Do Golden Retrievers Like Water To Play Or Swim? Why?

Do Golden Retrievers Like Water Why

Since summer is here, you may be planning to go on a vacation with your beautiful pal. Do you worry that your pet might not enjoy water or lakes as much as you do? While deciding the destination of your trip, your mind might repeatedly strike on the question, do Golden Retrievers like water?

Yes, most Golden Retrievers like and enjoy the water a lot. The sole purpose of the creation of this breed was to work in water. And the dense, water-repellent skin coat of these dogs seems like a universal way to present they are water dogs.

Undoubtedly, Golden Retrievers are the best family dogs. But they are equally excellent hunters. And these dogs can work and fetch prey on land and underwater.

I will be disclosing all about water, swimming, and Golden Retrievers further in this article. Be patient while you go through this information.

Do you have a pet? Does it like swimming?

Can Golden Retrievers Swim?

If you watch Golden Retrievers dive into the water, you believe that these dogs were born to swim. The way their bodies flexes and moves into the water with glee, swimming is in their DNA. But having said that, leaving them unsupervised while swimming isn’t a good idea.

Although these breeds may show some sporty stunts in water, they still need to learn safe wading through water. Besides this, introducing water at an early age might be a good idea. But make sure that the water isn’t too deep.

Despite learning to swim, dogs dumped in deep water start feeling insecure, anxious, nervous, and aggressive. Hence, some Retrievers resents swimming.

Do Golden Retrievers Like Water? Why?

Unless your pet has a tragic history of attacks or accidents on the water surface, it is an undeniable truth that Golden Retriever likes water. Further, the eyes of your pet glow in amusement, and a contagious smile finds its face as soon as it sees the water’s surface.

Moreover, these dogs were always around water since their existence. So, if I say that Golden Retrievers’ love for water is an inherited character from their parents, it may not be tough to believe. Will it? However, there are four reasons why these dogs like water. i.e.:

Bred To Work In Water

If you flip the pages of history, you will find that British aristocrat Tweedmouth bred these breeds by cross-breeding Tweed Water Spaniel and yellow-haired dogs to produce hunting dogs that could work in both water and land.

So, breeders always focused on breeding Golden Retrievers that like and enjoy the water.

Golden Retrievers Have Long And Powerful Legs

Although it is impossible, ignore the irresistible beauty of this breed and look at their hind legs. Undoubtedly, these breeds have impeccable ability to move and dive in the water. Owing to their long-strong hind legs and ability to stay afloat, these dogs maneuver through large waves in waters.

The muscular, lean, and built legs of your pal give it the endurance to swim and sustain in water for a longer time. Since these breeds enjoying moving underwater, they like the water.

Energetic And Playful Nature

Since Golden Retriever is highly energetic, they require plenty of exercise and training to manage the excess energy. Thus, low-impact activities like playing in the water calm your pet.

Apart from this, swimming is an intense physical activity that relaxes the tensed muscles of a Golden Retriever. Hence, these breeds feel calmer inside water and like it.

Golden Retrievers Have A Special Coat

Golden Retrievers have a double-layered water-resistant skin coat. Further, their undercoat is thicker and keeps your pet warmer. And the outercoat is dust-resistant and water-repellant to protect the inward skin surface of your pet from external attacks, ear infections, allergies, cancer, etc.

All these things as a whole contribute to improving your pal’s relationship with water. Hence, your pal likes playing in the water a lot.

Do you have a Golden Retriever?

Do you feel like your pet enjoys more in water?

Is It Possible That Golden Retrievers Don’t Like Water?

Most Golden Retrievers find playing in water very promising. Yet, there is a fewer exception of dogs who don’t like water. And the possible reason for their resentment may be:

  • Golden Retrievers living in a place without water surfaces (lake, seas, ponds, oceans, etc.) find it harder to adapt to the water.
  • Some dogs are very pricky. They don’t like to make their skin coat wet or soaked in water.
  • Dogs that share a tragic history with water avoid being inside it.
  • Sometimes being inside water is a new experience for dogs. So, they feel anxious, nervous, and uncomfortable about it. Hence, they don’t like water and suspect it is a threat.

However, you can change your pet’s attitude towards the water by giving some time and effort in training them.

How To Keep Golden Retrievers Safe In Water?

Although swimming can calm your Golden Retriever, you should be conscious of few things to make them safe in the water. And I guess taking precautions is far better than facing the fatal consequences, isn’t it?

Therefore, here are some things that will help you to keep your pal safe in the water:

  • Never force your pet inside water. Although Retrievers like water, suddenly throwing them into it can make them nervous and they may feel traumatized. Try to make it fun by introducing the water surface slowly.
  • Frequently check the water temperature. Despite the dense double-layered skin coat, these breeds are sensitive to extreme climates. So, leaving them in colder water for too long may result in a severe health hazard.
  • Don’t let your pet swim on a deeper surface. Always keep the water level up to the thighs while teaching your pet to swim. Retrievers cannot control their bodies in deeper areas. So, they might drown.
  • Constant supervision. You never know when your troublemaker companion gets into trouble. Thus, always keep an eye on them when they are in the water. And pay special attention in water areas with currents.
  • Command to stop. Swimming takes up a lot of energy. So, when you find your pal tired, stop and call them back immediately. Don’t let your pet get a negative impression of water.
  • Use some tools for safety and convenience. Training your pet with tools is always helpful. Hence, use some swimming gears like life vests (Outward Hound Granby Splash Orange Dog Life Jacket), water toys (Peteast Splash Sprinkler Pad for DogsOutward Hound Floatiez Dog Toy), etc.

Why Should You Teach Golden Retrievers To Like The Water?

Besides rejuvenating Golden Retrievers, there are many advantages of teaching your pet to like water. And some of them are:

  • Owing to the dense skin coat, Golden Retrievers become too hot in summer. So, when your pet likes water, swimming and bathing can cool them.
  • Swimming is an intense form of exercise that utilizes a lot of energy. As a result, your Golden Retrievers become calmer and friendly.
  • Playing in the water makes your pet busy. So, the needy habit of Golden Retriever reduces. Once your pal gets comfortable with water, the grooming process like brushing, ear cleaning, teeth cleaning, and bathing is easy.

Don’t you agree with me? Teach your pet to like water at an early age.

How To Teach Golden Retrievers To Like The Water?

Every dog has a unique nature. And if your Golden Retriever doesn’t like water, you cannot blame it for that. There may be some reasons behind your pet’s resentment.

Generally, you can do the following things to get your pet like water:

  • Take your Golden Retriever to the dog beach. Since these breeds are friendly, they start giving company to other animals on the beach. And their fear of water resolves slowly.
  • Give the training to dive and swim in the water. And use natural snacks to encourage your pet during training.
  • Always ensure your pet has a life vest before you start the training.
  • Start the training on smaller surfaces like a dog bathtub. And then, gradually increase the water pressure in the tub by using a bathing hose.
  • Use a soothing and low tone to communicate with your pet while training.
  • To avoid cold and drying of the skin, use lukewarm. Also, don’t forget to massage your pet’s skin coat with moisturizer after cleaning its hair.

Please share your reviews after applying this procedure to your pet.

Things You Considers When You Teach Golden Retrievers To Like Water

You should always follow some rules when you train your pet, whether it be behavioral training like potty training, barking control training, bite inhibition training, or service training like diabetes assistance training. However, the points to consider while teaching your pet to adapt to water are:

  • Be consistent. Although you pal may initially resent it, after continuous exposure to water, it starts getting familiar.
  • Always be calm and patient. Your frustration or irritation makes your Golden Retriever aggressive. Hence, always be gentle and friendly with your pet.
  • Don’t forget to give natural snacks as treats after completion of training.
  • Start the training procedure at an early age.

Besides enjoying and playing in the water surface, Golden Retrievers needs to drink sufficient water and fluids for better health condition.

So, your pet needs half an ounce of drinking water per pound weight daily to resolve problems like constipation, dehydration, bloating, and skin rashes in your pal.

Further, being a popular dog breed, everybody wants to own Golden Retriever. But they fail to recognize owning a pet is a huge responsibility. And slight negligence can result in fatal or life-threatening consequences.

Hence, think cautiously before making parenting decisions. The lifespan and health of your Golden Retriever rely on you.

I hope this article helped groom your pet.

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