Why Is Your Golden Retriever Chewing Shoes | How To Stop It

Why Is Your Golden Retriever Chewing Shoes

Unlike the charming and sweet personality of the Golden Retrievers, Lord Tweedmouth created them to assist the Scottish estate owners in hunting and retrieving. Therefore, it not a surprising fact that the Retrievers like chewing and mouthing. If you also have a Golden Retriever, you know that they chew any and everything around them. But what possession do they have with shoes? Why is your Golden Retriever chewing your shoes?

Generally, there are many reasons why your Golden Retriever starts chewing your shoes. Golden Retrievers themselves induce their chewing behavior due to hunger, separation anxiety, pain in teeth, immaturity, instincts, boredom, disease, and illness. Whereas, the recklessness of owners, such as improper diet, inadequate training, and lack of attention, leads to destructive chewing behavior of your pet.

Among the several advantages of  Golden Retriever, the chewing habits of the pet turn into a disadvantage. And since chewing is a natural attribute, the complete elimination of this behavior forms the temperament of the Retriever is impossible. However, you can for sure manage this attitude to a minimal level.  

Furthermore, in this article, you will find brief introductions of the factors that encourage your Golden Retriever to chew your shoes with some ways to manage them.

Are you excited to know more about the chewing behavior of your pet?  

What Are The Other Behavior Of Golden Retriever Except Chewing Your Shoes?

Undoubtedly, Golden Retrievers are great family dogs with beautiful body structures and generous temperaments. But like the two sides of a coin, raising a pet has its pros and cons.

Retriever does not always show sweet and gentle attributes. So, it has many behavioral variations. Here are some of the behaviors of the Golden Retriever:

  • Aggression
  • Loyalty
  • Protective
  • Caring
  • Playful and Active 
  • Calm and Gentle
  • Hyperactive
  • Curious
  • Competitive
  • Authoritative
  • Territorial
  • Anxious and Nervous
  • Scared and Stressed

Does your pet show all these behaviors? Which is the most prominent one?

Why Is Your Golden Retriever Chewing Your Shoes?

After the pet enters the house, it becomes a part of the family. Thus, owners prefer disciplining their pets. Furthermore, most of the attributes and characters of  Golden Retrievers are appealing. Yet, sometimes the chewing habit of the Retriever frustrates the owners.

Therefore, you should know the influencing factors before dealing with the ways to stop your Golden Retriever from chewing your shoes.

 Here are common reasons behind the chewing behavior of your pet:

Your Golden Retriever Is Chewing Your Shoes Due To Immaturity

Just like human babies, the puppies also try to explore and understand their surroundings using their mouths. Regardless of what approach to them, the puppies put it in the most and start chewing to know its structure and texture.

However, the shoes comprise soft rubber material. Thus, they are easy to chew and gives an elastic feel. And since the texture and taste of the chewy shoes attract the puppies, they chew your shoes.

Your Golden Retriever Is Chewing Your Shoes To Reduce Pain Of Teeth

Golden Retriever experiences mild to severe pain in the teeth as they grow for the first time. And since they like the taste, texture, and softness of the shoes, they chew the shoes to alleviate the pain.

However, since the owners are the favorite person of the pet, the pet feels relax and comfortable around the owners. Furthermore, the shoes carry the faint smell of the owners. Therefore, to reduce their anxiety, fear, and stress, your Golden Retrievers start chewing your shoes. 

Hunger Causes Your Golden Retriever In Chewing Your Shoes

Golden Retriever loves eating. However, deficiency of food affects the body mechanism of the pet. Since lack of food disturbs the dogs mentally, they show an undesirable attitude. 

Along with this, the Retrievers may assume every approaching object as food when they are hungry. As a consequence, your Golden Retriever starts chewing your shoes to get an additional source of nutrition.

Your Golden Retriever Is Chewing Your Shoes To Separation Anxiety

Being a family-oriented dog breed, Golden Retriever loves socializing and enjoys around people. However, when you keep them away in an odd and unfamiliar environment for long, they become nervous and anxious. Eventually, it develops anxiety, fear, and stress in your pet.

Therefore, after returning home, such dogs chew the belonging of their owner in search of warmth and security. Furthermore, the most easily approachable belonging of the owner is the shoes. Thus, your Golden Retriever starts chewing your shoes as soon as they reach home.

Boredom Causes Your Golden Retriever In Chewing Your Shoes

Golden Retriever needs at least an hour of exercise daily to maintain its physical and mental health. If you fail to manage their daily routine, they become moody. Furthermore, their energies accumulate and make them hyperactive.

 Thus, Golden Retriever starts tearing and chewing the things surrounding them.

Instincts Provoke Your Golden Retriever In Chewing Your Shoes

It is natural for Golden Retriever to chew every approaching object. Yet, there is a specific attachment or obsession of the pet for the shoes of the owner. However, the texture and softness of the shoes are similar to the toys of the pet. Your Golden Retriever is chewing your shoes because the pet thinks of the shoes as a toy. 

Your Golden Retriever Is Chewing Your Shoes For Attention

Golden Retriever loves attention and does everything to gain your attention. But if you punish or scold your pet because of its chewing behavior, it more likely repeats the behavior and starts chewing the shoes.

Since Retriever feels that the only way to get attention is by enrolling in undesired behavior like chewing the owners’ shoes. Thus, when you fail to give time or attention, your Golden Retriever starts chewing your shoes. 

Your Golden Retriever Is Chewing Your Shoes To Disease Or Illness

Golden Retriever is easily susceptible to different physical issues (like constipation, ear infection, diabetes, thyroid disorders, skin infection, etc.) and mental health issues. Since the pet likes the taste and texture of the shoes, they chew the shoes to ease their pain.

Moreover, pets are very vulnerable and weak during illness. So, they desire the love and care of their owners. However, in your absence, your Golden Retriever starts chewing your shoes to get your essence for relaxing.

Improper Training Induces Your Golden Retriever In Chewing Your Shoes

Training plays an immense role in molding the character of Golden Retriever. Since proper training helps to discipline the pets and makes them follow all the commands of the owners, a lack of training emphasizes the negative attitude in the dogs.

In addition, the intense training schedules utilize the hyperactive energies of the Retriever. Therefore, it manages the attribute of the pet. However, improper or lack of training makes the pet highly active and disobedient. 

As a consequence, your Golden Retriever beings chewing your shoes.

Apart from shoes, many other belongings attract the attention of the pet.

Do you know the things that attract a Golden Retriever?

What Are The Things That Your Golden Retriever Likes Chewing?

When you look through the history of Golden Retriever, the ultimate idea of producing them was to help the people in hunting. Thus, the Retrievers naturally will have the instinct to chew and explore the objects near them. However, since Golden Retrievers are now family dogs, they get fewer chewing options. 

Some of the things that Golden Retriever like chewing except shoes are:

  • Soft toys
  • Bedsheets
  • Curtains
  • Balls (tennis ball or other that fits their mouth)
  • Carpets and rugs
  • Cushions
  • Blankets
  • Seat Covers of vehicles
  • Mats
  • Clothes of the owners etc.

Since your pet chews any and everything, it causes a lot of damage. And the damaged pieces of your favorite toys or clothing are the most heart-breaking thing that you see when you arrive home from work.

Do you have any experience story of such an awful surprise?  

Is The Chewing Behavior Of Your Golden Retriever Dangerous?

Generally, Golden Retrievers are obedient and loyal. However, sometimes the Retriever suddenly starts chewing everything around them. Though there are many influencing factors for their chewing behavior, chewing sometimes reaches an unmanageable point. As a result, the dogs start chewing and tearing every approaching thing. 

These dangerous and life-threatening behaviors of your pet are destructive chewing behavior. And if you fail to manage the chewing behavior of your pet, it can destroy all the objects in the house (such as sofa, bed sheets, curtains, clothes, cushions, and shoes). 

Furthermore, your dog might swallow different materials or fabrics due to reckless and excessive chewing habits. Eventually, your Golden Retriever suffers from illnesses and diseases (like constipationthyroid disordersskin disorderscancer, etc.). And, if you fail to control these habits of your pet, intestinal blockage occurs that leads to death.   

Since it is essential to manage the chewing behavior of your pet, do you know how to stop your Golden Retriever from chewing?

It is ok if you do not have any idea. I will disclose all the available ways to manage the chewing behavior of your pet.

How Can You Stop Your Golden Retriever From Chewing Your Shoes?

Since your ignorance of the chewing behavior of your Golden Retriever results in the death of the pet, it is essential to manage the behavior in time. Furthermore, control the influencing factor to stop your pet from chewing your shoes. Here are some of the ideas that help you to control the chewing behavior of your pet.:

Give Them Toys

Appropriate chewing toy diverts the mind of your pet and consumes the excessive energy of your pet. Thus, it prevents destruction and damage. You should give your pal his chewing toy whenever you find them mouthing or teething.

The toy enlightens the mood of the pet. As a result, the pet will be calm or less reactive. Therefore, chewing toys are very effective in stopping your Golden Retriever from chewing your shoes.

Enroll Them In Daycare

Boredom and loneliness may be one of the reasons why your Golden Retriever starts chewing your shoes. The familiar scent that comes from your shoes relaxes and accompanies them. 

Due to your hectic work schedules, it is difficult to give your pet adequate time. Therefore, to manage the chewing behavior of your pet, you should send your pet to daycare. 

However, the daycare has many other pets that accompany your dog. Along with this, their professional environment relaxes your pet. As a result, your Golden Retriever stops chewing your shoes.

Fear And Anxiety Treatments 

Since the nervousness and insecurity of your pet encourage their chewing behavior. Treating the discomfort and anxiety of your pet helps to improve the behavior of your pet. However, if your Golden Retriever is chewing everything that approaches them, you should be cautious. 

Furthermore, valuable suggestions of your Veterinarian in such circumstances manage the fear and anxiety of your pet. Eventually, this stops your Golden Retriever from chewing your shoes.

Removing Temptation

Generally, the owners are the favorite person of Golden Retriever. Thus, the smell of the owners is very addictive for the pet. The familiar scent of the owner that the pet gets from the shoes attracts and tempts them.

Therefore, you need to keep the shoes away in a place where the pets cannot find them. It reduces the craving and longing of your pet to chew. Thus, it stops your Golden Retriever from chewing.

Make A Routine For Their Activities 

Developing a schedule for all the activities of your pet keeps them busy. Besides this, the routine also helps in utilizing the excess energy of your pet properly. Thus, it makes your pet obedient and calm.

Since all the activities from feeding to playing and exercises have their respective time, it eliminates boredom and loneliness from the pet. Therefore, your Golden Retriever does not get time for chewing your shoes.

Adequate Feeding 

Hunger is another influencing factor of chewing behavior in your per. Since Golden Retrievers love food, they see every approaching object as a meal. Thus, the pet chews any and everything.

Therefore, it is necessary to give your pet an adequate amount of nutritional food with natural snacks. Along with this, food also plays a vital role in maintaining health and leads to the longer lifespan of your Golden Retriever. Proper feeding can prevent disease and illness in dogs.

And adequate feeding stops your Golden Retriever from chewing your shoes.

Proper Training 

The intense training sessions use all the excess energies of your pet and keep them calm. Besides this, the mental and physical health of Golden Retrievers also improves remarkably due to training.

However, you can discipline your pet and make them obedient through training. And it helps you to control all the destructive and undesirable behavior of your pet including, chewing the shoes.

Undoubtedly, all these ideas will help you manage the chewing behavior of your pet. But, do you know there is a training session for managing the chewing behavior of your Golden Retriever?

How To Train Your Golden Retriever To Stop Them From Chewing Your Shoes?

The chewing habit of  Golden Retriever damages every approaching thing. Thus, it costs a lot, even the life of your pet in some circumstances. Therefore, training your pal from an early age stops their mouthing, teething, or chewing.

Here are three training sessions for managing chewing habit to control your Golden Retriever from chewing your shoes:

Crate To Freedom Method

Though this method sounds similar to crate training, both of them have different objectives. The steps in this method are:

  1. Crate Selection: Whenever you are not at home, keep the pet in a large crate. And place the crate box in a finite location.
  2. Make It Comfortable: Adjust blankets, toys, and food puzzles to comfort your Golden Retriever.
  3. Use Of Enclosed Area: If the Retriever remains calm inside the crate, transfer them to a definite close area and observe their behavior. If the pet shows chewing behavior, take them back to their crate box and gradually increase their staying time.
  4. Testing: When your pet survives calmly in the enclosed space for months, expose them to the house. And provide them toys to know about their chewing habit.

Run And Play Method

The excessive energy of a Golden Retriever reduces through playing or exercise. Thus, the pet becomes calm, and their chewing habit gradually declines. The steps of this method are:

  1. You must be attentive and continuously supervise the pet. If you observe your pet mouthing or chewing, you must prepare yourself for exercise.
  2. Put the leash on your pet and leave the house.
  3. Analyze the climate. If you think it suits long walks and jogging, take your pet out. 
  4. But, if you feel like doing exercise indoor, involve your pet in fetching, retrieving, and swimming.
  5. Give a Golden Retriever tug of war toy or healthy chewing stick to determine the chewing behavior of your pet.

Switch And Substitute Method

Owing to the name of Golden Retriever, they are good at hunting or retrieving. Apart from being good, the pet also enjoys these activities that make them a natural chewer. Therefore, complete elimination of chewing behavior is quite impossible.

The substitute method gives the Retriever a less destructive and harmful object for chewing that minimizes costs and maximizes a healthy lifespan. The steps of this method are:

  1. Select the appropriate toy based on age and chewing capacity. Be careful that the toy is sturdy and safe.
  2. Supervise the pet.
  3. Command your Golden Retriever to drop the object that you do not want for them to chew.
  4. Offer the pet the chewing toy and trade the object with the toy.
  5. If your pet is not willing to drop that object, repeat the process three times.
  6. Reward and praise your pet if you see him chewing the chewing toy.
  7. Ensure that the toys are safe to use.

I hope these training sessions are helpful for you like they were for me.

Do you think the training will be convenient using the above methods?

Do you know some more training techniques?

If you do, feel free to share them in the comment section.

What Are The Tips To Stop Your Golden Retriever From Chewing Your Shoes?

Managing the chewing behavior may be tedious sometimes. And if you lack adequate time, you may want short and effective tricks to stop your Golden Retriever from chewing your shoes.

And here are such tips and tricks:

  • Confine your pet in an enclosed area away from the reach of shoes, carpets, cushions, clothes, etc.
  • Seek the help of family or friends for supervising and training your Golden Retriever.
  • If you need to leave the pet alone, leave them inside the comforting environment of the crate.
  • Give the pets chewing toys as a substitute to prevent them from chewing anything special.
  • If the pet shows more destructive chewing, instead take them to the Veterinarian and ask his suggestions.

Since you know how to manage the chewing behavior of your pet, you should know the things that you should not do. 

Do you know what not to do?

What Are The Things You Should Not Do To Control The Chewing Behavior Of Your Golden Retriever?

While you train your pet to manage the chewing behavior, some of your actions may encourage your Golden Retriever to chew your shoes. Therefore, it is essential to control your response while training them.

Thus, some of the things that you should never do if you want to stop your pet from chewing are:

  • Never punish your Golden Retriever for the damage they did. And do not show them the things they damaged.
  • You must not be harsh with them. Using duct tape to close the mouth of your dog is inhuman. It further leads to the death of your pet.
  • Do not tie the pet with the damaged object.
  • Never leave your pet unsupervised in the crate for too long.
  • Do not put a muzzle in your Golden Retriever.

Furthermore, everyone desires a calm and obedient pet. Though  Golden Retrievers are the 4th popular dog breed in the USA, their chewing behavior stands out as a disadvantage. 

Therefore, if you want to make Golden Retrievers perfect for family and the best companion for kids, you must control their chewing habits. 

I hope this article provides you all the necessary information in managing the chewing behavior of  Golden Retriever. Moreover, to maintain the calm attribute and fix the aggressive behavior, you can use the articles- 

Do you think this article is effective with all the necessary information?

What improvement does it need?

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