Why Are Golden Retrievers Dying Of Cancer? [9 Reasons]

Why Are Golden Retrievers Dying Of Cancer [9 Reasons]

If you have a Golden Retriever in your house, you will know the feeling of having a true friend. These dog breeds become your perfect playing mate and a secret keeper. But what if they are battling with death? One of the most prominent diseases in the Golden Retriever takes them to death bed. Do you know why are Golden Retrievers dying of cancer?

There are several reasons why Golden Retrievers are dying from cancer. And the most common one is due to the absence of specific treatment and medications. Besides this, lack of health care, genetic, poor nutrition, inadequate exercise, and ignorance of the owners induce the death of  Golden Retrievers suffering from cancer.

Golden Retrievers cancer is more common nowadays. And several dogs are dying yearly due to this dreadful killer. What might be the reason behind the high death rate of this dog breed after suffering from cancer?

I will disclose everything about Golden Retrievers’ cancer and the cause of dying further in this article. But first, let us know about the situation of cancer in Golden Retrievers.

Present Situation Of Golden Retrievers Cancer And Death Rates

Like humans, cancer in Golden Retrievers is abnormal and uncontrolled cell growth. Cancer halts the regular functions of the Retriever’s body. Based on its effect, cancer in dogs are of two types:

  1. Benign Cancer- Slow-growing abnormal tissue that is removable through surgery
  2. Malignant Cancer- Rapid spreading abnormal cells throughout the body.

According to several studies on Golden Retrievers’ cancer, researchers believe that cancer contributes to the maximum death rates of these breeds. And here are some of the researches:

Is Cancer Fatal For Golden Retrievers?

After you know about the present situation of cancer and Golden Retrievers, you may what to know have an idea about the severity of this disease. As there is no specific treatment for mitigating and curing the disease, the dogs for sure are dying from cancer sooner or later after diagnosis.

However, you cannot lose hope and sit still without doing anything when your pet suffers from cancer. Moreover, the treatment procedures may ease the pain caused by cancer in your pet. Apart from this, some cancer also has a higher chance of cure after surgery or therapies. Therefore, treatment of cancer is necessary.

But, before proceeding to the treatment, do you know the types of cancer in Golden Retrievers?

Types Of Cancers In Golden Retrievers

Since cancer can affect almost every part and organ of a Golden Retriever, it is a fatal health issue. However, the veterinary clinical trials program at the University of London says Golden Retrievers are susceptible to four types of cancer. And they are:

Mast Cell Tumors

The mast cell is the white blood cells and is responsible for providing immunity to dogs. But due to the aggressive and abnormal cell growth of these cells, mast tumors develop. The mast cells cannot perform their regular function and end up showing the following symptoms:

  • Swelling in the skin
  • Lumps in the skin coat
  • Ulcerated lesions
  • Redness in the skin coat
  • Change in the texture of hair and skin

Lymphoma In Golden Retrievers

Lymphoma or lymphosarcoma affects the lymph node of  Golden Retrievers and damages the lymphocytes. As a result, the immune system of the dogs becomes weak and vulnerable to various diseases.

Apart from this, lymph cancer can affect the bone marrow and spleen. So, these breeds are dying from cancer due to multiple organ damage. Moreover, there are 30 types of lymph cancer. And few of them are:

  1. Alimentary lymph cancer- affects the gastrointestinal organs like stomach, intestine, pancreas, liver, etc., and leads to Golden Retrievers death.
  2. Extranodal lymph cancer- a rare type of cancer that occurs in the eyes, kidneys, lungs, and nervous system of dogs and disturb their body’s functions.
  3. Multicentric lymph cancer- about 80-85% of cases of lymph cancer are due to multicentric lymphoma that affects the lymph nodes of  Golden Retrievers.
  4. Mediastinal lymph cancer- affects the respiratory tract. Thus, results in breathing problem and chest lesions in the Retrievers.

Bone Cancer Of Golden Retrievers

Bone cancer or osteosarcoma affects the growth and development of bones in Golden Retrievers. Further, the cell grows abnormally and aggressively in the limbs of the dogs. Thus, the Retrievers lose their mobility.

Moreover, based on the severity the bone cancer in Golden Retriever is of three stages:

  • The first stage– is a low-grade stage, where the disease is manageable and curable.
  • Second stage– proliferating stage, the abnormal tumor starts spreading in the other parts of the body and are difficult to manage.
  • The third stage– is the most advanced and fatal period. Golden Retrievers are dying due to the third stage of cancer.

Thus, the management and treatment of cancer at the early stage will be very helpful in mitigating the disease. For this, you should know the early symptoms of cancer. So, if you suspect your pet might have bone cancer, look for the following signs.:

  • Loss of interest in playing and running
  • Appetite loss
  • Lethargy and fatigue
  • Limping and lameness
  • Abnormal lumps in the limbs
  • Redness and inflammation of legs


Hemangiosarcoma is the deadliest cancer of the blood vessels in Golden Retrievers. In this disease, the tumors develop in the blood vessels present in the heart and spleen. Therefore, regular blood flow through the vessels stops.

Furthermore, the abnormal endothelium of the blood vessels induces bleeding. And Retrievers will die due to excessive blood loss.

What Are The Signs Of The Cancer In Golden Retrievers?

Since cancer is a dreadful health issue, several Golden Retrievers are dying due to this every year. Thus, you need to manage and treat this disease in the initial stage. Early prognosis of this disease results in a successful treatment.

Therefore, it is better to start the cancer treatment of Golden Retrievers in the initial stage to reduce the dying ratio. For this, you must know the initial symptoms of cancer in the dogs. And here they are:

  • Aggressive behavior
  • Problems in breathing
  • Non-healing wounds
  • Lumps and bumps all over the body
  • Weight loss
  • Eating disorders (too much or too little eating)
  • Lost of interest in fun activities
  • Foul-smelling skin coat due to the abnormal discharge from ears, eyes, mouth, and rectum
  • Restlessness
  • Change in bowel habits
  • Lethargy or fatigue
  • Abnormal inflammation or redness in the skin

Does your pet show these symptoms?

If it does, then your pet might be suffering from health issues that need immediate treatment. Therefore, take your pet for a health checkup. And consult with the Vet for treatment and management of the prevalent disease.

Why Are Golden Retrievers Dying Of Cancer? [9 Reasons]

Like humans, Golden Retrievers also have no escape from cancer. Undoubtedly, the new technologies made our life a lot more convenient. But in contrast, it invited several dreadful diseases like cancer, covid, viral infections, parasitic diseases, diabetes, obesity, and many more.

And among them, cancer is a fatal disease due to which many Golden Retrievers are dying every year. But do you know why Golden Retrievers are dying of cancer? Here are some of the possible reasons:

Golden Retrievers Are Susceptible To Cancer

Since Golden Retrievers were the product of interbreeding yellow dogs with Tweed Water Spaniel, they are susceptible to several health hazards. And cancer is the most common one among them. Besides this, the small gene pool of these dog breeds has cancer-inducing genes that pass from one generation to another.

Therefore, cancer is a hereditary health issue for this dog breed. So, most Golden Retrievers are dying due to cancer that they inherit from their parents.

Cancer Has No Specific Treatment

The specific treatment of cancer with 100% assurance that the disease will not relapse is not present. Therefore, the rate of Golden Retrievers dying from cancer is very high.

All the cancer treatments available only reduce the severity of the diseases and increase the lifespan of Golden Retrievers. Thus, once your pet suffers from cancer, there will be no turning back. If you manage the treatments, the pet will live a little longer. Otherwise, the health condition degrades gradually. And eventually, your pet will die due to cancer sooner.

Cancer Effects Most Of The Organs Of The Golden Retriever

One of the main reasons why  Golden Retrievers are dying from cancer is its susceptibility to damage several organs. Cancer can occur in almost every organ or part in the dogs, like bones, legs, lymph nodes, stomach, intestines, eyes, skin to the blood vessels.

Thus, due to the broad-spectrum effect of cancer. Once the dog suffers from cancer, the disease proliferates aggressively in different tissue. Hence, Golden Retrievers are dying due to multiple organ failures after suffering from cancer.

Golden Retrievers Dying Of Cancer Due To Lack Of Nutrition

Golden Retrievers suffering from cancer require nutritional meals and several food supplements to prevent further damage to cells. But some owners fail in providing their pets all the essential nutrition. As a result, the number of healthy and normal cells reduces in the body of the pets.

So, the immune system of the dogs declines, and they suffer from different secondary health issues like constipationear infection, heart diseases, joint disorders, thyroid diseases, etc. As a consequence, Golden Retrievers are dying from cancer.

Cancer Treatment Is Expensive So, Golden Retrievers Are Dying

The treatment of  Golden Retrievers cancer is expensive. Furthermore, there are higher chances of relapse of the disease even after the treatment. Besides this, the lifespan of the Retriever is less.

Thus, the owners think that their pets are sure to die sooner or later. Hence, they do not want to waste their money on surgeries, immune-suppressing medications, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and herbal supplements. So, Golden Retrievers are dying from cancer.

Golden Retrievers Dying Of Cancer Due To Inadequate Exercise

To maintain their healthy lifestyle, Golden Retrievers need at least half an hour of exercise twice a day. And lack of enough exercise results in various health problems like dysplasia, thyroid disorders, obesity, and diabetes. But excessive exercising is also harmful to the pet.

Furthermore, Retrievers suffering from cancer also require specific training sessions to promote their immunity and prevents them from dying. However, most of the owners fail in giving health-related training to their pets. As a result, cancer gets worse that leads to the death of Golden Retrievers.

Golden Retrievers Are Dying Of Cancer Due To Ignorance

Golden Retrievers suffering from health issues require a lot of care and attention. Furthermore, the caregiver should supervise all the activities of the pet. Since the owner needs to do other works too, they may not have enough time to care for their dog.

As a result, the health condition of their Retrievers gets worse. And eventually, their cancer develops into an advanced stage. So, once Golden Retrievers have cancer, they will be dying sooner than their average lifespan.

Golden Retrievers Dying Of Cancer Due To Lack Of Health Facilities

The health facilities and treatment of  Golden Retrievers cancer need advanced technology. So, every veterinary does not have the essential equipment for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

Furthermore, it is tedious and impossible to travel with a pet suffering from cancer. Hence, many Golden Retrievers are dying from cancer because of the lack of required health facilities.

Golden Retrievers Are Dying Due To Adverse Effect Of Treatment

Golden Retrievers cancer is an uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells and tumors. Thus, the cancer treatment of the Retrievers includes immune system suppressing medications.

And due to this, the immune system of the dog cannot produce the necessary antibodies to fight against the antigen. Hence, the dogs suffer from other different types of health issues while controlling cancer. As a result, Golden Retrievers will end up dying due to other diseases while preventing cancer.

I guess now you know the reasons why a number of  Golden Retrievers are dying from cancer. So, if you also have a Golden Retriever, it has a great possibility of suffering from cancer.

Don’t you want to know how to manage cancer to prevent your pet from dying?

How To Stop Golden Retrievers From Dying Due To Cancer?

Cancer is a fatal health issue for both humans and Golden Retrievers. Although curing this deadly disease is quite impossible, you can opt for some treatments to manage the severity of this disease. Thus, it can prevent or delay the death of the Retrievers suffering from cancer.

When you notice abnormal behavior of your pet, you should immediately consult with the Vet. Since, earlier prognosis leads to successful treatment, the possibility of cure of cancer in the initial stage is more. Once you visit the veterinary, the professionals will analyze the following things by health testing techniques.:

  • Stage of cancer (initial, mild, or advance)
  • Possible cause of cancer
  • Type of tumor developed
  • The health of your Golden Retriever
  • Age

After all necessary analysis, the Vet will prescribe the appropriate cancer treatment for your pet. And the treatments are:

  • Surgery for isolated and localized lumps or tumors
  • Chemotherapy for killing the abnormal cells
  • Herbal medicines to stop the abnormal cell from growing
  • Radiotherapy to kill the benign tumors

However, the health expense and treatment costs a lot. In addition, all these treatments do not guarantee longer life for your pet. But they do ensure a healthier and happier lifespan for Golden Retrievers.

Besides this, Golden Retrievers are the best family friend and a perfect companion for kids. Thus, the happiness and health of your lovely friend are more worthy than the cost of treatment. Isn’t it? So, if you want a happy and active companion, you should always seek the help of professionals.

What Are The Quick Tips To Protect Golden Retrievers From Cancer?

After you know about the cancer treatments in Golden Retrievers, you probably want some tips to prevent this disease from affecting your pet. Hence, here are some helpful tips to protect the Retrievers from cancer and prevent them from dying.:

  1. Provide your Golden Retriever all the essential nutrition according to its age and activities. Consult with the Vet and use food supplements and herbal supplements when needed.
  2. Avoid giving harmful foods (chocolate, coffee, mushroom, onion, sodas, etc.) to your pet. Instead, reward your pet with natural snacks after training.
  3. Exercise with your pet daily for an hour. Take your pal on long walks, social gatherings, and hiking.
  4. Include behavioral training like potty trainingbite inhibition trainingtraining to calm thembarking control training, etc., in their training routine to discipline your pet.
  5. Clean the ears, eyes, teeth, and paws of your pet regularly. Also, brush and bathe your pet to maintain a hygienic lifestyle.
  6. If there are diabetic, cancer, and hypertension patient in your house, give your pet service training (diabetes assistance training).
  7. Look for a good and reliable breeder while buying a Golden Retriever.
  8. Spend an adequate amount of time with your pet to build a strong bond with them.
  9. Despite punishing or mistreating your pet, ignore their mistakes. Also, try to stop the pet from repeating the same mistake by training.
  10. Consult with the professionals as soon as you suspect health issues in your pet.

How often do you visit the Vet?

Moreover, if you want to know more about cancer in the Retrievers, read the article- Why Does Golden Retriever Get Cancer?

Do You Know These Facts About Golden Retrievers?

After a brief introduction and explanation on Golden Retrievers and cancer-related dying. Let us dig into some crazy facts about Golden Retrievers. And here they are:

  • Golden Retrievers are the 4th most popular dog breed in the USA in 2020.
  • The average lifespan of the American Golden Retrievers is 12 years, Canadian Golden Retrievers is 11 years, and English Golden Retrievers is of 10 years.
  • These dog breeds originally were hunting dogs for retrieving prey from water and land in the 19th century.
  • The double-layered skin coat of these dogs is water-resistant and dirt repellant.
  • Augie is the oldest Golden Retriever, who lived for 20 years.
  • 60% of  Golden Retrievers suffer from cancer and dying every year.
  • These breeds start graying after two years of age where their hair color change to gray.
  • The Golden Retriever Study of 2012 involved 3000 Golden Retrievers.

Are you aware of this fact?

How do you deal with the health problems of your pet?

Parenting a Golden Retriever is a responsibility that you choose for yourself after you bring the pet home. Thus, ignoring the health of your pet means neglecting your responsibility. Besides this, only a little effort is enough for the healthy lifespan of your pet.

So, you need to decide what you want to choose? Do you want your Golden Retriever dying from cancer? Or do you want to live a happy and peaceful life with your pet?

I hope you will make a decision helpful for both you and your pet?

Furthermore, do you like this article?

Do you have any suggestions for improvement?

I hope I will get your suggestions and views in the comment box. Please write them.

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