Why Is My Golden Retriever Jumping A Lot | What Should I Do To Stop It?

Why Is My Golden Retriever Is Jumping A Lot What Should I Do To Stop It

Since Golden Retrievers are a highly energetic dog breed, they play, jump, and run around the house all day. But the mischievous behavior of your pal exceeds sometimes. And your Golden Retriever starts jumping a lot. So, you need to stop them. Do you know what to do to stop your pal?

Jumping is a natural habit of your Golden Retriever. But if it is jumping a lot, it might be due to excitement, lack of exercise, negative reinforcement, to alert their owner, and aggression.

Sometimes jumping habit of your Golden Retriever can lead to fatal consequences. So, you must stop it through training. Besides this, your response to the actions of your pal also influences you a lot. Thus, ignore its jumping habit to stop it.

Undoubtedly, Golden Retrievers are the best family dogs. And most owners enjoy the active and energetic attributes of their pet. But if your pal starts knocking you down while greeting you, you for sure wouldn’t like it. Will you?

Therefore, in this article, I will try to disclose every possible reason for your Golden Retriever’s jumping habit with the effective ways to stop it. So, keep reading to know about your pal’s jumping habit.

Why Is Your Golden Retriever Jumping A Lot?

Being a needy dog, Golden Retriever always craves people’s attention. Therefore, they are always in search of ways to get attention. So, they start jumping.

Furthermore, there are various other reasons why Golden Retriever starts jumping a lot. And they are:

Due To The Lack Of Adequate Physical Activities

Since Golden Retriever is highly energetic, lack of enough physical activities makes them mischievous. Usually, these dogs need at least an hour of exercise to manage their energy level. But if you fail to schedule the daily activities of your pal, it gets more leisure time and has excess energy.

Therefore, your Golden Retriever starts utilizing their energies in mischievous works like jumping, biting, chewing, nipping, and hiding things.

Because Of Excitement

Golden Retrievers are dogs that are very easy to please. All you need is to give them new toys, their favorite food, or play with them to enlighten their mood and make them happy.

Like humans, Golden Retrievers also jump with joy when they feel excited. Therefore, it is natural for these breeds to jump when they see toys, food, or the owners.

Golden Retriever Starts Jumping To Show Its Love.

As owners feed, train, care and groom their pet, they develop a strong bond with their pet. Thus, owners are the favorite person of Golden Retrievers.

Further, these breeds cannot use verbal language to show their love. So, they start jumping when they see their owners show their love. Besides this, these dogs love playing with you. Hence, sometimes they might also jump to invite you to play.

You Encouraged Golden Retriever To Jump

Usually, the jumping behavior of a puppy is too cute to resist. So, owners give rewards to their puppies when they jump. And with time, rewarding the pet after jumping becomes a habit.

But as your pal gets older, it grows in size and strengthens. So, the cute jumping behavior might be dangerous when performed by an adult dog. However, the owners still reward and encourage their pal’s jumping behavior out of habit.

Therefore, Golden Retriever assumes jumping a good attribute and continues to jump.

Due To Negative Reinforcement

The jumping habit of your Golden Retriever might scare some visitors while it amuses others. So, these visitors often offer treats and rewards when they see your pal jumping at them.

Rewarding reinforces your Golden Retriever negatively to jump whenever it sees people around. Thus, after negative reinforcement, your pal is more likely to jump even more.

To Alert You

Golden Retriever loves you a lot. So, it tries to protect you and your house from invaders. Thus, whenever they see strangers at the front door, they bark and come to you jumping. So, you can be alert about the new person in the surrounding.

Besides this, these dogs also have instinctive power. So, they can sense the approaching threat. Hence, they start jumping to alert their owners about it.

Golden Retriever Starts Jumping When They Are Angry

Although it is less likely for a Golden Retriever to show aggression, sometimes your pet does become very anxious and insecure. And this occurs when your pal is ill or experiencing immense pain. So, a dog suffering from diseases jumps around you to tell you about its health condition.

Besides this, when your pal gets a lot of free time, it feels bored and angry. Thus, it jumps around the house and becomes destructive.

However, if your Golden Retriever is jumping a lot, look for these signs:

And if your pal shows these signs with jumping behavior, it might be suffering from health issues. So, you must consult the Vet as soon as possible to promote a healthier lifespan for your Golden Retriever.

Why Do Golden Retriever Jump Up When Greeting?

One of the reasons why Golden Retriever starts jumping is to greet people. But do you know why your pet starts jumping?

Since your pal loves you a lot, it gets very excited to see you home. So, it jumps, hugs, and licks you to show its love. Besides this, your dog loves you a lot. Therefore, it jumps to get closer to you and inhale your smell.

It is an instinctive behavior of your Golden Retriever to sniff other dog’s faces while greeting. Hence, it implies its greeting gesture to humans and jumps to greet everyone.

Usually, owners find it cute when their puppy jumps to greet them. But as your pal gets older, it grows bigger. Thus, due to its weight and strength, it will start knocking you down while greeting.

Further, the jumping habit of your pal might scare your gets and visitor.

So, do you think it is a good habit of your pal to jump while greeting you?

Why Shouldn’t Your Golden Retriever Jump Up When Greeting People?

The larger dog breeds like Golden Retrievers have a strong and heavier body. So, they can easily knock you down when they jump. Hence, if your pet is beyond the puppy stage, you should try to control its jumping habit.

Furthermore, there are some reasons why you shouldn’t let your Golden Retriever jump while greeting. And they are:

Golden Retriever’s Paws Are Dirty

Golden Retrievers loves to play. Thus, they will be out playing all day. And when they return home, they will bring different infectious agents in their paws, skin coats, and hair.

Besides this, your pal might walk barefoot on their paws. So, its paws are always dirt. Furthermore, when these dogs jump, they leave paw prints in your clothes and stain them.

Along with this, due to the pawing habit of a Golden Retriever while jumps, the infectious agents in your pal’s paw might affect your health.

Golden Retriever Has Long And Harmful Nails

The nails of Golden Retriever are long and sharp. And since these breeds mostly walk barefoot, the nails of your dog are also infectious.

Besides this, your pal can rip off your clothes and skin using its sharp nails. Further, contact between your skin and your pal’s nails while jumping might tear your skin and clothes.

So, you shouldn’t let your pal jump up while greeting people.

Golden Retriever Can Easily Knock Down People

Being a large dog breed, Golden Retriever is very strong. Besides giving a beautiful appearance, their well-coordinated forequarters and muscular hindquarters can easily knock down people when they jump or attack.

Moreover, Golden Retrievers usually play with the kids. And their jumping habit during excitement can harm the kids. So, to keep your family members safe, you should stop your pal from jumping.

Jumping Habit Of Your Golden Retriever Scares Others

Generally, all your guests and visitors might not be familiar with the attributes of Golden Retriever. So, they assume your pals jumping habit as a threat and start beating or defending themselves. And this might hurt your pal.

Besides this, it leaves a negative impression, and they wouldn’t prefer revisiting use. Therefore, it is essential to stop your Golden Retriever’s jumping habit to maintain your social contact.

But do you know how to prevent or at least reduce your pal’s jumping behavior?

How To Keep Your Golden Retriever From Jumping Up?

Generally, jumping is an innate habit of your Golden Retriever. So, complete elimination of this behavior is quite impossible.

However, you can use the following ways to manage your pal’s jumping habit:

Identify The Cause Why Your Golden Retriever Is Jumping

Since there are many reasons for your Golden Retriever’s jumping behavior, you should first find out the root cause to eliminate this issue. Further, sometimes health issues like cancer, ear infections, thyroid disorder, constipation, diabetes, eye diseases, etc., might also result in your pal’s jumping behavior.

Thus, consult with the Vet for diagnosis and treatment of the disease so that you can stop your Golden Retriever from jumping.

Withhold Your Golden Retriever’s Attention

Your Golden Retriever might be jumping to seek your attention. Thus, when your pal jumps up to around you, don’t respond. Instead, cross your arm and turn your back to them.

Further, if your pet jumps to greet you, turn around walk away. In this way, your pet will link jumping with resentment. And your Golden Retriever will stop jumping.

Exercise With Your Golden Retriever

Engaging your pal in different physical activities utilizes all its energy and strains them. Thus, your pet won’t have the strength to indulge in mischieve. As a result, your pal will become calmer, gentler, and obedient.

Encourage Only The Good Behaviors

If you want to stop the jumping habit of your Golden Retriever, you should avoid giving treats in its bad behaviors. I know it is easier to fall in your pal’s contagious smile. But giving treats in negative attitudes makes your pal aggressive and disobedient.

Therefore, always reward your pet for its good behavior. Besides this, be careful and feed your pal with natural healthy snacks as treats. Don’t use human food.

Put Your Golden Retriever In Crate

Putting your Golden Retriever in a crate box helps to manage its activities when you aren’t around. Further, you can also keep puzzles and toys in its crate to engage it in various activities. So, it is less likely to be mischievous.

Besides this, keeping them in a crate box makes your pet calmer. However, the most common crate box for your pal with the best reviews are:

Restrain Your Golden Retriever On A Leash

If your Golden Retriever starts jumping seeing everybody, keeping it on a leash can be the best way to control it. Since you can control the activities of your pal using a leash, it will keep them away from people. Thus, your pal might not get the chance to harm others.

Therefore, some of the leashes available in the market are:

Four On The Floor Training For Your Golden Retriever

Four on the floor is a training method where you teach your Golden Retriever to greet people by keeping its four paws on the floor. In this method, your pet’s reward is on the floor before greeting the people. So, it is less likely to jump while greeting.

Further, the steps for this training method are:

  1. Keep your Golden Retriever on a leash.
  2. Ask your friend to approach your dog.
  3. Toss several healthy treats on the floor before your pal sees your friend.
  4. Tell your friend to meet and greet your pal when it is still eating.
  5. Then, ask your friend to leave before your dog finishes eating.
  6. Repeat the same steps. But increase the meeting and greeting time in this session.
  7. In this way, slowly extend the time of meeting after each session.
  8. After few more repetitions, allow your pet to meet people without the treat.
  9. If your pet keeps its paws in the ground now, decrease the treats.
  10. But, when you pall fails to understand the rules, repeat the method from first.

All this method will help you to stop or reduce the jumping habit of your Golden Retriever.

How To Train Your Golden Retriever To Sit For Greeting?

When your Golden Retriever meets the person it likes, it will greet him for sure. Further, your pal might choose licking, pawing, jumping, or even biting as a way to greet its favorite person. And all of these behaviors are dangerous.

So, how about teaching your pal to sit for greeting? Don’t you think it is safer when your pal sits to greet?

Thus, here are the steps for training your pal:

  1. Firstly, ask your pal’s favorite person (friends or family), whom it always greets to assist you.
  2. Then, teach your pal several commands like sit, stand, stop, come, go, lay down, stand up, etc.
  3. Ask your assistant to approach your pet.
  4. If your pal stands seeing your assistant, tell you’re your assistant to turn around and walk away.
  5. Now, command your Golden Retriever to sit and ask your assistant to approach again.
  6. If it stands again, repeats the above two steps until your assistance greets your pal in a sitting position.
  7. Further, if your pal remains seated for greeting, treat your pal with healthy natural snacks.
  8. Follow these steps more frequently to teach your Golden Retriever faster.

Are you planning to train your pal? Do you think these steps are helpful for your pet?

What Should You Consider When Training Your Golden Retriever To Avoid Jumping?

Training a Golden Retriever is a tedious job. And it requires a lot of time and attention. Moreover, if you aren’t conscious enough, the training becomes much more complicated.

So, here are some things you must remember when you train your Golden Retriever to stop jumping:

  • Always be consistent. During training, initially, your pal might be more aggressive, and the situation might become worse and uncontrollable. But don’t give up.
  • Use a crate to keep your pet away from visitors. However, it isn’t a permanent solution. But it can manage the situation in case of unexpected visitors or when you might still be training your pal.
  • Give your pet a toy to distract it when it meets a visitor.
  • Always stay calm and patient around Golden Retriever. If you show your excitement, your pal is more likely to learn and follow it. So, remain polite, patient, and persistent while greeting your guests.

After you know what to do when you train your pal, you are probably want to know what you must avoid. Don’t worry. I have your answer as you read further.

What To Avoid When Training Your Golden Retriever Not To Jump?

Despite the consistent effort, sometimes the owners fail in training their pal. What do you think might be the reason? Those owners might be making mistakes by following the restricted activities.

Thus, to help you avoid the same mistake, here are some things you must avoid while training your pal:

  • Don’t push your Golden Retriever away when it jumps up to you. Your pal might learn the same attribute if you keep pushing it away. And thus, the condition becomes even worse.
  • Avoid punishment. Punishing your pet breaks your bond with them. Instead, ignore it when your pal jumps up to you. It is better not to respond at all.
  • Don’t show your frustration and anger to your pet. Shouting and scolding will confuse your Golden Retriever. So, your pal will be either excited or nervous. And in both cases, it will jump even more.
  • Avoid hitting or kneeing your pet. Although this might work to protect you, it breaks your pal’s trust. After attacking, your pal becomes fearful and uncomfortable around you. And thus, it starts barking, biting, or pawing for defense.

I hope you are also avoiding these things while training your pal.

Summing up, Golden Retriever is a friendly dog with many character traits and abilities. Besides this, these dogs have a smooth, long, and colorful skin coat that is irresistible. So, they are the best companion that will cuddle, hug and lick you to relieve your stress.

Further, since Golden Retrievers like pleasing people, it isn’t too difficult to train them. Just remember to be consistent and patient.

What are your views about this article? Was it informative?

If you have suggestions, please share them in the comments.

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