Do Golden Retrievers Like Swimming? | Should I Let My Golden Retriever Swim?

Do Golden Retrievers Like Swimming Should I Let My Golden Retriever Swim

Since summer is here, your Golden Retriever might be hot and sweaty. So, the best thing you can do for your pal in this hot weather is to take him swimming. But being a concerned owner, you might have questions like do Golden Retrievers like swimming? Should you let your Golden Retriever swim?

The sole purpose of breeding Golden Retrievers was hunting in water and land. So, it is obvious that Golden Retriever does have the ability to swim. Further, swimming is very therapeutic and relaxes the tense muscles of your pet. Besides this, the energy strained while swimming helps to keep your Golden Retriever calm and gentle.

Although most Golden Retrievers enjoy swimming a lot, there are some exceptions for dogs that feel uncomfortable in the water. And thus, some of these dogs do not like swimming.

However, I will discuss the swimming habit of a Golden Retriever in detail in this article.

Are Golden Retrievers Good At Swimming?

When you look at the history and origination of these dogs, you will find that the sole purpose of breeding Golden Retrievers was to assist Scottish estate owners in hunting. And thus, they have an excellent ability to hunt in land and water.

Therefore, Golden Retrievers are natural swimmers. As these breeds retrieved waterfowl in the past, the art of swimming is present in their genes. So, once you expose your pal to water bodies, they adapt quickly to the newer environment.

And thus, these breeds learn to dive, sequel, and swim in the water with glee. Moreover, after few months of training, you can also teach your Retriever how to perform stunts in water.

Further, although these dogs have impeccable swimming ability, introducing these dogs to water at an early age is best. But you must be careful about the depth and temperature of the water bodies when you let your pal swim.

Do Golden Retrievers Like Swimming? Why?

Ever since the existence of Golden Retrievers, they are always around water bodies. Thus, they are familiar with water and loves it. Besides this, their perfect body structure and genetics assist them- to move inside water effortlessly.

Therefore, it is obvious that Golden Retrievers like swimming. Furthermore, their eyes glow with amusement, and they have a contagious smile flex inside water. So, it makes it clear that these breeds are fond of swimming.

Furthermore, some specific features of Golden Retrievers assist them in swimming. And they are:

Golden Retrievers Has A History To Work In Water

When you look back at the history of Golden Retriever in the 1800s, you will find evidence of these breeds as hunting dogs. During that period, hunting was the obsession of Scottish estate owners. Tweedmouth bred Golden Retrievers by cross-breeding Tweed Water Spaniel with a normal yellow-coated dog to assist estate owners in hunting underwater and on land.

Further, Tweed Water Spaniel is an excellent swimmer. Thus, these dogs inherited the character of Spaniel and worked effortlessly underwater.

Golden Retrievers Have A Perfect Limb

Generally, the long-strong hind limbs of a Golden Retriever can stay afloat and maneuver through waves in water bodies. Besides this, the legs of these dogs are muscular, lean, and built that can endure the pressure of the water so that they can sustain inside it for longer.

Moreover, the well-coordinated forequarter and strong hindquarter of Golden Retrievers assist them in swimming and diving so that they enjoy moving underwater. So, undoubtedly these breeds love swimming.

Golden Retrievers Are Highly Energetic

Golden Retrievers resembles kids in energy and mischief. Furthermore, these breeds need to exercise a lot to manage their energy level. Therefore, low-impact physical activities like swimming are the best method to utilize excess energy in the best possible way.

Besides this, swimming relaxes the tense muscles of a Golden Retriever. Therefore, after intense physical activity, your pet feels happy and relaxed.

Special Type Of Coat Of Golden Retriever

Unlike most dog breeds, the skin of Golden Retriever has a double-layered coat. Besides this, their skin coat is water-resistant and dirt repellant. Thus, it helps your pal in swimming.

Furthermore, the outer coat prevents your pal from allergies, ear infections, cancer, eye diseases, skin problems, etc. Hence, Golden Retrievers are less likely to get ill after swimming. Since these breeds spend comfortable time swimming, they love swimming.

However, your Golden Retriever becomes a part of your family. So, it is obvious to have concerns and doubt about whether you should let your Golden Retriever swim?

Should You Let Your Golden Retriever Swim?

As you love your Golden Retriever, you would want the best for your Golden Retriever. Furthermore, the safety and health of their breed in the topmost priority of their owners. So, sometimes you might question yourself whether you should let your Golden Retriever swim or not.

However, swimming is very rejuvenating for your pal, and there are many advantages of letting your pal flex in water. So, let your Golden Retriever swim. Further, here are some of the benefits of swimming:

  • Since your pal has a dense skin coat, it might get hot and sweaty in summer. Therefore, letting them swim in the most convenient way of cooling their body.
  • Swimming needs a lot of energy. So, it is the best way to utilize the higher energy level of your pal. Thus, it makes your pet calmer, gentle, and friendly.
  • Once you introduce your Golden Retriever to water, they enjoy swimming and spend their maximum time inside water. So, they are less likely to get needy.
  • After swimming, the tense muscles of your pal relax. So, your pal feels happier.
  • Swimming makes your pal familiar with water. So, you can clean your pal’s ear, bathe or brush them, and even brush their teeth with lesser difficulty. Hence, your Golden Retriever becomes more comfortable to groom.
  • The commands you teach your pal while training them to swim makes them obedient. Therefore, you can manage your pet’s aggressive behavior.

Further, if you want a healthier and happier lifespan for your Golden Retriever, you should let them swim. Swimming is very therapeutic for your pal. So, after the swimming session, your pet becomes happier and active.

How often do you take your pet swimming? What must you consider while letting them swim?

When Can Your Golden Retriever Start Swimming?

Since Golden Retrievers are natural swimmers, they can swim at any age. When you introduce your pal to water, it will instantly start frolicking and diving in the waves of the seashore.

But your pal’s bones and limbs aren’t strong in the first two months of its life. Besides this, your dog also needs some time to learn to walk and regulate its body temperature.

So, wait for at least three months before introducing your pal to water. However, you can teach your pal how to respond to commands during this period.

How Often Should You Let Your Golden Retriever To Swim?

Swimming can relax the tense muscles of your pal. So, you can regularly take your Golden Retriever to swim. Besides this, swimming is an intense physical activity that can strain your pal in lesser time. Thus, it helps to manage the hyperactivity and aggression of your pet.

Further, if you have time, you can take your pal to swim daily during the summer. But since the dense skin coat takes time to dry, daily swimming isn’t appropriate during winter. Apart from this, the temperature of water bodies drops below 10ºC in the winter. So, it is better to use indoor bathtubs in winter.

Moreover, swimming sessions take up a lot of your pal’s energy. So, if your pal is ill and under the medication, it is better not to let them swim unless prescribed by the Vet.

Why Do Golden Retrievers Avoid Swimming?

Being a natural swimmer, it is unusual for a Golden Retriever to not like water and swimming. Usually, these breeds are fond of swimming. But if your pet is avoiding swimming, there might be some reasons for its resentment.

Thus, some of the prominent reasons why your Golden Retriever doesn’t like swimming are:

  • Your Golden Retriever has a tragic history with water. And swimming traumatized your pal.
  • Some Retrievers are high-maintenance and pricky. They don’t like to drench their skin coat.
  • If your pal is new to water bodies or comes from a place without water surfaces, it finds it harder to adapt to the water.
  • Being inside water might be a new experience for some dogs, mostly puppies. And if you force your pal to stay in the water, it might feel anxious, nervous, threatened, and comfortable. So, they are more likely to avoid swimming in the future.

However, when you make a little conscious effort, you can for sure change the mentality of your pet. And thus, you can make your pet like water and swimming.

Do you know how to teach your Golden Retriever to swim?

How To Keep Your Golden Retriever Safe While Swimming?

Before letting your Golden Retriever swim in the water, you must be conscious about few things to ensure safety. Besides this, being a parent, it is your responsibility to keep your pal happy and safe.

Therefore, you must follow the followings idea to keep your pal safe while it swims:

Don’t Force Your Golden Retriever.

Undoubtedly, swimming is in the DNA of Golden Retrievers. But having said that, suddenly throwing them into the water surface might be traumatizing. Instead of loving, your pal might feel nervous and scared around water,

Therefore, you should introduce your pal to water slowly. Besides this, some Golden Retrievers might avoid water. So, despite forcing them to swim, you must try to reason behind their avoidance.

Being harsh to your pet makes them aggressive and insecure. So, always be gentle and use a soothing tone around your pal.

Check The Water Temperature

Golden Retrievers prefer moderate temperature. And although they have a thick skin coat, they are sensitive to extreme climates. Hence, too cold water might be fatal for your pal.

Therefore, you must frequently check the water temperature to ensure safety.

Supervise Constantly

Golden Retrievers are mischievous sometimes. So, leaving them unsupervised inside water is a risk you should never take. Besides this, once your pal’s fur soaks water, it might feel colder and start shivering. So, if you ignore your pal, it might lead to fatal consequences like drowning and death.

Besides this, water bodies with currents can be dangerous for your pet. Hence, you should give special attention to your pal while they swim in those areas.

Make Sure Your Golden Retriever Water Isn’t Deep.

Although Golden Retrievers are excellent swimmers, they cannot control their bodies in the deeper areas. Thus, they find difficulty in keeping their body afloat at the deeper ends. So, while teaching your pal to swim, don’t introduce them directly in deeper parts of water.

Control The Activities Of Your Golden Retriever

Swimming is an intense physical activity that might strain your pet in lesser time. So, you must control your pet and give it the command to stop when it starts being mischievous.

Besides this, keeping your pal inside water for a longer time makes a negative impression about water in its mind. Therefore, stop your pet and call back as soon as you notice your pal is feeling tired.

Use Sunscreen

The skin coat of Golden Retrievers is more sensitive than humans. So, these breeds are more prone to conditions like sunstroke, pink nose, or black spot in the tongue when exposed to the sun for longer. Therefore, you should apply qualitative sunscreen to your pet’s skin coat before taking them to swim.

Use Swimming Gears

Training your pal to swim is a tedious job that needs your time and effort. But if you use the right swimming equipment to train your pal, training sessions will be faster, convenient, and effective. Therefore, some of the swimming gears that can help you teach your pal swimming are:

Which swimming gears do you use for your pal?

How Can You Teach Your Golden Retriever To Swim?

Like humans, every dog has a unique personality and preference. Even though it is unusual for Golden Retrievers to avoid swimming, there might be some influencing factor behind their resentment.

If your pet is also avoiding water, try to find out the reason behind it. And then, start training your pal to swim. However, you can use the following ideas to teach your pal to swim:

  • Take your Golden Retriever to the dog beach and introduce it to other dogs. Your pal’s friendly attribute will work in your favor. And after some frequent visits, your pet starts accompanying its friends in swimming.
  • Train your pal to dive and swim in the water bodies. After adequate training, your pal‘s fear of water resolves.
  • Before starting the training, check the life vest of your pal.
  • Start training your pal by introducing it in places with smaller surface areas like a bathtub. Then, make your pal familiar with water pressure by increasing the water force in the tub using a bathing hose.
  • After your pal starts feeling comfortable in the higher pressure of the water tub, take your pal to swimming pools, lakes, seas, and ponds.
  • Always use a soothing voice in a low tone to keep your pet calm while training.
  • And don’t forget to reward your Golden Retriever with healthy natural snacks as treats after completion of training.

Besides this, always ensure the safety or comfort of your pal while training. If your dog feels safe and comfortable, it will be easier to train. So, keep this in mind when you teach your pet swimming.

Do you pal know how to swim?

Is It Ok If You Let Your Golden Retriever To Swim In Cold Water?

Since Golden Retriever originated from Scotland, these breeds can naturally tolerate the cold temperature. Besides this, these dogs also have a double-layered skin coat that also contributes to maintaining homeostasis. So, they can swim in cold water.

But once their skin coat becomes soaked and drenched in icy water, they will feel colder than the surrounding. So, don’t let your Golden Retriever swim in cold water for a longer time. However, there are some ideas to help your pal to swim in cold water.

Are you familiar with those ideas?

How To Help Your Golden Retriever Swimming In Cold Water?

Temperature and weather are uncontrollable. So, to cope with the cold water in the winter, you can use the following ideas:

  • Make the swimming session short. And always keep an eye on your Golden Retriever’s activities. If you notice the cold water affecting your pal’s energy, take them out.
  • Use wet suits and waterproof dog jackets. But make sure that these tools don’t restrict your pal’s movement.
  • Play with your pet near the shoreline to use up its energy so that it will get lesser time for swimming. And thus, your pal is less likely to get cold.
  • Immediately wrap your dog with a warm fluffy towel after it comes out from the water. And blow dry your dog’s skin coat properly.

Were you hesitating to take your pal swimming in winter?

I hope these tips might help you?

What Should You Consider While Teaching Your Golden Retriever To Swim?

Teaching your pal to swim might be life-changing for them. So, to make the training worthy, comfortable, safe and effective, you must consider few things.

Thus, the points to consider while you train your Golden Retriever to swim effortlessly inside water are:

  • Consistency is the key. It is normal for your Golden Retriever to avoid training in the beginning. But be consistent in your training. After exposing your pal to water frequently, it gets familiar and starts adapting to training.
  • Stay calm and patient. Your aggression might make your pet nervous and anxious. So, keep yourself calm and gentle as much as you could while training your pal.
  • Check ears: Sometimes, the floppy ears of Golden Retriever might attach the infectious agents of water. So, frequently check your pal’s ear. Don’t forget to clean the ears and eyes as soon as it leaves the water.
  • Treat your pet. When you reward your pal after each training session, it encourages them to be more obedient in the future. So, don’t forget the treat.
  • Train them early. It is easier to control and train your pet when you start the training at an early age. Therefore, after your pal’s legs become strong enough to flex in water, start training them.

Furthermore, large dogs like Golden Retrievers are more susceptible to problems like constipation, dehydration, bloating, and skin rashes. Hence, your pet needs to drink at least half an ounce of fresh drinking water per pound to resolve these issues.

I hope this article helped you to teach your pal swimming.

Do you have any suggestions?

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