What Is The Best Age To Train A Golden Retriever?

What Is The Best Age To Train A Golden Retriever?

Although Golden Retrievers have a good temperament, parenting them is a tedious job. But you can ease a lot of your burden by properly training your pet. So, if you are planning to get a pet, you must know the best age and methods to train a Golden Retriever.

Most breeders believe training a Golden Retriever at an early age is more convenient and easy. But since these breeds need the support and care of their mother until they are two months old, training them before this period isn’t beneficial. Hence, for best results, train a Golden Retriever after it is eight weeks old.

Undoubtedly, training plays a vital role in enhancing the health condition of these breeds. Yet, the happier and longer lifespan of Golden Retrievers doesn’t solely depend on the training and exercises. Besides this, you must also focus on the diet, grooming, and hygiene of your pet.

However, in this article, I will discuss the best age of training, training methods, and some training guides for your Golden Retriever. I hope you find them informative.

How Long Does It Take To Train Your Golden Retriever?

Teaching your Golden Retriever commands takes a lot of time and effort. And training period may vary depending on the type of training, your dog’s attitude, and age.

Generally, a younger pet learns a little faster than older ones. Further, training a calmer Golden Retriever is a lot more convenient than aggressive ones. Thus, the training period shorter when your pal is young and calm.

Besides this, teaching simple commands like stop, sit, stand, go, and fetch is easier and faster than potty training or diabetic assistance training.

However, it might take almost two years to train a Golden Retriever perfectly. But it doesn’t mean that your pet response to your command only after the completion of two years. Your pal can understand and follow your order after a few weeks of training.

Is your pet trained? Do share your training experience with us.

How long did it take to train your pet?

What Are The Supplies You Need To Train A Golden Retriever?

Proper training your Golden Retriever is an energy-consuming and lengthy process. So, to make the training sessions successful and convenient, you need some training supplies for your pet.

And here are the most common supplies that you can get in the market:

Train Your Golden Retriever With Crates

After you bring a pet into the house, the crate becomes the home of your pet in the initial days. And crate box comforts your Golden Retriever until it becomes familiar with its surrounding. So, crates are essential training equipment.

Therefore, here are some crates available in the market:

Baby Gates For Training A Golden Retriever

Supervising your Golden Retriever 24/7 is quite impossible. So, you can seek help from family members and friends to take care of your pet when you are not in the house. Besides this, some dogs also try to escape when exposed to a new environment.

Therefore, to prevent problematic situations, you can use baby gates. And the most common ones are:

Qualitative Meal For A Golden Retriever

Dogs need a healthy and balanced meal with adequate training for an active life. And though Golden Retrievers are family dogs, human foods are harmful to them. Thus, you should consult with the Vet about the diet and essential food supplements for your pet.

Besides this, most owners make a huge mistake by giving unhealthy treats as a reward. So, to improve the health status of your pal, reinforce your pal with healthy natural snacks after training.

Leashes To Train A Golden Retriever

Although Golden Retrievers are calmer dog breeds, some influencing factors can make them aggressive sometimes. So, to control your pet while training indoor and outdoor, you need to keep them on leash.

Here are some of the leashes available in the market:

Training A Golden Retriever With Collar

Collar depicts the mood of your Golden Retriever. Thus, use an appropriate collar for your pet. Further, it helps to protect the pet from extreme climatic conditions.

Some of the collars available in the market are:

Toys To Train Your Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever may feel irritated while training. So, you must have some toys to divert your pet while training. And the chewing toys that you can use are:

Grooming Tools For Training A Golden Retriever

Groom your pet regularly so that they enjoy the training process. Besides this, grooming involves cleaning the ears, washing the hair, and brushing their teeth. Thus, it makes your Golden Retriever hygiene and healthy.

However, some tools to groom your pet like an expert:

Do share your reviews about these products after using them.

What Is The Best Age To Train A Golden Retriever?

Breeders generally suggest starting the training immediately after you bring a Golden Retriever home. And in some way, I also agree with this. When you train your pal at an early age, you will get results faster.

But your pal must be strong enough to resist the intense physical activities before starting the formal training sessions. When a pet spends six months of their initial life in the nurture and care of their owners, they become strong enough to face the real world. Besides this, the commands and gestures they learn from their owners help them to adapt faster to the training.

So, six months is the perfect age to start the intense physical training of your pal for the best results.

Isn’t Two Months A Young Age To Train A Golden Retriever?

Usually, Golden Retrievers need nurturing and care of their mother until they are eight weeks old. Further, the dogs are clueless about the world and life in their initial two months. And they solely depend on their mother and owners for care.

Although early training gives the best result, a too young puppy may not be physically strong to cope with the intense training. Therefore, a lot of physical labor can degrade the bones and joints of your pet. As a result, your pal might suffer from health issues like thyroid disorders, hip dysplasia, joint problems, cancer, etc.

So, giving physical training to a two-month-old puppy isn’t a good idea. However, your puppy can naturally learn about emotions, gestures, and attributes watching their owners. So, you may be training your pet without actually knowing it.

But do you know what to teach your pal in their initial days of life without harming them?

What Can You Teach A Golden Retriever?

After you bring a Golden Retriever, you need to teach them commands along with several training sessions. Once your pal gets familiar with these commands, it follows your order. Thus, management of your pet’s behavior will be easier.

However, here are some commands that you can teach your pal.:

  • High five (give paw)
  • Rollover
  • Crawl
  • Retrieving
  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Stop
  • Go

Training your pet after teaching them these commands is helpful. Besides this, the dogs recognize your body language once they get familiar with these commands. So, you can train your pet faster.

How To Train A Golden Retriever According To Its Age?

As we know, six months is the best age to start the training of your Golden Retriever. But training sessions of your pet differ as they grow older. Usually, since your pet’s energy level changes with age, you need to increase training in the rebellion phase and decrease it at maturity.

Here are some tips for training your pet according to age.:

How To Train A Golden Retriever In Younger Age? (2-6 months)

You can build a strong bond with your Golden Retriever in this stage. For this, focus on the diet, care, grooming, and socialization of your pal.

Besides this, your pal is vulnerable in this phase. Therefore, avoid loud noises and disputes. Always maintain a peaceful environment for the emotional stability of your pet.

Further, give your pet potty training, crate training, and also teach them some basic commands. In addition, groom your pet, trim their nails and hair, clean their earswash their hair coat and brush their teeth regularly.

Apart from this, puppies of this age require a lot of nutrition. Hence, include more protein, fats, vitamins, and omega acid in their diet. Also, remember that the digestive system of the pet at this age is weak. So, don’t include too many fibers in the meal of your pet.

How To Train A Golden Retriever In Rebellion Age? (6-18 months)

The rebellion phase is a critical phase of Golden Retriever. Your pet struggles through hormonal imbalance, hyper-activeness, and bone development in this phase. Thus, your pal shows aggression and destructive behavior.

And to manage such behavior, you need to give your pet behavioral training sessions like training to calm them, barking control training, obedience training, bite inhibition training, etc. Besides this, engage your pal in different physical activities like fetching, swimming, hiking, retrieving, jogging, etc., to manage its excess energy.

Moreover, due to the growth of skin coat in this stage, your pal might suffer from infections like ear infections, skin problems, allergies, eye diseases, etc. So, be cautious while grooming your pet. Further, you must include more fibers, omega-acids, and lesser proteins in your pet’s diet during this phase.

How To Train A Golden Retriever In Adult Age? (18-24 months)

Like humans, the functions of your pet’s body start declining as it reaches maturity. Along with this, your pal’s energy level also decreases. So, you need to reduce the time and intensity of training in this phase.

If you didn’t train your pal for service activities in the earlier phase, give them assistance training in this stage. Thus, your Golden Retriever will be a companion for the elders of the family. Further, your pet’s hair starts thinning and graying at this phase. So, proper grooming with qualitative tools is vital.

Besides this, your pal might suffer from constipation, bloating, or diarrhea due to a weaker digestive system. Hence, always use natural foods as snacks and add food and herbal supplements in its food. In addition, Golden Retrievers at this stage require more rest and lesser training.

If you are training your pet in the house, you need to follow some guidelines for the success of the training sessions.

Best Guide For Training A Golden Retriever

Since Golden Retrievers are one of the most intelligent dog breeds, training them is comparatively easy than others. Along with this, these dog breeds are friendly and loyal. Thus, if you use the proper training method, training your pal may also be therapeutic.

However, the energy level of your pal differs with age. So, training sessions at different ages are different. But all of them ensure a peaceful and happy life with your furry friend.

Potty Training For A Golden Retriever Puppy

After you bring a Golden Retriever to your home, potty training is a prerequisite to keep your house clean. Besides this, bowel mess can spoil your expensive home décor and fills your house with a foul smell. So, if you want to live a peaceful life with your pal, potty training them is the first thing you should do when you bring them home.

However, puppies cannot control their bladder for long. Hence, always be very attentive when your potty-train your Golden Retriever.

Further, to know more about this training, read the article- How To Potty Train Your Golden Retriever Puppy?

Socializing A Golden Retriever Puppy

If you want your Golden Retriever to be friendly, you should take them for socialization. Usually, taking your pal on long walks, social gatherings, meetings, and inviting guests improves their socializing skills. As a result, your pal will be gentle, polite, and calmer.

However, too much attention can make your Golden Retriever needy. So, always be cautious about the attention they get.

Bite Inhibition Training For A Golden Retriever Puppy

Puppies resemble kids and babies. Thus, they like exploring everything around them. And chewing and biting is their best way of getting familiar with their surroundings.

Although biting seems a cute habit, it is harmful to the dental health of your pal. Besides this, biting can sometimes result in fatal consequences. Hence, you have to control this habit.

As your pal grows older, the pressure it uses while biting also increases. So, you should give bite inhibition training to your pet when it is still a puppy.

Training For Adolescent Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers become highly energetic in the adolescent stage. So, training and controlling their behavior is difficult in this stage.

Besides this, your pal undergoes physiological and hormonal changes in this period. Along with this, it starts knowing more about the environment and surroundings. So, this is the best phase to teach your pet commands.

In addition, your pet learns to understand and recognize expressions and emotions. Therefore, you should involve your pet in behavioral training sessions. Along with this, spaying or neutering your pal is equally vital for behavioral management.

Training For Adult Golden Retriever

When your pal becomes an adult, the functions of the body start declining. Thus, they suffer from different health issues like depigmentation, joint problems, heart diseases, cancer, etc. So, Golden Retrievers become more aggressive as they age.

Hence, the appropriate training sessions for adult Golden Retrievers are barking control training, leash training, aggression management training, training to control pawing, etc. Along with this, adult dogs can be the best companion for the sick and elder. So, you must utilize the impeccable smelling ability of your pal and give them assistance training.

How old is your pet? I hope this guide helps train your pal.

What Are Rules To Follow While Training A Golden Retriever?

If you want the best results, you need to follow some rules while training your pet. Your training experience with your pet can be fun when you follow these rules.

Moreover, the rules are:

  • Fewer months old puppy cannot understand much and doesn’t have self-control. So, don’t correct them.
  • Longer training sessions can make the pet irritable. Hence, always make the sessions short (within two to three minutes).
  • Don’t expect too much from your pet. Work with patience and never push your pet too hard. Remember that consistency is key to success.
  • Never punish your pet when they make mistakes. Just ignore it and focus on training them.
  • Avoid acknowledging your Golden Retriever’s aggressive behavior. Whenever your pet gets destructive, wait until the pet calms down before responding.

Since these rules keep the pet relaxed, you can enjoy training them. I hope you follow them while training your pal.

Golden Retrievers are beautiful dogs with contagious smiles. Thus, they can be the perfect companion in your family. And if you train your pal enough, you can live a peaceful and happy life with your pet.

So, take out some time from your hectic schedule and train your Golden Retriever. Furthermore, if you find training troublesome, you can take help from professionals. Train your pal, strengthen your bond with them and make memories.

I hope this article was successful in bringing your close to your pal.

Do you have any suggestions? How are you training your pet?

Please share your ideas in the comment box.

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