Why Is Your Golden Retrievers Nose Pink?

Why Is Your Golden Retrievers Nose Pink?

After you bring a Golden Retriever home, the pet becomes part of your family and the perfect companion for your kids and family members. However, due to the different physiology of the Retrievers from humans, you may not know about their health issues from the symptoms they show. Being sensitive, they are highly susceptible to diseases and, the Golden Retrievers show signs of illness through the pink nose, leaving you with a question, why is your Golden Retrievers nose turns pink? 

 Generally, a pink nose in the dog is a common indication of weather change in Golden Retriever. Yet, are many reasons why your Golden Retrievers nose is pink. And age, bacterial infection, injury, allergies, sunburn, enzyme breakdown, illness, and vitiligo are some of them. 

 Although the Golden Retrievers’ pink nose is most common in some weather, it sometimes becomes a fatal health issue indicating various disease conditions, allergies, etc. Moreover, since the pink nose in the pet develops mainly in winter or snowing season, people call it a snow nose.

Before digging into the causes, treatment, and prevention of snow noses, let us first discuss a little about cold climate and nose color. 

What do you think! Should you worry about your Golden Retrievers nose during winter?

What are the other signs that suspect health issues apart from the pink nose?

Should You Worry About Your Golden Retrievers Nose In Winter?

If you are the parent of a Golden Retriever, you may think the cute little dark nose is a prominent and appealing feature of your pet. However, your favorite dark nose of your pet may become lighter during the winter. And this is common. 

Since it is a temporary cosmetic thing that does not harm the function of the nose, the nose of your Golden Retriever regains its original color once it becomes warm.

 Besides this, if you have an old Golden Retriever, a permanent pink nose is the most common that does not indicate illness. 

You should worry and be cautious when your pet has a pink nose with terminal signs. Because these signs indicate illness and health issues. The signs are:

  • Wheezing
  • Sneezing
  • Nasal discharge
  • Sores
  • Crusts

Moreover, a dry nose and foul-smelling discharge with the sudden and excessive loss of pigmentation in the nose of your pet indicates the possibility of infection, autoimmune disease, or tumor. Apart from this, ground dust or foreign particles may enter and stick to the nose of your pet. 

Thus, the continuously pawing behavior of your pet leads to nose pink or bleeding of the nose.

 In addition, the Golden Retriever with tumor or nasal polyps makes noise while breathing, secrets excessive mucus, and discharges blood from the nose during winter. All these signs are fatal which need immediate management. Thus, you must be cautious and seek the help of a veterinarian as soon as possible. 

 Are you familiar with the word snow nose?

I hope you do not think of snow nose as the nose made from snow while playing.

 What Is Snow Nose? How Is It Related With Your Golden Retrievers Pink Nose?

Generally, snow nose is a term that indicates the depigmentation of the nose. The dark noise of the dog lightens to either pink or brown color due to cold temperature. And since this change is natural in the Golden Retrievers during snowy winter weather, people name it snow nose.

However, due to the change of nose shade during winter, its term is also the winter nose.

Moreover, when the nasal color change to pink, it is a pink nose. Thus, a pink nose same as a snow or winter nose. Even though the pink nose may be a characteristic change in winter, the shade of the nose may become lighter due to various other reasons. Therefore, it is a myth that a pink nose or snow nose only occurs during winter. 

 Does the nose of your pet turn pink in the winter?

Was the change temporary or permanent?

Do you know the signs of snow nose?

 What Are The Signs Of Snow Nose?

Since the snow nose does not indicate health issues, it is a temporary change in nasal pigmentation. Thus, it is natural, and you should not worry until:

  • Snow nose appears only once a year
  • The problem resolves completely in a warm climate.
  • The pet retains the original texture of its nose along with the color
  • Function of nose runs smoothy despite snow nose
  • Breathing is normal without discharge and noise

 Furthermore, if your pet shows an extensive decline in the pigmentation of the nose with breathing problems, it is a fatal condition that indicates a health hazard. Thus, you must consult your Vet.

 Undoubtedly, the weather is a common cause of your Golden Retrievers pink nose. But, do you know other reasons that lead to fading of nose color?

 Why Is Your Golden Retrievers Nose Pink?

The pink nose of the Golden Retriever is the most common in winter and temporary. Yet, if the color faints extensively, it indicates different fatal health issues. And manage them in time for the healthy and long life of your pet.

Some of the reasons for your Golden Retrievers pink nose are as follows:

Sunburn Makes Your Golden Retrievers Nose Pink

Since the nose of the Golden Retriever does not have hair, it is in direct exposure to the sun. Thus, the color of the sensitive nose fades. As a consequence, the Golden Retrievers nose is pink.

 Allergic Reaction Turns Your Golden Retrievers Nose Pink

Since Golden Retrievers are highly active and playful, allergens can attack them in the playing ground. And as a result, the dogs suffer from different allergic reactions like contact dermatitis. The allergic condition triggers the nose and causes depigmentation of the nose (pink nose). 

 Since the disease causes coat thinning, the skin is in direct contact with the trigger. Thus, the condition gets worse. And the pet further suffers from a sore nose, redness, and irritation.

 Bacterial Infection Makes Your Golden Retrievers Nose Pink

Since Golden Retrievers are playful, they are susceptible to infections of which bacterial infections are common. The nose develops crusty and scaly patches due to bacterial infection. And it turns the nose to a lighter color.  

 Furthermore, if failure to treat the infection, the nose of your pet becomes red. And as a result, the pet loses its natural texture of the nose.

 Your Golden Retrievers Nose Becomes Pink Due To Weather

The weather is the most prominent cause of the pink nose in the Golden Retriever. The enzymes that enhance the color of the coat because inactive during cold weather. As a result, the color of the skin starts fading along with the nose.

 Therefore, cold weather may influence your Golden Retrievers nose to become pink.

However, since the color change due to weather is temporary, the pet gets its natural nose color after some time.

 Aging Makes Your Golden Retrievers Nose Pink

Generally, after a certain age, the Golden Retriever starts graying, and graying gradually fades the skin color. The melanin production also decreases due to age. As a result, depigmentation occurs.

 Since depigmentation does not occur only in a specific part, it occurs throughout the body. Thus, the Golden Retrievers nose turns pink.

Vitiligo Makes Your Golden Retrievers Nose Pink

Vitiligo is an autoimmune disease that causes hypopigmentation in the Golden Retrievers. In this disease, the immune system assumes its pigment-producing cells as an antigen and starts attacking them. 

As a result, the skin color fades. Thus, your Golden Retrievers nose turns pink with white patches.

 Since this is a fatal health issue, you should seek the help of a veterinarian immediately.

Your Golden Retrievers Nose Is Pink Due To Enzyme Breakdown

The melanin pigments promote the appealing nose color of your Golden Retriever. And tyrosinase is the enzyme that produces melanin. Since the tyrosinase enzymes are sensitive to cold conditions, it breaks down without producing melanin during the winter.

Therefore, the pet loses its color. And your Golden Retrievers nose turns pink. 

Illness Makes Your Golden Retrievers Nose Pink

The Golden Retriever may suffer from various illnesses due to the autoimmune response of infections. And this illness in the Golden Retriever makes the nose dry and irritable. As a result, the pet frequently paws and scratches it. And it further leads to bleeding, cracking, and flaking. 

 Thus, your Golden Retrievers nose becomes pink due to continuous abrasion resulting from illness.

 After you are familiar with the cause of your Golden Retrievers pink nose, I think you want some ideas about the prevention and management of pink noses. Do not you? 

What Is The Treatment For Your Golden Retrievers Pink Nose?

Since the Golden Retrievers’ pink nose is temporary discoloration, the exact treatment is unknown till today. However, you can follow the ideas below to manage and prevent complications: 

Apply Coconut oils

Coconut oils are the natural moisturizing agent. Since the oil smoothens the dry tissues, it soothes irritations. Thus, the oil provides relaxes your pet preventing the further wearing and tearing of tissues.

 Massage your pet with coconut oil whenever you find the nose changing its color. It can be very effective.

Use Soothing Balms

Soothing balms are natural and organic balms with many ingredients (cocoa seed, coconut oil, olive oil, shea butter, etc.) for relaxing the irritated tissues. Since these balms are natural, it does not harm your pet. Instead, the balm can heal irritations, redness, or rashes and prevent windburn along with other nasal problems. 

 Furthermore, as the balm is helpful for dry skin, you can use it for chapped lips and the cracked coat of your pet.

Keep The Pet Warm

The common reason for the Golden Retrievers’ pink nose is cold weather. Although you cannot control the climatic condition, you can keep your pet warm. You can use clothing for warming your pet like, bandanas or blankets. Besides this, feeding the pet with warm food and fluids also helps warm your pal.

 Treat The Underlying Disease

The irritation due to various diseases makes your pal aggressive. And that leads to excessive pawing in the nose and skin abrasion. These diseases are allergiesskin infections, bacterial infections, fungal infectionscancer, etc. Therefore, managing these diseases can prevent your Golden Retrievers pink nose.

 You can seek the advice of your Veterinarian to treat and manage the disease. Furthermore, the management of diseases promotes a healthy life for your pet. And thus, it controls the pink nose.

What did you do to manage your Golden Retrievers pink nose?

Were there other signs except for the pink nose?

What Are The Other Issues Affecting The Nose Of Your Golden Retriever?

Besides the temporary nasal color change, sometimes the nose of Golden Retriever shows various signs to indicate a fatal health hazard. Along with depigmentation, crusting, scaling, bleeding, sores, irritation, blood or mucus discharge, change in texture, and inflammation are the warning signs of a fatal disease.

 Here are such health issues that affect the nose of the Golden Retriever: 


Since the Golden Retrievers are very active and playful, they visit many places in a day. As a result, they bring lots of foreign particles, dust, or dust with them. All these may cause irritation and infections in the pet. 

 The bacterial and fungal infections of the pet disturb the immune response that leads to allergies. Thus, your Golden Retrievers get a pink nose.  


Continuous threat or trauma and exposure to stress make your Golden Retriever nervous and anxious. 

 Thus, the pet repeatedly paws his nose feeling uncomfortable. Since the repeated rubbing of the nose is abrasive and peels the layer of skin, the nose of your pet turns pink and bleeds. 


Although the Golden Retrievers are susceptible to many diseases, cancer is the most common disease. However, there are different types of cancer affecting the parts of the body.

 Some cancer affects the nose and skin of the Golden Retriever. If your Golden Retriever is suffering from cancer, he/she may show the following signs in the nose:

  • Wounds that are difficult to heal
  • Extensive and excessive nasal color change
  • Bleeding
  • Redness
  • Scabbing
  • Inflammation that is not painful.


Pemphigus is an autoimmune disease that affects the nose. Due to this disease, a part of the entire nose has red patches which develop into blisters. Furthermore, the blister opens sores and changes the pigmentation of the nose.

 Generally, there are three types of pemphigus. They are:

  • Pemphigus Foliaceus
  • Pemphigus Vulgaris
  • And Pemphigus Erythematosus


Lupus is also an autoimmune disease, and a specific type of discoid lupus erythematosus mainly affects the nose. Apart from this, this disease also causes crusting and scabbing in the nose of your pet.

 Thus, your Golden Retrievers will have a pink nose.

 Furthermore, these health issues can damage the nose of your Golden Retriever. Therefore, it is essential to prevent further infection in the nose of your pet.

Do you know some preventive measures?

How Can You Prevent Nose From Further Infection?

If you want your Golden Retriever to live a healthy and longer life, you should prevent it from possible health hazards. Thus, protection of your Golden Retriever nose is vital.

 Here are some ways to protect the nose of your pet: 

Use Coconut Oil

Applying coconut oil moisturizes the nose of your Golden Retriever. Since the coconut oil heals the crack areas of the dry nose, it provides consistent relief from skin dry out. Furthermore, the oil application in rough and dry areas of the skin soothes the irritation of your pet.

 Therefore, massaging of pet with coconut oil once in a while can help to prevent your Golden Retrievers pink nose. 

Paw Protection

Since the Golden Retrievers repeatedly expose their paw to the ground while playing, exercise or training, they can adhere to various chemicals, dust, or dirt. And due to the pawing behavior of your pet, this can irritate the nose.

Therefore, to protect your Golden Retrievers nose, you should take care of the paw. And the use of dog boots is the best tool to protect the paws of your pet.    

Avoiding Chemicals

Your Golden Retriever might be allergic to the plastic plates and bowls you use to give your pet water or food. Thus, you can opt for stainless steel plate to feed your pal. Along with this, you should clean the paws of your pet with warm water after the pet returns from walks. 

 It eliminates the chemicals adhering to the paws of your pet. And thus, prevents irritation or pink nose after pawing.    

Adequate Nutrition

Since Golden Retrievers love their food, a properly nutritious diet can enlighten the mood of the Golden Retriever. Besides this, it prevents the pet from various diseases and illnesses. Thus, a balanced diet makes your Retriever physically and mentally strong to fight against germs or bacteria.

 Furthermore, the pet that receives a healthy balanced meal and all essential nutritional supplements with natural snacks as treats are less susceptible to the pink nose. Along with this, you must focus on warm liquid food during the winter season that keeps your pet warm. And it prevents your Golden Retrievers pink nose.

Proper Grooming And Bath

Since Golden Retrievers are enthusiastic, they run everywhere all day. And while returning home brings various bacteria, germs, dust, or foreign particles with them. If you leave your pet without supervision or care, all this deteriorates their health. 

 As a result, your Golden Retriever gets a pink nose along with other health issues. Proper grooming, daily brushing, and bathing the pet once a month helps to maintain hygiene. Thus, this all prevent nose infection and other diseases. 

Trim Footpads

The repetitive pawing behavior of your pet wears and tears to the tissue of the skin in their nose. Therefore, trimming the footpads of your pet can protect the nose of your Golden Retriever. 

Furthermore, if your pet has long hairs between the paws, the hair can capture many germs or bacteria. Thus, trimming them prevents your pet from a bacterial infection that could cause an allergic reaction in its nose. 

Use Of Sunscreen

Like humans, sunscreen protects the skin of Golden Retriever too. Now you may think that the dogs have fur but, why do they need sunscreen?

 The nose of the Golden Retriever does not have fur or hair. Thus, it is sensitive and susceptible to sunburn. Therefore, you should apply sunscreen to protect your pal from sunburns and irritations that follow after sunburn.

 However, since dogs and humans have different physiology, you cannot use human sunscreen in them. Therefore, you should use a qualitative dog-based sunscreen to protect your Golden Retriever from the pink nose.  

Proper Training

Apart from disciplining your pet, training also helps to manage the aggressive behavior of your pet. And the aggressive behavior of your pal includes frequent pawing and scratching of the nose. Thus, training helps to control aggression and protects your Golden Retriever from a pink nose.

 If you want to manage the aggressive behavior of your pal, you can take ideas from these articles. –  Why Is My Golden Retriever Aggressive? Identify And Fix-It and How To Calm Your Golden Retriever?  

Consult With The Vet

The Veterinarian being professional in their work can give the perfect suggestion for management and treatment of different health issues. Along with this, the Vet prescribes various medications for the pink nose of your Golden Retriever. All these prevent excessive loss of pigmentation in the nose of your pet.  

 Furthermore, the pieces of advice of the Vet can help to improve the health. And these suggestions can prevent various health issues like constipationobesity, hypothyroidismear infections, etc. 

 I hope this article was successful in enhancing your knowledge. And it helps you in managing the pink nose of your pet.

 What are your thoughts about the pink noise of the Golden Retrievers?

Do you think this article has all the essential information?

Please give your comments. 


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