Step By Step Guide To Get Your Golden Retrievers Hair Straight

How To Get Straight Hair In Your Golden Retriever -6 Easy Steps

Undoubtedly the beautiful, long, and straight hair of Golden Retrievers steals the heart of everyone. Thus, Golden Retriever is the best family dog with outrageous popularity. You cannot take your eyes off its irresistible straight and dense hair after a single sight of the Golden Retriever.

Straight hair in Golden Retrievers is natural. Yet, you need to put some effort if you want the hair of your Golden Retriever straight and healthy. For this, you need to properly brush, bathe and groom the pet using dog-specific and qualitative hair care products.

Golden Retrievers may have different hair types based on the genes, types of breeds, health issues, and grooming. So, I believe that whatever be the type of hair, your Golden Retriever should be healthy. Yet, since straight hair is more appealing, most owners prefer Golden Retriever with straight hair.

As you read further, I will be disclosing some information and tips about the Golden Retriever and its straight hair in this article. Please do share your views later.

How Long Does It Take For A Golden Retriever’s Hair To Grow?

When you look at a matured Golden Retriever, long and shiny hair covers it from head to toe. So, most people assume that these dogs are born with long and dense hair. But this perception is a myth because a Golden Retriever needs at least eighteen months to get its full coat after birth.

In the initial days, Golden Retriever will have dense and shorter hair. And it looks like a yellow-fluffy ball. But as it grows, the hair also starts growing and becomes longer.

Although hair growth in Golden Retrievers is a natural process, several factors influence the growth rate. Some of them are genes, diet, exercise, attention, and care.

However, if you want a full coat in your Golden Retriever, you can take help from the article- How To Enhance The Coat Color Of Golden Retriever?

What Type Of Hair Does A Golden Retriever Have?

There is no denying that the straight hair of the Golden Retriever is natural. And the long straight hair in different shades of gold gives the pet an irresistible look. Yet, sometimes Golden Retrievers may naturally have curly hair like English Golden Retrievers.

Further, some breeds of Golden Retriever like American Golden Retriever, Canadian Golden Retriever, Black Retriever, and Golden Doodles have straight hair since birth. To know more about the different types of hair coats of Golden Retriever, you can read the article- What Are The Types Of Golden Retrievers? Do You Know Them?

Why Do Some Golden Retrievers Have Curly Hair?

Although most Golden Retrievers have straight hair, there are few exceptions in dogs with curly hair. Moreover, the genes play a vital role in determining the type of skin coat in dogs. However, some of the reasons why your Golden Retriever does not have straight hair are:

  • Aging
  • Seasonal shedding
  • Diseases (like cancer, allergies, dermatitis, hip dysplasia, etc.)
  • The adverse effect of medications and treatments (cancer treatment, corticosteroid medication, birth control, etc.)
  • Lack of essential nutrition in the diet.
  • Reward Golden Retriever with unhealthy treats instead of natural snacks.
  • Lack of proper grooming and care
  • Environmental stress
  • Genetics

Furthermore, if the straight hair of your Golden Retriever suddenly starts to curl, it may be an indication of a severe health issue. Thus, you should consult with the Vet and take suggestions for the treatment of such health issues.  

Why Do Golden Retrievers Need Straight Hair?

The long and straight hair of the Golden Retriever enhances its appearance. But making the hair of the pet straight does is a requirement for looks and health. The curly hair of Golden Retriever is susceptible to matting and tangling.

In addition, several infectious bacteria and parasites attach Golden Retriever’s hair if it is curly. Along with this, curly hair stores a higher amount of moisture. So, the infectious agents get a perfect environment for growth.

As a result, Golden Retriever suffers from ear infections, eye diseases, skin problems, and dermatitis. Besides this, the pet can ingest the harmful bacterial present in the skin coat. And this may lead to various gastrointestinal issues like constipation, bloating, diarrhea, and eating disorders (eating too much or too little eating).

However, some owners do prefer curly hair Golden Retriever than straight-haired. But they are aware that they need to give more time and effort to managing curly hair to prevent fatal health problems.

What Are The Essential Hair Products For Your Golden Retriever?

Bathing and grooming a Golden Retriever is a tedious job. And it requires a lot of effort and time to make Golden Retriever’s hair straight. However, the following products can make your work convenient.:

How To Get Golden Retrievers Hair Straight? -6 Easy Steps

After you collect all the essential products, you can now proceed. But always remember to be patient and gentle in front of your Golden Retriever. Since Golden Retrievers becomes anxious and threatens if you start showing aggression or use harsh words.

Therefore, compose yourself and be patient when you groom your pet. And follow these steps if you want to make the hair of your Golden Retriever straight:

First Step – Brush Golden Retrievers Straight Hair

Brush your Golden Retriever’s hair gently. Use a wide-bristle brush to detangle the hair and prevent matting in Golden Retriever. Always check the ear, eyes, and paws of the pet while thoroughly brushing.

Second Step- Apply Shampoo And Rinse It

Gently apply the shampoo throughout the skin coat of your Golden Retriever. Massage the body of the pet with little force when you put the shampoo. And rinse the shampoo from the skin coat of your pal.

Third Step- Apply Conditioner In Your Golden Retriever

Apply conditioner with same pressure and patient. Speak to your Golden Retriever with a soft assuring voice while applying shampoo and conditioner.

Make sure that the shampoo or conditioner does not enter the eyes and ears of your pet while applying. Since the Golden Retriever has long hair, conditioner is beneficial for detangling the knots.

Forth Step- Rinse The Skin Coat Of Your Golden Retriever

Carefully rinse the shampoo. Also, clean the ears, eyes, and paws of your Golden Retriever.

Then, prepare a mixture of one teaspoon of white vinegar and one gallon of water. And clean the skin coat of your pet with the solution. As this mixture ensures the complete removal of parasites, your Golden Retriever will be free from allergies, ear infections, and skin disorders.

Fifth Step- Dry The Skin Coat Of Your Golden Retriever

Use a clean and dry towel to soak the excess water from the skin coat of your Golden Retriever. Then, dry the hair of the pet with the blow dryer.

But be careful that the dryer does not produce a loud noise. It might threaten your Golden Retriever. And your pet will show aggressive behavior in defense.

Sixth Step- Use Brush To Straight Golden Retrievers Hair

Arrange the blow dryer in a low setting. Make small partitions of your Golden Retriever’s hair with the help of a pin brush. Then, start brushing and detangling the hair along with drying.

Make a partition of the hair coat in the Golden Retriever. And completely dry the first partition before heading to the next one. Dry the complete hair coat of your Golden Retriever in this way. Finally, comb the straight hair of your Golden Retriever gently.

Always make sure you reward your pet after completion because it will make your future experience easier. Moreover, the straight hair of your Golden may last for one week. But with regular brushing and grooming, the time can extend until the next bath.

Furthermore, you may not perfectly groom the straight hair of your Golden Retriever at first. But I can assure you, with some practice, you will get better with time. And can groom your Golden Retriever like the professionals.

However, if you want to increase the volume of the hair in your Golden Retriever, you can take help from the article- Why Is Your Golden Retriever Not Fluffy.

Will Your Golden Retriever Get Straighter Hair After Shaving?

Golden Retrievers have a double-layered water-resistant and dirt repellant skin coat with long, straight, soft, and shiny hair. But all Golden Retriever does not follow this rule of nature. So, there are some exceptions.

Moreover, if the hair of your Golden Retriever has curly hair, you might think that shaving their hair can be helpful. And the hair that grows after shaving will be straight. But shaving is a worse idea for making the hair of your pet straighter.

The double coat of Golden Retriever has an immense role in their survival. The outer skin coat of the Golden Retriever protects them from extreme cold and gives warmth. Besides this, the hair coat on the outer surface prevents the infection of bacteria and parasites.

And the undercoat helps in the insulation of the heat to deal with the extreme climatic condition. Without the hair, the sensitive skin of Golden Retriever is susceptible to various infections, sunstroke, and skin disorders. Thus, if you shave the skin coat of your pet, it is sure to die sooner.

Why Does Your Golden Retriever Have Shorter Hair?

Undoubtedly, the long, shiny, and lustrous hair is the reason behind the popularity of Golden Retrievers. And cuddling with these dogs is more relaxing due to their hair texture.

Further, short hair in Golden Retrievers may concern the owners. But if your dog is a mixed breed, it may naturally have shorter hair. Like the offspring produced after cross-breeding Golden Retriever with:

  • Labrador Retriever
  • Chesapeake Bay Retriever
  • Flat-Coated Retriever
  • Curly-Coated retriever

Besides this, health issues like thyroid disorders, cancer, hip dysplasia, allergies, diabetes, etc., may also lead to the short hair of your Golden Retriever. Apart from this, an unhealthy lifestyle, lack of grooming, and extreme climatic conditions also hamper the hair growth hair of Golden Retriever.

For more detailed information, you can read the article- What Are The Reasons For Short Hair Of Your Golden Retriever?

Some Simple Tips To Improve The Straight Hair Of Golden Retrievers

Since the hair coat of Golden Retriever plays a vital role in promoting its healthier lifespan, you should be cautious about the skin coat of your pet. Besides this, Golden Retrievers are the playing companion of the kidHence, infection in the skin coat hampers the health of your child along with the Golden Retriever.

Therefore, here are some hair care tips for your Golden Retriever:

  • Brush the hair of your Golden Retriever daily.
  • Regularly bathe your pal.
  • Feed your Golden Retriever a healthy meal that includes all essential nutrients.
  • Consult with the Vet and include the required food supplements.
  • Always reward your furry buddy with natural snacks after training.
  • Massage the skin coat of your Golden Retriever with coconut oil. Also, mix little coconut oil in the meal of your Golden Retriever to improve the pigmentation of the hair.
  • Give proper training to your pet. Include behavioral training sessions like potty trainingbite inhibition trainingbarking control training, and training to calm your lovely pal. Along with this, give training to the pet for service activities (diabetic assistance training).
  • Involve your pal inadequate physical activities like swimming, long walks, hiking, fetching, etc.
  • Always use dog-based hair care products for your Golden Retriever.
  • Immediately seek the suggestion from the Vet if you notice abnormal behavior in your pet like aggression, excessive barkinggruntingbiting or chewing, or pawing. 

I hope these ideas help improve the skin coat of your Golden Retriever. And the article- Do Golden Retrievers Fur Get Darker As They Grow Old?, may help to enhance the pigmentation of the skin coat in your Golden Retriever.

Please make sure you give your feedback after using these tips in your Golden Retriever.

The comment box is eagerly waiting for your reviews and suggestions.

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