How To Teach Golden Retrievers To Stop Chewing Things?

How To Get Golden Retrievers To Stop Chewing Things

Although Golden Retrievers are calmer than most dog breeds, you cannot deny their insane chewing habit. Since these dogs like chewing everything around them, it might be problematic sometimes. So, you might be searching for ways to teach Golden Retrievers to stop chewing things. Don’t you?

Chewing things is a natural habit of Golden Retrievers. But you can stop it by feeding them nutritious meals, giving them toys, adequate training, and proper grooming. Besides this, there are three training methods to stop Golden Retrievers from chewing things. And they are:

  • Crate to freedom method
  • Run and play method
  • Switch and substitute method

I will explain all these ideas in detail further in this article. But before starting, let us discuss a little about your Golden Retriever’s behaviors and what causes them to chew things.

Is Chewing Things A Sign Of Aggression In Golden Retrievers?

The language barrier between you and your pet makes it difficult to interact. But you can still interpret your pet’s feelings by analyzing their body language. And chewing habit tells a lot about your pal’s mood.

Even though chewing is natural among dogs. Yet, sometimes Golden Retriever might be chewing things due to aggression. And distinguishing the aggressive behavior is quite confusing. However, your pet might show the following signs along with chewing when they are angry.:

So, when your Golden Retriever shows this behavior, you should try to calm them. For this, you can use the article- How To Calm Your Golden Retriever? [10 Different Ways]

What Are The Things Golden Retrievers Like Chewing?

Like most dogs, Golden Retriever chews things to explore and understand them. Besides this, these dog breeds were excellent hunters. And, the sole purpose of their origination was for retrieving and fetching prey. Thus, the chewing habit of these dogs is unavoidable.

However, your pet may find some household goods fascinating and chew them. And the most common things that your pal may love to chew are:

  • Shoes
  • Bedsheets
  • Curtains
  • Rugs and doormats
  • Carpets
  • Cushions and blankets
  • Soft toys
  • Small balls (that fits in their mouth)
  • Seat covers of car
  • Clothes of the owners

Hence, your pal enjoys chewing everything and anything. But mostly, the soft toys and shoes are their favorite chewing thing. Since these things are rubbery, they satisfy the chewing urge of your pet.

However, to know more reasons why your pet starts chewing things, you must read further.

Why Are Golden Retrievers Chewing Things?

Since Golden Retrievers were originally hunting dogs, chewing things is their characteristic trait. But as these breeds started adapting to the family environment, chewing behavior is not so dominant nowadays. Yet, some trigger factors can provoke Golden Retriever to start chewing things.

And some of the reasons why Golden Retriever starts chewing things around them are:

Golden Retrievers Want To Explore The New Surrounding

Golden Retrievers are the perfect playing mates of kids because their characteristics resemble each other. So, when these dogs enter a new environment, they start exploring the things near them by chewing.

Along with this, these dogs smell, lick and paw the adjacent object to ensure their safety. And after sufficient chewing and exploring, your pet adjusts to the newer environment.

Due To Dental Problems

Golden Retriever is a high-maintenance dog breed. Thus, if you want a healthier lifespan for your Retriever, you need to groom them properly. But parenting a pet is much harder than it seems.

And some health issues in these breeds are not noticeable until they enter the advanced and worse stage, like dental problems. However, the pet for sure gives a subtle indication of dental problems like aggressive chewing, bad breath, and drooling. Thus, never ignore these signs.

Because Of Food Habits

The amount and type of nutrients that your pet needs vary according to its age and training sessions. Usually, younger puppies and sick dogs need more food with some nutrient supplements to fill their appetite. Further, senior dogs need a lesser and high-fibrous diet for a healthy lifespan.

However, some owners fail to understand the appetite of their pets. So, they overfeed or underfeed the dogs. Since overfeeding may result in health problems like constipation, obesity, bloating, and allergies, they make your pal uncomfortable and nervous. As a result, Golden Retrievers may start chewing things to indicate hunger or discomfort.

Due To Separation Anxiety

Being a family dog, Golden Retrievers enjoys people’s attention. Besides this, these dogs are playful and highly energetic. So, leaving your pet in its crate for a long time makes it anxious.

Further, your pal may feel lonely and nervous. Therefore, the pet starts chewing the adjacent objects in defense to protect themselves.

Because Of Boredom

As we know, these dog breeds have immense energy. So, they feel bored when you leave for work. Along with this, the owners are the favorite person of Golden Retrievers.

Hence, your pet chews your belongings to feel closure to you. And also to release its accumulated energies.

For Attention

Being one of the most popular dogs, Golden Retriever gets a lot of attention. But these dogs love and adores their owner. Thus, they always crave their caregiver’s attention and love.

If you have a Golden Retriever, read 16 Ways To Know Your Golden Retriever Loves You to know whether your pet loves you or not.

Whenever your fail to give your pet enough time, it starts chewing things to gain your attention. Apart from this, chewing toys is an invitation for you to play with them.

Due To Illness

Owing to the body structure and playful attributes, Golden Retrievers are susceptible to several health issues, like cancer, thyroid disorders, hip dysplasia, ear infections, etc. So, the dogs may suffer from immense pain.

Therefore, they chew the adjacent object to eliminate the pain. Further, pain and discomfort due to illness make your pal nervous and anxious. Thus, this induces your pal’s aggressive behavior like insane chewing, excessive barking, or whipping.

Lack Of Adequate Training

When your Golden Retriever lacks proper training, it becomes furious and hyperactive. And this leads to the destructive behavior of your pet. Besides this, your pet’s aggression is hard to control without training.

However, the chewing behavior of the pet also indicates fatal health issues. Therefore, ignoring such type of behavior may be harmful to your pet.

Moreover, the insane chewing behavior of your Golden Retriever damages your favorite clothes, carpets, curtains, and shoes. Besides this, this habit is harmful to your pet’s teeth and mouth. Hence, you should stop your Golden Retriever from chewing things.

What do you do when your Golden Retriever starts chewing insanely? Do share your suggestions.

How To Teach Golden Retrievers To Stop Chewing Things?

Most of the owners find the chewing habit of their pets cute unless they come across a huge mess. I don’t think you prefer walking in a messy house. Seeing your favorite things scattered and damaged all-round the house for sure might break your heart.

Therefore, to avoid such disasters, stop the chewing habit of your Golden Retriever. And for this, you can use the following ideas:

Schedule The Activities Of Golden Retrievers

Since these breeds are hyperactive, you need to manage different activities to engage them. Involving the dogs in several activities helps to utilize their excess energy and makes them fit. Besides this, your pet becomes obedient and calm after performing intense physical activities.

Further, making a schedule ensures the healthy lifestyle of your Golden Retriever. So, your pet can live a long and peaceful life without boredom.

Removing Temptation Stop Golden Retrievers From Chewings Things

The owners give the pets food, care, and love. Thus, pets love and adore their owners. And, the scent of the owner attracts the pet.

Generally, your belongings hold your smell. Hence, your Golden Retriever reluctantly chews them to feel close to you. Therefore, always keeps your clothes locked in the cupboard and shoes away from your pet when you leave.

When these things are out of reach, the pet craves less to chew them. So, it will stop your Golden Retriever from chewing your things.

Golden Retrievers Stop Chewing Other Things After Getting Toys

Chewing is an inborn characteristic of Golden Retrievers. Thus, you can never eliminate it. Yet, you can divert your pet by giving them chew toys.

When your pet starts mouthing or teething, give them a chewing toy. The toy will divert your pet from chewing other things. And thus, prevents damage and destruction of home decor.

However, some of the toys that will stop your Golden Retriever from chewing things are:

Enroll Golden Retrievers In Daycare

If you have a hectic work schedule, supervising your pet might be difficult. And the pet may start chewing the adjacent object due to boredom. Therefore, to solve this issue, you can enroll your pet in daycare.

Daycare gives proper supervision, indulges them in several fun activities, and manages the behavior of your pal. Besides this, your pet may also learn socialization and good attributes under professional supervision. Thus, it will stop your Golden Retriever from chewing things.

Golden Retrievers Stop Chewing Things After Anxiety Treatment

One of the reasons that provoke chewing behavior in your pet is anxiety and fear. Try to give enough attention and care to your pet if your pet shows such behavior. Further, you may also seek help from an animal behaviorist to manage your pal’s behavior.

Moreover, chewing behavior is also an indication of health issues. So, consult with the Vet. After the diagnosis of the health issue, the Vet prescribes treatments to mitigate those issues. Hence, your Golden Retriever will eventually stop chewing things around them.

Feed Golden Retrievers Adequate Nutritious Food

Golden Retriever loves eating. So, a nutritious meal can enlighten the mood of your pal and distracts them from chewing. Besides this, a diet filled with all the essential nutrients promotes the health of your pal.

So, when you see your pet chewing things, show them their favorite treat. A healthy treat will quickly distract your pal. And your Golden Retriever will stop chewing things.

However, all human foods are not beneficial for your pet. Always use healthy natural snacks as treats for your pet.

Training  Can Stop Golden Retrievers Chewing Things

Proper training makes your pet disciplined and obedient. Besides this, you can quickly stop your Golden Retriever from chewing things if you train them.

Along with this, different training sessions utilize the excessive energy of the pet. So, your pal becomes a lot calmer after training. In addition, proper training also improves the health of your pet and eliminates health issues like hip dysplasia, obesity, thyroid disorders, etc.

However, there are some specific training methods to stop your Golden Retriever from chewing things.

Are you familiar with those methods?

How To Train Golden Retrievers To Stop Chewing Things?

The chewing habit of your pet harms their health and hygiene. So, management and control of this behavior are essential for the healthy lifespan of your pal. Further, if you stop your Golden Retriever from chewing things, you can save your favorite clothing or furniture.

Although the above tips can stop your Golden Retriever from chewing things, training sessions are more helpful. Thus, some training methods for your pet are:

Switch And Substitute Method

Since Golden Retrievers are hunting dogs, they are natural chewer. So, the elimination of this inherited characteristic of your pal is impossible. But you can make your pet’s chewing habit less destructive by using toys.

And the steps of this training are:

  1. Choose a chewing toy based on the age of your Golden Retriever and ensure that the toy is safe and sturdy.
  2. When you notice your Golden Retriever is mouthing or chewing inappropriate things, command him to stop.
  3. Show your pal the chewing toy and try to trade it with the chewing object.
  4. Repeat this process few times until your pet drops the object.
  5. After your pet drops the inappropriate object, give them praise and pats.
  6. Repeat the training a few more times. Don’t forget to give your pet healthy treats after each training session.

Run And Play Method

Since Golden Retrievers have excessive energy, they can play all day without exhaustion. Besides this, these dogs also love to play. So, you can use their love for games and exercise in your favor to stop chewing habits.

The steps of this methods are:

  1. Be attentive and carefully supervise your pal. Prepare for exercise when you notice the teething or mouthing behavior of your pet.
  2. Leave your house with your pet. And use a leash to control the pet.
  3. Choose an appropriate exercise according to the climate. You can go for long walks, jogging, or hiking in good weather.
  4. Otherwise, opt for indoor exercises like swimming, retrieving, fetching, etc.
  5. Play with your pet and give chewing toys to determine its chewing behavior. End the game when you feel your pal has calm down.
  6. Repeat the same step every time you find your pet chewing things.

Crate To Freedom Method

The crate to freedom method is somewhat similar to crate training. But it has holds different objectives than the other. However, the steps of this method are:

Select An Appropriate Crate

Choose a crate according to the size of your Golden Retriever. Make sure that the crate box is not too small or too big. If you have a puppy, you can buy a large crate box and minimize its area using a cupboard barrier. And shift the cupboard further as the puppy gets older or bigger.

Make The Crate Comfortable

Keep the crate in a finite location where there is lesser noise. Also, ensure that the crate box is comfortable. For this, adjust blankets, soft toys, pillows, and puzzles inside it.

Transfer Your Pet In Enclose Area

After your keep your pet in the crate, observe for some time. If the pet remains calm inside its crate box, transfer it to an enclosed area.

Release your pal in the open surrounding after some time. But if your pal shows chewing once it is out, take it back to its crate box.

Be consistent and repeat this process more often. Also, gradually increase the time outside the crate to make your pet familiar with your surroundings.

Test Effectiveness Of Method

After your pal remains calm in the enclosed area for some months, introduce them to the house. And use chewing toys to check their chewing behavior. If your pal still shows insane chewing behavior, repeat the process from the beginning.

I hope these training methods were helpful for your pet too. Further, I like the run and play method- to stop my pet from chewing things. But you are free to make your decision.

However, I advise training your pets yourself can strengthen your bond with them. But if you lack sufficient time, you can seek help from professionals for training.

Which of these training methods would you prefer for your pal?

Further, if you want to know more about the chewing behavior of Golden Retriever, read the article- Why Is Your Golden Retriever Chewing Shoes | How To Stop It

What Are The Dos And Do Nots While You Train Golden Retrievers?

Although Golden Retrievers are obedient dog breeds, training them can be a hectic process. And you need a lot of patient and time for the success of the training. Furthermore, reckless training might induce the harmful attribute of your pal instead of reducing them.

Therefore, I have some dos and do not that you need to follow when you train your Golden Retriever to stop chewing. And they are:

What To Do While Training Golden Retrievers To Stop Chewing Things?

Since training a pet is troublesome, you can use some tricks to make it easier and convenient. And the things you should do to stop your Golden Retriever from chewing things are:

  • Put your pal always from the reach of shoes, clothes, cushions, carpets, etc. And keeping the pal in an enclosed area can be helpful.
  • When you cannot give time for supervision, ask for help from family and friends. Also, make sure your family and friends are familiar with your pet’s behavior.
  • When you need to leave your dog, keep them in the comforting crate box.
  • If you see your pet mouthing or teething, give him a chewing toy. It will protect your belongings from damage.
  • Take your pet for a health checkup regularly. And consult with your Vet about their abnormal behavior and its management.

Furthermore, there are few things that you need to avoid while training your Golden Retriever to stop chewing things.

What Should You Avoid While Training Golden Retrievers?

While training your Golden Retriever, your behavior can have a negative impact. And your pet may become aggressive and defense instead of following your order. Here are some things you should never do when you are training your Golden Retriever to stop it from chewing things:

  1. Don’t punish your pet for the damage they did due to their chewing behavior.
  2. Never be harsh to your pet. Closing the mouth of your pet with duct tape is inhuman. Your pal may die due to this behavior.
  3. Don’t tie your pal with the damage they did.
  4. Never leave your pal alone in the crate for too long.
  5. Never use a muzzle to close your pet’s mouth.

I hope you will follow my advice while training your pet. Besides this, you can manage the behavior of your pet using the following training sessions:

If you have a Golden Retriever or are planning to own one, you should be very cautious. Parenting is a huge responsibility. And your slight recklessness decreases the lifespan of your Golden Retriever.

Although these breeds appear strong physically, they are vulnerable to several health hazards. So, if you want a healthy and active Golden Retriever in your home, adequate love, care, training, food, and exercise are essential.

Therefore, think carefully while deciding for your pal. I hope you make a lot of memories with your pal.

Do you think this article helped stop your Golden Retriever’s chewing habit? How can I improve?

Please give your suggestion in the comment section.

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