Why Is Your Golden Retriever Puppy Aggressive?

Why Is Your Golden Retriever Puppy Aggressive?

Being a popular dog breed, Golden Retrievers are intelligent, generous, kind, and loving. And since the children do not fluctuate from their parents, the puppies develop the same temperament. The gentle and calm attribute of the Golden Retriever puppies makes them the best companion for your kids and perfect for the family. However, sometimes they might harsh behavior. Thus, the question of why your Golden Retriever puppy is aggressive may circle in your mind. 

However, there are many reasons why your Golden Retriever puppy is aggressive. The breeding environment, breeders’ behavior, past accidents or attacks, owners’ attitude, and the temperament of their parents are some of the reasons for the development of aggression in the puppies. Besides this, inadequate love or attention, lack of training, nutritional deficiency, and illness can also induce aggressive behavior in your Golden Retriever puppy.

I will disclose more reasons why your Golden Retriever puppy is aggressive further in this article. But before that, do you know the types of aggression of the puppies and their warning signs?

Do not worry even if you have no idea about these things. I will gradually give brief information about all these things in this article.

What Types Of Aggressions Will Your Golden Retriever Puppy Show?

Depending on the cause, your Golden Retriever puppy shows different types of aggression. And they are:

Food Aggression

Golden Retriever puppies love their food and do not like sharing it. Thus, they grow aggressive when strangers approach or take their food. Along with this, sometimes you may fail to provide an adequate amount of food to the puppies. And they may get aggressive in want of food.

Territorial Aggression

The puppies of Golden Retriever love playing and can play all day. Since the puppies territories their toys, food, and crate, they do not like sharing. Thus, the competitive nature of the puppy makes them aggressive.

Besides this, the puppies love their owner and are possessive. So, they may become insecure and aggressive when other pet stays near their favorite person.

Dominate Aggression

Golden Retriever puppies are competitive and may lose their calmness while playing. Thus, the puppies become aggressive. 

Apart from this, the puppies need more love and care. And if you fail to give them enough attention, they show aggressive behavior to seek your attention. Besides this, your pal may not like sharing the love and care of the parents. Thus, if you give more love and time to other pets, they show their unhappiness through aggression.

Fear Aggression

The Golden Retrievers puppies are sensitive and vulnerable. Past accidents, attacks, harsh behavior of the breeders leave a negative impact on their brain. Thus, they grow anxious and nervous.

Due to the previous incidents, the puppies hardly trust others. Therefore, they show aggressiveness when they are around a large group of people.

Aggression Due To Pain

The puppies become more irritated, uncomfortable, and anxious when they are in pain. And since they cannot announce their illness by talking, they use different aggressive signs. 

The physical pain makes the puppies nervous. Thus, they show aggressive behavior to every approaching thing. Besides this, different mental illness in the puppies promotes undesirable and harmful behavior of your pet.

Aggression Due To Frustration

If you fail to give proper training, your Golden Retriever puppy shows undesirable behavior with an unexpected response. The puppies lose their calm temperament and might show aggressive responses in every and any situation. 

Furthermore, aggression due to frustration is hard to manage and control. Therefore, it is essential to eliminate aggressive behavior before it appears.

Leash Aggression

Since the puppies of Golden Retriever are enthusiastic and energetic, they run or roam all day long. Thus, they do not like settling in a particular area. The leash can help to manage their activeness.

However, if you keep the puppies on the leash for a longer time, they become desperate and aggressive. Thus shows signs of aggression.

Now, I am sure that you know the types of aggression. Thus, let me tell you about the warning signs of your Golden Retriever puppy that indicate they are not happy with the surroundings.

Do you know the dominant signs of your pet?

What Are The Signs That Indicates Your Golden Retriever Puppy Aggressive?

The Golden Retriever puppies love and adore the people (especially their owners) who spend more time with them. However, they become possessive and obsessive over their favorite things. And eventually, this obsession makes the puppy aggressive if you fail to manage.

Generally, the puppies show the following dominant signs of aggressions:

  • The puppies demand more love and show destructive behavior if you fail to give attention.
  • They mount on your legs and other pets.
  • The puppies become jealous when you are around other people or pets.
  • The Golden Retriever puppies block the door and prevent guests from entering the house.
  • They are moodier and stops enjoying the meal and playing time.

However, if you fail to train and manage these signs, the puppies can attack or bite. Yet, the puppies still give some warning signs before the attack. And these signs are:

  • Intense, uninterrupted, and direct eye contact
  • Stiff and alert body posture
  • Standing and erect ears
  • Showing of teeth
  • Nipping repeatedly
  • Urinating on surrounding
  • Slow waging of tail 

Furthermore, the specifications of actual aggression according to ASPCA are:

  • Still and rigid body
  • Forward lunging
  • Barking and threatening sounds
  • Showing teeth, quick nip without marks 
  • Growling or snapping
  • Biting and shaking

Does your pet also show these signs?

What are you doing to comfort them and manage their aggression?

Before digging into the ways of managing aggression, we must focus on the reasons behind aggressive behavior. What could be the reason behind the aggressive behavior of your pet?

Why Is Your Golden Retriever Puppy Aggressive?

Generally, the Golden Retrievers are gentle and kind. Thus, the aggressive or destructive behavior of the Golden Retriever puppy is not so prominent. If your Golden Retriever puppy is continuously showing aggressiveness, there may be many influencing factors.

Here are some of the causes for the aggression of Golden Retriever puppy:

Breeding Environment Makes Your Golden Retriever Puppy Aggressive

The breeding Environment influences a lot in the behavior of Golden Retriever puppy. If the puppy is from an environment where it was in bars, it will be anxious about the new environment. As a consequence, it becomes aggressive.

Moreover, poor breeding practices of the dog breeders (like; scolding, beating, and locking the puppies for long) make them insecure. As a result, they do not trust people. Thus, the puppies fear whenever someone approaches them and shows aggressive behavior.

Aggressive Parents

The offspring inherits the trait of their parents. Thus, the characters of puppies do not fluctuate much from the temperament of their parents. The puppies born from aggressive parents are more likely to gain aggressive and destructive nature.

However, you can opt for early training to manage the aggression in those puppies.

Nutritional Deficiency Makes Your Golden Retriever Puppy Aggressive

Like Golden Retrievers, their puppies are also fond of food and enjoy eating. However, hunger can develop aggression in the Golden Retriever puppies. As a result, they start to show dominant or warning signs.

Furthermore, Since the puppies are growing, they require more food than the adult Golden Retriever. And inadequate nutrition can lead to various health issues in them. As a consequence, the Golden Retriever puppy gets aggressive.

Lack Of Attention And Ignorance

The Golden Retriever puppies love being around people. They like spending time and playing with their owners. And if you fail to give them time, the puppies start showing aggressive behavior to gain your attention.

Apart from this, the Golden Retriever puppy shows some dominant signs before aggressive behavior. And you must not ignore these signs. The Golden Retriever puppy can become aggressive because of your ignorance.

Pain, Illness, Or Disease Makes Your Golden Retriever Puppy Aggressive

Golden Retrievers love their food that makes them prone to obesity and diseases. And the same principle implies to their puppies. The metabolism and digestion of the puppies are not strong enough. As a result, they suffer from different illnesses (constipationear infectionthyroid disorderscancer, or skin diseases).

Thus, the puppies show undesirable behavior to tackle the weakness and pain they are experiencing. So, the Golden Retriever puppy becomes aggressive.

History Of Attack Or Accident

Sometimes the Golden Retriever puppy gets aggressive due to fear, anxiety, or stress. Mostly, those puppies that survived through accidents (such as kidnap, torture, hit by vehicles, etc.) and attacks of animals previously are very vulnerable.

Therefore, you should give such the Golden Retriever puppies special care and extra attention.

Abuse Or Mistreat By Owners

Besides being are lovely and sweet, Golden Retriever puppies trust everyone. But the abusive behavior of the owners shatters their trust. As a result, the puppies will have trust issues and start to see everything as a threat.

Furthermore, they assume every approaching subject will harm them. Thus, the Golden Retriever puppy turns out aggressive.

Your Golden Retriever Puppy Gets Aggressive When It Is In New Environment

There may be a vast difference in the environment when you bring a puppy home from the breeding house. And sudden exposure to a new environment may induce fear or stress in them. As a way to cope with the anxiety, the Golden Retriever puppy shows aggressive behavior.

Furthermore, the puppies feel odd and uncomfortable in that unfamiliar surroundings. Thus, they show their unhappiness through aggression.

Improper Training Makes Your Golden Retriever Puppy Aggressive

Golden Retriever puppies have an immense amount of energy and enthusiasm. Thus, lack of adequate exercise makes them hyperactive and destructive.

Moreover, training teaches the pet signs and helps to discipline them. Thus, it controls the aggressive attribute of your Golden Retriever puppy. But lack of proper training makes the Golden Retriever puppy more susceptible to emotional breakdown and aggressive behavior.

After you know the reasons behind the aggressive behavior of the Golden Retriever puppy, you can manage those factors to control the aggression. If you have an adult Golden Retriever, you can control the aggressive behavior using the article – Why Is My Golden Retriever Aggressive? Identify And Fix it and how to calm your Golden Retriever

How Can You Manage The Aggressive Behavior Of Your Golden Retriever Puppy?

Everyone wants a calm and kind companion that would enlighten their mood by cuddling or playing with them. Therefore, to prevent the harmful consequences and live a peaceful life, it is necessary to manage the aggression of the Golden Retriever puppy. Since the Golden Retriever puppies are intelligent and have a higher energy level, it is easy to manage their aggressive behavior.

Here are some ways that can help you to manage aggressive behavior in the Golden Retriever puppy.

Selection Of Puppy From Reliable Breeder

Since the breeding environment and genetics plays a vital role in the attribute of the puppy, you should adopt the Golden Retriever puppy from a good breeder.

A good and reliable breeder ensures a healthy and purebred puppy. Thus, the Golden Retriever puppy will be lesser prone to illness and diseases. Furthermore, a good breeder nurtures the puppies in a peaceful environment. Therefore, the puppies will be happier and less aggressive.


The aggressive behavior of the Golden Retriever puppy may be due to fear and nervousness. Generally, the puppies that survived accidents and attacks find it difficult to trust people and become aggressive when some approach them.

Therefore, to manage the behavior of such puppies and help them in trusting other people, you should the Golden Retriever puppy in social gatherings, meetings, and parties.

Avoid Punishing Them

If you continuously scold or beat the Golden Retriever puppies, it breaks your bond with them. Furthermore, the puppies will not follow your commands and become disobedient. Besides this, punishment develops fear, insecurity, and anxiety.

As a consequence, the puppies show aggressive behavior to defend themselves. Therefore, you should never punish them. Instead, ignore their undesirable attitude and reward the positive ones.

Maintain A Peaceful Environment

The Golden Retriever puppies find it difficult adjusting to the new environment when you take them home from the breeding house. Thus, due to nervousness and stress, the Golden Retriever puppy shows aggressive behavior. 

However, you can minimize their stress by maintaining a peaceful environment in the house. Furthermore, if you keep the puppy in the crate giving love and attention, it helps to reduce the anxiety of the pet.

As a result, the soothing environment eliminates the aggression of the Golden Retriever puppy.

Provide Healthy Food

The Golden Retriever puppy loves food and treat. Apart from improving the health and preventing diseases of the puppies, nutritious food and natural snacks enlighten their mood. And, your failure in providing them adequate food at the proper time may influence their mood and make them aggressive. 

Therefore, scheduling the time and amount of food can help to manage the aggression. Eventually, it leads to a healthy and peaceful life.

Seek Advice From The Veterinarian

Sometimes, the Golden Retriever puppy may be aggressive due to some health issues that are not visible. Therefore, you must consult with your Veterinarian for suggestions to solve the problems.

Moreover, these suggestions regarding proper diet schedule, prevention, treatment, management of disease, and training sessions can be fruitful. All these promote the health of the Golden Retriever puppy and reduces its aggressiveness.

Proper Training

Different training session helps to stabilize the emotional imbalance of your Golden Retriever puppy and makes the puppy strong, both mentally and physically. Along with this, the time spent during training enhances the bond between you and your buddy. Thus, it helps you to gain the trust of the puppy.

As a result, the Golden Retriever puppy relaxes around you instead of being aggressive. Therefore, the proper training makes the Golden Retriever puppy obedient and controls its aggressive behavior.

Furthermore, service training (diabetic assistance training, blood pressure assistance training, etc.) saves lives. Thus, it is essential to train your puppy.

Do you know how to train your puppy?

What do you prefer training in house or professional training?

If you prefer to train your Golden Retriever puppy in the house, here are some training sessions. It can help you to manage the aggression of your pet.

What Are The Training Sessions For Aggressive Golden Retriever Puppy?

Being an intelligent dog breed, the Golden Retrievers are easy to train. Yet, training your Golden Retriever at an early age while it is a puppy is more effective and convenient. You can get the best training results in lesser time if you train the puppy.

Though you can seek the help of professionals to train the puppies for various service activities, puppies are easier to train. Thus, you can even give the training to control aggression in the puppy yourselves at home. However, if you want lack time and want effective results faster, take the puppy to the professional trainer.

Furthermore, there are three training sessions for managing the aggressive Golden Retriever puppy. And they are:

Exercise Method

The Golden Retriever puppy needs to exercise at least one hour daily to manage its energy and health. Thus, this method utilizes the energy of your pet and prevents destructive behavior due to hyperactivity. The activities in this method are:

  • Swimming
  • Fetching or Retrieving
  • Running or Jogging
  • Long walks
  • Taking the puppy to social gatherings

Job Method

Since they are fast learners, you can train your Golden Retriever puppy for service activities and rescue works. This method helps to utilize the excess energy of your puppy positively. The training in this method is:

  1. Obedience Training: It helps to control the attitude of Golden Retriever puppies and disciplines them. Besides this, the training teaches them skills for mental and physical growth.
  2. Sports Training: Activities like flyball, dock diving, frisbee, etc., utilizes the excess energy of the puppies.
  3. Research and Rescue Training: As the name suggests, the Golden Retrievers are the best dogs for retrieving and fetching. And you can use this natural skill of the puppies for research and rescue.
  4. Therapy Training: This training calms and builds the trust of the puppies that survived through accidents and traumas.
  5. Duck Hunting: Since the Golden Retriever puppies love water, this training helps to enhance their mood.

Quite Time Method

The quiet time method calms your puppy by maintaining the balance between active hours and resting time. Here are the things you need to do in this method:

  • Ignore the bad behavior: Since the puppies repeat the behavior frequently if you pay attention to their bad attitudes. Therefore, you should ignore the undesirable attribute of your puppy. 
  • Schedule relax time: A definite time for relaxing after exercise or training helps to rejuvenate the puppies.
  • Encourage their good attitude: Giving positive reinforcement to your puppy through treats and natural snacks makes the puppy healthy and obedient. 
  • Involve them in different activities: Giving the puppies toys and puzzles when you are not around. It manages their excess energies.  Stick to your daily routine: Scheduling everything and working as per routine manage your time and the Golden Retriever puppies energy.

What To Do When Your Golden Retriever Puppy Gets Aggressive?

You can for sure prevent the Golden Retriever puppy from being aggressive using the above tips and tricks. But do you know what to do when your Golden Retriever is aggressive?

However, here are some tips to follow when the puppy shows aggressive behavior:

  • If the Golden Retriever is showing a warning sign, it is better to maintain distance.
  • Do not panic or attack the puppy if the puppy attacks you. Instead, calm yourself and shield the attack.
  • Observe the puppy and if you find him nervous or anxious, try to calm him.
  • Give the puppy food or toys to divert its mind.
  • Prevent your kids from teasing the puppy.
  • If you think your pet is insecure about the environment, use a crate to introduce it into the new environment.
  • Seek the help of your Vet to know about its health status
  • Consult with the professionals about training and aggression management.

Summing up, who would want an aggressive pet, do you? But aggression in your pet is avoidable through the tips and tricks mentioned above. I hope all these ideas help you in improving the health and behavior of your puppy. 

Do you think all these ideas will control the aggression of your Golden Retriever puppy?

Do you have anything to add up?

Please leave your valuable suggestions in the comment sections.


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