Why Is Your Golden Retriever Curly Or Wavy? Causes And Solution

Why Is The Hair Of Your Golden Retriever Curly or Wavy [9 Reasons]

You cannot deny that one of the reasons for the outrageous popularity of a Golden Retriever is its irresistible skin coat and silky hair. The soft, shiny, and long hair of a Golden Retriever makes this dog breed one of the beautiful creatures alive. Don’t you find the fur of your pet appealing? What kind of hair does your pal have? Is the hair of your Golden Retriever curly or wavy?

According to the type of breed, some Golden Retriever naturally has curly hair. Yet, some reasons can make your Golden Retriever’s hair wavy, like environmental stress, food habits, lack of care, shedding, the side-effect of medications, and diseases. Besides this, the unhealthy lifestyle of your pet has a vital influence on the hair coat.

Although most owners prefer straight hair in Golden Retriever, curly hair also suits the pet equally. However, since it is easier to manage, I like a straight-haired Golden Retriever.

What do you prefer, wavy-haired or straight hair Golden Retriever?

Undoubtedly, I will disclose more facts about the hair coat of Golden Retriever further in this article. And firstly, let us dig into the regular skin coat type of these dog breeds.

Is It Normal If Your Golden Retriever Has A Curly Hair?

As the name suggests, Golden Retrievers generally have a skin coat in different shades of gold. Further, these breeds have long, dense, shiny, and soft hair. Thus, it gives them an irresistible and glowing look.

Although most breeds, like the American Golden Retrievers, have dark golden-colored straight hair, some of the English Golden Retrievers have wavy hair. However, I do not think that hair type can be a problem as long as the pet is healthy and happy.

But having said that, managing curly hair for sure is a tedious job. Since the curls can easily entangle, matting in your Golden Retriever’s curly hair is the most common problem.

What kind of hair does your pet have?

When Does Your Golden Retriever Get Its Full Coat?

Although most people assume Golden Retriever has long hair since birth, it is only a myth. Generally, these breeds’ hair grows three months after birth.

In the initial days of their life, Golden Retrievers look like a yellow-fluffy ball with short-dense hair. And as these dogs get older, their hair grows longer and covers their entire body.

However, it does not mean that all these breeds grow long hair. Generally, the hair growth of these breeds depends on their diet, exercise, care, and genes. Moreover, Retrievers also shed a lot of hair in the spring season that affects their hair growth.

And after the age of two, Golden Retriever’s hair starts graying and thinning.

However, if you want to know about the skin coat of these dogs, you can read the article- How To Enhance The Coat Color Of Golden Retriever?

Why Is Your Golden Retriever Curly?

The long and straight hair of Golden Retriever is the first thing that attracts the owner beside kind temperament. If the hair of your pet is wavy from birth, it is not an issue. But when your pal’s straight hair starts being wavy, it may be an indication of severe health issues.

Thus, you must be cautious about it. However, some of the reasons why the hair of your Golden Retriever is curly are as follows:

Curly Hair Of Golden Retriever Can Be Genetical

The offspring always inherits the characteristics of their parents. So, if both the parents have wavy hair, you cannot expect your Golden Retriever to have straight hair. Can you?

Although there are possibilities and few exceptions, the produced offspring are rarely odd ones or differs from parents. And most of the time, a puppy Golden Retriever inherits the parental qualities and looks exactly like them.

Golden Retriever Has Wavy Hair Due To Environmental Stress

The environment influences the health of your Golden Retrievers. Since these dogs prefer a moderate climate, extremities may lead to hormonal imbalance.

Thus, these dogs’ hair becomes thinner and wavier that loses its charm and aura. Furthermore, windy, cold or humid climate captures the moisture from their hair that makes their hair curly.

Some Breed Of Golden Retriever Has Curly Hair

The color, quality, and characteristics of their skin coat differ according to the types of Golden Retrievers. Although most Retrievers have long straight hair, some mix-breeds may have short and wavy hair.

Generally, the hair of English Golden Retriever and black Golden Retriever is curlier than other breeds. And this peculiar characteristic makes the breed more popular.

However, if you want to know more about the types of this breed, you can go through the article- What Are The Types Of Golden Retrievers? Do You Know Them?

Lack Of Proper Care And Grooming

Being a family dog, Golden Retrievers requires a lot of care and grooming. You need to brush your pet’s skin coat daily followed by a proper bath once a month. Besides this, parenting a pet involves cleaning the ears, hair, teeth, and paws.

Apart from this, your pet also needs regular grooming. And if you fail to care for your pet, its health degrades. As a consequence, the hair of your Golden Retriever becomes wavy.

Unhealthy Food Habits

Food plays a vital role in promoting the lifespan of Golden Retriever. And since the digestive system of the dogs differs from ours, you cannot serve human food to your dog. Usually, foods like onion, nuts, grapes, onions, garlic, mushrooms, etc., invites various health issues in your pet. Such as constipation, bloating, diabetes, diarrhea, allergies, and skin disorders.

Thus, unhealthy food habits degrade the quality and charisma of your pal. So, your Golden Retriever’s hair coat lacks essential oils and becomes curly.

Health Condition Makes Golden Retriever’s Hair Wavy

When you flip the pages and look at the history, you will know that Golden Retrievers resulted by inter-breeding two dog breeds. Thus, they are prone to various health hazards like cancerhip dysplasia, thyroid disorders, allergies, dermatitis, and skin disorders. All these diseases degrade the health of these breeds along with their skin coat.

As a result, the hair of your Golden Retriever becomes curly.

Side Effects Of Some Medications

As we know, Golden Retrievers are highly susceptible to various health issues. So, to mitigate them and increase the lifespan of your pet, the Vet prescribes several medicines.

Undoubtedly, medication and treatment cure the illness. Yet, these medications have an ever-lasting adverse effect on the health and appearance of Golden Retriever. Some of these medicines disturb the production of essential oil in their skin coat.

Thus, your Golden Retriever\s hair becomes dull, brittle, and wavy.

Shedding Seasons

Although Golden Retriever shades throughout the year, the hair loss is excessive and uncontrollable in the shedding seasons. Generally, these dogs fail to produce the essential oils to nourish the skin coat during the winter and spring seasons.

Hence, Golden Retriever’s straight hair becomes curly.

Aging Makes Golden Retriever Wavy

Like humans, the regular body functions in Golden Retriever decline gradually with age. Thus, a senior Retriever cannot produce enough pigments and essential oils to make its coat shiny, dense, and straight.

Due to the lack of these essential elements, Golden Retriever’s skin coat becomes dull and wavier in old age.

What do you think might be the reason in your case?

Do you know who can solve this problem?

How To Enhance Wavy Hair Of Your Golden Retriever?

Although most owners complain about curly hair, this type of hair also suits Golden Retriever. And if you are a fan of curly-haired dogs, you need to know that matting is most common in this type of hair. So, managing your Golden Retriever’s wavy hair is a huge responsibility.

Therefore, to enhance your pet’s curly hair, I have some tips for you. But for this, you need some accessories like a hairdryer, spray bottle, leash, and slicker brush. Now let us dig into the steps to enhance your pal’s hair:

  1. Brush your pet’s hair thoroughly. Check the paws, ears, eyes, and skin coat of the pet.
  2. Massage your pet while applying the shampoo. Then, rinse the shampoo.
  3. Gently apply the conditioner and rinse it. Make sure that the shampoo and conditioner are dog-based. Further, I think an oatmeal shampoo is best for Golden Retrievers.
  4. Finally, wash your Golden Retriever’s skin coat with the dilute mixture of vinegar in water. It eliminates the parasites and bacteria from their hair.
  5. Use a clean cotton towel to dry your pet’s skin coat.
  6. Start drying your pet’s hair with a blow-dryer. Also, brush the hair while drying.
  7. Make partitions of the hair using the slick brush and lift it while drying.
  8. Ensure that the first portion is dry before moving to other partitions.

Further, if you want more information on this topic, you can read the article- Why Is Your Golden Retriever Not Fluffy.

If you want a darker skin coat, you can take help from the article, Do Golden Retrievers Fur Get Darker As They Grow Old?

How To Make Your Golden Retriever’s Curly Hair Straight?

Golden Retriever with wavy hair more likely suffers from allergies, ear infections, dermatitis, and alopecia. So, I prefer a straight-haired Golden Retriever. And if you have a pet with wavy hair, you can straighten its hair using some grooming equipment and a blow-dryer.

After you are confident that you have all the essential tools, you can follow the following steps:

  • Step 1– thoroughly apply oatmeal shampoo to the body of your Golden Retriever. Gently massage your pal while shampooing and rinse it.
  • Step 2– use a conditioner to detangle your pet’s curly hair. Do not forget to brush your pt’s hair before applying shampoo.
  • Step3– rinse the conditioner. I advise you to use a bath mat and dog bathtub to avoid the mess.
  • Step4– dry the hair of your Golden Retriever with a clean and dry cotton towel first. And then, use a blow-dryer. Make sure that the dryer is dog-based and does not make a noisy sound.
  • Step 5– First dry your pet’s hair in a low setting. Then, brush it with a pin brush while drying. The pin brush detangles your pet’s curly hair.
  • Step6– dry your Golden Retriever’s hair making small portions. And when the skin coat dries completely, brush its hair thoroughly.

Generally, this straight hair look of Golden Retriever lasts for about one week. And if you brush the hair daily, it may last a little longer.

However, if you are new to this, you may not excel in this process initially. But after some practice, you can groom your pet like an expert.

How often do you take your pet for professional grooming?

What Is The Hair Care Tips For Your Golden Retriever?

The appealing body structure and skin coat of your Golden Retriever can no doubt steals the heart of everyone. Furthermore, kids also enjoy cuddling, hugging, and playing with this stunning dog breed. Your pet’s hair makes a huge difference in its looks. Don’t you want to make your pet beautiful? 

Therefore, here are some hair care tips for your Golden Retriever:

  • Brush, groom, and bathe your Golden Retriever regularly to relax the hair follicles that promote healthy hair growth.
  • Make a feeding schedule and include all the essential nutrients. Further, if you think your pet needs food supplements, consult with the Vet and include them in the diet. Along with this, reward your pet with natural snacks instead of unhealthy foods.
  • Seek suggestions from the professionals about the omega acid supplements and incorporate omega-rich food in the meal of your pal.
  • Take extra care of your pet in the shedding seasons. Massage the skin coat of your pet with coconut oil to provide nourishment to the hair. Besides this, massaging also improves blood flow in the hair follicles.
  • Use a proper dog-specific oatmeal shampoo and a qualitative conditioner for your Golden Retriever.
  • Train your pet properly. Potty trainingbite inhibition training, and behavioral training to manage the behavior of your pet. Besides this, if you want your pet to assist in service activities, you can include diabetic assistance training in its training schedule.
  • Consult with the Vet when you suspect your pet may be having health issues. Generally, your pet behaves abnormally and starts barkinggruntingbiting, or pawing when it feels sick or nervous.
  • Take your Golden Retriever for professional grooming once every two months.

Do you regularly visit the Vet?

Is It Ok If Your Golden Retriever Has A Short Hair?

I know Golden Retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds in the USA on the merit of its long and silky hair. But all dogs may not have a long skin coat. If you have a mix-bred Golden Retriever, there is more possibility that your pet’s hair might differ from the regular Golden Retriever.

So, you do not need to worry in this case. Generally, if you breed your pet with the following dog breeds, the pet will have shorter hair.:

  • Flat-Coated Retriever
  • Curly-Coated Retriever
  • Chesapeake Bay Retriever
  • Labrador Retriever

However, if your Golden Retriever is pure-bred and has shorter hair, you should be conscious about the diet, exercise, grooming, and environment. And do your best so that you can manage a healthy lifestyle for your pet.

The article What Are The Reasons For Short Hair Of Your Golden Retriever? , provides a detailed explanation of all these reasons.

Golden Retriever is an innocent and lovely breed with a short lifespan. Thus, you want to make a lot of good memories with your pet. Don’t you?

But health issues, hair fall, and aggressive behavior of Golden Retriever make it impossible to live a peaceful life with your pet. Moreover, as an owner, you have the responsibility of your pet. And if you focus a little on the feeding pattern, behavior, and training, I can assure you that you can live more happily with your pet.

Therefore, you should make your decision cautiously. I hope this article somewhat helps you.

How do you take care of your Golden Retriever’s skin coat?

How often do you bathe and brush your pet’s hair?

Do you have any suggestions for me? If you have, please write them down in the comments.

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