How To Stop Your Golden Retriever From Mating?

11 Ways To Stop Your Golden Retriever From Mating

Although Golden Retriever is a perfect family dog, parenting is a tedious job. And adding puppies to the family requires more time, love, and care. Thus, if you are not ready to share your time with a new member, you need to stop your Golden Retriever from mating.

After Golden Retrievers are one year old, the dog breeds mature sexually and start mating. You can stop the Golden Retriever from mating by continuous supervision, keeping the dogs separate, closing the windows, birth control options, and using medications. Besides this, chlorophyll, lust buster, britches, and diapers also help to keep the male dog away from the female.

Undoubtedly, Golden Retriever puppies are adorable and resistible. But with newborn puppies come a lot of responsibilities. You need to have enough time and should be financially strong for grooming or caring for the puppies.

Don’t you think you should try to improve the lifestyle of a single pet than bringing puppies into the house?

However, wanting or not wanting puppies is entirely your choice. But if you are still unsure about this issue, you should better stop your Golden Retriever from matting.

Mating Process In Golden Retriever

The mating process of a Golden Retriever is the natural process where the dog desires for a partner to produce offspring and continue its generation. Further, there are three stages of the mating process. i.e.:

First Stage- Introduction Stage

The introduction stage is the phase where you introduce your Golden Retriever to its mating partner. Be very patient during this phase.

After introducing both the dogs, the male dog tries to lick the vulva of the female Golden Retriever. Observe the female dog. And if she shows signs of aggression, move the male dog away. You have ten days for breeding so, do not hurry.

Second Stage- Mounting Phase

The mounting phase is the phase in which your Golden Retriever suffers from a hormonal rush. After receiving the scent of the female heat, the male dog starts mounting and shows aggressive behavior. Similarly, the female dog starts whining and moves back and forth in this stage.

Third Stage- Crucial Tie Phase

As the name suggests, this phase is essential in the mating process. Once your Golden Retriever finds its perfect connection, it turns around. And the backs of the mating partners touch each other and tie them.

Moreover, the tie period is a crucial period that determines the possibility of breeding puppies. But if you try to separate Golden Retrievers in tie positions, they will injure themselves.

Heat Cycle Of The Female Golden Retriever

Generally, the heat cycle of a Golden Retriever starts during the spring and fall seasons. Besides this, the time of birth of the dog also influences the timing of the heat cycle. Further, these breeds experience their first heat cycle between the age of nine to fifteen months.

And the heat cycle of these dogs involves the following stages:

  • Proestrus stage– lasts for nine days. Discharge of blood from the vagina
  • Estrus stage– lasts for 10-12 days. Clear colored watery discharge from the vagina.
  • Diestrus stage– low estrogen level with higher progesterone level. Peaks after one month of estrus stage.
  • Anestrus stage– it is the recovery stage where estrogen level and progesterone level become normal. It lasts until five months.

What Are The Signs That Indicates Your Golden Retriever Is In Heat?

If you want to stop your Golden Retriever from breeding, knowledge about the heat cycle and its signs are essential. Thus, the signs that Retrievers shows during heat are:

  • Frequent urination
  • Bleeding from the vagina
  • Water discharge from the vagina
  • Licking its genitals
  • Pacing back and forth
  • Mounting
  • Swelling in the vulva

What Are The Mating Problems Of A Golden Retriever?

After you bring a Golden Retriever home, you must be aware of its health issues and problems. Furthermore, if you decide to breed your pet, you must know that mating may invite different health problems in your pet. And some of these mating problems are:

  • Cancer
  • Miscarriage
  • Stillborn puppies
  • Injuries during breeding tie
  • Mix-breeding
  • Aggression
  • Excessive mounting
  • Messy in the house due to discharge

How do you manage these problems?

How To Deal With The Mating Problem Of Your Golden Retriever?

As we know, the mating of Golden Retriever arises a lot of problems. So, if you want a healthy lifespan for your pet, you need to know how to deal with these issues.

However, some of the ideas that will help you to deal with the mating problems of your Golden Retriever are:

  • Take your pet for a pre-breeding health checkup.
  • Check the type of breed and genes of the dogs before breeding.
  • Provide a nutritional diet with all essential food supplements.
  • Do not breed your Golden Retriever at the first heat. Breed your pet after it turns two-year-old to prevent health issues (like cancer, hip dysplasia, thyroid disorders, etc.).
  • Use diapers or panties while the female Golden Retriever is in its heat cycle.
  • Consult with the professionals and know about the mating process of your Golden Retriever.
  • Supervise the mating process and prevent injuries during the breeding

All these ideas will help prevent possible mating problems. And it also helps to make the future breeding process easier.

Do you consult the Vet before breeding?

Apart from this, the population of Golden Retrievers in the USA is outrageous now due to reckless breeding. And to manage this, the American Society for prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) euthanizes about 670000 dogs yearly.

Do you understand the severity of the mating problem?

Thus, I think controlling the mating in Golden Retriever is the only solution.

11 Ways To Stop Your Golden Retriever From Mating

The offspring of dogs brings baggage of responsibility. Besides this, the mating of different breeds may lead to various health issues and hazards. Thus, if you want a qualitative life for your pet, you need to stop it from reckless mating. Don’t you think so?

Further, here are some ways to stop your Golden Retriever from mating:

You Can Stop Your Golden Retriever From Mating Using Medication

Some medication like Benadryl makes your male Golden Retriever sleep and reduction the stimulation of hormones. Although the medicines, reducing the craving, Retrievers will still want to mate. So, this is not so successful in stopping a Golden Retriever from mating.

Besides this, you can postpone the heat cycle of your pet using some hormonal drugs. But you cannot halt the heat cycle of your pet forever. So, it may come back in an unpredictable time.

However, you should use these medications according to the prescription of Vet. Further, some professionals suggest giving the medication one milligram per pound of weight. And it also prohibits the use of hormonal medication more than twice in the lifespan of Golden Retriever.

Continuous Supervision Of Golden Retriever

The male Golden Retriever becomes aggressive and roams for mating. And the female Golden Retriever whines, growls, and paces back and forth in the heat cycle. Thus, the dogs will be eager to meet their partner for mating.

Though Golden Retriever is an obedient pet, the dog stops responding to your commands and tries to escape in the heat cycle. Therefore, if you want to stop your Golden Retriever from mating, you need to supervise the pet 24/7. Besides this, you should keep your pet on the leash when you go out with them.

Keep Golden Retrievers Separate Inside The House

When you own several dogs, Golden Retriever does not need to wander to search for a partner. Thus, to stop your Golden Retriever from mating, you need to keep the separate dogs according to their gender.

Keep the female and male dogs in a separate room and at least make a barrier of two doors between them. Furthermore, the sense of female heat provokes the males and can make them aggressive. Hence, keep each male Golden Retriever separately to prevent dispute.

Keep Golden Retrievers Separate While They Are Out

Golden Retriever needs exercise and training to promote a happier and healthier lifespan. So, you can not keep your pet inside the house forever. But taking the dog out increases the chances of mating. Thus, separate your pet from other dogs while you are out.

For this, you can use a leash to control the behavior and movement of your Golden Retriever. Further, you can bring a friend to help. Besides this, the stick also prevents other dogs from approaching your pet.

Apart from this, make your walk short and spend less time outside the house. Thus, this will stop Golden Retriever from mating and also maintains a peaceful environment.

Chlorophyll Can Stop The Golden Retriever From Mating

During the heat cycle, the female Golden Retriever releases discharge. And the smell of discharge stimulates the hormones of the male Golden Retriever for mating.

Therefore, if you mask the smell of the heat using chlorophyll, the male dogs are less attracted to the females. Thus, it stops the mating process.

Generally, you can use two forms of chlorophyll (tablet or liquid). You can add one tablespoon of the liquid chlorophyll with the morning and evening meals on the first day of heat. And this will for sure help to mask the smell.

However, green stools are natural after the administration of chlorophyll. So, do not worry if the feces of your Golden Retriever is green in color.

Knowledge Of Heat Cycle Helps To Stop Mating In Golden Retriever

The female Golden Retriever goes into the heat cycle twice a year that involves bloody vaginal discharge. Further, the heat cycle includes three phases. And during the estrus stage, these dogs are more fertile.

In addition, the estrus stage starts a week after the blood discharge and lasts for 4-14 days. Therefore, to stop Golden Retriever from mating, you must recognize this phase and keep your pet away from other dogs. Gradually, after the heat cycle, the female stops whining, grunting, escaping, and lose interest in the male Golden Retriever.

Close All The Windows Of Your House

As we know, the female Retriever releases a specific smell that stimulates and attracts the male Retriever. After stimulation, dogs are hard to manage and control. Therefore, minimizing the scent is the best option to stop the Golden Retriever from mating.

Thus, when you close the window, the intensity of the strong scent of the female dog reduces a little. Besides this, these breeds become aggressive and troublesome during the heat. So, the dogs may try to escape through windows.

Hence, closing the windows can be helpful to prevent your Golden Retriever from mating.

Reusable Dog Diapers or Wraps Can Be Helpful

Regular supervision of your Golden Retrieve can be hectic. And your pet may escape when you take a bathroom break. So, to stop your Golden Retriever from mating, you can cover the genitals of your pet using washable wrap or diapers.

Since the wraps cover half of the body of your pet, mating is difficult. Furthermore, you can make these diapers in the home. Cut your old shorts or boxers and wrap your pet during the discharging season.

Put Golden Retriever In Britches To Stop Mating

You can prevent your female Golden Retriever from false and unwanted pregnancies by using britches. Generally, britches are the special panties for the female dog that blocks the scent of heat from escaping. As a result, the female Golden Retriever may not attract the males that prevent mating.

But since these dog breeds have a powerful smelling ability, the panties do not give hundred percent assurance to stop mating. Using britches for sure makes the mating process a little challenging that gives you time to intervene faster.

Use Lust Buster To Stop Mating In Golden Retriever

Since Golden Retriever has a great smelling ability, this breed can smell the scent of females from miles away. Therefore, the lust buster can be helpful to prevent hormonal stimulations of the dogs.

Generally, the lust buster is a product that masks the odor of the heat of the female Retriever. Furthermore, you can apply this product to the nose of your male dog to distract the pet from the tempting scent of the females. As a result, it will stop your Golden Retriever from mating.

Spaying Or Neutering Will Stop Your Golden Retriever From Mating

Spaying and neutering are the birth control options for Golden Retriever. Generally, spaying is the operational procedure for removing the fallopian tubes, uterus, and ovaries. And neutering is a surgical procedure to remove the testicles of male dogs.

Thus, after the removal of reproductive organs, the dogs lost their urge to mating. So, you can stop your Golden Retriever from mating after spaying or neutering the pet.

Which of these ideas do you find more appealing?

Do you use diapers for your Golden Retriever? Does your pet feel comfortable wearing them?

How To Stop Your Golden Retriever From Mating At Night?

If you have both male and female Golden Retrievers in your house, mating at night is possible. Besides this, the pet that sleeps in the outdoor dog house has higher chances of mating with the dogs of another breed.

Therefore, to stop your Golden Retriever from mating at night. You can use the following ideas:

  • Keep the sleeping arrangement of your female Golden Retriever near you during the estrus phase.
  • Regularly see your pet at night.
  • Wrap the genitals of your pet using diapers or panties.
  • Keep the male and female dogs in separate rooms.
  • Lock the room where your pet is sleeping. But, make sure you check the room regularly at night.

After you know how to stop the Golden Retriever from mating, don’t you want to know its advantages?

Why Should You Stop Your Golden Retriever From Mating?

Although mating is a natural process, it may lead to various problems in your pet. Therefore, stopping the mating process in your Golden Retriever has a lot of advantages. And some of them are:

  • It reduces health issues like cancer, hip dysplasia, thyroid disorders, ear infectionsconstipationdiabetes, etc.
  • Calms your Golden Retriever
  • It gives more time to play with your pal
  • Prevent the mess in the house
  • Promotes a peaceful environment in the house
  • Enhance the lifespan of your Golden Retriever
  • It makes your pet happier and active.

Since it has several benefits, you can even use birth control options to stop your Golden Retriever from mating.

Are you familiar with the birth control options?

What Are The Birth Control Options For Your Golden Retriever?

Although you try hard to stop your Golden Retriever from mating, all the ideas to stop mating are not a hundred percent successful. Thus, you can opt for birth control options to prevent the production of offspring.

And some of the birth control options are:

  • Contraceptive pill (Megestrol acetate)
  • Liquid contraceptives (Milbolerone)
  • Contraceptive injections (Medroxyprogesterone acetate)
  • Sterilization injection (Zinc gluconate and L-arginine)
  • Contraceptive implants (Deslorelin acetate)
  • Calcium chloride or ethyl alcohol injection
  • Surgical procedures (Neutering and Spaying)

Furthermore, if you want to know more about these options, you can read the article- Birth Control for Your Golden Retriever: What Are the Options?

However, the protection, breeding, and care of your Golden Retriever is your responsibility. And if you fail, your lovely pal will suffer from fatal consequences. Therefore, you must be cautious while making decisions for your pet.

Apart from this, you should be aware that puppies are a huge responsibility. Do you think you can give them a healthy lifestyle?

Think about this thoroughly before you decide to bring a puppy or breed your Golden Retriever. I advise you to take proper care of a single pet instead of filling your house with puppies.

I hope you could relate to this article.

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