Why Are Golden Retrievers Called Golden Retrievers? [History 101]

Why Are Golden Retrievers Called Golden Retrievers_

The fame of the Golden Retrievers is undeniable. Thus, despite the high price of these breeds, they are the 4th most popular dog breed in the USA. But do you ever wonder why these breeds are Golden Retrievers? 

The different varieties of the Golden Retrievers have skin coats in shades of golden. Besides this, the undercoat of these breeds is also golden in color. And these breeds are hunting dogs for fetching and retrieving the prey. So, these dogs have their name Golden Retrievers due to their looks.

Moreover, the Golden Retrievers are the best family dogs nowadays and come in other colors except the gold shades. Thus, assuming these breeds as only Golden is a myth.

Undoubtedly, I will disclose more about the Golden Retrievers further in the article. But before digging into the name, let us talk about the history of these breeds.

What Is the History Of Golden Retriever?

If you want to know the origin of the Golden Retriever, you should flip the pages of the 19th century. The Scottish estate owners loved hunting during that period. So, they were searching for dogs that could hunt in land and water.

When Lord Tweedmouth (the British aristocrat dog breeder) heard this, he thought of mix-breeding, the yellow-colored land dog with Tweed Water Spaniel. And as a result, the experiment produced offspring with Golden shades in 1906.

Gradually, due to the profound hunting skills, these dogs became very popular in England. So, the Kennel Club of England registered them as an English breed in 1911. Then, eventually, these dogs landed a place in the American Kennel Club in 1932.

However, nowadays, this breed mix bred with different other breeds. And has various colors. Yet, people still know these breeds as golden dogs.

Why Are Golden Retrievers Called Golden Retrievers?

Generally, the Golden Retrievers have their name because they look Golden. Moreover, Tweedmouth also had no ideas about the result of mix-breeding the two different dogs. But when he saw the small golden furry puppies, he thought of calling them golden dogs.

In addition, the main motive of the creation of the puppies was to help the Scottish estate owners in hunting, fetching, and retrieving. Tweedmouth gave the name.

However, after many more years of mix-breeding these breeds with other dog breeds, the golden color remains prominent. And the undercoat of the dogs was also light golden. So, the breed owners also stick to the same name.

Do you think every Golden Retriever has a golden fur coat?

What is the color of your pet?

Are All The Golden Retrievers Golden?

As the name suggests, most people think these breeds must be golden. But the assumption is just a myth.

Undoubtedly, these breeds were of only three colors that were various shades of gold in the past. And they are:

  1. English Retrievers- heavier dog breeds with long light-golden hair and large round eyes.
  2. Canadian Retrievers- leaner dogs with dark golden short hair and dark eyes.
  3. American Retrievers- tall and lanky dogs with long dark golden hair and triangular eyes.

But now, there is a massive evolution in the coat color of the Golden Retriever due to mix-breeding. Thus, now these breeds are of six different colors. And here they are:

  • Cream
  • White
  • Dark golden
  • Light golden
  • Red
  • Black

Which one of these breeds do you find the most fascinating?

Which one would you buy?

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Why Does The Golden Color Of The Golden Retrievers Fade?

Since the coat color of these breeds fades, they do not remain golden throughout their lifespan. Gradually, the pigmentation of the coat declines due to influencing factors. Thus, these breeds start graying and appear white.

Furthermore, a brief description of the factors and their effects are as follows:

Excessive Bathing

Although bathing helps in blood circulation, excessive baths can damage the oil globules of the dog. Further, the shine and lustrous property of the fur declines in your pet. Also, due to the lack of essential oils in the skin coat, the hairs of these dogs start matting.

As a consequence, these dogs are susceptible to various skin disorders. So, the skin coat of these dogs fades.


Like humans, all the function in the body of the Golden Retriever declines with age. Thus, the older dogs fail to produce enough melanin to maintain the pigmentation of the skin coat. Therefore, these breeds start graying and lose their golden coat color.

Poor Nutrition

Golden Retrievers feel excited when they see food. Thus, the dogs have no demands about the meal and enjoy eating everything. Therefore, you must be very cautious about the food you give them.

Apart from this, the digestion of these dogs differs from humans. So, human foods like sodas, coffee, milk, and onions lead to constipation, bloating, allergies, and skin disorders in these dogs. And due to these diseases, the golden coats of these dogs fade.


The environment also plays a vital role in the change of golden skin coat in your Golden Retrievers. Thus, these breeds prefer the temperate region.

In the winter, the melanin-producing enzymes gradually grade. Thus, it halts melanin production. As a result, these breeds lose their golden pigmentation.

Furthermore, the dense fur of this breed becomes the perfect growing region for bacteria and fungi. So, due to various infections (ear infections, bacterial infections, and fungal infections), the coat of these dogs loses its shininess and charm.


The English Golden Retriever is lightly golden. So, when these dogs get paler, they become white in color. And due to the lesser pigmentation, these dog breeds are more susceptible to graying.

Moreover, if the parents of these breeds had skin disorders, the dogs may inherit them. So, these dogs lose their golden coat faster before aging.


These breeds are prone to various health issues like:

All these diseases halt the release of toxins from their body. So, the golden coat of these dogs fades and loses its shine.

Furthermore, some dogs are not golden by birth, like- black, red, and white Golden Retrievers. You cannot change their coat whatever you do. But you can improve the golden coats of these breeds and enhance their coat color.

Do you know how to enhance the coat color of your pet?

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How Can You Enhance The Golden Color Of Golden Retrievers?

Don’t you think this breed will lose its importance if its color fades? Will the Golden Retriever still be popular among kids and families?

Thus, the healthy and shiny golden coat of these breeds is essential for protecting the fame of these dogs. Besides this, since a shiny coat ensures healthy, enhancing the golden color of these breeds is vital.

For this, here are some ideas for you:

Give Regular Bath To The Golden Retrievers

Although these breeds have a double-layered dirt repellant fur coat, cleaning the skin coat at the scheduled time is essential. Yet, you must bathe the dog once every month removes dirt, dust, germs, and bacteria from its body. Thus, it relaxes the hair follicles and promotes blood circulation.

As a result, the chance of infections reduces. So, the golden coat of the dog shines.

Brush The Skin Coat Of The Golden Retrievers Daily

Brushing the coat of your Golden Retriever improves the natural oil circulation in the skin. Thus, it helps to enhance the texture and color of the golden coat in the dog.

Apart from this, brushing also manages the hair tangles and prevents matting. So, the golden coats of these dogs have a lesser chance of fading.

Provide Nutritious Food And Supplements

A balanced diet with essential nutrients and prescribed nutritional supplement ensures the healthy lifespan of your pet. Besides this, foods rich in omega fatty acids (like seafood, tuna, sardines, and flax seeds) promotes the intensity of golden color in the coat of these breeds.

Furthermore,  reward your pet with natural snacks during training. Along with enhancing the beauty of the pet, this also encourages the positive attribute of your pal. And this mitigates chances of allergies, premature graying, irritations, and skin disorders.

Use Coconut Oil For The Golden Retrievers

Coconut oil is a great moisturizing agent. So, it can moisturize the cracked skin of your pet and reliefs the irritation of the coat. Furthermore, frequently massaging the dogs with coconut oil intensifies the golden coat of these breeds.

Besides this, add one teaspoon of coconut oil to the meal of your pet. You will notice the glow up in the golden coat of your pets. Also, use coconut in the shampoo of your pet to intensify the coat color.

Seek Help From Professional

Whenever you notice graying or fading of the golden coat in these breeds, you should consult with the Vet. The Vet prescribes medications to diagnose, treat and prevent the recurrence of the health conditions.

Furthermore, the Vet also suggests herbal supplements for improving the hair color and texture of your pet. Besides this, you can discuss the diet plans, exercises, and training (potty trainingbehavioral training, and diabetic assistance training) with the Vet.

Thus, all these could promote a healthy lifespan of your Golden Retriever.

Do you visit the Vet for parenting advice?

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