your Golden Retriever gets colder with every minute.

However, it is best to use a jacket when you let your pal play in the snow. Besides this, make the playtime short. And if you observe your pet showing abnormal signs, quickly bring them inside the house.

Are you aware of the signs that indicate your pal is cold?

What Are Signs That Indicates Golden Retrievers Are Cold?

Golden Retrievers were born to settle in a cold place. Yet, they cannot cope with low temperatures beyond a limit. So, like frostbite in humans, they start to show some signs.

And the most common sign that Golden Retrievers are cold in snow are:

As soon as you notice these signs in your pet, quickly bring them home. Further, dry your pet’s fur and cover it with a blanket. Then, observe for some time. If your pet’s condition doesn’t resolve, seek the Vet’s emergency suggestions.

However, you can for sure protect your pal in the snow if you are conscious enough. Do you know how to protect your pet from the cold?

What Are The Steps To Protect Golden Retriever From Cold In Snow?

Golden Retrievers are for sure good with winter and cold temperatures. But still, these dogs are needy breeds. And through evolution over these years, they now have lesser resistance to cold weather.

Therefore, here are some tips for keeping your Golden Retriever safe in colder temperatures:

  • Usually, people spray salt and antifreeze to clear the snow. And after playing in the snow, your pet might carry these chemicals in its paw. So, always clean the ears, pads, and eyes of your pet after it finishes playing outside.
  • These breeds are mischievous. So, proper supervision is essential to keep it safe.
  • Since your Retriever’s hair, a vital role in keeping it warm during winter, having its fur can result in worse consequences.
  • After bathing in winter, the drenched skin coat of these dogs makes them colder than the weather outside. So, you dry their hair after a bath.
  • Your car might act as a refrigerator in winter. So, it is colder inside the car than outside. Don’t leave your pet inside care in snow.
  • Golden Retriever puppies are yet to get their full coat. And due to graying, hair thinning, and baldness, senior Retrievers also have lesser fur. So, give special attention to these dogs in the snow.
  • If your Golden Retriever is constantly playing indoors and running around, you need to increase the quantity of their meal. It balances the calorie intake with calories burned while producing heat.
  • Make sure that the sleeping areas of your Golden Retriever are comfortable and warmer in winter. You never know when the temperature may drop very low.

How do you manage to keep your pet warm in winter?

How To Warm Golden Retrievers In Cold Weather?

If you live in an area where the temperature drops below 20 ºF in winter, your pal is more likely to get cold. So, it is essential to have some backups to keep them warm. Besides this, you should protect them from every danger for the healthy lifespan of your Golden Retriever.

Thus, here are some of the tips you can follow to keep your pal warm in cold weather:

Complete Drying Of Fur

Although the dense skin coats of Golden Retrievers keep them warmer, they get damp and icy after playing in the snow. And with the melting snow, these dogs feel colder. Therefore, it is essential to dry their fur after they return home.

Besides this, bathing in winter can also make them cold. So, use a dog-based blow dryer to dry your pal’s fur after a bath.

Use A Heated Dog Bed

When the evolution in science, you will now find several devices to make your life easier. And undoubtedly, a heated dog bed is one of them. Since this bed keeps your pet warm on cold nights, you can sleep peacefully.

Moreover, the different heated dog beds available in the market are:

Teach Golden Retrievers To Were Boots

Snow, salt, and ice are harmful to your Golden Retriever’s paws. These substances wreak havoc on your pal’s paws and make them cold and sore.

Thus, it is necessary to protect your pet’s paw in winter or snow. For this, you can use boots to protect the paws of your Retriever. And the most common boots with the best reviews are:

However, your pet might find difficulty walking in these boots at first. But it will learn with time. So, let your pet practice walking in their boot inside the house for few days before taking them out.

Make Sure Golden Retrievers Walks By Your Side

Snow and ice make the roads slippery and dangerous. Besides this, people use chemicals and salts to melt the snow and clear the road. So, train your pet to walk by your side to protect them.

Leash Prevents Golden Retrievers From Escaping

Golden Retrievers are fond of snow. And snowing excites them. So, they are more likely to escape from you to play in the snow.

Therefore, use a leash to control your pet. Besides this, keep dog tags on the leash. And include your information and your pal’s name and behavior. Leash with tags ensures your pet’s safety and return.

Some leashes you may find in the market are:

Use Sweater Or Jacket To Keep Golden Retrievers Warm

Your Golden Retrievers skin coat can drench more quickly in the snow. So, using a jacket to cover your pet can be a good idea to protect them. Usually, most owners use their old clothing to make a jacket or sweater for their pets.

But you can buy some customized clothing for your pet nowadays. Like:

Keep Golden Retrievers Active

Like humans, intense physical exercise can quickly heat your pal. So, involve your pet in indoor activities to keep them active.

Moreover, Golden Retrievers love their owners. So, they enjoy playing with their owners. Besides this, intense activities utilize the excess energy of your pal. Hence, your pet becomes gentle, loving, and calm.

Besides this, hot and nutritious soup or meal can also keep your pal warm. Just ensure that the food contains all necessary nutrients and is good for your pal.

How Can You Keep Golden Retrievers Active In Cold Weather?

Even though Golden Retrievers love winter, there are lots of limitations in this weather. Since your pet is more reluctant to get cold during too humid, windy, or snowy weather, exercising or training seems impossible during these conditions.

However, Golden Retrievers still need physical activities to strain themselves so that they can be calm. So, in this case, try some indoor activities instead of relying on the weather and making excuses.

Thus, here are some exercises that I follow when I can’t take my pet out. I hope it will be helpful for you too.

Training Sessions

Although training methods are to perform in wide space or open areas, some training methods are easy and need less space. But be consistent and calm while training your pet for the best results. And these trainings are:

  • Command training is one of the simplest training methods that require lesser space. Besides this, this training helps to control the behavior of your pet. You can get your pet to walk under your command through this training.
  • Potty training controls the bowel habits of your pet. And it ensures that your pal goes out every time it needs to pee or poop. Although it requires time, you can train your pet within your house.
  • Assistance training for saving lives. Usually, the impeccable smelling ability of your pet can help to know the rise of fall in your blood pressure and sugar level. And after enough training, your pal might alert you.
  • Behavioral training includes bite inhibitionbarking control, and aggression control training. All these training sessions manage the abnormal behavior of your pal. And thus, they make your pet calmer and friendly.


Undoubtedly, you played a lot of hide-and-seek when you were in check. Usually, this is the best game to engage your pet and kids. And they both would love to play this game.


Since Golden Retrievers were born hunters, fetching is in their blood. And these dogs get excited when they fetch and retrieve.

All you have to do is grab a ball and toss it around. Your pet will jump with the ball, catches it or retrieves it, and comes to you with the ball in its mouth.

Further, don’t forget to give pats and treats to your pal after they return with the ball. Since this keeps up the spirit of the game, your pet will enjoy it a lot.

Games And Puzzles

Golden Retrievers are an intelligent dog breed. So, they find brain teasers and puzzles interesting. Further, many of these toys give a treat after your pal finish solving it. Hence, it keeps your pal busy.

Moreover, it is the best game when you have a hectic schedule. Just leave your pal with toys in its crate box. But make sure you don’t leave them too long.

Which one of these did you love the most?

How To Protect Golden Retriever’s Paw During Snow?

Like our hands, paws are also vital for your pet. Since your pal performs almost all the daily activities, damage of paw or pads leaves them helpless. Therefore, you want to protect your pal’s pad.

Do Golden Retriever Need Dog Boots?

Usually, paws are the most exposed in the snow when Golden Retrievers are playing in winter. So, paws might reluctantly attach different infectious agents. Along with this, their pad also carries the antifreeze chemicals and salts that people spray in the road to clear the snow.

Hence, snow and cold more likely affect your Golden Retriever’s paw more. Therefore, paws protection is essential during winter. Thus, covering your pal’s paws with boot mitigates the possibility of paw infection and swollen pads in your pet.

Can Paw Balms Relieve Your Golden Retriever’s Pain?

Boots and gloves are to protect the paws and prevent the condition to become worse. But how will you resolve the damaged paw pads?

Therefore, the AKC suggests a recipe of homemade paw balm to manage the dry and swollen paws of your pet.

Usually, this balm contains excellent natural moisturizing agents like shea butter, beeswax, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, etc. Thus, it soothes the dry and cracked areas in your pet’s paw.

Have you tried making this balm? How did it turn out to be? 

For more information, read the article- Does Your Golden Retriever Get Cold?

Summing up, Golden Retrievers take a little time to adapt to the sudden change in the environment. So, when you are moving to a new place with your pal, give them time to cope with the change.

Further, Golden Retrievers cannot stay with you forever. The short lifespan of these breeds feels like a curse. Isn’t it?

So, try to give your pet a healthy lifestyle. Besides this, travel with your pal, take pictures of your smiling pet as many memories as you can. Make a lot of memories before it is too late.

I hope this article gave you all the necessary information for protecting your pal in snow.

Do you have any suggestions or queries?

If you do, please share them in the comment box.

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