12 Ways To Keep Bored Golden Retriever Busy

12 Ways To Keep Bored Golden Retriever Busy

The enormous amount of energy that Golden Retriever holds isn’t unfamiliar to the world. And owing to its hyper-activeness, it is the best companion to play along with your kids. But sometimes, when you get too busy with your work, you will find these dogs feeling ignored and bored. So, what to should you do to keep your bored Golden Retriever busy?

There are many things you can do to help keep your bored Golden Retriever busy. Such as investing in some toys, exercising with your pal, playing hide and seek with him, and take him hunting or swimming. Besides this, you can even engage him in daycare, manage a room with a view, or buy puzzle games for your pal.

Undoubtedly, parenting a high-maintenance dog-like Golden Retriever is a full-time job. Thus, you need to be attentive and supervise your pall 24/7. But considering you have your paying job to do, giving continuous supervision to your pal might be difficult.

As a result, your energetic pal feels bored and ignored. Therefore, I will be disclosing some ways to keep your bored Golden Retriever busy.

So, how do you keep your Golden Retriever busy?

Can Golden Retriever Feel Bored Easily?

As we know, Golden Retrievers are a highly energetic dog breed. Thus, they can play endlessly throughout the day without feeling tired.

Apart from this, these dog breeds are like kids. Hence, they are always eager to learn new things and explore the surrounding. So, idealness makes your pal bored.

Furthermore, for the proper functioning of the body, your Golden Retriever needs at least an hour of daily exercise. And if you fail to utilize the excess energy of your pal, it becomes aggressive and restless.

Therefore, undoubtedly, a dog breed like Golden Retriever has higher chances of feeling bored.

But the question is: How do you know your Golden Retriever is feeling bored?

Is Your Golden Retriever Feeling Bored?

Generally, your Golden Retriever will start showing unusual behaviors when it feels boring. Thus, these signs will be a clear indication of your pal’s boredom.

However, some of the signs that indicate your pal is feeling bored are:

If you train your pal enough, these dogs are kind, friendly, loving, and disciplined. However, during boredom, the attribute of your pal changes drastically from cute and gentle to aggressive and disobedient.

Thus, you could know when your pal is feeling bored if you observed your pal. Moreover, after you know that your pal is feeling bored, would you help him?

How To Help Keep Bored Golden Retriever Busy?

Undoubtedly, the beautiful features and contagious smile of a Golden Retriever steals the heart of many people. But parenting and grooming this dog is much harder than you imagine. And its ability to feel bored and aggressive easily makes it a compulsion to manage the activities of your pal and keep it entertained throughout the day.

Therefore, here are some ways that will help you to keep your bored Golden Retriever busy:

Schedule All The Activities Of Your Golden Retriever

You may have several activities in your mind to keep your pal busy. But when you start working for it, you fail to decide when and how to start engaging your Golden Retriever.

Thus, arranging all the activities of your pal will be a great initiative to keep it entertained. Moreover, you can incorporate both indoor and outdoor activities equally into your pal’s schedule. Along with this, a routine helps to manage your time with your lovely friend and work.

Hence, scheduling activities prevents your Golden Retriever from feeling bored and helps to keep him busy.

Train Your Golden Retriever To Manage Its Behavior

Since the curiosity, activeness, and energy of Golden Retriever are its inborn behavior, you cannot eliminate them. But you can for sure manage the behavior to some extent through training sessions.

Moreover, to mitigate the disastrous outcome that follows after your dog feels bored, you can give bite inhibition training, barking control training, training to calm your pal, etc. Furthermore, you can even provide the training to teach your pal to enjoy its own company so that there are lesser chances of your pal feeling bored.

For this, teach your pal to collect his toys, clean his mess, and complete the puzzle.

Engaging Your Golden Retriever In Daycare

Although you love your Golden Retriever wholeheartedly, you cannot accompany him 24/7. You may have to do the household chore. You may also have a job to concentrate on while you aren’t with your pal.

Thus, a daycare service is the most appropriate solution to help keep bored Golden Retriever entertained throughout the day. Moreover, this service also helps your pal to socialize without pets and humans.

Besides this, the daycare also performs training sessions to give behavioral training for your pal.

Turning On The Television

Since channels like Discovery, Animal Planet, etc., are great for the mental stimulation of your pal, you can engage him in such TV channels.

Like humans, different shows and channels of TV can engage your pal for hours while you do your household chores.

However, leaving your Golden Retriever for long hours while he is busy watching TV isn’t a good idea.

Invest Of Good Chew Toys

Since Golden Retrievers were hunting dogs, chewing is an unavoidable instinct on these dogs. So, they love chewing and nipping. Thus, considering this fact investing in chew toys will be a great idea.

Furthermore, chewing toys can engage your lovely pal for hours. And above all, if you choose a qualitative product, it will also promote your pal’s dental health. So, think about it.

Moreover, some chew toys that are best for your pal are;

Hide Their Toys

As the sole purpose of breeding Golden Retrievers was hunting, these dogs are passionate about hunting. So, you can stimulate and encourage your pet’s retrieving ability by hiding its toys.

Hide your furry friend’s toys and its favorite treat in various places like in the backyard, behind the door, under the table, etc., and command your pal to find it. Since your pal has an impeccable smelling ability, it can fetch things with ease.

And as it takes a lot of time to retrieve all the things hidden in various places, you can keep your Golden Retriever busy for at least a few hours.

Get A Playmate For Your Pal

Like kids, your Golden Retriever also enjoys company. Thus, if you could afford and handle another pet in your house, it is probably not a bad idea to add another pet to the family.

Moreover, owing to the friendly attribute of your pal, he can easily adapt and get close with the new member of the family. And besides this, a new pet also helps your pal in socialization and teaches him to share things.

However, if you aren’t ready for another pet, you can ask your kids to help you keep your Golden Retriever busy. And as these dogs resemble the attributes of kids, they can play for hours with kids.

Get Your Golden Retriever Some Puzzle Toys

Some toys have surprises and treat beneath them. Such as:

Thus, these toys can engage your pets for hours. Besides this, the treats or surprise that your pal finds after it opens the toys makes him happier and excited. Moreover, this toy can be a great idea to distract your pal from his aggressive attribute and invest his energy in a good way.

Manage A Room With Good View For Your Golden Retriever

Undoubtedly, a room that gives a beautiful view can allure anyone. And like humans, Golden Retriever also loves it. Besides this, these dog breeds love interacting and seeing people.

Thus, if you keep your pet’s crate in a room that gives the view of busy streets, you can engage your pet for yours. Usually, dogs enjoy watching the running vehicles, chattering people, and crowded streets.

Therefore, a room with a view of streets or even lakes or ponds with some birds might keep your Golden Retriever for some time and keep him busy.

Exercise With Your Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers love spending time with their owners. Besides this, exercise and playing with your furry friend helps to increase your bond with him. Furthermore, to remain active and utilize your pal higher energy, exercising is the best possible way.

Moreover, exercises like swimming, fetching toys, playing hide and seek, etc. All these activities help to stimulate your pal’s mind and keeps him busy for a longer time.

Pet Camera To Supervise Your Golden Retriever

A pet camera is the most recent and advanced technology to supervise your pal. Just set the camera in the place from where you can view your pal. And then, leave your pal.

In this way, you can check out the things your pal does in your absence. Besides this, you will know how your pal acts when he is all alone, the types of the game he plays, etc., so that you can better interact with your pal and know his personality.

Use Stuffed Toys To Keep Your Golden Retriever Busy

Some soft and comforting stuffed toys can accompany your pal when you aren’t around. Further, these toys also help your Golden Retriever to feel secure and prevent him from feeling bored. Moreover, some stuffed toys have delicious treats beneath them that can tempt and intrigue your pet.

However, some of the stuffed toys that can keep your Golden Retriever busy are:

After how to keep your Golden Retriever busy. Don’t you want to know why does he feel bored?

Why Is Your Golden Retriever Feeling Bored?

As we know, Golden Retrievers are needy dogs. Thus, they seek attention throughout the day. Besides this, their higher level of energy makes them hyperactive and enthusiastic.

So, it isn’t unusual that your pal might feel bored sometimes. Moreover, the possible reasons why your Golden Retriever feels bored are:

  • When your pet misses you.
  • If you fail to give enough amount of physical training and exercise to your pet.
  • When your Golden Retriever is sick or ill.
  • If you are feeding your pal unhealthy foods.
  • When you leave your lovely friend alone for a longer time.

Therefore, you must avoid all these things as much as possible if you don’t want your Golden Retriever to feel bored.

Summing up, Golden Retriever is an expensive dog and needs a lot of care, love, and attention while parenting. Besides this, you should always be ready to manage the enormous energy of your pal. Thus, you must be very cautious about the decisions you make regarding your Golden Retriever’s diet, training, toys, exercise, health care, etc.

Moreover, parenting isn’t as easy as it might seem. So, you might have some trial and error. For this, consult with the professionals while deciding for your pal. And instead of losing hope and backing out, always learn from your mistakes.

Further, I hope you make lots of beautiful memories within the short lifespan of your pal. Also, don’t forget to capture those precious moments on your camera.

I hope this article helped you to keep your Golden Retriever busy.

Do you have any doubts or queries on this subject?

If so, you can write your doubts and suggestions in the comment box.

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